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Arisun is a subsidiary tire manufacturer of a Chinese company that specializes in ATV and UTV tires with plenty of great options for off-road driving.

If you are searching for a brand that aims to provide the best sporty, off-road tires for a variety of vehicle types then Arisun might be the perfect choice for you. They have a range of tires for ATVs, UTVs, and similar vehicle types to add even more performance on difficult terrains.

The product line built by Arisun is unique with a variety of different tire applications to consider. Each tire is made with a unique off-road tread design, deeper lugs, and N4D sidewall protection to ensure maximum performance and long-lasting durability. You have a total of eight different Arisun tires to choose from when considering your next upgrade.

We have spent time research, analyzing, and testing the different Arisun tires to better understand how they operate in action. Our experts provide a thorough analysis in this guide along with more information about the brand. Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about Arisun Tires.   

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Arisun Tires Review

Arisun Tires has a range of tire products, with different models designed for different purposes, with features and benefits to match. They have a variety of use cases for their tire products primarily including ATV and UTV applications with a specialty in off-road driving performance.

Arisun is a leading company in the tire industry. Their products are known for their high efficiency and value. They offer high-quality products for many different cars and trucks, including both performance and passenger tires.

One of the main features of their product is its comfort and driver safety, which has made it a popular choice among car owners all over the world.

Arisun brand tires offer an excellent value for their price. They provide high-performance and long-lasting service on different types of vehicles.

This is a unique tire company though. They are not traditional like some of the other major brands and the variety they can offer in their product line makes them stand out as one of the more reliable.

The primary use for Arisun tires is to run one a dune buggy or similar off-roading machine with high-performance tires to handle the difficult terrains with ease.  

Arisun Tire Company

Arisun is a tire company based out of China. They operate under a larger company known as the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Corporation who is known as a tire manufacturing giant in the region of China.

Arisun was developed as a means to focus more on developing sporty tires with more performance capabilities in mind compared to a traditional passenger street tire. When you are shopping with Arisun, they are selling you an experience to take your vehicle off-road and see how much it can handle on tougher terrains.

Arisun's off-road tires are designed for high-speed and rough terrain riding. They offer the best traction on sand, mud, snow, and rocky surfaces. Arisun Tires is perfect for riders who like to ride at high speeds with heavy loads. It is also recommended for riders who love to take on technical terrain that requires more finesse than just speed alone.

As the company continues to grow, they plan to develop and launch new products too. In late 2020, they made an announcement about the Arisun AS600+ series that will include two commercial truck tires for driving. This is a big move for the brand as they begin to position themselves further into the tire industry.

Arisun Tire Features

Arisun tire features are made possible by the company's Kevlar technology mixed with their proprietary extra strength sidewall design which gives them cut and chip resistance. They've introduced both the Kevlar-reinforced treads and cut and chip resistant exterior sidewalls to offer increased service life and safety.

Many of the radial off-road tires Arisun produces also come with 8-ply rated construction designs and a directional tread pattern with deep lugs. By combining these two features, you will notice more accuracy when handling on unpaved roads and increased traction.

Arisun continues to develop new tire features and technologies to improve the performance of UTV and ATV vehicles in off-roading situations.

Available Arisun Tires

Each tire is uniquely made for a specific application on the road. We have listed the eight different Arisun tires available along with key features they can offer to drivers.  

Arisun Aftershock XD

The Arisun Aftershock XD is a radial tire with 8-ply construction that is designed for desert cross racing. The tire's design includes the newly developed K3D Armor that provides an extra layer of protection to the sidewalls against stones, sharp debris, and other road hazards.

Desert race riding can be difficult because of the high speeds, loose soil surface, hard pack dirt, and uneven surfaces that are often encountered in this type of racing. The Arisun Aftershock XD cross terrain radial tire was built with these conditions in mind, providing you with confidence when tackling this kind of terrain.

The K3D armor is utilized to provide protection against rocks, square edges, and other sharp objects in the terrain. This tire is also designed to withstand high impacts, providing a safer ride in off-road conditions.

This tire is designed specifically for desert cross-country racing. It provides comfort, durability, and performance that beginners need in this type of event. These features make the tire the perfect choice for the desert cross-country race.

The best place to find these tires is at Discount Tire. They operate as one of the primary dealers of Arisun tires with free shipping on all orders and affordable pricing. However, Arisun tires tend to be rare and there is limited stock available at many dealers.  


  • Built for riding on dirt with accuracy and precision
  • Cut and chip resistant rubber compound
  • 8-ply construction for more stability while driving
  • K3D armor protects against debris
  • Similar tread design to an LT tire


  • Braking could be improved

Arisun Bruiser XT

The Arisun Bruiser XT tire is the best choice for extreme terrain. It has a side bite that can take on steep inclines without slipping, and it also has N4D protection that allows it to be used in even the harshest work environments.

The special nylon construction makes this tire durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. These features make this tire perfect for heavy-duty use. Arisun has been manufacturing tires that are designed to provide extreme performance for many years.

