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The Yokohama Tornante is designed to deliver a blend of performance and comfort. But does it perform according to expectations? This review has the answers.

The Yokohama Tornante delivers an outstanding blend of all-weather traction, outstanding handling, and top-notch responsiveness. It provides dependable wet and dry traction, solid braking, and outstanding cornering grip. It also delivers a smooth, comfortable, and quiet ride on smooth roads.

In this Yokohama Tornante review, we will take a closer look at its design features and technologies, its performance in different conditions, its ride quality, warranties and guarantees, as well as its pros and cons. By the time you finish going through this review, you will have the answers that you are looking for about this tire.

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About the Yokohama Tornante

The Yokohama Tornante is an all-season touring tire designed for sporty cars, crossover vehicles, sporty sedans and sports coupes.

According to the manufacturer, this tire is engineered to combine the reliability of an all-season touring tire with the sporty handling of a performance tire.

With its design, you can expect it to deliver better handling and responsiveness than an ordinary all-season tire.

At the same time, you can also expect this tire to offer a refined ride and a longer tread life than a performance tire. Simply put, you are getting the best of both worlds.

Also, it’s priced lower than most of its all-season competitors from brands like Continental, Bridgestone and Michelin.

Design Features and Technologies

As noted above, the Yokohama Tornante is engineered to deliver the sporty handling of a performance tire with the reliable performance of an all-season tire. To achieve these objectives, Yokohama has outfitted it with several key features and technologies like:

High-Silica Tread Compound

The Yokohama Tornante comes with an advanced tread compound featuring a combination of orange oil and high silica. According to Yokohama, this tread compound is their most durable.

The utilization of orange oil and high-silica in this tire’s tread compound is designed to boost its flexibility, thus enhancing its traction in wet conditions and colder climates. Also, this combination is designed to reduce the tire’s rolling resistance, resulting in better fuel economy.

Asymmetrical Tread Design

Yokohama has also outfitted this tire with an asymmetrical tread design, featuring wider tread blocks on the outer parts of the tread. This tread design helps to enhance the tire’s dry performance.

Deep Circumferential Grooves

The Yokohama Tornante also comes with four wide and deep circumferential grooves. These grooves play a vital role in evacuating the water from the tire’s tread, resulting in enhanced hydroplaning resistance.

As a result, you can expect this tire to deliver excellent traction in wet or rainy conditions.

3D Adaptive Sipes

Yokohama has further armed this tire with 3D adaptive sipes. So, what exactly is the role of these sipes?

According to Yokohama, these 3D adaptive sipes help to maintain the tire’s biting edges as it wears out. Also, they help to enhance the tire’s grip and traction, especially in wet and wintry conditions.

Cross-Supporting Tread Blocks

As noted earlier, the Yokohama Tornante is designed to deliver confident handling, combined with top-notch steering response.

To this end, Yokohama has equipped it with cross-supporting tread blocks, which play two important roles.

First, these tread blocks help the tire to supply adequate grip in different road conditions. Second, they form a contact patch on the middle part of the tire, thus increasing its contact surface with the road.

Multi-Pitch Variation Technology

Noise can sometimes be a nuisance, especially when you are driving at highway speeds.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about such problems with the Yokohama Tornante. It features Yokohama’s multi-pitch variation technology, which helps to reduce vibrations on the road, resulting in a quiet, smooth and comfortable ride.

Performance in Different Conditions

The Yokohama Tornante is built to deliver a reliable performance across varying conditions and surfaces without compromising on handling, responsiveness and ride quality.

So, does this tire achieve all these objectives? We installed a set of this tire on a Honda Civic, took it for a test ride and made the following observations.

Dry Performance

The Yokohama Tornante is an all-season touring tire. And like other tires in this class, drivers expect it to provide outstanding dry performance. So, is this the case with the Yokohama Tornante, or does it falter?

Without a doubt, the Yokohama Tornante is a dependable and capable performer when it comes to dry pavement.

During our test ride, it delivered immense levels of traction while giving the Honda Civic enhanced stability.

Also, the steering felt confident and precise. And as for its high-speed stability, we can confidently say that it’s at par with some of the premium performance tires on the market.

Furthermore, it also delivered adequate cornering grip, leaving you feeling confident behind the wheel while its braking distances remained fairly short.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the Yokohama Tornante is not a dedicated performance tire. While it may have some sporty inclinations, you should not expect it to deliver the responsiveness, high-speed stability, and accelerating traction found in ultra-high-performance tires.

