Key Takeaways

  • The BMW X7 is rather new and doesn’t have any specific issues that are reported a lot.
  • Some potential issues include braking problems and grinding noises within the rotors.
  • Larger, though not as well reported issues including the electronic brake not releasing
  • Should you have an issue, BMW suggests you contact BMW customer service.
  • Websites like CarComplaints have very few registered complaints so far.

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The BMW X7 is a rather new addition to the ultimate performance lineup from BMW. Are there any report problems or complaints yet?

The BMW X7 is worth buying so far. The vehicle launched as of 2019, so there aren’t an overwhelming number of complaints yet about the vehicle. Overall, the BMW X7’s initial problems include quickly corroding alloy rims, issues with automatic headlights, and minor fuel pump problems.

We’ll explain a bit more about what BMW offers with the X7 as well as the research we’ve done on the BMW X7 problems. We’ll also let you know whether or not we think it’s worth it to buy a BMW X7 based on those problems.

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More about the BMW X7

The BMW X7 was first announced in 2014 and launched into showrooms in 2019. The new SUV is also the most expensive and largest in BMW’s lineup. The X7 features third row seating and is considered a size upgrade from the well known BMW X5.

Having researched this, you might have to acknowledge that while BMW has a great reputation for building “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, they are also known for making high performance vehicles with issues ranging from running hot to burning oil. Let’s see if any of these problems apply to the early years of the BMW X7 so far.

BMW X7 Problems

Brake problems

While the particular issue is rare enough to come up only once on the NHTSA website, this is an odd one: A customer claims that the BMW X7 can lurch forward when shifted out of park into drive. At the same time, the brake remains stuck in the normal upright position and is hard to push down, but needs to be held down to prevent the vehicle from moving toward excessively quickly. The driver said the issue happens for 10 seconds to a full minute before the vehicle relaxes the brake pedal and is able to accelerate at the driver requested speed.

Another more widespread problem involves vibration and grinding during braking, especially while turning. Per one user experience, this issue is more common as the same BMW service manager said multiple people were reporting the issue. The service manager claimed that the rotors might be getting sticky or vibrating while braking at speed and causing the noise and reaction.

In a unique instance, some drivers have reported driving at full speed on the highway and attempting to brake, only to be met with warning lights unrelated to the vehicle’s safety systems, and found themselves unable to slow down quickly or adequately.

Both issues are cited as problems with the braking system and BMW suggests you contact BMW customer service or your local dealer to fix the problem. These problems are also subject to a National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration investigation for the integrated brake system.

Electrical Problems

While not a major or commonly reported issue, the BMW X7 can signal warning lights to replace the battery. Upon testing, the battery seems to be fully charged and capable of performing its job. The driver of the vehicle suggested they were able to continue driving on their trip though they were asked by BMW customer service to have the vehicle towed to a dealer.

The electrical system on the BMW X7 is advanced given the number of safety systems and infotainment pieces in the vehicle, and new cars with lots of electronics tend to have minor issues like this.

Fuel Pump Problems

It’s been reported that the BMW X7 could experience fuel pump issues. Like many other vehicles, the BMW X7 has two fuel pumps, and the higher pressure fuel pump that serves to bring fuel into the combustion chamber could slowly fail. The result would be a lack of acceleration when asked, which at worst could lead to engine failure as the engine attempts to run without fuel.

This has not been reported many times and is not currently the subject of an investigation.

Sunroof issues

The BMW X7 has a nice panoramic sunroof for you and your family to enjoy. Unfortunately, there is a minor issue with the roof function control unit that can result in the sunroof being able to open or close without the key FOB present inside. This is more of a security issue, as the sunroof should not be able to function without the presence of the FOB.

On rare occasions, drivers have reported the sunroof exploding. Issues like this are often related to sudden, extreme changes in temperature mixed with even small amounts of moisture like rain.

Recall for head restraints

BMW has an active recall because the company installed the incorrect head restraints in the 2nd row seats. The head restraint is meant to be a specific size and shape for the purpose of catching the back of the head and neck of a passenger in the event of an accident, so their purpose was not being properly served. Owner notification letters have been sent for this recall and BMW X7 owners are able to bring their vehicle to a dealership to get the headrests replaced for free on units affected.

Window issues

Some BMW X7 drivers have reported issues with their power operated window systems, naming the power windows either not opening or not closing when the button is pressed. This is a relatively uncommon issue.

Steering problems

An incorrectly installed and tightened universal joint connection with the steering column shaft can result in vehicle handling issues and problems with the steering wheel. The steering wheel and drive connections can become too loose and seriously affect vehicle handling abilities.

Is the BMW X7 worth buying?

While we explained what feels like a laundry list of issues with the BMW X7, keep in mind the vehicle has only been out a couple of years, the issues presented are all relatively rare. To be fair, you might expect a full size SUV that starts out around $70,000 to have fewer issues, but vehicles are relatively difficult to engineer properly and you are bound to find some bugs in their operation.

The X7 has so far seen relatively few mechanical problems. We will admit that like previously mentioned, BMW is known for having engines that gradually develop oil leaks in part as the result of operating relatively hot and because the seals that help prevent the escape of oil do become loose. With that said, their overall reliability is good.

The X7 is fun to drive. Engine options range from a turbocharged 6-cylinder to a 630 horsepower V8 engine that is extra fun in sports mode. While the vehicle is very quiet inside, we would still encourage you to check out the range of similar cars MSRP to see how they compare as the luxury SUV category is quite competitive with many fullsize suv  upcoming cars, too.

We will say that for the price you pay for an X7, you could buy just about any mainstream third row vehicle and have it truly loaded up.

Is there a model year to avoid?

Not yet! The data is quite fresh with the BMW X7. So fresh that there are very few complaints yet on websites like

Get an inspection for your BMW X7

Especially if you are planning on buying a pre owned BMW X7, we strongly recommend you get an inspection before buying the vehicle - which is actually a statement we make with literally any vehicle out there for sale as a used car. You’ll want a thorough inspection called a pre-sale or pre-purchase inspection. You might also want the mechanic to check out the electrical system and the steering rack pinion teeth if they can get to them to check for looseness or wear.

An inspection can also reveal whether or not the vehicle has been tested for any previously mentioned issues with braking assistance, which is good to know as it can reveal future issues potentially with the electrical system.

BMW X7 Problems & Complaints: Are The Issues Worth Buying?

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