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Atturo Tires sells high-quality tires to those looking for tire options. This Atturo Tires Review will tell you all you need to know about the brand.

Atturo tires offer good grip and durability at an affordable price range. However, are these tires all that they're cracked up to be? Well, the company is dedicated to providing off-road performance that allows customers to go off the beaten path on a budget.

The brand targets SUVs, crossovers, and light truck segments with various high-quality products to establish a wider demographic reach. Atturo Tires hold up well in comparison to most in this industry, and they come at a reasonable price, providing you with significant value for money.

The company is based in Lake Villa, Illinois, and produces tires in Taiwan. It has always focused on three things: performance, market, and value. Atturo provides not only reliable tires at low cost but also offers visual and aesthetic appeal to buyers. Surprisingly for a small-scale business, Atturo Tires offers a total of 10 tire varieties to fit your car. So, if you're still not sure if Atturo tires are the correct choice for you, keep reading.

After a lot of time spent driving around on these tires, we have put together this detailed Atturo Tires Review as a useful guide to help you learn everything you need to know about the models offered by the brand for various terrains.

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Atturo Tires Review – What Does the Brand Have to Offer?

The Trail Boss is Atturo's most intense off-road tire, followed by the Trail Blade lineup, which includes the Trail Blade A/T, Trail Blade M/T, and Trail Blade X/T, depending on your needs. The A/T all-terrain tire is designed for on- and off-road performance, while the M/T mud tire is optimized for mud. The X/T is a cross between the two models, designed to give an off-road look with improved highway handling and less noise.

Atturo tires are more suitable to consumers who are more interested in off-road appearance than absolute performance and capability as a brand.

While those tires are meant for off-road use, Atturo also offers a variety of on-road types, including high-performance ones, for SUVs and crossovers. The AZ610 is an all-season tire, while the AZ800 and AZ850 are high-performance summer tires with a stylish design.

Atturo Tires also produces the AW730 Ice tire in addition to commercial truck and trailer tires because the all-wheel drive is only good if you have a strong grip.

As a driver, you must have a lot of questions about tires while looking for the best one. Maybe one of these questions revolves around the type of tires best suited for each vehicle so that you can find the perfect fit for yours. However, Atturo Tires are slightly different in this regard.

The Atturo Tire Company – Background and Introduction

A quick glance at Atturo's website reveals that they are unique. To be honest, they are true rebels in an otherwise monotonous industry. Many people find tires to be dull, but Atturo does an amazing job of making them appear exclusive. The private brand began operations in 2009, which, in the grand scheme of things, was only a few years ago.

They wanted to offer SUV owners and 4X4 light truck drivers something slightly different than what they were used to from the start. They intended to offer one-of-a-kind, high-quality items that would stand out for as little money as possible. Thus, as a result of their ability and accomplishments, they are still in business after a decade since inception.

Atturo Tires started off by manufacturing performance tires before exploring and expanding into other categories, such as off-road tires and specialized tires for different terrains. The primary focus on performance tires was to deliver exceptionally high quality at low price for low-budget customers. Hence, these tires were largely suitable for different terrains and had extremely high quality.

They've gotten to the point where their off-road gear is perhaps more well-known, so things have certainly shifted and been turned upside down for them in that aspect! They presently sell tires in 30 different nations. Not bad for a firm that is only a few years old!

Options for Tires

Atturo got off to a good start with tires designed primarily for use on the road. Each tire is unique; some are capable of navigating all terrains while others specialize in a specific area. On the other hand, they still have their performance line, so if you're just looking for a nice, reliable, and durable set of tires for the road, they've got you covered. Atturo also has several trailer and winter tires, so if you reside in rough terrains or a harsh climate, these tires should be perfect.

They have a fair mix of options without going overboard and manufacturing bulk quantities of low-quality products. Atturo, however, is not a well-known brand, so it might be difficult to come across for most buyers. But as time passes and the brand gains more popularity, the manufacturer will soon become every car owner's top choice.

Are Atturo Tires Worth Buying?

Yes, Atturo tires are excellent SUV tires for drivers on a tight budget. They offer good grip and durability and are significantly less expensive than high-end tires.

One of the main concerns for Atturo Tires was to maintain the shape and structure of the tires. Many customers were complaining about the shape of Atturo Tires, stating that they are not round enough. This was in 2016, and the firm has since made numerous changes, with the tires now lasting significantly longer.

If you're on the hunt for the best quality, premium off-road tires, Atturo Tires is NOT the right choice for you. That's right! Atturo is not like the other top-quality, finest, premium tire brands, such as Mickey Thompson. These tires offer decent value for money, but they aren't as durable or strong as more expensive tire manufacturers. Although they offer good grip and some durability, they aren't specifically designed with the same high-end material and resources used by Mickey Thompson.

Why Choose Atturo Tires?

Despite previous concerns and the fact that they are not premium tires, Atturo Tires is a fine choice for drivers for many reasons.


