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The BMW X7 is a high-performance SUV known for its luxury and style. But when equipped with great tires, it performs at an even higher level.

Equipping your X7 with excellent tires will ensure maximum driving capability and safety on the road. We consider the three best tires for the X7 to be the Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season, Michelin Primacy Tour A/S, and  Yokohama Geolandar A/T G012. Each tire provides excellent driving features.

Tires can affect fuel efficiency, braking time, handling, and much more. Getting the proper tires, then, can make all the difference. The BMW X7 comes equipped with a variant of the Bridgestone Alenza or Blizzak model types. You are able to decide which is best for you. However, we believe the tires recommended here are a significant upgrade.

We use our thorough test track to see how well each tire will perform. Through the collection of data and research, we can ensure these are the best possible recommendations. This overview will provide a thorough evaluation of the different options available for the BMW X7.

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11 Best Tires For BMW X7

When it comes to buying a new set of tires for your BMW, there are a lot of different factors to consider. The BMW X7 was initially released in 2018 and continues to grow in popularity.

You might be wondering if you should buy regular tires or have winter tires installed on your car. There is also the question if you want all-season tires or summer-only tires. You should also consider what size of tire you need considering that BMW X7s come in standard 18-inch, 19-inch, 20-inch, and 22-inch sizes.

You would also want to think about the tread pattern and material that will work best for your driving habits - whether you drive on dirt roads often, if you enjoy off-roading, or live in an area where there is slush and ice for prolonged periods of time during the winter months.

Finding the best tires for BMW X7 can be difficult without the help of reviews. There are many different factors to consider, such as quality, traction, handling, wear and tear, noise level, cost, and more. This is why we have created such a helpful resource. Keep reading to learn about the best BMW X7 tires.

Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season - Best All Season

The best all-season tire for the BMW X7 is the  Michelin Pilot Sport All Season. Tires of this category are designed for year-round driving in wet, dry, and snowy conditions. Tires of this category are designed to balance the need for traction, stability, and handling in different road conditions.

Although engineering a tire to handle all seasons is difficult, it provides the driver with a well-balanced tire that can perform in any condition. Tires of this category are not designed for specific season use and may be used during all four seasons.

This model features an asymmetric tread pattern that offers great traction at low speeds while also providing good stability when driving at higher speeds on dry surfaces or snowy roads. The sidewalls offer some resistance to hydroplaning and provide additional safety measures for drivers traveling over icy patches or through standing water on roadways where there might be hidden hazards lurking below like potholes or debris.

The Michelin tire provides good traction on snow and is comfortable to drive over long distances. When Michelin created this tire, they set out to create a tire that is durable and handles well in all conditions. We consider it a major success and love this tire as a reliable all-season model.

This tire is made with an advanced rubber compound, which provides excellent grip on wet roads but also offers a quiet ride.


  • Excellent grip on wet roads.
  • Good traction in snowy conditions
  • Quiet ride


  • Treadwear could use some improvements.

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 - Best Touring


Touring tires are characterized by their good handling and comfort. Tires in this category are designed to be durable yet offer a smooth, quiet ride.

Drivers who do not want to sacrifice any of these qualities may find that touring tires are the best option for their BMW X-series vehicle. Touring tires are designed for drivers who want a durable yet comfortable ride that won't sacrifice any mileage or power. These types of tires can also help provide more traction even on slippery surfaces such as snow and rain.

The best touring tire for the BMW X7 is the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422. It has a treadwear rating of 600 which is excellent for long-distance driving and it offers an extremely comfortable ride. The tread pattern helps resist slippage in wet weather while the low rolling resistance means less fuel consumption with no sacrifice in performance.

The Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 is made from natural rubber. It offers a smooth, quiet ride while the tread pattern helps resist slippage in wet weather conditions. The low rolling resistance means less fuel consumption with no sacrifice in performance, making it an excellent touring tire for BMW X-series vehicles.


  • Treadwear rating of 600 is excellent for long-distance driving.
  • The tread pattern helps resist slippage in wet weather.
  • Low rolling resistance means less fuel consumption with no sacrifice in performance.
  • Braking is reliable and quick to react.


  • It can sometimes feel a bit bumpy on dry pavement.

Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R - Best Summer


Summer tires are characterized by their light weight and high levels of grip, which make them the best choice for driving in wet or dry conditions. Tires that are better suited to winter weather typically have less traction on hot asphalt because they're heavier with a higher tread depth.

In contrast, summer tires are designed to provide a lighter rolling weight and an improved contact patch with the road. Tires also have stiffer sidewalls, which improves handling in dry conditions because they can better handle quick changes of direction.