The goal with Arisun Bruiser XT was to offer a tire that would be heavy-duty enough for the demanding needs of today’s dirt bikes and motorcycles, but also comfortable enough to win over consumers looking for something more premium.

The Bruiser XT offers some of the best features in its price range. This tire is perfect for extreme terrain and will provide you with the confidence you need when on uneven ground. It even has specially placed lugs for climbing over rocks in more difficult off-road driving situations.

Discount Tire sells this tire for a cost between $141 to $172 depending on the exact sizing needed with options available in either 12-inch or 14-inch sizes.


  • Extra tread lugs for difficult terrain driving
  • Handles with excellent precision off-road
  • Special nylon construction for better durability
  • Heavy-duty driving capabilities


  • Not as accurate on pavement, especially in sporty driving situations

Arisun Gear Buster

The Arisun Gear Buster Tire has been designed for off-road use and it can accommodate a wide range of different terrains without compromising performance. This rubber compound is made with a special mixture of silica which provides excellent grip on any surface.

The bead profile also ensures that punctures are prevented, thus making the tire resistant to wear and tear. The pack also includes steel shackle protection which can increase braking efficiency during off-road usage.

The K4D Armor is designed for serious off-road use. It uses a set of larger pockets with sipes along the tread to add more traction, especially for rock crawling. It is a high-performance tire for UTVs.

Whether you are riding on trails or pavement, the Gear Buster is able to offer a smooth ride without flattening or losing tread depth. The tire’s knobs provide good grip in all terrains and the wheels stay true thanks to its extra-wide tread pattern.

It also features a reinforced sidewall which is helpful for those who are constantly driving on rough terrain. This is one of the most important factors for this tire and the type of strength it can provide on the road.

The best place to find this tire is at Discount Tire, where pricing starts as low as $136 per tire. You can expect fast deliveries with free shipping too.


  • Excellent rock climbing features
  • Larger tread design for improved traction
  • Reinforced sidewall with 4KD armor


  • Limited sizes available

Arisun Swamp Thing

The Arisun Swamp Thing is a great choice for any serious off-road enthusiast looking to get their hands on a bonafide all-terrain tire with an extra bite when needed.

This tire has excellent deep mud performance is enhanced by its sipes - something that other brands have typically not been using. The sipes allow for a deeper bite in the mud, which provides more grip and stability on challenging terrain.

The Arisun Swamp Thing tire offers a lot of grip on wet and dry surfaces. It has long-lasting durability and a quiet ride. It also provides a great balance between traction and wear.

The tread has been enhanced for a massive contact patch area that cuts through wet surfaces, mud, and swamp-like terrain. The shoulder tread also uses a hook design with extra siping to create more grip on the surface.

The medium-soft compound works best on sand, dirt, mud, and gravel and uses the N4D protection to drive aggressively while maintaining a reinforced sidewall to protect against damages or punctures.

The Swamp Thing is a much more difficult tire to find because of the rare design it can offer for difficult terrain driving. You can find it at Amazon where you can take advantage of the low-cost, fast shipping benefits they offer.


  • Compound, monster tread compound for amazing traction ability
  • Extra strength for maximum durability
  • Accurate driving on a variety of surfaces


  • Limited availability and difficult to find

Arisun Thunder MT

The Arisun Thunder MT is an all-terrain tire designed to be used on a variety of surfaces, including mud, sand, and snow. At first glance, this seems like a stretch of functionality that many tires don't offer.

However, this new feature was made possible through the use of technology, specifically advanced tread designs that are specifically designed for each surface. This new technology makes it possible for users to drive on any terrain with ease.

This tire is made of high-quality and durable material and has excellent grip and performance on all surfaces. It also has a long lifespan and has great braking power, making it more than suitable for different driving conditions.

The Arisun Thunder MT tire is an affordable option for people who need a quality product. It has a performance increase over other competing options, with improved durability and puncture resistance.

The tread is directional with deeper lugs to attack terrain aggressively for more accurate handling. The radial construction also helps to provide more balance with a larger contact patch to improve traction too.

The design also includes 8-ply construction and K4D armor with reinforced composite materials at the interior of the tire. All of these construction features help reduce tire puncture, damages, and flats.

This is one of the most affordable Arisun tires and can be found as low as $103 per tire at Discount Tire.


  • Directional Chevron tread pattern to provide unique traction capabilities
  • Extra strength rubber compound
  • Works well on both ATV and UTVs
  • Heavy-duty tire construction for heavier load capacities


  • Not the most accurate tire on pavement
  • Winter driving could be a bit better too

Arisun Tuff Mudder

Arisun Tuff Mudder tires are designed for light mud driving. They provide better traction and allow the vehicle to travel at high speeds on muddy terrain.

Mud driving can be difficult and dangerous due to the nature of these conditions. Arisun Tuff Mudder tires provide protection for drivers and their vehicles by reducing the amount of sliding around while driving on mud paths.

