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The Honda Clarity is a plug-in hybrid or a hydrogen fuel cell midsize family sedan with optimal fuel efficiency. But what’s the best tire choice?

This is the number one tire guide resource for Honda Clarity owners. We provide top recommended tires that are all examined and rated on price, tire value, climate capabilities, and treadwear available to drivers. Consider this the last stop on the buying journey for Honda Clarity tires.

OEM tires are typically all season tires to accommodate new buyers.The OEM tire for a Honda Clarity is a Michelin Energy Saver A/S tire. This is a good tire and provides reliability for drivers but ranks at the bottom in winter performance, road noise, and cornering. With so many options to choose from, the decision can be difficult. Our guide will provide you the best options for all needs to upgrade your Honda Clarity the right way.

We recommend tires based on information gathered by our team of industry experts. They have years of experience with vehicles and tires and our data is compiled from field tests with each product. Our team understands this industry better than anybody and we are the ones you want in your corner when making an informed tire purchase.

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6 Best Tires For Honda Clarity

The Honda Clarity is a compact hybrid electric car that is beginning to gain more popularity with newer model upgrades. This is a refined and spacious vehicle with many driving assistance features to offer.

The Honda Clarity was initially launched in 2008 and ran until 2014. It was pulled from the market for two years while Honda made upgrades across the board. It was relaunched at the end 2016 for the 2017 models.

The 2017 release included an electric and a fuel cell model. The Clarity has 48-mile all electric range and overall provides above average fuel economy compared to industry competitors in the hybrid and electric car space.

Newer launches include other models such as plug-in electric and plug-in hybrid models for an expanded product offering. With many options to choose from, it’s time to find a tire.  

We created a list of the 6 best tires to consider for your Honda Clarity upgrade. These recommendations are made based on data, field tests, and customer needs. Our top picks list breaks off into 6 key categories while providing an analysis on the factory tire too.

All data used in this guide was personally compiled and documented based on interviews, experiments, and customer feedback surveys. Our rankings balance the weight of these factors along with the tire’s warranty policy, price, and value.

Here is the list to get started:  

Yokohama Tornante  - Best All Season

The Yokohama Tornante is a tire designed for long lasting road performance and durability. This is an all season touring tire built with high technology to provide hybrid drivers a high performance ride combined with optimal tread life.

The Tornante has a multi-pitch variation feature to reduce road vibrations. This feature minimizes road noise and pattern implications for a smoother, quiet ride. Drivers enjoy this type of comfort.

The competitive all season traction provided is crafted with some technological features. The asymmetric tread design has wider blocks and larger grooves for better dry and wet traction performance.

Equipped with 4 circumferential grooves, water gets pushed through the tread area for quick reaction. These grooves channel water away and give better bite capability on tougher to grip surfaces.

A hidden feature about the Tornante is the fuel efficiency. The 3D adaptive sipes and advanced performance compound increase tire strength for better durability. This advanced compound also delivers less rolling resistance to save you fuel.

Drivers have also noted the design is simplistic and a pattern that is aesthetically pleasing to look at on a vehicle. This is an affordable tire that provides a clean look, comfortable driving, and long lasting treadwear.  


Some specifications may vary based on the exact tire size selected.

  • Warranty: Up to 85,000 miles
  • Max Load Capacity: 1,819 lbs
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 50 PSI
  • Tread Depth: 13/32’’
  • Tire Weight: 32 lbs
  • UTQG Treadwear: 740
  • UTQG Traction: A
  • UTQG Temperature: A
  • Long tread life and top notch warranty


Average pricing ranges between $150-200.


What sizes does this tire come in?

This tire is available in a variety of sizes ranging between 15” and 18” in wheel diameter. There are a total of 42 different sizes offered to fit many driver’s requirements.

What is the warranty on this tire?

The warranty offered by Yohohama includes different tiers based on the purchase. There is an 85,000 mile warranty for T-rated tire purchase. The warranty drops to 75,000 miles for H and V rated vehicles.

