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Hauling a camper requires a strong truck and a heavy-duty set of tires built for towing. This guide includes all of the best tires to consider.

Heavy-duty trucks require durable and heavy-duty tires to complement their strengths. The three best tires for hauling a camper are the Firestone Transforce HT2, Nitto Terra Grappler G2, and Toyo Open Country H/T II. All of these tires are excellent with towing and off-road driving.

The best tires for hauling a camper are going to have strong treads and strong sidewalls, which will be able to handle the weight of the load. The tire should be able to handle driving on rough terrain without popping or cracking. We will be discussing what the best tires for hauling a camper are and what to look for when purchasing one.

When testing these tires, the most important factor was the towing and load capacity that each tire could handle along with traction on different terrains. Our experts compiled research from these tests to put together this guide. Keep reading to learn all about the best tires for hauling a camper.

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7 Best Tires For Hauling a Camper

Tires are a crucial part of your vehicle. They help you to get a smooth ride and also protect the car from damage. Tire size, weight capacity, and load capacity are some of the many factors that you should consider while buying a new set of tires.

One of the most important decisions you will have to make when buying a new set of tires for your vehicle is which ones will be best for hauling a camper. Tires that meet higher safety standards and work well in inclement weather conditions are ideal.

This guide includes a range of tires that fit bigger trucks to handle the heavy load a camper brings. These tires also come at a larger cost because they tend to be more durable with higher performance capabilities on the road.

These seven tires were chosen after thorough testing was concluded based on the way they performed on test tracks in real-world driving and towing scenarios. Below are the best tires for hauling a camper.  

1. Firestone Transforce HT2


The Firestone Transforce HT2 tire is a great choice for pulling a camper. It can handle the weight of small and medium-sized trailers without any problems. This tire is the best option for the money, it provides an excellent balance of performance and cost.

These tires were designed for hauling a camper trailer, and they are a great option for that purpose. The rubber compound also makes them resistant to cracking, so they will last longer than other tires on the market today.

This radial construction is known for its durability, handling capabilities, and tread life which makes them perfect for long-distance driving. It has more of a truck profile that's designed to maximize stability and traction at highway speeds.

The Firestone Transforce HT2 tires are designed for pickup trucks and SUVs that need to transport their camping gear from one place to another in comfort and style.

They have a high-quality tread pattern with deep grooves that provide excellent traction on wet pavement, which is essential in rainy climates.

The tires have an optimized, symmetric tread pattern that is designed to provide stability and traction when there is a lot of water on the road. They also have a higher load rating than most other comparable models.

If you are looking to purchase these highly durable tires, the best places to look are SimpleTire and Tire Rack. You can get affordable pricing with free shipping included and fast delivery times.


  • Above-average winter driving
  • Extra strength tire construction and sidewalls
  • Smooth riding with minimal road noise
  • Excellent dry and wet traction
  • Off-road handling is best-in-class


  • Tread life is not the best on the list

2. Nitto Terra Grappler G2


The Nitto Terra Grappler G2 is a high-quality and durable tire for hauling a camper. It offers impressive traction and exceptional handling. The tire has a competitive warranty and takes care of the vehicle even when it is overloaded or under-inflated.

The Grappler G2 is perfectly made for hauling loaded trailers. It has strong sidewalls that can withstand large amounts of weight without affecting its performance or safety.

Several unique features set the Grappler G2 apart from the competition. It has a special design that allows it to get better traction in all kinds of weather conditions, including snow and ice.

It also has deep treads which provide more stability while driving on uneven terrain. The treads are also designed in such a way so as not to leave marks on your lawn when you drive over it with your camper attached.

There are staggered shoulder lugs that provide better driving performance and road grip on difficult surfaces like dirt, snow, and gravel. These lugs also help with durability to add thickness to the tire sidewall.

This tire is available at both SimpleTire and Discount Tire with pricing starting as low as $165.00 per tire.


  • High-end tread life
  • Handles on the pavement with excellent precision
  • Off-road driving is strong
  • Extremely reliable in winter conditions


  • Doesn’t handle deep mud well

3. Toyo Open Country H/T II


The Toyo Open Country H/T II tires are designed for SUVs and light trucks. It has the look and feel of a premium all-terrain tire, but at a more affordable price.

