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  • The Toyo Open Country H/T II offers excellent durability, performance, and traction for trucks and SUVs.
  • With unique features like multi-wave sipes and a dual sidewall design, it excels in wet conditions and reduces road noise.
  • While it showcases commendable all-season abilities, the tire's off-road and deep snow capabilities are limited compared to specialized tires.

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If you're in the market for a reliable set of tires for your truck or SUV, you should consider the Toyo Open Country H/T II for its durability and traction.

The Toyo Open Country H/T II is a robust all-season tire ideal for trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. It offers excellent wet and dry performance, reduced road noise, and prolonged tread life. The tire is perfect for highway and city driving with decent light snow traction.

Toyo Tires has a reputation for producing durable, high-quality tires, and the Open Country H/T II is no exception. We'll cover everything you need to know about this all-season tire, from its construction to its performance on various terrains.

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Toyo Open Country HT II Tire Overview

The Toyo Open Country H/T II is a versatile all-season tire that brings a lot to the table. In this review, we will discuss features we loved about these tires and areas where we feel room for improvement.

It boasts a symmetrical non-directional tread design, ensuring consistent wear and the possibility of regular tire rotations to maximize tire life. And the great thing is you’ll find both metric tires and LT tires, depending on your vehicle.

Most users and experts find the Open Country H/T II offers excellent dry and wet performance. Plus, a warranty covers original equipment tires available at your local Toyo dealer. This is better than many other tire company competitors.


What We Loved

The Toyo Open Country H/T II features a wear-resistant tread compound that provides long tread life, ensuring you can use these tires for an extended period.

These all-season tires are ideal for light truck and SUV owners, as they perform well on wet and dry roads. Another aspect we appreciated about the Toyo Open Country H/T II is its wet braking performance.

Thanks to the adaptive circumferential grooves and expanding shoulder grooves, these tires help maintain traction and control during wet conditions, which is crucial for a safe driving experience.

Another feature that differentiates these tires is the dual sidewall design. This design not only adds visual appeal but also offers noise reduction for a smooth and quiet ride.

What Could Be Improved

While the Toyo Open Country H/T II provides a smooth ride and good traction, we still have room for improvement. For example, the wet traction could be further enhanced with broader shoulder grooves for better water evacuation and increased grip on wet surfaces.

In addition, although these tires already provide a relatively quiet driving experience, incorporating additional noise-reducing technology could make them even more attractive to drivers who prioritize ride comfort.

Key Features of Toyo Open Country H/T II

Tread Life

The Toyo Open Country H/T II is an all-season tire with a wear-resistant tread compound that promotes longer tread life. Toyo offers a treadwear warranty of up to 70,000 miles for this tire, making it an excellent choice for light truck and SUV owners who want a tire that will last.

Multi-Wave Sipes

One feature that sets the Toyo Open Country H/T II apart is its multi-wave sipes. These unique sipes enhance the tire's wet and dry braking performance, providing a safer driving experience.

The sipes also help decrease the risk of irregular wear, ensuring a smoother ride for the long haul. You’ll notice no change in the load range in wet conditions either. I can pull trailers loaded with heavy-duty equipment without sliding.

Dual Sidewall Design

The dual sidewall design of the Toyo Open Country H/T II is both practical and stylish. It offers two distinct sidewall patterns, allowing drivers to customize their vehicle's appearance. Aside from aesthetics, this design also contributes to ride comfort and overall tire performance.

Adaptive Circumferential Grooves

Toyo Open Country H/T II tires are equipped with adaptive circumferential grooves that help improve wet traction.

These grooves work with other key features, such as the multi-wave sipes and four wide circumferential grooves, to provide a safer and more consistent performance on wet and dry roads.

Toyo Tire Open Country H/T II Tire Performance Review

On-Road Performance

As a proud user of Toyo tires, we can attest to their excellent performance on various road surfaces. As the Toyo Open Country H/T II is an all-season tire, it holds a solid grip on dry and wet roads.

Thanks to the adaptive circumferential grooves and wet braking performance, we can confidently drive, knowing we're safe when it's raining. But be sure to rotate tires every 5,000 miles faithfully.

There's a noticeable improved handling if you compare the Country H/T II tires with other regular all-season tires. The dual sidewall design brings versatility in terms of style, allowing us to choose the look we want for our vehicles.

Off-Road Performance

Although the Open Country H/T II is not primarily designed for off-road driving, it does offer some capability in light off-road conditions.

However, keep your expectations in check as its off-road abilities are limited, and it could struggle with uneven and challenging surfaces. For more rugged off-road adventures, consider exploring Toyo's other tire options.

Noise Levels

One of the main reasons we opted for the Toyo Open Country H/T II tires was to reduce the noise levels during our drives. We were not disappointed and thought the same tire provides consistent results on different vehicles.

These tires perform well and provide a quiet ride even on highways, enabling us to enjoy conversations or our favorite tunes without any significant disturbance from road noise.

Road Comfort

We must say, the ride comfort on the Toyo Open Country H/T II tires is remarkable. Whether we're driving our light truck or SUV, we experience a smooth ride, effectively reducing any cabin vibrations from the road.

It's perfect for those long road trips and daily commuting. Overall, Toyo is one of the top tire manufacturers, and one of my favorite tire company picks for comfort and reliability.

Toyo Tire Open Country H/T II Tire Pros and Cons


The Toyo Open Country H/T II offers several advantages over other tires in its class. One of the major benefits is its long tread life. Thanks to the wear-resistant tread compound used by Toyo, these tires can last much longer than the competition.

We also found the Toyo Open Country H/T II to have better wet braking performance than many all-season tires. The tire's design features four wide circumferential grooves that improve wet traction and help prevent hydroplaning.

Ride comfort and noise levels are also top-notch with the Toyo Open Country H/T II. These tires provide a smooth and quiet ride even in wet and dry road conditions, making them a favorite among SUV and light truck owners.

In addition to its exceptional performance, the tire's dual sidewall design offers a stylish look, allowing vehicle owners to choose between a more aggressive or classic appearance. The Toyo warranty is also top-notch.


While the Toyo Open Country H/T II has many strengths, it also has a few limitations. One of the main drawbacks of this tire is its mediocre off-road performance. Even though it's an all-season tire, it cannot handle rugged terrain as effectively as dedicated off-road tires.

This may not be a concern for drivers who primarily use their vehicles on paved roads, but those who venture off onto unpaved paths may find the tire's performance needing improvement.

Another potential downside is that even though the Toyo Open Country H/T II has excellent wet traction, its performance on snow and ice is less strong than that of some dedicated winter tires.

Drivers facing harsh winter conditions may opt for dedicated winter tires for optimum performance in snow and ice. Plus, the tire is heavier and can cause a bad wheel bearing or misalignment.

How Does The Toyo Tire Open Country H/T II Tire Handle Snow?

From our experience, the Toyo Open Country H/T II tires provided exceptional traction on snow-covered roads. This can be attributed to their advanced design features.

This includes multi-wave sipes and adaptive circumferential grooves that improve wet traction and reduce irregular wear. Their all-season capabilities ensured a smooth, comfortable ride even in winter weather.

During our test, the Toyo tires seemed to grip well and provide a feeling of confidence in our driving. We noticed that the handling was responsive, and the vehicle was stable even when navigating slippery turns.

Moreover, one essential aspect of snow performance is the tire's ability to maintain traction as its tread wears. These tires are designed with a wear-resistant tread compound that contributes to longer tread life, which means they retain their snow-handling capabilities for longer.


Toyo Tire Open Country H/T II Tire Review

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