Trailer tires come in handy for anyone looking to tow a heavy-duty vehicle or support larger maximum load capacities for long driving distances.

With such a larger market to serve, there are plenty of big-name brands to consider. We rank Maxxis as the best when it comes to finding a trailer tire. The Maxxis M8008 Radial Trailer Tire is a superior tire compared to competitors with plenty of performance and safety features that are unmatched.

Trailer tires are often a difficult purchase to make. There are many options at your disposal, from the high-end to the cheap. A trailer tire is a tire that is used with a trailer to carry cargo or passengers. We created this guide to make the process easier to find the best options.  

Our industry experts work with a variety of tires and vehicles every day to put together the most comprehensive research available to customers. This guide includes all of the results from testing different trailer tires and identifying the highest-performers. Keep reading to learn about who makes the best trailer tires.

Who Makes The Best Trailer Tires?



Who Makes The Best Trailer Tires?

Trailer tires are typically used for hauling trailers and semi-trailers. They are designed with durability, dependability, and comfort in mind, and they often have fewer moving parts than conventional tires.

The best trailer tires are those that offer the most traction for load capacity as well as overall performance. The best trailer tires also can last longer and provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

Some of the key features to look for in trailer tires include highway stability, tread life, tire construction, and warranty. Consider the important things that make a tire drive long distances easily, this is what you should look for in your trailer tire.

Truck drivers know the difficulties of handling a poor tire. It not only handles poorly on the road but the ride is more uncomfortable and they lose confidence in the vehicle knowing the tire is a below-average product.

By upgrading to the best trailer tire, you can ensure handling is also very safe even when the truck is fully loaded. Finding a tire with an excellent warranty is also a great way to stay protected long-term in case something happens to your tire.

This guide goes into detail about Carlisle, Maxxis, and Trailer King. These are the three best trailer tire brands with broad product ranges and advanced features to make driving better.

Carlisle Trailer Tires

Carlisle has been in business for decades selling truck and trailer tires, with a specialty in creating high-performance products. The company also provides quality customer service for their products so you can be assured to have a smooth transaction with them.

The trailer tire line produced by Carlise includes 8 different products along with wheels made specifically for trailers too. Matching both together is the best way to ensure you can maximize the overall performance on the road.

Their tire designs include both radial tires and bias-ply construction tires with optimized rubber compounds built for better durability. Just about every tire they offer can handle heavy-duty applications and includes a rugged set of grooves for wet and winter conditions.

Carlisle also uses heat and water-resistant rubbers when they design tires with high-tensile steel belts in nearly every design. The objective of these two features is to ensure your tire will never overheat or blow out from a heavy load.

Maxxis Trailer Tires

Maxxis is a well-known tire brand that is extremely popular in North America. The company has a wide variety of tires for all types of vehicles, but most notably it's known for its off-road and trailer tires.

Maxxis uses its own proprietary technology in its trailer tires. The company claims that most tire companies use steel belts as the sole component of their tires.

They put most of the weight on the outside section, which makes it susceptible to damage from rocks, trees, etc. Maxxis uses an inner layer made from Kevlar fibers, which is stronger than steel but also lighter in weight.

Maxxis does only make one primary trailer tire though, but we consider it to be the best one available for all drivers to use. It also comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate plenty of different vehicle types.

The tire designs are made to handle heavy load capacities while increasing tread life too. Maxxis is an innovative brand with advanced technology features that bring its tires to the next level.

Trailer King Trailer Tires

Trailer King is a company with an emphasis on the importance of a tire in a vehicle, especially when it comes to off-road or exotic vehicles. Its line of products includes tires for almost every type of vehicle.

They have a wide variety of products and their trailer tire line uses advanced features and technologies to consistently perform above the competition. They have been a top seller for many years and continue to innovate and improve.

They have a product line with three primary tires that provide high-speed stability, long-term durability, and extreme road comfort on different terrain types. They focus on giving RV enthusiasts the best products possible.

Trailer King is a well-known brand that is used by many different types of people in different industries. Their high-quality ST radials are reliable and their tire treads are designed for better traction, especially if you live in an area with snow or ice.

Trailer King offers a wide range of tires for all types of trailers. They also provide great customer service and a warranty you can rely on.

Best Carlisle Trailer Tires

For many years, Carlisle has been the manufacturer of trailer tires. They are considered as one of the most trusted companies in the industry with plenty of high-performing products to consider.

Carlisle Trailer tires offer superior quality at affordable prices for all types of trailer tires for your next tire upgrade.

