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  • The Pirelli P Zero (PZ4) distinguishes itself as the optimal choice for Bentley Continental owners, offering superior performance across a range of conditions.
  • When it comes to navigating winter terrain, the Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 delivers reliable and consistent performance, making it the best choice for snowy or icy roads.
  • For drivers seeking remarkable handling and a reduction in noise levels, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S provides an impressive balance of comfort and performance.

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A Bentley Continental is a luxurious and high-performance vehicle that demands the best of everything - including tires. So which are the best?

The seven best tires for the Bentley Continental include the following:

  1. Pirelli P Zero (PZ4)
  2. Falken Azenis FK460 A/S
  3. Continental SportContact 6
  4. Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3
  5. Yokohama Geolandar X-CV
  6. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
  7. Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season

With countless hours spent researching tire options and their compatibility with the Bentley Continental, we have compiled a list of the best tires that will provide optimal performance, safety, and value for each scenario. So buckle up and get ready to explore the world of tires, and let us guide you through the process of selecting the perfect set for your Bentley Continental GT.

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7 Best Tires For Bentley Continental

When it comes to finding Bentley tires, you need to be ready to spend money. But the focus should always be on finding a tire based on the quality. This is especially true if you are driving a brand new Bentley Continental GT.

Otherwise, the tire lacks performance features and durability. This only puts your vehicle at risk. Finding new tires that can tick all of the key boxes like performance, traction, and durability are the key things to remember. So let’s jump in and take a closer look at the seven best tire picks we have for you.

1. Pirelli P Zero (PZ4) - Best Overall


If you're looking for a top-tier tire for your Bentley Continental, the Pirelli P-Zero (PZ4) is definitely a great choice with excellent performance and comfort. After recently trying it out, the tire delivered excellent performance and an incredibly smooth ride.

With their asymmetrical tread pattern and optimized pitch sequence, these tires reduce noise which made driving long distances comfortable. So it really is the perfect Bentley Continental GT tire.

The siping design in these tires is quite impressive. When it rained, we felt no loss in grip or control on wet surfaces. The longitudinal grooves channeled water effectively, keeping us safe on the road. However, considering the cost and inability to use them during winter, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

Overall, they're a great value for Bentley owners seeking to get the most out of their driving experience. It’s also available for roughly $500.00 per tire at Tire Rack, depending on the year and size needed.


  • Ultra high performance for exceptional handling
  • Excellent grip on wet surface
  • Minimizes noise emission
  • Available in multiple tire size options


  • Not suitable for winter driving
  • Price might be on the higher side

2. Falken Azenis FK460 A/S - Best All-Season

The Falken Azenis FK460 A/S is a reliable choice for Bentley Continental owners seeking performance and longevity. The 4D Advanced Nano Technology keeps the rubber compound flexible, providing excellent traction throughout the year.

The high grip chamfer within the tread significantly boosts the handling and steering capabilities, especially on dry roads. The interlocking sipes, along with emerging grooves, work exceptionally well to increase traction on wet roads and reduce braking distances.

These features also help channel water away from the tires, reducing the risk of hydroplaning. The downside is that these all-season tires might not perform as well in heavy winter conditions, but they still do a decent job during mild winters.

It also has a 50,000-mile tread life offered by the manufacturer. The ride quality could be a bit softer, but the overall performance and traction outweigh this minor drawback. And you can purchase this tire at Tire Rack for $275.00 per tire. The front tires are a little more expensive too.


  • Excellent traction and performance year-round
  • Enhanced handling and steering on dry roads
  • Improved wet grip and reduced risk of hydroplaning


  • Limited to a 50,000-mile tread life

3. Continental SportContact 6 - Best Summer


The Continental SportContact 6 is a great choice for Bentley Continental owners who want high-performance tires with excellent grip and stability. This tire has a varied aspect ratio, respectable tread width, and low rolling resistance.

These tires are fantastic for both wet and dry conditions, ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience. While they do come at a slightly higher price point, we believe that the performance and safety of these tires justify the investment.

However, we must note that if you often encounter snowy roads, it might be worth considering a separate set of winter tires, as the Sport Contact 6 is not specifically designed for such conditions.

The tire's unique Force Vectoring design provides enhanced cornering and control, offering a responsive and agile driving experience. And it’s widely available for easy purchase. You can find this tire at Tire Rack for $357.00 per tire.


  • Improved handling and responsiveness
  • Excellent wet and dry traction
  • Comfortable and quiet ride
  • Right tires for high speeds and stability


  • Not well-suited for snowy conditions

4. Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 - Best Winter


The Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 is a top choice for Bentley Continental owners seeking reliable winter tires. What stood out to us the most was the tire's ability to handle snowy roads with ease.

Their 3D sipe technology and an optimized footprint provide enhanced grip and stability on dry roads, which is vital when navigating winding roads or quick accelerations. The Two wide grooves in the tread pattern also helped prevent hydroplaning, ensuring smooth and safe rides in wet conditions.

With its specialized tread design and innovative compound, this tire ensures excellent traction on snow and ice. It incorporates Pirelli’s patented 3D sipe technology, which increases the tire's contact with the road, thereby enhancing grip during cornering and braking.

If you are in search of tires that can handle the challenges of winter driving while offering exceptional performance, these tires could be the right choice for your Bentley. It’s also a solid tire for the Bentley Turbo R with enough sidewall height to handle deep snow. Pick up this tire at Tire Rack for as low as $146.99 per tire.


  • Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified for winter conditions
  • Excellent grip and stability on dry roads
  • Superior traction on snowy roads


  • May not be the best option for warmer climates

5. Yokohama Geolandar X-CV - Most Durable


We recommend the Yokohama Geolandar X-CV for your Bentley Continental, offering optimized performance and a comfortable driving experience. This all-season tire is designed with luxury sport crossovers and SUVs in mind.

The tread pattern offers excellent grip on both wet and dry roads, providing confidence during various driving conditions. The ride quality was noticeably refined and quiet, making it a perfect match for a vehicle as luxurious as the Bentley.

Furthermore, this tire has a powerful wet braking feature that helped us come to a stop quickly in rainy conditions. This is an essential safety feature when driving a powerful car like the Bentley Continental.

The tire is equipped with 2D and 3D sipes for additional biting edges, improving its winter performance. It features an asymmetric tread design, enabling enhanced traction on both dry and wet surfaces too. You can find this tire available at Tire Rack for $343.99 per tire.


  • All-season capability
  • Powerful wet braking
  • Refined, quiet ride
  • Durable sidewall for increased durability


  • Less suitable for extreme winter conditions

6. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S - Best Handling


The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is a top-tier summer tire. It's known for superior dry and wet traction. Handling and responsiveness are excellent. This tire offers smooth ride comfort and reduced noise levels. It uses Michelin's dynamic response technology for stability.

The Pilot Sport 4S also has long tread life and high-speed capabilities. These tires felt responsive and stable, even when taking tight turns at high speeds. In addition to the superior performance on dry roads, the wet grip was also remarkable.

We felt confident driving through heavy rain, knowing that these tires would keep us safely on the road. Moreover, the acoustic technology built into the tires reduced cabin noise, making our driving experience even more enjoyable.

However, it's worth noting that these all-season tires are not specifically designed for winter conditions, plus they have a premium price. But you can find this tire at Tire Rack in various sizing options.


  • Exceptional dry and wet grip
  • Enhanced high-speed handling
  • Suitable for occasional track usage


  • Limited edition sidewall design may not appeal to everyone

7. Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season - Best Wet Traction


From our experience, the Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season is a fantastic choice for Bentley Continental drivers seeking excellent mileage, ride comfort, and strong grip in various conditions.

As an all-season tire, it is engineered to perform well in a variety of conditions, whether you're driving under the hot summer sun or navigating through cold, wet weather. This made for a more comfortable ride, especially on lengthy trips.

With its asymmetric tread pattern and high-density lateral siping, the Scorpion Verde All-Season provides superior grip on wet and dry roads, ensuring safe and controlled handling throughout the year. And it handles with extreme precision, especially in wet conditions.

The tire's optimized pitch sequence and phasing, coupled with its longitudinal siping and high lateral siping density, ensures a quiet and comfortable ride. Despite its focus on eco-friendliness, this tire doesn't compromise on durability, offering impressive tread life. You can find this tire at Tire Rack for $396.00 per tire.


  • Impressive mileage and fuel efficiency
  • Offers a comfortable and quiet ride
  • Provides exceptional grip on both dry and wet roads


  • Tread life could be better

What Type Of Tire Is Best For The Bentley Continental?

The Bentley Continental is a high-performance luxury vehicle, which requires a tire that matches its refined driving characteristics and performance capabilities. It needs tires that can provide excellent grip and handling, smooth ride quality, and good responsiveness at high speeds.

While the ideal tire can depend on the specific model of Bentley Continental and your driving conditions, typically, ultra-high-performance (UHP) summer or all-season tires are recommended.

These tires are built for speed and handling, making them suitable for a performance-oriented car like the Bentley Continental. That’s why the Pirelli P Zero (PZ4) is our best overall tire for this vehicle too.

How Long Do Bentley Continental Tire Last?

The lifespan of tires on a Bentley Continental, like any vehicle, depends on a variety of factors including the tire's quality, the type of tire, driving conditions, maintenance practices, and driving habits.

However, typically, high-performance tires such as those used on the Bentley Continental may last anywhere between 40,000 to 60,000 miles. Ultra-high-performance (UHP) tires, especially summer variants, often feature softer rubber compounds.

This results in enhanced grip and handling, but this also tends to wear out faster than harder compounds found in standard touring tires. Proper tire maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your tires.

This includes maintaining correct tire pressure, regular tire rotation, alignment checks, and timely balancing. Avoiding hard braking, abrupt acceleration, and driving over potholes or debris can also prolong tire life.

Can a Bentley Continental Be Driven in the Snow?

Yes, a Bentley Continental can definitely be driven in the snow. The Bentley Continental is a luxury grand tourer that's designed with all-wheel-drive systems in most of its models. This all-wheel drive is key in snowy conditions.

It provides improved traction by distributing power to all four wheels, preventing wheel spin and maintaining control on slippery surfaces. You should have the proper tires on the vehicle in these conditions too.

These tires are made of a special rubber compound that stays flexible in cold temperatures, and their tread patterns are designed to grip onto snow and ice. This combination of vehicle design, technology, and appropriate tires makes the Bentley Continental capable of handling winter weather.

Moreover, the Bentley Continental comes equipped with a host of advanced safety and driving assist features such as Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control, and ABS, all of which contribute to safe driving in less than optimal conditions.

Best Tires For Bentley Continental

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