Wet Performance

The Yokohama Tornante’s wet performance was equally outstanding. It supplied adequate traction on wet pavements while its braking performance was at par with dry roads.

As for handling and steering response, we’ve nothing to complain about this tire. It performed up to expectations.

We encountered no issues when bringing the Civic to a stop at high speeds, even when the pavement was soaking wet.

Also, we comfortably managed to navigate slippery corners at average speeds without experiencing any loss of traction or control.

Overall, the Yokohama Tornante remains one of the best all-season touring tires when it comes to wet surfaces. So, in case you encounter rainy roads or extremely wet surfaces, you can rest assured that this tire will pull your vehicle through effortlessly.

Performance in Snowy Conditions

Unfortunately, we didn’t get an opportunity to test this tire’s performance in icy and snowy conditions.

But based on user experience, drivers who have used this tire in such conditions claim that it can deliver some usable traction in light snowy conditions.

As for heavy snow, drivers have complained that the Yokohama Tornante is always hunting for traction.

Simply put, if you are planning to go on a drive in an area that experiences heavy snowing, then the Yokohama Tornante will disappoint you. Therefore, you should consider outfitting your performance vehicle with proper winter or snow tires.

On the other hand, if your area experiences mild to moderate snow during winter, then the Yokohama Tornante is more than capable of handling such conditions.

Ride Quality

The Yokohama Tornante is a comfortable and refined tire. On our ride home, we didn’t experience any noise coming from the tire.

Also, it glides smoothly over bumps, potholes and other road imperfections, thus delivering a comfortable ride.

However, we noticed some road noise coming from the tires, especially when we were driving at higher speeds.

But overall, as long as you are driving on smooth tarmac and you maintain average speeds, then you are assured of a peaceful, comfortable, calm and smooth driving experience.

Yokohama Tornante Warranties and Guarantees

Yokohama stands behind the Tornante with a workmanship and materials warranty, a treadwear warranty and a 30-day trial warranty.

Workmanship and Materials Warranty

Under this warranty, Yokohama promises to replace your Tornante tire if it becomes unserviceable due to workmanship and materials defects.

Yokohama will replace the tire with a comparable new one free of charge or do it on a prorated adjustment, depending on when the tire becomes unserviceable.

Free Replacement

If your set of Yokohama Tornante tires are removed from service due to workmanship or materials defects during their first 2/32-inch of their original usable tread, Yokohama will replace them with comparable new ones, free of charge.

An authorized Yokohama tire dealer will mount and balance the tires free of charge. However, you will be responsible for other charges like tire rotation and alignment. You will also pay all the tires’ applicable taxes.

Prorated Replacement

If your Yokohama Tornante tire becomes unserviceable due to a covered defect under this warranty outside the free replacement window, Yokohama will replace it on a prorated adjustment.

An authorized Yokohama tire dealer will determine your prorated amount by multiplying the percentage of the original usable tread worn off the Tornante with the tire’s current selling price.

You will also be responsible for the tire’s mounting, balancing, alignment, applicable taxes and other service charges.

Mileage Warranty

The Yokohama Tornante comes with an 85,000-mile treadwear warranty. Under this warranty, if your set of Yokohama Tornante tires wear down to their treadwear indicators without attaining the warranted mileage, Yokohama will replace them.

All the replacements done under this warranty are entirely on a prorated adjustment. Therefore, you will contribute a certain percentage of the tire’s replacement cost.

30-Day Trial Warranty

The Yokohama Tornante is also covered by Yokohama’s 30-day trial warranty. Under this warranty, you have up to 30 days after purchasing the Yokohama Tornante to decide whether to keep your set of tires or not.

If you decide against keeping the tires, you can return them to their original place of purchase, and you will get a full refund.

Yokohama Tornante Pros

  • Excellent wet and dry traction
  • Smooth, quiet and comfortable ride
  • Extended tread life warranty

Yokohama Tornante Cons

  • Poor performance in extremely snowy conditions

Should You Buy the Yokohama Tornante?

The Yokohama Tornante is one of the best performers in its class. It delivers impressive all-season traction and handling, combined with decent ride comfort. And with its reasonable price and an 85,000-mile tread life warranty, you are assured of getting value for your money when you buy this tire.

Yokohama Tornante Tire Review

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