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  • Kelly tires are one of the most used tires in the US
  • Kelly tires are reasonably affordable and still exceed their price in terms of performance
  • There are different kinds of Kelly tires, each with its own set of features
  • Kelly tires also offer reasonable warranties and guarantees that are simple to follow
  • Goodyear company currently manufactures kelly tires

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Kelly tires are a brand of tires manufactured and distributed by Goodyear Company. So, how good and convenient are the tires? We have the answers.

Kelly brand creates tires with attributes associated with competitor companies to offer superior handling, dependability, and stability on every surface. Additionally, its components ensure that driving is enjoyable for the driver and is regarded as one of the market heavyweights.

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For a vehicle to operate safely and effectively, it must have high quality parts. In particular, the tires play a critical role in ensuring safety and comfort in your driving experience. Most people will likely choose some tires because they are cheap and use more cash in tire repair or replacement due to their poor qualities. Personally, I would rather invest wisely in tires rather than correcting mistakes later on. As a matter of fact, being prudent in the initial purchasing decision of the tires will save you money and time.

Picking your tires requires just as much thought and time as when choosing your vehicle since there are a wide variety of tires sold globally. However, this can take a lot of work to determine the legitimate ones. Kelly tires are one of the most promising tires provided by the market. They should be the kind of tires to invest in because they are budget friendly and offer the quality you will need for handling and performance of the vehicles.

Additionally, one can find solutions with Kelly tires since its company sells tires in various weights, speeds, and sizes thereby giving you a plethora of choices to choose from. Therefore, most cars on the road can readily fit these tires. Since I started using the Kelly Edge A/S tires, one of the Kelly tire brands, on my truck, I have realized that my car has increased handling and performance and saved me a lot of money due to low tire repairs and replacement.

About Kelly Tires

In 1894, Arthur Grant and Kelly Edwin started the Kelly tire manufacturing company in Springfield, Ohio. Initially, Kelly Edwin named the company “the rubber wheel” since it was known to produce rubber carriage wheels. Due to the company’s thick rubber tire inside a rim channel, Arthur Grant received US patent 554675.

One of the country's first continuously running tire firms is Kelly-Tire Company, which Goodyear Tire acquired as a wholly owned subsidiary in 1935. The business holds the distinction of developing and producing thick rubber tires for early automobiles and carriages first before manufacturing tires for other vehicles. Additionally, The Kelly Tire Company commemorated its 100th anniversary in 1994 and was America's oldest tire manufacturer. After being bought by parent business Goodyear in the 1990s, it relocated its main offices to Akron, Ohio.

Kelly-Springfield currently produces at least 54 tires compatible with cars, farm vehicles, and trucks which it then sells to independent dealers and large retail chains across the US. Kelly-Springfield is the most significant producer of customized brand tires in the nation and one of the top makers of farm tires globally. The fact that it is able to produce tailor-made products makes it a popular choice for consumers.

Best Kelly Tires, Design Features, and their Performance

As we mentioned earlier, Kelly Tires is a manufacturer of specialized, high-quality tires renowned for being inexpensive and dependable. They can also be available for various vehicles, including high-performance, all-season, and winter tires, passenger vehicles, and light trucks. After taking thorough research on some reviews about the best Kelly tires, their design features, and how they perform under different terrains and weather conditions, I found the following tires to be in demand in the market:

Kelly Edge A/S Tires

Design Features

The tire has a few elements up its sleeve that help to improve handling and durability. It consists of a solid middle and shoulder block that ensures the vehicle is rigid and responsive toward different terrains. The thick blocks ensure that the tires have a long service life; therefore, you will not regularly repair or replace the tires due to early worn outs. The tires also have defined tread patterns that increase the grip and traction on different terrains and conditions.

Performance of Kelly Edge A/S Tires

The performance of the tires is a matter of paramount importance. You do not want tires that are going to inconvenience you on the road. This is more so when you decide to take an adventure in a faraway place.

The Kelly Edge A/S tires are typically created to offer traction because the tread helps evacuate water in wet road situations, especially in areas with a lot of water. Additionally, the lateral sipes send the water out of the sides while the circular grooves channel it beneath the tire. Therefore, it produces excellent resistance to aquaplaning.