We recommend Bridgestone's Potenza RE-71R Pole Position as an excellent option for drivers who want a tire that provides both safety and performance during the summer months. This is one of their newest releases, made from advanced silica compound materials to offer enhanced grip at competitive costs.

It's worth noting that many people find the Potenza RE-71R tires to be louder than some of Bridgestone's other models when driving on wet pavement or in snow conditions. Treadwear on this tire can vary depending on how it is driven, with those who drive primarily in dry weather typically getting longer mileage from these tires.

When comparing prices across various retailers for this model, we found significant price variations as well; exhaustively researching your options before making your decision will ensure you get the best possible deal for your needs.


  • Acceleration and responsiveness at high speeds.
  • Reliable dry traction with tight cornering capabilities.
  • Brakes well on wet roads.
  • Solid tread life.


  • Poor limited tread life warranty available.

Yokohama Ice Guard iG51V - Best Winter


Unlike summer tires, winter tires are made from a more rigid material, which offers increased grip on ice and snow-covered roads. Tires that are made specifically for winter climates will also have deeper treads to provide better traction in slippery conditions.

The best winter tire for the BMW X7 is the Yokohama Ice Guard iG51V. This tire is ideal for drivers who want to make it through the entire winter season without any problems on snow, ice, or slushy surfaces. The tread design and siping provide enhanced grip in all conditions and give you peace of mind that your car will get from point A to point B safely no matter what mother nature throws at you.

The Yokohama Ice Guard iG51V is manufactured from a durable rubber compound that will keep you and your passengers safe during collisions or when driving on slippery surfaces. Treadwear is also a concern for winter drivers, so the Yokohama Ice Guard iG51V has been designed to last up to 200% longer than other tires with its tread-wear indicator system.

The downside of the Yokohama Ice Guard iG51V is that it's not ideal if your BMW X7 drives more frequently in warmer climates, as these types of tires tend to heat up quickly due to their low rolling resistance, which may lead to premature tire wear.

You'll want something else if you drive day after day through long stretches of hot asphalt roads because this type of tire can't handle continuous exposure to high speeds and high temperatures.


  • Brakes exceptionally well on ice and snow.
  • Handles accurately, even in deeper snow and ice too.
  • Rides comfortably on dry pavement.
  • Tread life will last multiple winter seasons.


  • Cornering can be better.
  • No limited warranty.

Michelin Primacy MXM-Plus - Best Performance Street

Street performance tires are designed to provide you with a smooth ride and help to prevent hydroplaning. Tires designed for the street will provide you with excellent grip on wet or dry surfaces, but they may not perform as well in snowy or icy conditions compared to snow tires.

The Michelin Primacy MXM-Plus is manufactured from a high-quality rubber blend that yields an excellent grip on wet or dry surfaces. They also provide an extended tread life and have excellent water evacuation properties to prevent hydroplaning.

These tires would be perfect for the BMW X-series, but they may not perform as well in snowy or icy conditions when compared to snow tires.

The Primacy MXM-Plus provides you with superior handling, low noise levels, and excellent durability. It delivers efficient grip even during wet weather conditions. The tread life on these tires is also long, making them more economical than other tires that require frequent replacement.

It even features a newly developed tread pattern that offers optimal traction control, even on wet roads. The tread pattern also prevents irregular wear and tear of the rubber, extending the life of your tires to make them more economical in the long run.


  • Updated tread compound to ensure maximum traction and performance.
  • Provides excellent grip on the pavement.
  • Hits corners with precision.


  • Not ideal for winter driving.

Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 - Best Performance Track


We recommend the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 as the best performance track tire for the BMW X7 because it can provide such a high level of accuracy and performance while driving.

The Pilot Sport PS2 is a high-performance summer tire with improved handling, fuel efficiency, and wet braking. Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tire review and features. One of the key features of this tire is its design in regards to fuel efficiency and responsiveness on wet surfaces. It does not sacrifice any comfort when it comes to driving in wet conditions and provides accurate driving.

While it does handle wet roads, it is best driven as a dry track tire. It is meant to add a sporty racing feel to your X7 and increase handling, cornering, and speed. The increased levels of grip are best seen on the dry surfaces at faster driving speeds.

This tire does have wide circumferential grooves that reduce hydroplaning to enable enough support and safety when driving. Overall, the Pilot Sport PS2 is a high-performance tire for vehicles with sporty intentions. It has low rolling resistance, provides wet and dry grip like no other, and has a tread pattern that’s built to last.


  • Reliable dry traction that handles with maximum accuracy.
  • Solid tread life to give multiple summer seasons of performance.
  • Road comfort is excellent for such a high-performing tire.
  • Michelin provides great warranty policies.


  • Could be better on wet roads.
  • Not designed for winter driving.

