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  • The Kelly Edge A/S tire offers reliable all-season traction at an affordable price point.
  • While excelling on dry and wet surfaces, its heavy winter performance may be limited.
  • Designed for comfort, it generally provides a quiet ride, but experiences can vary among users.

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If you’re looking for an affordable and high-performing all-season tire, the Kelly Edge A/S might be what you need to increase your vehicle’s performance.

The Kelly Edge A/S is an affordable all-season tire known for dependable dry and wet traction. Owned by Goodyear, it provides performance, comfort, and value. While effective in light snow, it's not ideal for harsh winter conditions. It offers a quiet, comfortable ride and a good lifespan.

We've done some research to provide you with an overview of what you can expect from the Kelly Edge A/S tires. This guide is a detailed review of our experience using this tire. So you can keep reading to learn if this is right for you.

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Kelly Edge A/S Tire Review (Is This Tire Worth It?)

If you're in the market for new tires, you might have come across the Kelly Edge All-Season tires. These all-season tires have garnered attention for their budget-friendly price tag and performance on dry roads.

Aimed at delivering a blend of performance, comfort, and value, the Kelly Edge A/S promises reliable traction across varying weather conditions. And it’s relatively affordable compared to some premium brands.

As a brand owned by Goodyear, Kelly Edge tires offer an affordable option for drivers who need reliable tires without breaking the bank. So let’s jump into this detailed review and discover whether this tire is worth it or not.

Kelly Edge A/S Tire Specifications and Features

The Kelly Edge A/S is a tire under the umbrella of the Goodyear brand, known for providing a solid blend of performance and affordability. Let's dive into its specifications, like the tire’s load index number and some other features.

Tire's Lifespan

The Kelly Edge A/S offers a good lifespan with an impressive 55,000-mile limited tread life warranty. The tire has a special tread pattern designed to provide consistent performance throughout its life.

The tread life appears to be decent for this budget-priced tire, ensuring you get value for your money.  With a 55,000-mile treadwear warranty, we can depend on these tires to last for a reasonable amount of time. In addition, the noise levels generated by these tires are quite low, making our driving experience even more enjoyable.

Speed Rating

The speed rating is an essential factor to consider when choosing a tire since it indicates the maximum speed at which a tire can safely perform. Remember that the performance of Kelly Edge A/S tires in wet conditions and snowy conditions might not be as perfect as with premium tires.

However, these tires still provide decent performance on dry roads and in regular driving situations. To find the specific speed rating and other specs like the Uniform Tire Quality Guage for your tire, refer to the tire sidewall markings or consult the manufacturer's specifications.

All-Season Traction

The Kelly Edge A/S tire is designed with a proven tread pattern to handle both dry and wet road conditions. The grooves help evacuate water, reducing the risk of hydroplaning in rainy weather. These passenger tires hold up extremely well.

The tire’s pattern also ensures that water, slush, and snow can be effectively channeled away from the tire, reducing the potential for hydroplaning. This compound ensures a stable grip across a variety of temperatures and conditions.

Tire Life Indicator

Integrated into the tread of the Kelly Edge A/S are specific wear bars that become more apparent as the tire wears down. These are designed to be easily visible, even to the untrained eye.

Knowing the state of tire wear is critical for safety. Worn tires may not provide adequate grip, especially in wet conditions. The Tire Life Indicator serves as an early warning system for drivers, signaling when it might be time for a replacement.

Kelly Edge All-Season Tire Performance

Dry Surface Performance

We found the Kelly Edge A/S tires to be quite reliable on dry surfaces. The tread design offers a stable ride and good steering responsiveness. In our tests, we noticed shorter braking distances and confident cornering abilities.

One of the prominent features observed during our tests was the tire's quick steering response. This is attributed to the stiff sidewalls and the tread design, which collectively ensures precision and control during maneuvers.

