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The legendary Ford Bronco has made a triumphant return, but let’s take a look at all the OEM tires and wheels that have ever come on the iconic vehicle.

Every iteration of the Bronco — especially the new generation that debuted in 2021 — has brought along with it various OEM tire and wheel packages. In this complete guide, we’ve broken the Bronco down generation by generation and detailed the different OEM tire and wheel options that were offered from Ford straight from the factory.  

The iconic Ford Bronco made its return in the 2021 model year after being out of production for a quarter-century. While the new generation might have the most variety in OEM tires and wheels, each generation before it also had a few different options, but it can be hard to remember which generation got what. To make it easier for you if you’re looking for Bronco OEM tire and wheel information, use this guide as your number one resource.

We strive to provide our readers with the most accurate information possible because we know that if you’re looking for Bronco OEM tires and wheels, that’s exactly what you want to know. To make sure everything you read is as accurate as possible, we dove deep into Ford’s archives to find pictures and information on everything Bronco-related. That combined with discussions with Bronco owners of every generation, we’re confident in saying everything you find in this article is as accurate as it can be.

Table of Contents

Ford Bronco OEM Tires & Wheels

First released in 1966, the Ford Bronco is easily one of the most legendary sport utility vehicles ever produced. But to the chagrin of many, after the 1996 model year, Ford took the Bronco out of production, seemingly forever. But 25 years later, they surprised the world by releasing the sixth generation of the iconic vehicle and taking the industry by storm.

With all the generations of the Bronco that have been produced over the years, it’s easy to imagine just how many different OEM tires and wheels have been offered. Especially when you include the newest rendition, which has six different models on its own, each with a unique setup when it comes to wheels and tires.

So to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you’re looking for, we’ve broken this comprehensive guide down by generations. Within each generation, you’ll find the OEM tires and wheels that Ford offered from the factory.

With the new Ford Bronco (the sixth generation), we broke it down even further to a model by model comparison so that you can see which tires and wheels come on each different trim level. Since OEM tires and wheels go a long way towards the limit of the Bronco’s stock capabilities, we thought it would be important to show you which new model comes with what, right off the showroom floor.

Whether you’re interested in some of the older Ford Broncos or you’ve got your eyes on a brand new one but you just can’t decide which model to get, we’ve got you covered. Here is everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about the OEM tires and wheels that have ever been offered on the Ford Bronco.

1st Generation Bronco (1966 - 1977)

First Generation Bronco OEM Tires

GR78 x 15 Bias-Ply Whitewall Tires

The first tires that came on the early-model Ford Broncos were not capable of offering much performance, but not many tires were in these days. The original GR78 x 15 tires were still made using bias-ply construction rather than the steel-belted radials that you’re accustomed to today. Bias-ply tires make it difficult to steer and turn, and the Bronco is almost perpetually in a state of feeling a bit loose.

The best part about these tires was that they had a nice white wall on them that really made the first generation Broncos look smart. GR78 x 15 bias-ply tires are of course not available on the market today, but you can get a much higher-quality tire that will look just about the same. Check out this 215/75R15 Coker Tire to get the best possible match that you can. It’ll look great on a first generation Bronco and it’s just about period-correct.

First Generation Bronco OEM Wheels

15” x 5.5” 5x139.7 4-Slot Steel Wheel with Silver-Painted Finish

When the Bronco was first released in 1966, Ford didn’t offer much when it came to OEM wheels (or tires for that matter, as you just read above). This wasn’t anything particular with the Bronco itself, it was just the norm during these days. The wheels were just there to do their job and support the tires and therefore the vehicle, not necessarily add a lot of customization and variety.

So the first generation Bronco only really had one wheel option with a couple of color choices. These OEM Bronco wheels were fairly basic 15x5.5 5-slot steel wheels with a silver-painted finish. They were simple and got the job done, but didn’t offer Bronco owners much style or variety to say the least.

Considering these wheels are more than 50 years old, you might have guessed that you won’t be able to get brand new replacements from Ford. But thankfully you can still get replacements and you can get a reconditioned version for $85.

15” x 5.5” 5x139.7 4-Slot Steel Wheel with White-Painted Finish

These wheels are actually the exact same wheel as the one above, with the only difference being that these were finished in white instead of silver. That’s one of the things you’ll see pop up again and again throughout the years of the Bronco — the same wheels are used throughout the generation but just in different finishes to give Bronco owners a bit more variety.