1. Carlisle Radial Trail HD

The Carlisle Trail HD is a trailer tire that offers superior grip and balance for those who need it during times when they just can't afford to be off-balance. This tire has a unique design that includes a cross pattern tread, deep siped tread, aggressive center rib, and block construction.

The durable compound construction allows the tire to deliver a high level of puncture protection in a wide variety of conditions. The sidewall profiles are designed to be rugged and resistant to cuts from rocks and other obstacles that may get in the way of your control.

This tire provides the best possible traction along with optimal durability and puncture resistance. It’ll keep you moving in your adventures without worrying about punctures, cuts, or broken rims.

It has a high-performance tread pattern for easy driving on all types of surfaces, including wet or dry roads in both day or night conditions. It also has an exclusive, self-cleaning central rib design, which also protects the vehicle's centerline from damage when taking sharp turns at high speeds.

For those interested, this highly touted tire can be found at SimpleTire for affordable prices with free shipping included on every single order.

2. Carlisle Sport Trail LH

The Carlisle Sport Trail LH tire is a bias-ply construction trailer tire. Its features are designed to provide the best performance in both wet and dry conditions.

This tire is an excellent performer in both wet and dry conditions. It provides impressive traction in all conditions while offering a smooth ride that's comfortable for drivers to enjoy.

This tire is a high-performance tire with an aggressive tread design that is optimized for driving on wet roads. The tire features an open-tread pattern with deep tread lugs that deliver superior grip in wet conditions while offering consistent handling in dry conditions.

The tire is designed to provide better traction without sacrificing on-road performance. Its unique compound lugs allow it to perform on a variety of surfaces and conditions while being durable enough to last a long time.

This tire offers a unique design that allows it to remain stable on any terrain, while also offering a lightweight construction that makes it easy to pedal at high speeds. The reinforced sidewalls make it rugged and sturdy while the supple, rugged tread pattern makes for superior traction on wet surfaces.

It is widely available in different sizes at SimpleTire with prices starting at only $96.96 per tire.

Best Maxxis Trailer Tires

Maxxis is well-known for its innovative technology in tire manufacturing. They are the first in the industry to use silica technology in their tires. This new technology uses smaller rubber particles that result in more tread than traditional methods.

For trailer tires, they offer a single product that leads the market as one of the best overall trailer tires money can buy.

1. Maxxis M8008 Radial Trailer Tire

The Maxxis M8008 Radial Trailer Tire is made of a proprietary rubber compound that combines advanced materials to provide excellent traction, long wear, and puncture resistance without the need for a load-carrying bead. This is the best trailer tire on the market.

The tire offers a step up in performance from its predecessors with an improved tread design for improved wet and dry handling on the road. IT also features two puncture-resistant steel belts placed on either side of the rubber tread.

It has high traction to help it to excel in wet and dry conditions alike. It also can provide more traction on curves and corners than traditional tires do, helping it be more maneuverable and responsive than other types of tires can be.

This is a premium tire designed with a new tread compound that decreases rolling resistance with superior traction and control. It offers the best-in-class performance in dry and wet conditions, providing an undeniable ride quality over all types of terrain.

The tire is designed with a rounder tread pattern and narrower profile to provide shock absorption for a smoother ride. It can be found available at SimpleTire with prices starting under $100 per tire.

Best Trailer King Trailer Tires

Trailer King is a leading trailer tire distributor that has been in business for over a decade. They have developed a reputation for excellence in the industry and their team is always growing.

They have a wide range of products, and we have included two of their best trailer tires to consider for your next tire upgrade.

1. Trailer King ST Radial II

The Trailer King ST Radial II is a high-performance tire designed for the toughest on-road and off-road conditions. Its aggressive tread design works well on slippery surfaces while still providing excellent traction on dry surfaces.

The tire's tread pattern has multiple levels of depth for enhanced traction at all times. This allows the tire to maintain its grip even in wet conditions or on high-friction surfaces.

The King ST Radial II features a radial pattern for improved cornering control and stability, as well as an open body construction for better heat dissipation and reduced rolling resistance. The innovative tread design gives it an unmatched grip on various surfaces.

The enhanced shoulder design includes a wider profile, which gives it better maneuverability and stability, while also carrying a higher load capacity. This allows the tire to handle with much more accuracy.

What makes this tire stand out is its ability to provide superior performance at lower speeds, making it perfect for enthusiast drivers who are looking for maximum control of their vehicle. The exclusive compound also delivers a better grip in wet conditions.

SimpleTire offers this tire in one size, but it can be purchased for an affordable price of only $126.96 per tire with free shipping included.