Wet Surface Performance

In wet conditions, the Kelly Edge A/S tires demonstrate impressive grip and handling. The wide circumferential grooves effectively channel water out of the contact patch, minimizing the risk of hydroplaning.

The wide circumferential grooves are a hallmark of this tire's design, working tirelessly to channel water away from the contact patch. This design choice reduces the risk of hydroplaning, maintaining grip even in torrential downpours. The stable footprint makes it easier too.

Snow and Ice Performance

When it comes to snow and ice performance, the Kelly Edge A/S tires perform adequately in light snow. The tire's sipes effectively grip the slippery surfaces, providing reasonable traction and control.

The numerous sipes etched into the tread pattern play a crucial role in snow conditions. They open up and grip the snowy surface, creating multiple biting edges for enhanced traction. It's a versatile tire but cannot replace the specialized design of a dedicated winter tire.

These vehicle tires do have solid load-carrying capacity and maximum speed capability. Overall, this tire tread design offers traction and reliability compared to previous tires.

How Does The Kelly Edge All-Season Tire Perform During The Winter?

The Kelly Edge All-Season tire, as its name suggests, is designed to handle a range of weather conditions, including some winter scenarios. But how does it truly fare when the temperatures drop and snow blankets the roads? Does it beat out the typical original equipment tire?

Versatility in Handling Conditions

The Kelly Edge All-Season tire, while primarily crafted for milder conditions, does provide a degree of confidence on winter roads. Its design focuses on ensuring that the greater its load, the more it responds with grip and traction.

The tire's sipes and tread design give it the ability to tackle light snow with relative ease, ensuring that drivers have control even when the roads are not entirely clear. It also depends on the tire size, but models like the 225 65r17 are the most versatile.

Limitations in Extreme Weather

However, it's crucial to understand that while these are good riding tires for a myriad of conditions, they might not be the optimal choice for extreme winter scenarios.

For regions that experience heavy snowfall, icy roads, or consistently low temperatures, the Kelly Edge All-Season tire might hit its performance limit. In these situations, a tire replacement with dedicated winter tires could be the safest and most effective solution.

Safety Considerations

Recognizing the limits of your tire is paramount, especially in winter. As conditions worsen, the risk associated with continuing to use all-season tires increases.

Don’t take a tire replacement lightly in these circumstances. It's not just about optimizing performance; it's about ensuring the safety of the vehicle's occupants and other road users. Kelly Tires also offers a prorated price tire replacement.

Is The Kelly Edge A/S Tire Noisy?

Overall, tire noise is not a huge concern for this tire. But it depends. The Kelly Edge A/S tire, like many modern all-season tires, has been designed to provide a comfortable and quiet ride for drivers.

It has a symmetric tread design which typically aims to minimize noise generation. The strategic placement of tread blocks and sipes often helps in reducing the vibrations and noise caused by tire-road interactions.

As with most tires, the noise can increase as the tire wears down. Uneven tire wear, in particular, can lead to increased road noise due to irregularities in the tire's contact with the road. When you lose enhanced grip, it can get noisy too.

Plus, the noise perceived inside the cabin isn't solely a factor of the tire. The vehicle's type, its suspension system, insulation, and even the state of the road can influence how much noise makes its way into the vehicle. On certain vehicles, the Kelly Edge A/S might seem quieter than on others.

Is The Kelly Edge A/S Worth Buying?

The Kelly Edge A/S tire is an affordably priced all-season option that provides reliable traction in varied weather, from sunny to light snowy conditions. It excels on both dry and wet surfaces, with features designed for shorter braking distances and reduced hydroplaning.

Its design ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, which many categorize as a good riding tire. However, its performance in heavy winter conditions might be less than ideal, suggesting the need for dedicated winter tires in extreme climates.

While many find it quiet, noise experiences can differ among users. With proper maintenance, it offers decent tire life in terms of longevity, though treadwear can vary based on driving habits, and we highly recommend it.

Kelly Edge A/S Tire Review

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