This tire features a tread pattern that works well on wet and dry surfaces and provides consistent handling in off-road environments.

The Toyo Open Country H/T II tires were not designed for one specific type of terrain. Instead, they can handle all different types of terrain while maintaining a smooth ride. The tread pattern is designed with an asymmetrical style that provides traction in mud, snow, or dirt.

These tires are good in snow and ice too. Their tread pattern offers excellent grip on slippery surfaces. They are an excellent choice to handle year-round and maintain heavy-duty construction for towing.

The lug design is reinforced with steel belts to stabilize the sidewalls and increase durability in off-road conditions. We recommend buying this tire if you plan on doing some heavy hauling with your camper or truck.

Pricing for this tire starts as low as $126.99 per tire at SimpleTire with shipping included.


  • Excellent road comfort, especially on rugged terrain
  • Winter traction is precise
  • Handles deep mud and snow well
  • Long-lasting tread life


  • Not as widely available as some competitor options

4. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2


The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire was engineered with innovative tread design and improved, modern radial construction to give you improved all-terrain performance in mud, snow, or on wet roads.

The innovative tread design gives you excellent traction in deep snow and mud while the improved radial construction makes this tire more durable than previous versions.

The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire has an aggressive tread design that provides great traction across all terrains. It also has a built-in stone guard, which protects the sidewall from damages and allows the tire to maintain its shape.

This tire is made to handle large loads and offers excellent stability at high speeds for off-road use. The tread pattern offers a smooth, quiet ride and delivers plenty of stability.

You can expect exceptional grip in any type of terrain be it on or off the road, mud, snow, or sand with this tire. The tire’s tread pattern offers superb traction in water and heavy rain conditions while its self-cleaning channels ensure wet weather performance is not compromised.

Tire Rack is the best place to find this tire with prices starting at $164.99 per tire.


  • Advanced rock crawling capabilities
  • 50,000-mile treadwear warranty
  • Stable highway performance
  • Cut and chip resistant sidewall construction


  • Not a reliable winter option

5. Hankook Dynapro AT2 RF11


The Hankook Dynapro AT2 RF11 is a touring tire that is designed to handle both on-road driving and off-road driving. It features a blocky tread pattern that provides durability in off-road driving.

It is also equipped with an asymmetric tread pattern, which offers good traction in wet conditions.

It has a light lug pattern which gives it better traction in both dirt and sand. It also has a reinforced sidewall which helps it to resist damage when carrying heavy loads.

The Dynapro AT2 also has deep treads which give it the ability to handle tough conditions, including snow, ice, and mud.

The aggressive tread pattern provides maximum grip on the road. For those who live in areas with snowy winters, these tires can handle icy conditions without any issues thanks to the tread pattern and good amount of tread depth.

This tire is designed with a high-quality rubber compound that provides it with superior performance and durability. This is made possible by its dual steel belt construction and its asymmetric tread pattern.

This is a widely available tire and Tire Rack offers plenty of different sizes to choose from. Pricing starts at $128.92 per tire with free shipping.


  • Top-notch fuel economy and lower rolling resistance
  • Stabilized tread blocks for accurate braking and acceleration
  • Silica tread compound for more handling and road grip
  • Extra strength construction to avoid flats and punctures


  • Ride comfort and road noise are not the best

6. Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT


The Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT provides excellent traction and control in the harshest of conditions. It has an aggressive tread design with staggered and siped lugs which provide grip on snow, slush, wet rocks, mud, sand, and other surfaces.

The Discoverer AT3 XLT has a lot of popular features that make it stand out from its competitors. They have wide and deep grooves, which give them great traction and stability, which makes this tire more than capable of handling high speeds and tough terrain.

It also has a V-shaped tread pattern that helps it get more grip on slippery surfaces like snow and ice so drivers can be sure they will not get stuck in these conditions.

This is a premium performance tire with an excellent tread life and handling features to be a top option when hauling a camper.

This tire is priced as a premium option with a starting price as high as $192.99 per tire with significant increases based on the size at Tire Rack.