Yokohama also offers a 30-day trial satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like the tire, you can return it for a full refund within the first 30 days after purchase.

How noisy is this tire?

Overall, this grades as a quiet tire but in comparison to competitor all season tires it can get noise on highway drives at higher speeds. At slow and medium speeds, it is extremely quiet.

The tire tends to be noisy over potholes and bumps too. It still grades as our top all season choice for great tread life and an awesome warranty policy.

How does it drive on dry roads?

This tire is phenomenal on tire roads and surfaces. There is plenty of traction with stability at high speeds and accurate steering.

How does this tire handle snow?  

The Honda Clarity will never be a winter car but you would be surprised at the improvements it could make with a proper snow tire. Unfortunately, this is not the tire to do that. The Tornante can handle light sow and ice but higher amounts will be a difficult task. 

Toyo Celsius - Best Touring


The Toyo Celsius is a unique touring tire with superior winter traction at an affordable price.  On the market, the Celsius is called a variable-conditions tire to emphasize it’s versatility with dry, wet, and snow traction.

This hybrid tire is the perfect upgrade for your Honda Clarity.

The Celsius sports a rugged look and variable sipe density to fend off snow and slush with ease. The outer tread is lined with lower sipe density. This is a key feature many touring tires can’t match to provide the best winter traction.

Other features include built in snow claws, channel grooves, multi-wave sipes, and block rigidity.

This design improves braking and prevents the chance to hydroplane in wet conditions. The Celsius was not created to give drivers a high performance feel but some rules are meant to be broken.

The maximum wear resistance provides extended treadwear life and great handling. In fact, Toyo claims this tire will stop 14 feet shorter on snow and 8 feet shorter on ice than any competitor all season touring tire.  

The Celsius is a perfect choice for a Honda Clarity driver who experiences four seasons with a more difficult winter than average. Some drivers cannot afford to change tires every season so this would be a good budget pick too.  


Some specifications may vary based on the exact tire size selected.

  • Warranty: 60,000 miles
  • Max Load Capacity: 1,609 lbs
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 51 PSI
  • Tread Depth: 10/32’’
  • Tire Weight: 15 lbs
  • UTQG Treadwear: 440
  • UTQG Traction: A
  • UTQG Temperature: A
  • Best for four season driving
  • Comfortable ride with minimal noise


Average pricing ranges from $100-$175 depending on the size.


What sizes does this tire come in?

This tire is available in sizes ranging between 14” and 20” in rim diameter. The tire is sold in over 50 different sizes for a compatible Honda Clarity fit.

What is the warranty on this tire?

The Celsius comes with a 60,000 mile treadwear warranty to protect drivers in case something goes wrong. Toyo also offers a trial guarantee that gives a buyer the right to return the tire within the first 500 miles or 45 days for their money back.

Are these tires durable?  

Yes this is a very durable tire but the length it lasts will depend on the way it is driven. Constant exposure to harsh winter conditions or high speed dry road handling will lead to a quicker wear. Overall, customers report usage lasting long past the warranty of 60,000 miles.

How does it drive on dry roads?

The Celsius handles well on all surfaces but handling features excellent on the dry road. This is not a sporty tire but drivers can still expect great braking, cornering, and handling at all speeds.

Michelin Primacy 3 - Best Summer


The Michelin Primacy 3 is a grand touring summer tire for luxury style driving. These are warm weather tires crafted to provide a comfortable ride with low noise levels.

Some key features that separate it as the premier summer tire are elite steering control, strong handling on wet surface roads, and top notch braking. This tire is not meant to be on the road in freezing temperatures and snow/ice provide handling problems.  

The Primacy 3 tire meets Michelin's Green X standard for low rolling resistance for optimal fuel economy driving. The unique tread pattern provides solid traction with auto blocking sipes for better braking power too.

