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The BMW M5 is a high-performance precision vehicle, but it can't reach its full potential without the right tires.

The best tires for the BMW M5 are the Pirelli P Zero PZ4, the Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4, the Bridgestone Potenza Sport, the Yokohama Advan Apex V601, and the Continental ContiSportContact 3. These tires are designed specifically for high-performance cars.

In this article, we'll cover five of the best tires for BMW M5 vehicles. We'll cover the different tire sizes used by BMW M5s, why the front and rear tires are different, and if M5 owners can expect to wear the tires out faster than other vehicles.

We sourced the technical specifications for each tire directly from the manufacturer to ensure accuracy.

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What Kind of Tires Does the BMW M5 Use?

The BMW M5 is a performance car that drives best with high-quality street tires. These tires, which are wider for high traction, enhance the car's precise handling and cornering capabilities. They're also costlier than run-of-the-mill sedan tires.

Performance car tires are made with higher-quality rubber and tread patterns that are designed for high-powered vehicles. Some notable differences include tread depth (which is usually a bit shallower on performance tires) and lifespan.

BMW M5 Tire Sizes

BMW M5 tire sizes vary between years and regions. The new BMW M5 usually comes with P275/40R19 tires in the front and P285/40R19 in the rear. Late-model BMW M5 vehicles typically have 19-inch or 20-inch wheels.

As a performance model, the front and rear tire sizes are usually different on BMW M5 models. The rear tires are larger, as they need extra traction even though the new models are all-wheel-drive.

It's generally recommended by dealerships not to use tires smaller than P245 on some models. The ideal tire size for most late-model BMW vehicles is between P255 to P285.

Do BMW M5 Tires Wear Out Faster?

The BMW M5 is a performance car with lots of torque. Newer versions are all-wheel-drive as well, which compounds tire wear. Tires that have power applied to them wear out faster as they endure higher stresses.

On AWD vehicles like the new M5, this contributes to faster tire wear. Additionally, tires on the M5 can't be rotated completely because they're different sizes. As a result, they are more prone to uneven wear and may need to be replaced sooner.

This phenomenon is not unique to the BMW M5—many all-wheel-drive vehicles and performance cars also suffer from slightly reduced tire lifespan. It's also not the fault of the tire, though performance tires tend to last longer on these cars than standard highway tires.

The difference in tire lifespan isn't huge—but purchasing the right tires now can save you money down the line and increase the quality of your driving experience.

Best BMW M5 Tires

The best tires for the BMW M5 are specifically designed for performance cars. They stand up well to the excess strain caused by high-torque engines and all-wheel-drive systems, and they're backed by warranties for peace of mind. Here are five of the best tires for new and late-model BMW M5s.

1. Pirelli P Zero PZ4


Pirelli earns the number one spot on our list with their P Zero tires. These tires are well-respected in the performance car industry and a top choice for BMW dealerships and service departments. These tires excel in wet or dry weather—as long as it's warm out.

The Pirelli P Zero is a summer tire, which means it's designed for dry roads and an occasional rainstorm. They're not designed for snow—but they will be fine for spring, summer, and fall in many areas. These tires are made with a silica tread compound, and it's customized for some automakers.

Pirelli P Zero tires utilize twin steel belts, as opposed to the standard single steel belt. These radial tires are stronger than average and resist puncture from typical road debris. This also adds strength for high-speed runs.

Pirelli uses advanced computerized design processes to craft their performance tires. The P Zero tire uses Pirelli's Variable Contact Patch 3.0 design, which distributes pressure based on varying road conditions and strains. This makes the P Zero ideal for windy roads, which is where the M5 really shines.

The Pirelli P Zero PZ4 is available from Tire Rack for $314.70 (front) and $332.10 (rear). These tires come with an unlimited time warranty for workmanship, but the warranty varies based on wear and type.

2. Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4


The Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season (A/S) is one of the highest-rated performance tires on the market, and it's especially popular with BMW M-Series vehicles. The Pilot Sport A/S is an excellent choice for all generations of the BMW M5, though it really shines on the new models.