Just like the above wheels, you can’t find these in brand new condition from Ford because of how old they are. They have long since been discontinued. But thankfully you can get reconditioned replacements for these OEM Bronco wheels for $85, just like the ones above.

2nd Generation Bronco (1978 - 1979)

2nd Generation Bronco OEM Tires

GR78 x 15 Bias-Ply Whitewall Tires

Unfortunately, many of the second generation Broncos were fitted with the same exact GR78 x 15 bias-ply whitewall tires that came on the first iteration. As you read above, bias-ply tires are a completely different animal to try to drive on, especially compared to the modern tires that you’re used to. Thankfully Ford also released another OEM tire option with the second generation Bronco as you’ll see shortly.

If you want to get something that will match the OEM GR78 x 15 whitewall tires but still perform like a modern-day steel-belted radial, then this option from Coker Tire is your best bet. It will make your Bronco look just like it did in 1978, but now it’ll have much better performance capabilities and it will drive much better than it did back then!

Firestone All-Terrain

As mentioned above, Ford offered another tire option to give their customers the ability to get away from the standard bias-ply tires. This second option was the Firestone All-Terrain tires. Ford was smack-dab in the middle of what would become a nearly hundred-year relationship with Firestone, so it didn’t come as a surprise to anyone that they’d offer these tires on the Bronco at some point.

The Bronco was becoming less and less of a typical SUV and more Bronco owners were using them for off-road activities due to how well they performed. To handle this, drivers needed some all-terrain tires because the standard bias-ply tires just weren’t cutting it. That’s where these Firestone All-Terrains came in, giving Bronco owners the ability

2nd Generation Bronco OEM Wheels

15” x 5.5” 5x139.7 4-Slot Steel Wheel in Silver or White

When Ford released the second generation Bronco over a decade later, fans were hoping that they would have more OEM wheel choices than before. And considering there was only really one choice from the first generation (even though they came in two colors), that wasn’t very hard for Ford to attest to.

That said, the standard OEM wheels on the second generation Bronco were still, in fact, the exact same wheels that you just read about above from the first generation. They were 15x5.5 5-slot steel wheels in either silver or white. Both of which can be purchased in a reconditioned state for just $85 each.

15” x 6” 5x139.7 4-Vent Steel Wheel in White, Black, or Silver (F2UZ1015A)

This next OEM wheel option that Ford used on the second generation Bronco was not a whole lot different than the ones that you’ve seen so far. The biggest difference was the extra half-inch in width, going from a 15x5.5 up to a slightly wider 15x6. But other than that, the general design of the wheels was pretty similar.

These wheels were 4-vent steel wheels as opposed to 4-slot, but they’re very similar in terms of looks. But they also came in more color options than the other option. Bronco customers could still choose from silver or white just like on the other wheels but Ford also offered this in a black-painted finish which started to pick up on popularity over the years.

Similar to most of the wheels that you’ll see on these early-model Broncos, they just simply aren’t available from Ford as brand new parts any longer. For this particular wheel, you have a couple of options to buy replacements. You can buy replacements that are in used condition for about $65 each, or you can spend a little more and get reconditioned wheels in this style for $85 a piece.

15” x 6” 5x139.7 10-Hole Aluminum Alloy Wheel with Polished Finish (D8TZ1015E)

One of the biggest changes in OEM wheel options between the first and second generation Broncos was the addition of aluminum alloy wheels. Prior to this, steel wheels were the only option and were far more common on just about any vehicle on the road due to their affordability and ability to be easily mass-produced.

The first aluminum OEM Bronco wheel that Ford released was a 15x6 10-hole aluminum alloy wheel finished in polished silver. The design was unique and the polished silver finish really made these wheels stand out on the new Bronco. They were an instant hit among Bronco owners and fans of the soon-to-be iconic SUV.

Even though most of the OEM Bronco wheels from this long ago can no longer be purchased in new condition, these are one of the few options that are actually available. You can buy these wheels brand new for just under $200 each, directly from Ford.