The Primacy 3 is used a lot as the OEM tire on luxury coupes and sedans but can be bought as a replacement as well.The tire features a new generation Michelin asymmetric tread compound with a center rib and shoulder blocks to combine reactive handling and high-speed stability with grip and better treadwear.

The Primacy 3 tire has a pair of twin steel belts to enhance ride quality while providing high-speed stability.

The few limitations to this tire are limited sizing availability and a low end warranty plan.


Some specifications may vary based on the exact tire size selected.

  • Warranty: 35,000 miles
  • Max Load Capacity: 1,764 lbs
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 50 PSI
  • Tread Depth: 9/32’’
  • Tire Weight: 24 lbs
  • UTQG Treadwear: 240
  • UTQG Traction: A
  • UTQG Temperature: A
  • Eco-friendly technology
  • High end safety features


Pricing ranges between $175-$225.


What sizes does this tire come in?

The Primacy 3 is available in sizes ranging between 16” and 19” rim diameter. The total number of sizes available for this tire is between 30-40 depending on where you make the purchase.

What is the warranty on this tire?

The treadwear warranty on this tire is a 6 year / 35,000 mile warranty for a V, Y, and W rated tire. Other warranties include a 6 year / 30,000 mile warranty on an H-rated tire. The tire also comes with a standard warranty to cover any manufacturer defects or mistakes.

Can I drive this in the snow?  

No way! This tire must avoid cold weather, snow, and ice at all costs. It is designed for warmer temperatures with strong handling features in summer elements.

Is this tire noisy?  

Yes this tire can be noisy depending on the ride. A bumpy trip with many potholes will be a much more uncomfortable ride on the Primacy 3 than a typical summer tire.

The tire doesn't absorb shocks and road vibrations well. Despite this, we still grade it as our top rated summer tire because of tread life and handling features.  

Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32 - Best Winter


The Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32 is for drivers who need a premium tire performance in demanding winter conditions. The Blizzak string of tires consistently provides the best winter tire coverage across all types of vehicles on the market. Let’s take a look at some features and upgrades.

The tread compound is built with a new polymer technology to provide better flexibility and strength in cold weather. The directional tread design compound handles well on slick surfaces with hydroplaning resistance. This compound also enhances braking and grip in the wintry conditions.

Stepped independent tread blocks work to improve road handling on both dry and slippery roads. These blocks create more biting edges using Lamellen edge effect sipes for better snow and ice grip.

These biting edges use channel flow grooves to push water and slush out from under the tire to improve traction at the contact area. This optimized tire construction provides top fuel efficiency characteristics in the winter tire category.

These features and technologies provide Bridgestone with speed rating flexibility on this tire. It can be found in H, V or W-speed rated options.


Some specifications may vary based on the exact tire size selected.

  • Warranty: None
  • Max Load Capacity: 1,565 lbs
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 50 PSI
  • Tread Depth: 11/32’’
  • Tire Weight: 25 lbs
  • UTQG Treadwear: N/A
  • UTQG Traction: N/A
  • UTQG Temperature: N/A
  • Hydroplane resistance technology features
  • Winter tires are not UTQG Rated


Pricing ranges between $200-$250.


What sizes does this tire come in?

This tire is available in sizes ranging from 17” to 20”. There are over 25 different sizes this tire can accommodate ranging across different vehicle options.

What is the warranty on this tire?

There is no treadwear warranty offered on the Blizzak LM-32 and other competing winter tires. Bridgestone does offer a standard warranty to replace the tire under any circumstances of  manufacturer defects or damages.

How noisy is this tire?

Winter tires are built with thicker compounds to combat ice and snow. This can lead to tires being louder when driving at higher speeds. The Blizzak LM-32 is different.

The ride comfort and in-vehicle noise is hardly noticeable and the average ride is extremely comfortable. Even in the dead of winter, you can expect a smooth and quiet ride.

How does it drive on dry roads?

The Blizzak LM-32 drives great on dry roads. However, because of the soft compounds it can cause the tire’s tread to wear a bit faster. Especially in warmer weather.