The Michelin Pilot Sport works well in hot temperatures, mild weather, and rain. It's an all-season tire, so it's much better in light snow and colder temperatures than standard summer tires. The tread allows it to shed water and resist hydroplaning, and the rubber compound is better suited for colder weather.

The Michelin Pilot Sport has an asymmetrical tread pattern and a hybrid rubber compound, which was developed for racing and track performance. These elements, when combined with a sturdy radial band and spiral nylon reinforcement, leads to superior road handling and extra grip.

With all that extra torque, it's important to choose a tire that can handle wet weather conditions. The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S performs well on wet roads, which is where many M5 drivers have trouble with other summer tires. The silica-infused rubber reduces stopping distances on wet pavement and may help reduce spin.

The superb Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4 is available on Tire Rack for $252.29 (front) and $255.06 (rear). It comes with a 6-year, 45,000-mile warranty, and half if the front are different sizes than the rear.

3. Bridgestone Potenza Sport

Here's a high-performance summer tire that offers the latest advances in tread development and long-lasting tread wear. The Bridgestone Potenza Sport is designed for warm and dry conditions, and it's ideal for southwestern desert climates.

The Bridgestone Potenza uses slick ribs across the tread with narrow channels. This greatly increases road contact and helps add traction and increase performance. These tires are known for responsiveness and contribute to that 'connected to the road' feeling that BMWs are known for.

Despite their summer-oriented design, the Bridgestone Potenza Sport performs surprisingly well in wet weather. This tire is made with a special rubber compound that resists slip in water. Additionally, the compound enhances high-speed performance and handling.

The Bridgestone Potenza Sport is a radial tire. But unlike most radials, this tire uses two internal steel bands instead of just one. It has a polyester casing and nylon-reinforced ply for durability. This tire also reduces road noise and absorbs unpleasant bumps without compromising precision.

The Bridgestone Potenza Sport is available from Tire Rack for between $312.99 (P275 front) and $353.99 (P285 rear) per tire, and it comes with a 5-year warranty with free replacement for three years.

4. Yokohama Advan Apex V601


Summer tires are a great choice for performance cars, as they provide some of the best handling available. If you're in a temperate region, then the Yokohama Advan Apex V601 is an excellent choice for your BMW M5.

This high-performance summer tire is designed for traction and high-speed handling, and it's one of the most affordable high-end tires on the market. But don't let the lower price point concern you—these tires are made with top-quality silica tread compound.

Advan Apex tires use an asymmetrical tread pattern, which is proven to complement high-performance vehicles and improve handling. These tires use a single-ply rayon casing, which enhances the two-ply performance of these tires.

The Advan Apex V601 tires are not designed for use in the winter. However, they can be used in the spring and summer, as they're designed to resist slip from water and reduce the chance of hydroplaning.

Yokohama Advan Apex V601 tires are available from Tire Rack for $252.69 (front) and $268.65 (rear). These tires come with a 5-year/25,000-mile warranty.

5. Continental ContiSportContact 3


Continental tires are a popular choice on performance cars, and their high-end ContiSportContact 3 summer tire is a highly-rated choice for BMW M-Series vehicles. The tire is also affordable and boasts great handling and road contact.

Like most high-power tires, the Continental ContiSportContact 3 is designed with asymmetrical tread due to its enhanced grip and cornering abilities.

The ContiSportContact 3 has narrow tread cuts through the center ribs, which increases traction but reduces slip on wet surfaces. These tires are excellent for quick stops, as they're designed for enhanced braking performance.

The thick center ribs of the ContiSportContact 3 serve another function. These have enhanced ground contact, which reduces road noise and increases driver comfort. Additionally, it increases stability which reduces the rough riding characteristics of sport tires.

The Continental ContiSportContact 3 is available from Tire Rack for $303.86 (front) and $340.08 (rear). These tires come with a 6-year workmanship warranty.

Best Tires For BMW M5 - Complete Guide

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