One of the things that Atturo prioritizes is delivering a high-quality product to its customers. That being said, they also do not want them to overpay for it. So, you can expect a fair, reasonable pricing range from Atturo without having to compromise on the overall quality.

Atturo Tires is one of the cheapest and most affordable tire manufacturers in the country because most of the production takes place in China. Therefore, they should absolutely be considered if you want a good set of tires that won't break the wallet.

A full set of truck or SUV tires costs around $1,000 on average. Atturo has joined the market and has positioned itself as a high-quality, low-cost option.

Rather than charging outrageous prices, the company sells high-quality tires in the mid-price range. Through their extensive feature set, the brand's tires provide significant versatility and perform on par with the higher-priced competition. In our Atturo Tires evaluations, the bulk of its goods has been praised for their value for money.

However, it's important to understand that off-road and specialty tires are frequently more expensive than conventional tires. We want to compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges, and the only way to do so is to compare tires from different specialized markets. When you do that, you'll notice that Atturo is reasonably priced. On the other hand, there are some manufacturers that may offer even lower price brackets, but that only makes you wonder if they are willing to offer the same quality as Atturo.

Warranty on Atturo Tires

Atturo Tires has a 'limited' warranty, as practically every other company in the same industry. This should not cause you any fear; it is only a reminder that all businesses will safeguard your interests as well as their own in case of any issues. The good news is that Atturo is covered by a guarantee.

To begin with, all Atturo Tires come with a three-year fault warranty. They also have a 'standard' coverage option that will cover up to 2/32" on the tread. You can learn more about their warranty coverage on their website or get in touch with them directly to speak with a dealer. Keep in mind that off-road tires can take a hammering and have a shorter lifespan than 'regular' road tires.


Most drivers believe that Atturo lacks the necessary experience and capabilities when compared to its competitors because it is fairly new to the tire sector. However, despite the fact that the company has only been around for a decade, its manufacturing facilities have been designing tires for a total of 80 years. Furthermore, its manufacturing facilities have the experience and technical understanding required to produce high-quality tires.

Atturo tires are strong and resilient, and they perform exceptionally well. Even though the manufacturer does not produce the tires in the United States, they offer fantastic value for money. Since 2016, Atturo has significantly increased the rubber quality of its tires. Many of Atturo's off-road tires have deep treads and reinforced tri-ply sidewalls to prevent punctures.


At Atturo, you will be able to find almost any type of tire you need for your vehicle. Atturo offers tires according to the needs, requirements, and demands for most drivers, ranging from light and small street models to heavy-duty off-roading tires.

For an SUV, light truck, or muscle car, Atturo tires are designed for the street, heavy off-roads, and mixed terrain. There are other tire models available for trailers that must tow heavy loads.


The construction quality of the tire and the mileage each model gives are the most important factors in the purchase decision process for every driver. Owners of trucks and SUVs seek a sturdy, long-lasting design that can withstand impact on rough roads.

Since Atturo Tires are made using a solid internal structure, a firm 3-ply sidewall offers enhanced load capacity and protection by producing a sturdy tire that can maintain its shape. Shoulder lugs add to the tire's durability by protecting it from bruising caused by jagged pebbles and debris.

In addition to the current durability, several of the manufacturer's goods come with a 45,000-mile warranty.


The brand's specialty mountain truck tires give drivers a lot of traction. Mobility over loose rock surfaces and snow becomes dangerous without it.

Atturo's tires give high gripping force thanks to its tread block designs, which allows manufacturers to fit in unusual shapers, while the lugs on the sidewall provide outstanding traction on loose surfaces. As a matter of fact, the tires provide excellent vehicle control, thanks to these attributes.

Tread Patterns

Innovative tread designs with good-looking knife patterns are available on some Atturo tire models. These tires not only provide increased traction but also have a long-lasting impact.


The off-road tires from Atturo offer wide channels and deep tread patterns that shed mud well. In addition, the brand offers street tires that provide balance and grip in rainy weather.

Atturo Tire Models

The following are some of the Atturo tires that are currently available:


The AZ800 is a street tire model produced by Atturo Tires. It's a high-performance tire designed for SUVs, light trucks, crossovers, and other sports vehicles.

It's light and quiet, and it performs admirably on the road. The directional tread design provides a smooth ride and outstanding traction in rainy weather. This is a good option if you're not going off-roading.


Atturo's high-performance tires are designed for utility vehicles such as SUVs, light trucks, and muscle cars. The tires are made of a material that stays cool at high speeds, making them suitable for racing.

The asymmetric tread pattern of the AZ850 tires provides stability and grip, and they're great for street use. The strong core provides steadiness, and the pattern's four channels help water to drain out quickly, allowing you to maintain control of the tires even on wet or slippery roads.


The Atturo AZ610 tires are a touring tire designed for an all-year-round performance. They contain four deep and wide vertical grooves for water drainage and smaller micro-channels for better grip in the winter. To improve traction, the tires have beveled edges near the shoulder blocks. Therefore, your driving will be more stable thanks to the large, slanted shoulder blocks. Overall, this tire is ideal for long trips in rainy or windy weather.