This tire is designed for winter usage and should be changed when the warmer weather begins to roll in. The tread is typically good to last most winter seasons.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport  - Best Performance Street


The Michelin Pilot Super Sport is an OEM tire on some of the highest performing sports cars on the market. This tire is designed to deliver high performance on both dry and wet surfaces. The tread produces a sports track style performance on the streets with enhanced cornering and handling.

This is an endurance racing tire with ultimate precision handling, it is the perfect performance street tire. The Pilot Super Sport provides 12% better handling grip than any competitor. Michelin also says this tire has double the treadlife compared to any competition.

Michelin built this tire with a Bi-Compound tread. The Bi-Compound contains a dry compound on the exterior shoulders with a wet compound on the interior. These outboard shoulders form a street read grip for cornering and durability.

On the interior, there is a pair of twin steel belts for high speed support and performance stability. This pairs with Michelin Acoustic Technology to absorb sound and road vibrations for a quiet ride to eliminate road noise.

Michelin claims that the materials used in this tire provides a 10% decrease in tire weight to improve performance handling. This is a quick acceleration with responsive steering and braking features.

The Pilot Super Sport is designed to be tested to the limit and used at the full potential. This tire even provides a generous warranty, beating many summer tire competitors.    


Some specifications may vary based on the exact tire size selected.

  • Warranty: 30,000 miles
  • Max Load Capacity: 1,521 lbs
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 50 PSI
  • Tread Depth: 9/32’’
  • Tire Weight: 22 lbs
  • UTQG Treadwear: 300
  • UTQG Traction: AA
  • UTQG Temperature: A
  • Michelin Acoustic Technology


Average pricing ranges between $220-$280.


What sizes does this tire come in?

This tire is available in sizes between 17” and 22”. The Honda Clarity is a good vehicle to fit this tire with most models ranging between 17” and 19” in size.

What is the warranty on this tire?

The warranty on this tire is a 6 year / 30,000 mile warranty. Many tires in the summer and winter categories do not offer a warranty because of the shorter tread life on a season tire. This is excellent protection for buyers on their tire purchase.

Can this tire handle the snow?  

This tire should not be driven in the snow. Not only will the tire significantly underperform, but it will wear quicker and struggle in colder temperatures. This is a tire built for summer conditions and high level street performance.

How noisy is this tire?  

Overall, this tire can be noisy despite the Acoustic technology they advertise. The ride quality can be uneasy with a lot of vibrations when driving over bumpy or uneven roads.

I would not recommend this tire if the only thing that matters is tire noise. It is a performance tire and this is a con when choosing the Super Sport.

Bridgestone TRR Spare - Best Temporary Spare


The Bridgestone TRR Spare tire is a popular OEM spare for compact and hybrid vehicles.. This is a great spare option for a Honda Clarity owner to restore their flat tire problems.

The Bridgestone TRR Spare tire gives a driver temporary mobility despite a flat and provides a lightweight spare option for better trunk space.

Some features include compact sizing for easier storage, smaller treads, a shallow tread depth with a more durable and lightweight design.

Your spare tire is best for temporary use only. It will restrict your vehicle's ability to perform at its best. This temporary spare does not include a physical tire.


Some specifications may vary based on the exact tire size selected.

  • Warranty: None
  • Max Load Capacity: 2,094lbs
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 60 PSI
  • Tread Depth: 5/32’’
  • Tire Weight: 13 lbs
  • UTQG Treadwear: N/A
  • UTQG Traction: N/A
  • UTQG Temperature: N/A


Average pricing ranges between $220-$250.


How many miles can this last?

A temporary spare should not be driven further than 70 miles. After eclipsing 70 miles, there is greater risk for damage to your vehicle or the spare to blow out.

A spare does not align evenly with your other 3 tires and this can cause uneven driving. Further problems could  be transmission problems, more flat tires, and misaligned steering.

The best option is to replace your spare with a new tire as quickly as possible.

What is the top speed I can drive?