Goodyear Eagle Touring - Best Highway


We love the Goodyear Eagle Touring tire as the best available highway tire for the BMW X7. The tread pattern of this tire is designed to provide great traction conditions on wet surface roads as well as in harsh winter conditions such as ice or snow.

The Eagle Touring tire is designed for SUVs and light trucks. The principal benefit of this tire is that it has a unique tread design that reduces noise and road vibrations. It also has a longer tread life, fuel efficiency, and wet traction to give you peace of mind on the road.

This tire is built for those who are on the road often. Whether you're driving down your favorite highway or through city streets, this tire will provide years of quality service with its durable construction and impressive performance.

Goodyear is one of the most trusted names in tires with a long history in tire manufacturing. Their reputation rests on their products being high quality, which can be seen in their 100% quality guarantee on this particular product line.

With its excellent tread pattern and rubber compound, this tire is perfect for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of excessive wear or damaging roadside hazards. The Eagle Touring has a long life cycle and provides stability and control while driving at any speed.


  • Rides comfortably with minimal road noise at all speeds.
  • Provides all-season traction.
  • Excellent tread life warranty available.
  • Plenty of steering responsiveness.


  • Winter driving and traction could be better.

Yokohama Geolandar A/T G012 - Best All-Terrain

If you're really interested in taking the BMW X7 offroad, proper all-terrain tires are a must. All-terrain environments include anything from asphalt to gravel to sand. Tires with a lower speed rating may not perform well in these environments, and all-terrain tires are designed specifically for this type of driving.

When selecting an all-terrain tire, look at how much tread depth you'll need before deciding on your choice. Tread is one of two main features that work together to help provide traction and stopping power. The other feature is the rubber compound, which affects fuel economy, handling, and wear resistance.

All-terrain tires are characterized by their ability to endure challenging terrain. Tires with a high all-terrain rating are designed for snow, mud, and sand conditions in addition to pavement driving. Tire costs can be considerably higher than other types of tires for this category. These tires cost more than other varieties because they are made with stronger materials and the tread is designed to provide better traction.

The Yokohama Geolandar A/T G012 is the best option for BMW X7 drivers who want an all-terrain tire that will perform well at highway speeds while still being capable on off-road terrains as well.

When Yokohama designed this tire, they sought to provide drivers with a tire that would deliver in both wet and dry conditions and provide excellent traction on snow. Drivers who are looking for an all-terrain tire to handle the terrain of off-road driving but also require it to perform at highway speeds should consider this option.


  • Handles well on difficult terrains.
  • Remains comfortable and quiet on the traditional pavement.
  • Responsive design for excellent braking features.


  • Struggles in thicker snow and mud.

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO - Best Mud-Terrain

What is the distinction between all-terrain tires and mud-terrain tires? Mud-terrain tires are known for their ability to grip mud and dirt, while also providing good performance on pavement. Tires in this category often have deep treads which provide excellent traction in off-road conditions.

The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO is an all-around tire designed to offer both great wet and dry handling and remarkable durability. This option offers superb stability and control with its high sidewall design, making it perfect for driving over rugged terrain without compromising ride comfort or sensitivity.

Drivers of these tires rave about their longevity. They can typically go up to 80,000 miles before requiring replacement. However, while they are on the pricey side, drivers who invest in them find themselves saving money over time with their exceptional longevity.

The All-Terrain T/A KO has many features that make it unique from other tires on the market. For example, it is highly resistant to hydroplaning and can be used in wet or dry conditions. The tire also offers excellent traction on all surfaces - snow, mud, dirt roads - and provides superior control over rocks and roots when off-roading.

This tire offers drivers something that no other all-terrain tires can: versatility. These tires provide you an affordable alternative for various kinds of terrain with their innovative design without sacrificing performance or safety.


  • Versatile tread design made to handle a variety of different surfaces and terrains.
  • Off-road driving is one of the best available.
  • Minimal risk of flat tires.
  • Handling and traction are great on all surfaces.


  • Better braking responsiveness is needed.

Michelin Primacy Tour A/S - Best All-Purpose


All-purpose tires are not specialized to such needs, and instead offer a versatile and durable option that can be used on most surfaces. All-rounders are best for drivers who don't have any particular need in mind but want to make sure they get the right type of tire at an affordable price point.

The best all-purpose tires for the BMW X7 are the Michelin Primacy tires. The Michelin Primacy MXM IV has been designed specifically for drivers of sports cars like our BMW X model (among others).

It boasts excellent handling capabilities even when driving over rough terrain, thanks to its reinforced sidewalls. It can also handle sudden turns and maneuvers very well. On top of that, the tread design helps to reduce noise levels for a smoother ride.