Regarding the dry road setting performance, the tread patterns played a crucial role in providing the tires with a grip. A standard highway or a city is also secure since the vehicle needs stability due to increased grip and traction. With the tires, you can drive on standard highways and cities at reasonable speeds and maintain adequate stability.

When it comes to snowy and icy conditions, most all-season tires are known to perform poorly on snowy roads, but Edge A/S tires are designed to be effective in such situations. In light snow conditions, the tires move at reasonable speeds and can grip the ground to stabilize the vehicle. However, it can drive the car at low speeds in thick snow grounds.

Therefore, you must exercise caution while driving on thick snowy roads. When it comes to off-road, the tires also perform effectively due to thick sidewalls that provide the strength needed to resist any punctures. Additionally, the rubber compound has been well combined with other materials to increase the rigidity of the tires.

Final Verdict on Driving Quality

Kelly A/S tires are most effective in dry and off-road performance because of their defined tread patterns and rigid sidewalls. Even though it maintains an average performance on wet and snowy road conditions, it still outperforms other related tires in its category. Therefore, Kelly A/S tires are the tires to go for if you are a seasonal driver.

Kelly Edge HP Tires

Design Features

The Kelly Edge HP tires represent durable, high-quality tires that provide all-season traction. It has an asymmetrical tread pattern and offers year-round traction in any given terrain and conditions. Additionally, its broad middle rib aids in ensuring that the vehicle handling and stability are excellent. The dependable shoulder blocks ensure the vehicle is stable even when taking corners at high speeds. The superior tread block sequence reduces noise so drivers can experience a quiet and enjoyable trip.

Performance of Kelly Edge HP Tires

When it comes to dry road performance, the Kelly Edge HP tires are one of the best because of their asymmetrical tread pattern. With their solid tread blocks, the outer shoulders offer greater lateral stiffness, which increases your traction when driving and cornering on dry roads. Because of its high-performing capabilities, you can also use the tires in sporty vehicles and hatchbacks.

Regarding wet road performance, the inner tire tread pattern ensures that water along the road is maximum displaced, thus preventing aquaplaning. Additionally, the thick and deep tread pattern provided that the tire effectively removed large volumes of water in road areas with deep water levels.

In snow and icy road performance, the tires also provide maximum traction in light snow road conditions, but the vehicle is stable at reasonable speeds in heavy snow. In off-road performance, the tires are one of the best in Kelly tires since the car was able to reduce noise and also prevented tire puncture due to its material construction and tough sidewall.

Final Verdict on the Driving Quality

Overall, the Kelly Edge HP tire is a tire to go for because its features work effectively and adapt to various terrains and weather conditions. Additionally, most of the reviews I read and analyzed admitted that it offers a more extended service than tires that belong in its class, and its qualities are higher than its price. It definitely offers value for the money.

Kelly Safari ATR tires

Design Features

Kelly Safari ATR tires are suitable for heavy trucks and other SUVs because they are built to handle pressure. Additionally, the tires consist of different adaptable components that all function together to make it possible to drive a vehicle toward different terrains comfortably. Features such as asymmetrical tread patterns, thick material construction, large shoulder blocks, and a broad tire base ensure a vehicle is safe and stable while driving.

Performance of Kelly Safari ATR Tires

According to various vehicle test reviews and assessments, Kelly Safari ATR tires have all it takes to drive through different terrains, and these include the harsh terrain. Its large shoulder blocks ensured the tires had more traction on dry road performance. Most tests also concluded that Kelly Safari ATR tires offer one of the best services when used in dry road conditions since their composition does not allow them to wear out quickly.

In wet road performance, the tires defined tread patterns, advanced siping, and plenty of voids that help to provide traction and aquaplaning capabilities on wet road grounds. When it comes to tire performance in snowy and icy conditions, the tire could clean itself from snow and ice since its tread has been designed with deep patterns. Even in thick snow conditions, the tires still performed effectively. Similarly, the tread pattern enhanced traction for off-road performance. The self-cleaning traction grooves effectively pushed away rocks and any debris found in such terrains.