15” x 6” 5x139.7 5-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheel Machined with Silver (D7TZ1015A)

If you weren’t aware of what Ford’s favorite wheel design is, you’ll see it pop up again and again throughout this guide. And this is the first time that Ford used it on the Bronco — the 5-spoke wheel design. Over the course of Ford’s history, especially starting around this time, the automaker started using the 5-spoke wheel design religiously, on just about every vehicle that they produced.

This 15x6 5-spoke aluminum wheel with a machined silver finish could honestly be more accurately described as a 5-hole wheel due to its appearance, but you’ll see how often Ford goes back to this general design over the years as you go through this guide. In any case, these aluminum wheels were a popular choice among Bronco owners during this brief second generation.

No longer available for sale as a new item from Ford, and is currently out of stock used in most places as well. Periodically check back at this link to see if Ford ever manufacturers any new ones. In the meantime, you can purchase a reconditioned wheel in this style for $170.

15” x 6” 5x139.7 8-Spoke Steel Wheel in Silver, White, or Yellow (E2TZ1015B)

Although the aluminum wheel craze was starting to take over during these years, Ford had a third steel wheel option that they released along with the second generation Bronco. This 15x6 steel wheel would become a popular wheel choice and would remain as an OEM option for years to come.

This 15” steel wheel used an 8-spoke design with a deep dish feel to them. The center of the wheel was set back sort of like a concave shape, and the rims were so wide that it gave the wheels a deep-dish look. These popular steel wheels were also available in silver, white, and even yellow (a first for the Bronco).

Like most of the wheels that you’ve seen so far in this guide, these OEM Bronco wheels are no longer available from Ford. But thankfully, you can get reconditioned OEM replacements for $100 online.

3rd Generation Bronco (1980 - 1986)

3rd Generation Bronco OEM Tires

Goodyear Wrangler Radial

For whatever reason, Ford stepped away from the Firestone brand of tires with the release of the third generation Bronco and started offering two new brands that they hadn’t offered yet before. The first of which was Goodyear, and the now-famous Goodyear Wrangler family of tires was chosen as the standard OEM tire option on the new Bronco.

The best thing about the Goodyear Wrangler without even getting into much detail was the fact that the bias-ply tires were no longer offered on the Bronco. Ford could’ve put just about any non-bias-ply tire on the new Bronco and they would’ve seemed like a huge upgrade, but the Wrangler Radial was actually also a great tire.

These new Goodyears were a high-quality all-season highway-terrain tire that was the best option for Bronco owners that wanted to really drive their Broncos. The raised white letters on the outside gave the Broncos a great look, but the real treat was the Wrangler Radial’s performance on the highway.

Since this time, the Goodyear Wrangler has been updated again and again, and we suggest putting the new Wrangler SR-A on your Bronco if you’re in the market for some new Goodyears!

BFGoodrich All-Terrain

While the Goodyear Wrangler Radials were designed for the Bronco owners that focused more on highway and city driving, the off-road enthusiasts needed some capable tires for their Broncos from Ford as well. So Ford started putting BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires on the third generation Bronco from the factory, and this is when the Bronco started really being used heavily for off-road activity.

BFGoodrich is the creator of the original all-terrain tire, so there was no better choice for Ford to start bridging the gap between highway driving and off-road adventures. These BFG All-Terrains were capable of handling highway driving just fine while also allowing drivers to head straight off-road with the confidence to attack any terrain. They were a massive upgrade over the previous generation’s OEM tires and Bronco fans loved them.

BFGoodrich never rested on their laurels when it came to producing top-quality all-terrain tires, and have since upgraded and upgraded. If you’re looking for a set of all-terrain tires for your Bronco, there is no better option on the market than the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2.

3rd Generation Bronco OEM Wheels

15” x 6” 5x139.7 10-Hole Aluminum Alloy Wheel with Polished Finish (D8TZ1015E)

This is one of those wheels that transcends generations, and it’s the exact same aluminum 10-hole wheel from the previous generation that we’ve already gone into great detail about, so we won’t spend too much time making you reread the same information. Just know that these were a popular 15” aluminum wheel with a shining machined finish that Bronco owners absolutely adored.

As discussed above, this is one of the few OEM Bronco wheels from the early days that you can still buy directly from Ford or a certified Ford parts dealer. You can buy these wheels to this day brand new for just under $200 a piece.