Atturo's snow tire, the AW730, is available in both studded and regular versions, depending on your needs. The tread design on this tire is quiet and directed, with wavy sipes for added traction. For increased traction on snow, the tread material is silica-based, and the large vertical grooves allow water and sleet to slide off.

A/T Trail Blade

The Atturo Trail Blade A/T is a hybrid option for Atturo's huge off-road tires. It's ideal for street use and the occasional gravel, but not for heavy-duty use on really rough surfaces.

For traction, the Trail Blade A/T boasts wide channels and an interlocking tread design. To help you keep grip in mud and water, the grooves are horizontal in the center and vertical on the sides.

In addition, the Trail Blade A/sidewall T's includes a tri-ply design for further durability. This tire model is offered in both metric and US sizes for a variety of work truck applications.

X/T Trail Blade

The Trail Blade X/T by Atturo is a hybrid all-terrain tire. It has a deep dirt tread, but it's also steady and quiet on the road and highway.

Furthermore, the thin width of the lugs on the tread's borders decreases noise, and the vertical and horizontal stripes in the tire's center help reduce noise while providing traction.

The Trail Blade tires offered by the company are large and durable enough to handle snow, mud, and sand, and they also operate well on rough terrains.

M/T Trail Blade

The M/T Trail Blade designed by Atturo is a popular model with deep, wide tread gaps for mud and sand. The extra-wide horizontal slots at the sides allow mud to drain away, enabling the driver to maintain traction in almost any situation.

Moreover, it's also made of thick rubber, making it suitable for use on rocky surfaces. The tread pattern provides excellent traction, even for off-road racing.

This all-terrain tire also has a tri-ply sidewall that is particularly tough and puncture-resistant, making it suitable for use in harsh conditions.

MTS Trail Blade

The Trail Blade MTS by Atturo is the latest adaptation of the former Trail Blade M/T with an upgraded knife pattern. It's designed for drivers who prefer a hostile touch on the tire.

The four-lug pattern in the tread's center and extra-wide channels provide a secure grip while allowing mud and water to drain away. In addition, the design covers a large portion of the tire's sidewall, providing further puncture resistance.

This all-terrain tire also features a 12-ply structure for added durability and resistance. The tread blocks are joined in the middle to stiffen the tire, minimize wear, and extend its life.

Trail Blade Boss

The Atturo Trail Blade Boss is the most massive tire option offered by Atturo. If you are an adventure enthusiast looking for some serious off-roading fun, this is the perfect tire for you.

With extra-wide and deep channels, the tread has a knife design. It may appear frightening, yet it can get you through even the most difficult terrains.

The sidewall of the Trail Blade Boss by Atturo is made of tri-ply rubber and a tread knife pattern that extends to the side, providing additional puncture protection.

It's important to note that this isn't a road or highway tire, and it certainly does not stay silent either. It will, however, enable you to go through deep sand and mud, as well as provide good puncture resistance on rocks.

Technology and Features of Atturo Tires

The use of the latest technology is quite evident in every Atturo tire line. Since the company has three separate tire lines that operate well in different terrains and situations, they are skilled at engineering and structuring their tires using the latest technology. Each model is slightly different from the other as they have varying characteristics according to their use and requirements. Plus, the brand provides an extraordinary visual appeal to consumers. This isn't a lifestyle brand in the traditional sense, but they do place a premium on attractive tires. This is quite great to see, in addition to getting the job done.

The Durability of Atturo Tires

As already mentioned, Atturo Tires may not offer the most durable and long-lasting tires on the market, but they're also certainly not recognized as providers of poor-quality or short-lived tires. As far as off-road tires are concerned, these tires offer a generous warranty and provide adequate quality.

Some buyers often confuse road tires with off-road tires in terms of warranty. This may not be a major concern for Atturo tires, though, thanks to their reasonable price range. However, it may still prompt the buyer to look for alternatives in the industry. Overall, the tires have high endurance and will work well for your vehicle.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality and high-performance tire brand for your 4x4 truck or SUV, look no further! Atturo tires will stand out and perform quite well in even harsh weather conditions, rough terrains, and off-road settings.

Atturo Tire Models

  • Trail Blade X/T: Multi Terrain
  • Trail Blade A/T: All Terrain
  • Trail Blade MTS: Mud Terrain Sport
  • Trail Blade MT: Mud Terrain
  • Trail Blade Boss: Off-Road
  • Trail Blade Series Tires

AZ Series Performance Tires

  • AZ610: Touring
  • AZ800: High Performance
  • AZ850: SUV/Crossover

Specialty Tires

  • Commercial Van - CV400
  • Winter - AW730 ICE

Trailer Tires

  • ST200
  • ST220
  • ST240
  • ST260
Atturo Tires Review - Brand Guide

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