The Kelly Safari ATR is an all-season tire. This is because the tires can propel the mud and the water away from the tire’s tread thereby enhancing its traction irrespective of the conditions on the ground. The same case applies when you are driving in snow.

Final Verdict on Driving Quality

The Safari ATR is a high-performing all-purpose light-duty tire. After thorough analysis, it is great for both on and off-road because of its excellent traction on different terrains. The tire performs remarkably well and can handle all kinds of light terrains. The riding quality on this tire is above average, and considering its cheaper cost; it may be a surprise that its drive is among the quietest tires in its class.

Kelly Tires Guarantees and Warranties

Mileage Warranty

Kelly Tires creates and produces some of the highest-quality tires on the market. The length of the tire's guarantee may be up to 80,000 miles, depending on the kind of tire you wish to buy. When it comes to all-season radial tires, they frequently have a warranty that lasts for 50,000–80,000 miles. However, a wider tire with a softer material construction, such as an all-terrain tire, might be covered by a 50,000-mile warranty.

Limited Warranty

When you are buying a product, you ought to be very careful of the warranty offered. Be sure to read the details of the warranty to avoid disappointments when things go wrong. The following are the policies of tire replacements offered at various Kelly tires in the US and Canada:

Policy about Free Tire Replacement

When it comes to free tire replacement, the company will replace Kelly radial tires covered by this guarantee for free with an equivalent new Kelly radial tire. This is in the case the tires become unusable due to the layout policy and covered warranty within the first 2/32' of tread wear or within 12 months of the purchase date, whichever comes first. Remember that you will be required to pay for tire mounting and balancing. If you have no purchase documentation,  the tire production date will be the basis for eligibility.

Policy about Pro rata Tire Replacement

Tires that become unusable because of a covered warranty problem and are wear and tear past the first 2/32" of treadwear will be changed on a prorated basis. Additionally, you are liable to pay for all mounting, balancing, additional services, taxes, and government-mandated fees during the adjustment period. The prorated charges will be calculated using the percentage of the original tread still serviceable at the adjustment period and multiplied by the latest Kelly-stated selling price at the adjustment tire.

Kelly Tires’ Pricing

While a complete set of other brands of tires typically costs $500, Kelly Tires are available for as little as $300. In addition to being reasonably priced, its tires are a fantastic deal because of the substantial cost savings realized through their purchase. The brand's radials have significantly lower prices than the industry norm and yet deliver performance qualities exceeding their price range. You can source Kelly tires from a variety of companies including the official website of the company, Amazon and eBay. Stores such as Walmart have sufficient stock for Kelly tires.

Vehicles Compatible with Kelly Tires

As stated earlier, Kelly tires come in various sizes and features. Therefore, the tires can be able to fit a variety of vehicles. The following are some examples of cars compatible with Kelly tires:

  • Lexus TL, CL
  • Chevrolet Cobalt, Malibu, Impala, Sonic LTZ, BMW 135i, and 330i
  • Grand Caravan, Nitro, and a Dodge Neon
  • Ford Fusion, Focus, Mustang, and Taurus
  • Civic, CR-V, Insight, and Accord from Honda
  • Rondo, Optima, and Rio
  • Mazda3, Mazda6, and 929
  • Versa, Leaf, Cube, Nissan Altima, Maxima, Pontiac Vibe, and Grand Prix.
  • Subaru Outback, Legacy, and Impreza WRX
  • Toyota Camry, RAV4, Avalon, Solara, and Sienna Suzuki SX4
  • Volkswagen Touareg, Passat, and Jetta

Why Kelly Tires are Good and Convenient

There are numerous benefits to using Kelly Tires. Kelly, a subsidiary of Goodyear, follows the parent company's tire-making practices and has more than a century of expertise in the tire business. Additionally, Kelly Tires' strength is its reasonable price and significantly cheaper cost; it takes advantage of new technology from Goodyear that is often only found in high-end products. The cutting-edge technology which Kelly advocates helps it to offer high quality and efficient products, and yet, at rates which are affordable.

Kelly Tires Review: Are They Any Good?

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