15” x 6” 5x139.7 4-Vent Steel Wheel in White, Black, or Silver (F2UZ1015A)

Similar to the previous set of wheels, this OEM wheel option was also carried over the second generation Bronco, so we won’t hard on them too much. These are the 15x6 4-vent steel wheels that were originally unveiled in 1978 as one of the standard options on the Bronco. The neatest thing about these wheels was that they were offered in white, silver, or black finishes.

As discussed above, these wheels are no longer produced by Ford nor do they have anymore left on the shelves. So you can’t get them in brand new condition. You can, however, purchase them from a third-party vendor in either used condition or in a reconditioned state. Expect to pay $65 each and $85 each, respectively.

15” x 8” 5x139.7 8-Spoke Steel Wheel in White, Silver, or Black (E7TZ1015A)

If you read the description of these wheels, you might be thinking that they’re also another repeat from the second generation, but they’re actually not. The 8-spoke steel wheels above were only 6” wide. The new version of the wheels released with this generation of the Bronco is 15x8, a significant increase in width.

Other than the increased width, these wheels do appear almost identical to the ones from the previous generation. They are 8-spoke steel wheels that are offered with white, silver, or black finishes. One of the notable differences between the two is that these wheels do not include a center cap, whereas the previous generation had a black center cap to cover the hub of the wheel.

Just like the majority of the other wheels that Ford was putting on the Bronco straight from the factory in these days, they are no longer available for purchase. But thankfully, you can still find reconditioned OEM wheels in this style that you can purchase for around $85 each. Just make sure you select the right finish to match the rest of your Bronco wheels!

15” x 7” 5x139.7 8-Spoke Steel Wheel in White or Silver (E7TZ1015B)

Trust us, we aren’t going crazy posting the exact same wheels over and over. This 8-spoke steel wheel option for the third generation Bronco split the difference in the other two widths, coming in at 15x7. Other than that, the wheels are incredibly similar to the wheels just above, except these were only offered with a silver or a white finish, not black.

Also of note, these wheels actually did include a center cap, unlike the ones just above. This center cap was finished in polished silver to get the wheels some additional flair and covered the hub of the wheel as well as the lug nuts. This look was popular among Ford Bronco owners even if it made them just a little more difficult to work on.

As you can probably guess before we even say it, these wheels have long since been discontinued by Ford and can no longer be purchased brand new. But the same third-party vendor that you’ve seen links to throughout this guide also has these in stock. You can buy replacement reconditioned OEM wheels in this style for just $70 each.

4th Generation Bronco (1987 - 1991)

4th Generation Bronco OEM Tires

Firestone Radial ATX

The Firestone Radial ATX was one of the many Firestone tires that were recalled around the turn of the century due to unreasonably high failure occurrences that lead to hundreds of deaths and injuries. But that’s a topic for a whole different article! For the sake of this article, suffice it to know that the Firestone Radial ATX was actually the only tire that Ford put on the Bronco during the fourth generation.

The Firestone Radial ATX was a popular tire choice back then, especially for off-road vehicles, because of its aggressive looks and all-terrain capabilities. These tires could perform on the highway or in off-road conditions, so it was a no-brainer for Ford to put them on the Bronco from the factory. And considering the raised white letters were the factory option, the Broncos really looked good as they were rolling off the showroom floor.

4th Generation Bronco OEM Wheels

15” x 6” 5x139.7 10-Hole Aluminum Alloy Wheel with Polished Finish (D8TZ1015E)

For the third consecutive generation, Ford offered the exact same 15” aluminum alloy wheels as the standard OEM option. So yet again, we’ll spare you the details of reading the same thing for now the third time. Suffice it to know that these aluminum wheels were a wildly popular option among Bronco fans due to their simplicity and beauty.

As you also likely remember from above, these wheels are some of the few from these days that you still buy brand new replacements from Ford. If you are in the market for some replacements for these OEM wheels, expect to pay just under $200 each.

15” x 7.5” 5x139.7 10-Hole Aluminum Alloy Wheel with Machined Finish (F0TZ1007A)

For the first time in what seems like forever, Ford released a brand new wheel design along with the introduction of the fourth generation Bronco. This new aluminum wheel design sounds a bit similar to the above set, with the 10-hole design, but it’s actually a totally different wheel. That just so happened to become similarly as popular as the original 10-hole aluminum ones!