The Arisun Tuff Mudder tire is targeted for light mud driving, dirt roads, and light off-road use. It offers a directional tread pattern that is designed to wear evenly. The tire is also made up of six-ply construction which provides better handling and stability on the road.

The directional tread pattern on the tire also provides increased traction in all four quarters. The tires have a stiffer sidewall design to ensure better performance, especially when riding on slippery mud or difficult terrains.

The Tuff Mudder tire is targeted for light mud driving, dirt roads, and light off-road use. It offers a directional tread pattern that is designed to wear evenly. It works similar to a quick self-cleaning tire and doesn’t experience build-up from mud driving.  

The Arisun Tuff Mudder tire is sold for $77 per tire at Discount Tire with free and fast shipping including at purchase.


  • Excellent value tire
  • Specifically designed to target light mud
  • Six-ply construction for more agility on the road
  • Self-cleaning ability


  • Not as long-lasting as other Arisun tire choices

Arisun XC Plus (Front Tire)

Arisun Tuff XC Plus is a thoroughbred tire developed for the demanding requirements of off-road racing. It features a design that is optimized to provide performance and traction over a wide range of terrain.

The Arisun Tuff XC Plus tire was developed for the demands of off-road racing. It has been designed to provide grip and stability on a variety of surfaces, including mud, sand, gravel, wet grass, and asphalt. The tire’s tread pattern offers both excellent braking as well as great cornering performance.

The XC Plus is a beefed-up, lower-profile tire that features a sporty tread pattern that features a smoother radius. This gives you better traction and more speed on wet or dry pavement. The tire also features a long-lasting compound and puncture protection for those tough off-road conditions.

This is an excellent choice for those who need to explore new terrains with their bike, including snow, sand, dirt, rock, and mud.

The front tire is sold as a different tire than the rear because they differ in style and what they do well. The tread includes wide spacing between the knobs to improve the cleaning ability for driving through mud. There are also more flexible knobs for better cornering.

You can find this at Discount Tire for only $60 per tire.


  • Extra spacing near the knobs and treads for traction improvements
  • Excellent durability
  • Handles well on both dry and wet surfaces


  • Limited sizing and only suitable for the front axle

Arisun XC Plus (Rear Tire)

Arisun XC Plus is a sports racing off-road tire that is optimized for the conditions. It has an aggressive tread pattern that delivers quick handling and better traction.

When it comes to performance tires, Arisun XC Plus has what it takes to be the best of the best. With its sporty design, it's not just for race tracks - it's great for off-roading as well.

This is a sporty racing tire optimized for the conditions. This is a rear tire only and is built specifically to provide optimal performance on the rear axle.

This tire features superior traction on rocks and mud while also providing excellent water drainage capabilities. The tire’s high-performance design gives it the ability to provide excellent traction while driving through challenging terrains like sand, snow, and mud.

The XC Plus also has a central rib pattern to prevent damage from rocks and other obstacles when you are riding on muddy roads.

You are getting a tire that is both lightweight and durable and made as a cross country sports racing tire. It uses N3D protection and special nylon on the interior construction to ensure stability and high levels of strength.


  • Provides excellent accuracy on cornering
  • Short distance braking without sliding or losing control
  • Hydroplaning resistance
  • Extra treads for wider road contact


  • Limited sizing and only suitable for the rear axle

This rear tire goes for $79.28 each at Discount Tire.

Arisun Tire Technology

The Arisun Tire technology includes three total layers to create a level of armor that is unmatched when compared to similar competitor designs. The design is unique to provide excellent traction, road comfort, and durability.

Level 1 Extreme Armor

The Level 1 Extreme Armor on Arisun tires is an innovative design made for performance. The first level of defense comes in the form of three specially designed nylon belts, which are placed around the tires.

The company has done away with traditional belt systems, which can rust and become brittle over time. As a result, the manufacturers have developed a polyester-based material that is lightweight and durable. It also provides better traction than other types of rubber or leather alternatives.

Level 3 Extreme Armor

Arisun’s innovation of level 3 extreme armor offers extra protection from damage, punctures, and cuts. This new innovation comes with 2 belts of nylon, a composite sidewall, and Kevlar to give consumers more protection from flats, punctures, and cuts.

The new Level 3 Extreme Armor on Arisun tires combines the best of both worlds, the speed and tread life of an all-season radial with the durability and longevity of a bias ply.

This extreme armor offers superior protection against abrasion damage while maintaining the same high-speed rating as its all-season counterparts.

Level 4 Extreme Armor

This is the latest technology in tire construction that provides protection against punctures, cuts, and abrasion. This level of protection is also achieved by having two layers of reinforced nylon, then the third belt of Aramid, and an added composite material.

The Aramid belt absorbs energy from impacts before it reaches the rest of the tire, while still providing superior grip at all times. The composite material uses laminated protection to provide even more resistance to cuts and punctures.

All three of these layers combine together to make durable, high-strength off-road driving tires.

Arisun Tires Review - Brand Guide

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