The highest speed a spare should be driven is 50 MPH.  Higher than 50 MPH puts the car at risk for another flat, internal damage, or a possible accident.

We also recommend avoiding highways and staying on side roads.

How do I install my spare?

Contact a professional in your local area to change your tire if you have no experience, especially on a busy road or area.

Michelin Energy Saver A/S - Factory Tire


The Michelin Energy Saver A/S is the factory tire on the Honda Clarity and rates as one of the most fuel efficient tires available. This is a tire designed with hybrid vehicles in mind to capitalize on fuel efficiency features.

What should you do with your Michelin Energy Saver A/S? Keep it or upgrade?  

This is an all season tire with strong traction and handling capabilities in dry, wet, and icy conditions. It is an above average all season tire in the winter conditions and performs nicely in the summer too.

The internal sipes and tread block design provides better handling and braking for short stops on wet surfaces. The water grooves within the tread design provide hydroplaning resistance while expelling water from contact areas.  

The Comfort Control Technology is built in for smoother and quieter rides. The increased support is meant to reduce road vibrations for a better driving feel..

This tech relies on the support of twin steel belts and a polyester cord for ultimate strength. The twin belts provide an added layer of support for high speed handling and durability.

Overall, this is a poor winter tire with below average cornering and road noise reduction. The Comfort Control Technology does not perform as advertised and at high speeds, grooved pavement can get the best of this tire.

The average tread life reported by our experts and customer surveys show this is a warrior and very reliable for drivers in need of a long lasting option.  


Some specifications may vary based on the exact tire size selected.

  • Warranty: 65,000 miles
  • Max Load Capacity: 1,433 lbs
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 44 PSI
  • Tread Depth: 8/32’’
  • Tire Weight: 20 lbs
  • UTQG Treadwear: 480
  • UTQG Traction: A
  • UTQG Temperature: B
  • High end fuel economy features
  • Long life and all season comfort


Average pricing ranges between $150-$200.


What sizes does this tire come in?

This tire can be purchased in sizes ranging between 15” and 18”.

What is the warranty on this tire?

The warranty on this tire is a 6 year / 65,000 mile warranty for S, T, and H-Speed Rated tires. The warranty drops to 6 years / 55,000 miles for  a V-Speed rated tire pick.

Understanding Honda Clarity Tire Specifications

This tire reading breakdown will help you understand tires better and exactly what you are purchasing.

Before you purchase a tire, take a moment to look at the tire sidewall and specifications. It will not look familiar at first but  these numbers and letters tell you everything you need to know about a tire.

It will be a difficult task to find the tire for you without knowing this. Here is all the information you need:

  • Tire type - “P’ or “LT”. P represents passenger vehicles. LT represents light trucks. The Honda Clarity is grouped as a “P” vehicle.
  • Tire width - The tire width in millimeters from wall to wall on the tire. This is a 3 digit number.
  • Aspect ratio - The aspect ratio is the ratio of tire height to width. A two digit number that comes after the tire width. It is calculated as a percentage, so 55 would mean the height is 55% of the tire’s width.
  • Construction - This is one letter and there are three types: R, B, and D. These refer to Radial, Bias Belt, and Diagonal. You will most often see Radial. This is the industry standard providing better handling, fuel efficiency, and durability.
  • Wheel Diameter - This is a two digit number to measure the wheel from end to end in inches.
  • Load Index - A two or three digit number. This indicates the amount of weight the tire can support. An exact breakdown can be found here.
  • Speed Rating - This is one letter that informs the driver of the top speed a tire can handle. This chart shows every speed rating.

Honda Clarity Tire Sizes

Now that you can read a tire and know what you are buying, it’s time to find the right size for you. The Honda Clarity is an easy model with only 1 OEM tire size to remember: 235/45R18

The Honda Clarity has gone through transformations over the years with the current model hitting the market in 2017. This list includes the different tire sizes to fit your Clarity model since the 2017 releases.

Best Tires For Honda Clarity

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