This new wheel design had a stepped rim leading to a flat wheel face. On this flat face, the ten holes were then observed as well as a circle of rivets around them, which was a unique setup that Ford had not used before on the Bronco. To top it all off, these wheels were finished with a machined silver finish, offering a different look for the Bronco than the painted steel or polished aluminum that the previous generations had.

This is another one of those OEM Bronco wheel options that can’t be purchased brand new from Ford anymore, but you still have another option. You can buy reconditioned versions of these OEM wheels for right at $200 a piece if you’re in need of replacements.

15” x 6” 5x139.7 4-Slot Steel Wheels Finished in White, Silver, or Black (F2UZ1015A)

These last three wheel options are repeated from the previous generations, so we won’t go into much detail on them since they’re all described above. These particular wheels are the same 15” 4-slot steel wheels that had been offered since the second generation of the Bronco was released in 1978 and they were still finished in either white, black, or silver.

As you’ve read about three times now with these same wheels (if you read about the previous generations), you can buy reconditioned OEM Bronco wheels in this style for $85 each, but make sure you select the right color.

15” x 8” 5x139.7 8-Hole Styled Steel Wheels in White, Silver, or Black (E7TZ1015A)

The 8-wide 8-hole steel wheels from the third generation Bronco made their return to the OEM wheel lineup with the fourth generation Bronco as well. These 15x8 steel wheels were a popular choice among Ford Bronco owners, especially those who didn’t want a center cap (or for those who wanted to put a bit of a wider wheel on the rear).

While these wheels can no longer be purchased directly from Ford brand new anymore since they’ve long since been discontinued, you aren’t out of luck. These wheels can be purchased in a reconditioned state for $85 just like the ones above, and make sure you select the right finish!

15” x 7” 5x139.7 8-Hole Styled Steel Wheels in Silver or White (E0TZ1015B)

The 15x7 8-hole steel wheels that were released with the third generation Bronco also made a return with this generation, and nothing about them had changed. The 7”-wide wheels were still offered in both silver or white, and the 8-hole design remained a favorite even among fourth generation Bronco owners.

Luckily if you’re in the market for replacement OEM wheels and you need to get your hands on one (or more) of these wheels, they’re the cheapest out of the repeated designs. You can get reconditioned OEM Bronco wheels that match these for just $70 a piece.

5th Generation Bronco (1992 - 1996)

5th Generation Bronco OEM Tires

Goodyear Wrangler ATS

For the fifth generation Bronco, Ford decided to step away from Firestone yet again and go back to one of the brands that they used with the third generation — Goodyear. But this time around, they decided to skip the highway-terrain tire entirely and just put an all-terrain tire on from the start. And instead of going back to the BFG all-terrains from before, Ford decided to put Goodyear Wrangler ATS tires on the new Bronco.

As an all-terrain tire, the Wrangler ATS gave fifth generation Bronco owners the ability to drive on the highway and through the city as well as hopping off-road any time they wanted. The ATS was designed to stand up to harsh road and weather conditions, including mud, water, and even snow. They really let Bronco drivers push their SUVs to its limits and allowed them to go where no Broncos had gone before.

Unlike most of the tires on this list up until this point, the Goodyear Wrangler ATS is actually still in production to this day, so it’s easy to get your hands on a new set. If you liked how the OEM ones performed from the 1990s, the newer versions of the Wrangler ATS will feel even better. Depending on which size you need, expect to pay around $200 per tire.

5th Generation Bronco OEM Wheels

15” x 7.5” 5x139.7 10-Hole Aluminum Alloy Wheels with Polished Finished (F0TZ1007A)

As you might have noticed by now, Ford wasn’t exactly full of creativity when it came to OEM Bronco wheels from generation to generation, and they often just brought the exact same wheels along to the next one. Well that happened again, and these are the same 10-hole aluminum wheels that were released with the previous generation, so we won’t harp on the details of them again.

While you can’t find these wheels brand new from Ford anymore, you can still get replacements for them pretty easily. If you need a replacement for these OEM wheels, you can buy a reconditioned version for $200 a piece.