  • Best in class traction on dirt and other off-road terrains
  • Highly durable rubber compound design
  • Heavy load capabilities
  • Above-average tread life


  • Not the best in deep snow or ice

7. Kumho Crugen HT51


The Kumho Crugen HT51 tire features a balanced design that provides excellent grip and performance on wet surfaces and is ideal for driving on icy roads.

This tire is a high-quality product with many features. The tire provides safety and durability for car owners. It can resist wear and tear when driving on different terrains.

It also has a high rolling resistance which reduces fuel consumption and makes the tire’s performance more environmentally friendly.

These tires have a great performance on all types of terrains so you will not have to worry about safety or fuel consumption when driving on bumpy roads or in bad weather conditions.

The tire has an excellent resistance to wear and tear which means that it can last longer than other tires in its category, making this product one of the best buys for hauling a camper.

You can find this tire at Tire Rack with pricing as low as $111.00 per tire. This also includes free and fast shipping with a variety of sizes available.


  • Reliable wet traction on slippery roads and surfaces
  • Best-in-class tread life
  • Durable compounds to maximize off-road driving
  • Solid winter driving


  • Short distance braking needs improvements

Best Type Of Tire For Hauling a Camper

The best type of tire for hauling a camper is an all-terrain tire. This has wider treads to provide more traction on snow and ice, more plies of rubber for durability, more thread count to provide great handling, more tread depth for better grip on different surfaces, and better air pressure all around.

In terms of performance, all-terrain tires are often preferred because they allow for maximum traction on various surfaces, including mud, snow, sand, and rocks. They also have bigger load capacities so they can handle the difficulties of hauling a camper.

Factors To Consider When Finding A Tire For Hauling a Camper

When making the decision on which tire to use for hauling a camper, you should consider what kind of camper you are hauling, what type of terrain you will be driving on when pulling the camper, and the weight of the vehicle.

Each of these factors will have an impact on the type of tire you should be looking for. When tire shopping, you need to consider the size of the tire you need, the load range, ply rating, and traction it presents.

Tire Size

When you are in the process of finding a new tire for your truck, it is important to have the proper size. You don't want to choose a smaller or larger tire than what you need.

Tire size plays an important role in the performance of your truck. If you are looking for a tire that is good for hauling, then go with a larger one. This will ensure that your vehicle can haul with ease and comfort.

Load Range

Load range is the maximum weight that a tire can support, as specified by the manufacturer. Load range also plays a part in how the tire will perform on different surfaces and on gravel and pavement, as well as on how long it will last before it begins to wear out.

lower value means that the tire's load capacity is less than its nominal rating or maximum loading weight. This will usually result in increased rolling resistance and reduced fuel efficiency, but better traction with light loads.

Ply Rating

Ply rating is a term used by a tire manufacturer to describe a tire’s load-carrying capacity. It is very similar to the load range of a tire but it more directly describes the number of layers that were used in the construction of the tire.

Popular examples of ply ratings include 4-ply or 6-ply tires for lower strength tires. If you intend to do heavy towing with your truck, you should aim towards a 10-ply tire to give you at least 3,000 pounds of towing capacity.


The traction that tires offer is dependent on the surface they are on. They also have a considerable impact on how much your vehicle can weigh and how well it rolls over uneven surfaces.

Tire traction is the amount of force an object can exert on a surface. When finding a tire for hauling a camper, it is important to know how much tire traction is available and what type of terrain the camper will be traveling over.

Verdict: What’s The Best Tire For Hauling A Camper?

We rank the Firestone Transforce HT2 as the best tire for hauling a camper because it provides a 10-ply construction for maximum strength with handling and traction like no other competitor can match.

It will not only support you on the road but you can expect excellent driving comfort off-road and on difficult terrains too. It can even stop quickly on slippery roads and drive with accuracy during winter weather.  

The Firestone Transforce HT2 is a specially designed truck tire that provides superior handling and performance for hauling campers and other recreational vehicles. It has a high crown height to provide clearance under the camper, plus deep treads to provide stability on the road.

There is even a specially formulated rubber compound that is designed to resist softening in hot weather while providing excellent traction in cold weather. Overall, you will experience the best driving experience hauling a camper with this tire.

Best Tires For Hauling a Camper

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