The Toyo Celsius is not like most Grand Touring tires, or any regular All-Season tire either. This tire is marketed and considered to be a hybrid tire.

The Celsius is known to be a very comfortable option, but simply not the quietest. Rather than a luxurious feel on the road, this tire can deliver higher performance. The Toyo Celsius Tire can be a valuable upgrade to the handling of your vehicle, so it seems to be a worthy option to consider.

This Toyo tire has a design that is comparable to the Nokian WR G4, and rivals recently tested Vredestein models as well as the Firestone Destination LE3. With its crossover design between winter and touring tires, its performance is no surprise with its featured claw design. What seems to impress most is its impressive traction on slushy roads. The most attractive design on this tire is probably the outer circumferential grooves. This claw design accompanied by its pattern is an ideal optimization for traction in mud or snow. With the versatile construction of this tire, it boasts uncommon tread life with the ability to prevent the dangers of hydroplaning. Though this tire is not meant for high performance compared to competition tires, this tire provides a very well-rounded delivery of driving needs.

With the number of claws built into the tire design, it holds a simple flaw of possible road noise at higher than moderate speeds. Since winter tires are not designed for quiet comfort, the Toyo Celsius still offers a more silent ride than comparable options. One of the more important aspects of this tire is the very smooth handling that it offers. The creatively- designed grooves evacuate slush and moisture, while the braking remains consistent in all surface types. It seems that as a variable-condition grand touring tire, the Toyo Celsius has a superior grip over high speeds without traditional standards of road silence comparable to other grand touring options.

Toyo Celsius Tire Review




The Toyo Celsius

The Toyo Celsius is classified as an All-Season Grand Touring tire, but it is built with a slightly altered design in the direction of a winter tire. Unlike most winter-designed tires, this one is made with a slight advantage with a more quiet ride. Another unique detail is the focus on tread wear life, which is not like most winter tires. It is manufactured to feature enhanced braking in all types of road conditions, in fact, Toyo has claimed that the new Celsius tire can stop up to 14 feet sooner on ice compared to every other all-season tire available on the market.

Like most tires comparable to this Toyo tire, wet and dry handling is up to market safety standards. Something that sticks out above all with the Toyo Celsius is the exceptional handling it provides in winter conditions, with very strong traction built in the tread without compromising ride comfort at all. Besides the very durable tread that will certainly last more than the average tire, fuel efficiency is something that these tires can assist with. Well built and even tread make this tire very well rounded, to give smooth handling in snowy road conditions.

What is an All-Season Grand Touring Tire?

An all-season Grand Touring tire commonly referred to as a touring tire is meant to improve long-distance driving experience on all road conditions even in cold weather. With enhanced tire design from the average road tire, they are meant to provide comfort and improved high-speed handling. This type of tire can prove to be ideal for long-distance drivers as well as the average daily commuter. Many consumers consider generally improved performance in high speeds, but grand touring tires provide an emphasis on improved handling ability.

The touring tire offers a more detailed focus on the comfort experienced on the road, with long-distance traveling taken into higher consideration. Generally, they have a better rating than all-season tires for high-speed driving. With an emphasis on predictable handling for a smooth ride, grand touring tires can give your vehicle a smooth ride while not compromising long-lasting treadwear. When considering an upgrade to your vehicle’s handling, you should learn the most ideal type of tire for your driving style. Every option on the market has its attributes to help you make an informed decision for you and your driving needs.

Mud-Terrain Tire

Mud Terrain tires more commonly known as M/T tires are built with precisely aggressive tread patterns that feature large tread blocks for deeper voids between large points for traction. These features offer stronger handling in soft terrains that most tire designs allow vehicles to sink. More often than not, there is an aggressive enhancement to the design of the sidewall to offer higher traction. Usually, the sidewalls are reinforced with an intention to resist punctures or tears that occur commonly off-road.

Winter Tire

The Winter tire is constructed to provide the best road traction possible in extreme cold weather conditions. Most often the design features deep grooves to prevent snow buildup as well as heavy siping in the tread of the tire. Winter tires come with two common variations in the available options. The variations are studded winter tires, and non-studded. Studded tires are built with small metal pins around the tire to help move through the ice with ease. The studded option offers higher handling ability while moving through rough weather conditions, but this option comes with a sacrifice to a smoother quiet ride on the road.  

Summer Tire

Summer tires are meant for general quality performance on the road, in wet and dry conditions. They lack the ability to perform in low-temperature conditions. They are optimally designed for warm climates, and provide solid grip with more responsive handling in average weather. With satisfactory circumferential grooves for aquaplaning resistance and smooth patches, they work well for smooth road handling. Summer tires have very little siping, which makes them most ideal for predictable warm weather.

Why Consider The Toyo Celsius Tire?

Reviews and Ratings

The Toyo Celsius boasts incredible stopping assistance that has been tested to stop up 14 feet sooner than possible for its competitors. An all-weather emphasis on winter conditions makes this tire a well-reviewed option for year-round versatile efficiency. With a 5 star average rating on winter handling, a 4-star review on ride comfort, and a 60,000-mile tread warranty, this tire proves to be a strong option for an upgrade. With a unique inside tread with high sipe density, traction in the snow is significantly improved. Driving in harsh weather conditions is enhanced by the snow claws, and increased block rigidity makes moisture on roads less of a problem.


The outside tread features lower side density, which provides much-needed braking power on dry and wet surfaces. The multi-wave sipe design reduces wear over time and many drivers consider that detail to be a significant reason for choosing this option as an upgrade. According to performance ratings, Celsius holds a higher score on winter condition handling than any of its competitors. Ride comfort is also well-rated above most competing brands. In addition to the impressive tread life of the tire’s advanced compounds, fuel efficiency is an important factor to consider with these well-rounded all-season tires. Winter conditions can hold no problems with these cold season prepared tires.

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Toyo Celcius Tire Overall

 This tire has shown that it can drive well and true in snow, dry pavement, or wet roads. It holds a strong benefit for year-round good handling. As braking stays consistent, steering can feel enhanced even in slushy road environments. Tires that focus on performance in snow do not usually provide long treadwear life, but this tire seems to be described as a fine exception to other available options in the market. With its multi-wave siping and snow claws, this tire can be a great choice for people that live in colder areas with snow, but still, provide proper control on dry roads.

The Celsius provides versatility all year round, and impressive winter handling in one tire. This tire offers better traction in snow and ice than an all-season tire and more durable tread wear life than any winter tire. It stops up to 14 feet faster in snow conditions and 8 feet faster on ice than any winter tire available.

Toyo boasts an impressive 60,000 mileage treadwear warranty, which proves that they are confident in this tire’s reliability. The Toyo Celcius is an inventive versatile tire with a unique design to support its strong traction on ice for better braking. Hydroplaning is never a problem with the well-designed grooves that evacuate the slush on the road.

To be clear this tire is known to handle more than just light snow, and somehow still be able to give you a smooth and enjoyable ride. This tire is absolutely designed for reliability all year round and offers safety for extreme winter weather in one tire. The Toyo Celsius tire is a worthy consideration for an upgrade for great handling all throughout the year with reviews to back it up.


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