15” x 7.5” 5x139.7 10-Hole Aluminum Alloy Wheels with Polished Finished and Center Caps (F4TZ1007A)

Even when Ford did create a new wheel for the Bronco, they didn’t really seem to put a whole lot of time and originality into it. But these 10-hole aluminum wheels were actually brand new and they differed a decent amount from the set just above. Similarly, however, these wheels were 15x7.5 with a polished finish.

But the differences between the wheels are what’s important. These new wheels were deep dish in style and the holes were situated much closer to the rim of the wheel rather than the center. This also meant that the ring of rivets around the holes were removed as well. To top the new design off, Ford also included polished silver center caps to cover the wheel’s hub and the lug nuts.

Like almost every wheel that came on the old Broncos, these OEM wheels are no longer available for purchase. But yet again you’re in luck because you can still get your hands on them pretty easily, although they’re a little expensive. You can buy these wheels in a reconditioned state for $235 each.  

15” x 6” 5x139.7 10-Hole (Slot) Styled Steel Wheels in Silver or Black (F2UAFA120)

Ford had a thing for the 10-hole wheel designs on these older Broncos, but this new option was unlike any of the other OEM wheel choices that they had offered yet. The biggest glaring difference between these wheels and the other ones above this is that these were made of steel rather than aluminum.

The steel construction helped to keep the costs down and also made them far easier to mass produce, which is why they became such a popular option on the Bronco. There wasn’t anything too flashy about these wheels or anything, just a simple steel wheel with ten holes (or slots). The most intriguing aspect about these is that you could get them in either silver or black.

Even nearly three decades later, the steel construction of these wheels has helped to keep the price down. And while you can no longer order these OEM wheels brand new from Ford, you can still get reconditioned versions of these wheels for $85 each.

15” x 7.5” 5x139.7 5-Spoke Styled Steel Wheels in Silver or Clad in Chrome (F2TZ1015A)

For the first time since the second generation Bronco back in 1978, Ford finally decided to bring back the ever-popular 5-spoke wheel design on the fourth generation Bronco. These 15x7.5 steel wheels were a basic 5-spoke design, with the spokes angled in such a way to create a sense of movement even if they were sitting still.

The unique spoke design was further accentuated with the ability to order these wheels in silver or chrome. Up until this point, the Bronco had actually never been offered with chrome wheels from the factory, so they were a pretty big deal when they came out and they easily became the most popular wheel option on the fourth generation Ford Bronco.

You’ll have no luck if you’re trying to find these wheels in brand new condition since they are no longer available for sale. But thankfully, you’re still able to buy them in a couple of different ways. These are offered in used condition for $65 each or reconditioned for $85 a piece (for the silver version, expect to pay about double for the chrome ones).

6th Generation Bronco (2021 - Present)

After a 25-year hiatus, the famed Ford Bronco was back. And it came back with a vengeance. Gone were the days of an SUV that was used primarily as an off-road vehicle with some all-terrain tires. The new generation of the Bronco brought with it six different models, each of which with its own wheel and tire combination and performance capabilities. Let’s take a deeper look into each model.

6th Generation Bronco — Base Model

255/70R16 Bridgestone Dueler H/T 685

Isn’t the Ford Bronco meant for off-road driving, what is this highway-terrain doing here? Don’t worry, you’ll see all the off-road tire options next. The Base Model Ford Bronco is designed much more for highway and city driving than going off-road, so Ford decided to put a high-quality highway-terrain tire on it from the factory — the Bridgestone Dueler H/T 685. The Dueler H/T 685 is actually Bridgestone’s heavy-duty highway-terrain tire, so it can still stand up to a little bit of occasional off-road use.

But its main priority is regular street driving, where it boasts an all-season tread design that’s capable of offering drivers reliable traction year-round and in any weather conditions thanks to the many sipes and biting edges. If you have a Base Model Bronco and want to put a new set of Bridgestone Dueler H/T 685 tires on it, have no fear. They’re a reasonably affordable tire that performs great for their price. You can buy these tires for right around $150 a piece.

16” x 7” 5x108 “Steelie-Style” Steel Wheels with Bright Polished Silver-Painted Finish

The base model Ford Bronco has without a doubt the most simplistic wheel design of any of them, yet Bronco fans were enamored with them when concepts were first released. The “steelie-style” design refers to the basic steel wheels that many cars have that are covered with hubcaps and wheel covers. But on the new Bronco, the multi-hole design steel wheels are left in their natural state.