Michelin also offers an all-around tire called the Primacy MXV that provides similar support. The main difference from its sports car counterpart is in grip. It has been designed with wet weather conditions in mind, so not as much emphasis was given to dry performance or handling on rough trails. Tires are one of those essential pieces of equipment your BMW X set needs if you want to keep going without any problems at all.

The choice between the Primacy MXM IV and the Primacy MXV is largely about how you drive. If you're looking for the ultimate in dry performance, and don't mind sacrificing some wet weather grip, then go with the Primacy MXM IV.

If you do a lot of driving on wet roads or if your BMW X7 set is often used to carry heavy loads, then it might be worth opting for the Primacy MXV instead.


  • Responsive steering and acceleration features.
  • Excellent hydroplaning resistance capability.
  • Dry traction is reliable with strong cornering too.
  • Tread life is best in class.


  • Expensive tire.
  • Limited sizes are available.

T-Max Tires T89S - Best Temporary Spare

Ideally, spare tires never need to be used. But the world is not perfect, and sometimes they are needed. A temporary spare tire is a great idea for those who want to be ready in the event of an emergency. A wise contingency. And, in the situation where spare tires are needed, it makes sense to have the right option at hand.

The best temporary spare tire for the BMW X7 is the T-Max Tires T89S. This is a small but high-quality spare tire that will work in an emergency situation and get the car on its way as soon as possible.

When engineers designed this tire, they had to consider the size constraints and the need for a high-quality product. Tires that are too small can be unsafe, but T-Max Tires T89S is just what BMW drivers need in an emergency situation.

The T-Max Tires T89S is made of tough rubber with nylon cord reinforcement and steel belts to keep it durable for long periods of time without wearing down quickly. The tread pattern offers great traction no matter what surface you're driving through, so there's never any worry about skidding or sliding when it comes to this option from T-Max Tires.


  • Built as a lightweight option.
  • Compact sizing for easier storage.
  • Installation is simple.


  • A maximum speed of 50 MPH.
  • A maximum distance of 70 miles.

Bridgestone Alenza Sport A/S - Factory Tire


The BMW X7 leaves the factory with Bridgestone's Alenza or Blizzak tires installed. The Bridgestone Alenza tire is characterized by long-distance performance, stability in wet and dry conditions, and a quiet ride. The Blizzak tire is designed to provide maximum traction on ice or snow.

The Bridgestone Alenza is considered a premium tire that provides excellent handling in all weather conditions while also being very quiet on the road. These tires are available with self-cleaning tread technology to keep them clear of dirt and debris from long commutes or bad weather without requiring regular washing or upkeep by owners themselves.

The Alenza Sport A/S tire is a multi-purpose all-season tire that offers grip in both dry and wet conditions. This is achieved thanks to a large number of sipes on the tires, which are designed to enhance traction.

This tire also has a silica compound which provides better grip in cold weather. The tire also has a directional tread design that improves stability when turning corners, as well as reducing the likelihood of aquaplaning (when water on the road reduces traction). There are also anti-skid grooves, which provide additional grip for braking at high speeds.


  • Above-average winter driving for the all-season tire category.
  • Excellent, long-lasting tread life.
  • Corners with precision and accuracy.
  • Comfortable riding at high speeds.


  • Braking at shorter distances needs improvement.

Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 - Factory Tire


Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 is a factory tire for BMW X7. This comes as a new upgrade option for the segment of luxury SUVs looking to add a winter tire option. It has many features that make it unique from other tires in its class.

The Blizzak LM001 factory tire BMW X7 has a unique tread design and winter capability which makes it different from other tires in its class. It also has an increased mileage warranty, which is significant considering SUVs need to last a long time without any problems.

The Blizzak LM001 factory tire also comes with improved noise dampening and steering response, which is very helpful for drivers since they have to be aware of their surroundings constantly.

This is a winter tire that provides the best driving performance in snow and ice. It is also an all-season tire for light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. The Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 review will show you everything you need to know about this product, including its features, benefits, ratings, and reviews from customers.

This tire also features a special rubber compound that is silica-based and snowflake-shaped. This provides excellent grip in snow weather conditions with less rolling resistance than traditional tires.


  • Excellent traction and road grip on snow and ice.
  • Solid handling performance on dry surfaces.
  • Rides comfortably for a winter tire.


  • Road noise becomes noticeable at higher speeds.

How To Read The BMW X7 Tire Sidewall

On the tire sidewall, you will find the size of the tire along with some other critical information like the load index or speed rating. If you don’t know how to read a tire, we have got you covered. Below is a chart that simplifies the process and makes it easy to understand for beginners.

Best Tires For BMW X7 - Complete Guide

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