This steel wheel phenomenon adds to the allure of the new Bronco, giving fans the iconic vehicle back in its most raw form. The simple steel wheels are wrapped in the highway-terrain tires discussed just above and finished with silver paint. There’s nothing flashy about these OEM wheels, but they are already a fan favorite.

6th Generation Bronco — Big Bend

255/75R17 Bridgestone Dueler A/T RH-S

As you step up from the Base Model to the Big Bend edition (and from here on out), there are no more highway-terrain tires offered from the factory. Ford decided to go with all-terrains or something even more aggressive on the rest of the trim levels, starting with the Bridgestone Dueler A/T RH-S on the Big Bend. This Bridgestone is a great tire to bridge (pun intended) the gap between highway-driving and off-road capabilities without going too aggressive.

The tread design is certainly more aggressive than the highway-terrain that comes on the base model, but it’s far less so when compared to some of the options below. With its all-season tread design and combination of comfort, durability, and performance, the Dueler A/T RH-S is the perfect tire for the introductory off-road driver who still does a lot of highway driving. These are popular tires that are easy to find replacements for, and you’ll need to shell out just over $210 for each tire.

17” x 7.5” 5x108 6-Spoke Aluminum Wheels with Carbonized Gray-Painted Finish

Going from the Base Model to the Big Bend brings with it a slew of new features and upgrades. One of the more notable ones — especially from the exterior — is the upgraded wheel and tire package. Not only does the Big Bend Bronco bring with it some all-terrain tires, but it also steps away from the 16” steelie-style steel wheels and gives Bronco lovers a brand new design to be excited about. These wheels make the jump from 16” steel to 17” aluminum, and also bring along with it a 6-spoke design.

This is actually the first time in Bronco history that a 6-spoke design is used for the OEM wheels. The clean design makes the Big Bend Bronco look great, and the carbonized gray-painted finish really gives these wheels a unique look. These wheels are almost color-matched to the Big Bend’s exterior, and it’s an interesting visual that is unlike anything Ford has done before with the Bronco.

6th Generation Bronco — Outer Banks

255/70R18 Bridgestone Dueler A/T RH-S

For the Outer Banks model, Ford used the same exact Bridgestone Dueler A/T RH-S tires as they used on the Big Bend. The only difference between the two was the change in size, going up to 255/70R18. Since the tires are the same, we’ll spare you the details of what the tire has to offer since you just read about them!

With the jump up in size from the 17” diameter above to the 18” diameter tires that come on the Outer Banks edition, there is a slight increase in price. If you’re in need of some new Dueler A/T RH-S tires in this size, you’ll need to pay about $237 each.

18” x 7.5” 5x108 6-Y-Spoke Aluminum Wheels with Machined Black High Gloss-Painted Finish

For the Outer Banks edition of the new Bronco, Ford decided to go with an entirely new wheel design. Not only does the Outer Banks trim have the first 18” wheels in Bronco history, but the design itself is also unlike anything that had been used before. Don’t read the “6-Y-spoke” design and think that they’re just like any other 6-spoke wheels, because the way they’re finished make them arguably the most unique wheels ever used on the Bronco.

These 18x7.5 aluminum wheels have six spokes that branch off into the shape of the letter “Y” as they approach the rim of the wheel. But they are finished in such a way that it looks like one continuous wheel component going around the entire wheel, thanks to the machined silver accents working in conjunction with the high-gloss black-painted wheels. This is one of those things that’s easier to envision once you see them, because describing the way they look in words is nearly impossible to do.

6th Generation Bronco — Black Diamond

LT265/70R17 General Grabber A/TX

For the Black Diamond model, Ford stepped away from the all-terrain Bridgestone that the previous two models came with and decided to go with the General Grabber A/TX. This all-terrain tire was designed to do it all and provide top-notch highway driving while also offering high-quality off-road performance. The perfect combination for the Ford Bronco.

The General Grabber A/TX is also designed with comfort in mind, using General’s proprietary Comfort Balance and Stabilitread Technologies. These tires offer traction in all conditions and also come with a 50,000-mile warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be covered for a few years at the very least. If you’re in the market for some new General Grabber A/TX tires, expect to pay around $215 a piece.

17” x 7.5” 5x108 “Steelie-Style” Steel Wheels with Black Gloss-Painted Finish

After the last two trim levels include some brand new, entirely unique wheel designs that Ford had never used before, we were on a bit of a roll. But with the Black Diamond edition of the new Bronco, Ford decided to revert back to the basic steelie-style steel wheels. At least this time the wheels were 17” (rather than 16”) and they were finished in black paint, so they look a little bit more aggressive.

These 17x7.5 steel wheels are incredibly basic, as they follow the exact same design as the steel wheels on the Base Model. That said, we will spare you the details since there’s not really anything new here except the bigger diameter and black paint. We promise this is the last time that steelie-style steel wheels will pop up!

6th Generation Bronco — Badlands

LT28570R17 BFGoodrich T/A KO2 or LT285/70R17 Goodyear Territory M/T

If you were to ask anyone who regularly drives off-road (or if you are a regular off-road adventurer yourself) what the best off-road tire over the last two decades has been, the answer will be clear. The BFGoodrich T/A KO2. These tires are famous for their amazing on-road driving experience while simultaneously offering unparalleled off-road performance for an all-terrain tire. So the fact that Ford included them as the OEM option (you’ll read about the Goodyear Territory shortly) on the Badlands edition is great for Bronco owners.

The BFG KO2 has been the most popular choice for all-terrain tires in the country for years now. Not only do they perform great, but they’re also widely regarded as the best-looking tire on the market. The aggressive shoulder and tread design make the KO2 tires look amazing while simultaneously offering increased off-road capabilities. We would recommend putting BFG KO2 tires on any of the new Bronco models, and you can buy them for around $270 each.

17” x 8” 5x108 6-Y-Spoke Aluminum Wheels with Machined Carbonized Gray-Painted Finish

While you won’t have to hear about steel wheels anymore, the Badlands model has nearly identical wheels to the ones that come standard on the Outer Banks model above. Except for the fact that these are a little bit smaller. But don’t let that deter you, the OEM wheels on the Badlands were made smaller on purpose so that they could accommodate those much bigger tires you just read about.

But the wheels themselves used the same general 6-Y-spoke wheel design from the Outer Banks model, so there isn’t too much to talk about. The biggest difference (besides the one-inch reduction in diameter) was the fact that the rest of the wheels were finished in carbonized grey instead of high-gloss black.

6th Generation Bronco — Wildtrak & First Edition (Equipped with the Sasquatch Package)

LT315/70R17 Goodyear Wrangler Territory M/T

To handle the most tire-busting off-road activities out there, Ford offered massive (35” diameter) mud-terrain tires on the Broncos that are fitted with the Sasquatch Package in form of Goodyear Wrangler Territory M/T. These tires were designed for off-road use under the most aggressive off-road driving conditions, but they’re also perfectly capable of handling standard on-road driving as well. This makes them the perfect choice for the adventurous Bronco owners out there.

While you can easily tell that these tires are capable of offering some serious traction just by looking at them, they are also branded with the coveted M+S Rating, meaning they’ve exceeded industry standards for offering traction in the most severe weather and road conditions. If you wear the OEM tires out and want to get some new ones, or you just want to put these on one of the other models of the Bronco, they’re available online for right around $300 per tire.

17” x 8.5” 5x108 Beadlock-Compatible Aluminum Alloy Wheels with Different Finishes (M1PC-1007-F1A)

As the Wiltrak and First Edition models were really designed to handle some of the most strenuous off-road activity out there, Ford decided to give Bronco owners the best chance possible to succeed off-road. So they included 17x8.5 beadlock-compatible wheels straight from the factory. Even though the Bronco had been used off-road ever since it was first released, Ford had never provided beadlock wheels as the OEM option, so this is a game-changer.

Beadlock wheels are special wheels that have the ability to have an additional trim piece (known as the beadlock) screwed down onto them, sandwiching the bead of the tire in place. This ensures that the tire does not move around on the wheel under stressful activities. These wheels are typically reserved for the most hardcore off-road and drag race drivers, so the fact that Ford included them as an OEM option is amazing. They look great too!

Ford Bronco OEM Tires & Wheels

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