2. Trailer King Ultra STR

The Trailer King Ultra STR is a wide-treaded trailer tire with a closed tread pattern. It’s designed to be used in all weather conditions and for all types of trailers. It has a high load index and speed rating for heavy-duty applications.

This tire has an extra-wide footprint that provides it with better traction than most tires with a single steel belt. It also has a unique tread pattern that allows for excellent cornering performance.

This tire has an all-steel belted construction that makes it perfect for everything from farm work to hauling heavy loads. The weight capacity is over 4,000 pounds per tire and they require special heavy-duty rims.

The tire design also includes cross rib sipes and grooves that improve wet surface traction. They release biting edges too for winter driving capabilities and enhanced performance in cold weather.

The stone ejectors equipped on this tire will ensure long-term durability. They work with the reinforced sidewall to ensure that you will not experience any damages or punctures to cause a flat tire.

This tire is available at SimpleTire with prices starting at $150.96 per tire.

What Factors To Consider For Trailer Tires

Trailer tires are the lifeline of a truck which allows it to operate on a smooth and stable surface. A trailer tire with low wear and tear is important for the long-term effectiveness of a truck.

There are a variety of different factors you should consider before deciding what the best trailer tire for you is. Some of these factors include the tire load capacity, durability, sidewall construction, and tire type.

Each of these factors will play a role in how well the trailer tire performs on the road and whether it is a reliable option to consider.

Load Capacity

All tires intended for road use come with a load range or maximum load capacity included indicating exactly how much weight the tire can handle. Trailer tires list this information differently and it is done using letters like B, C, D, or E. The letter equals a specific weight a tire could handle.

If you fail to understand the load capacity of a tire, you run the risk of overloading it or buying the wrong tire for your vehicle. You need to include the amount of weight the trailer will carry too to determine if a tire is reliable enough.


Tire durability is one of the most important things to consider for every driver of all vehicle types because an unreliable tire can present serious problems. The same goes for trailer tires considering they are used for long distances and need to provide excellent stability.

Trailers are expensive to buy and maintain, so the durability of the tires is key. This makes it imperative for users to choose the best type of tire that will last for a long time. By finding a long-lasting trailer tire, you can save plenty of time and money in the future.

Sidewall Construction

Sidewall construction is the only protection that provides you with a strong and durable tire. It's also the only protection that can prevent your trailer tire from rolling off the trailer during transport.

The sidewall is the tire’s main casing. It not only provides stability and traction on the ground but also protects the tire from puncture. This is especially true with a trailer tire that supports more weight and drives farther distances than a traditional tire.

Finding a tire with a high-strength sidewall construction will eliminate the risks of random flats or tire damages that could disrupt your driving.

Tire Design

There are two main types of trailer tires. These two types are radial trailer tires and bias trailer tires. The primary difference between each of these tires is the way they are constructed and how it impacts their driving ability.

You should learn more about these tire types and determine what the best one for you and your vehicle is before purchasing a trailer tire.

Ply Rating

The ply rating is a measurement standard for tires that indicates the number of plies in the tire. A lower number means it uses less rubber to build up its basic structure. This makes it more affordable and also provides better wear and tear over time than high-rated tires that use more rubber material.

The ply rating refers to how many layers, or plies, had been used in the tire's construction. For trailer tires, this is extremely important because they tow heavier loads and need added strength for durability.

Radial Tires vs. Bias-Ply Tires: What’s Better?

Radial and bias-ply tires both have their own strengths and weaknesses so it depends on what you want to use your car for and what type of tire is more suitable for you. It all comes down to what kind of vehicle you want to use them in and the type of traction you need for your vehicle.

Bias-ply tires travel at higher speeds for a shorter distance than radial tires. Radial tires use longer, thinner cords that dissipate heat better, which allows the tire to go faster and farther without overheating.

Both tire types are popular designs for the trailer tire market. They are durable and perform at high levels, but you might be wondering what is the best overall choice for you. This depends entirely on your vehicle and driving needs.

A bias-ply design is more flexible. This means it goes off-road well while maintaining accuracy and strength with the sidewall flex. However, the radial tire is the higher-performing product when put to use.

The radial tire is more expensive than the bias-ply because it has a flatter design which provides less resistance when turning and helps make for easier steering at low speeds and when cornering in tight spaces.

How To Make Your Trailer Tires Last Longer?

Tires can be a big expense so it’s important to make sure they last as long as possible. There are many ways to do this such as keeping them clean and airing them out regularly.

The most important thing for longevity is keeping the outside of the tires clean. The rubber will dry and crack which will lead to a loss of traction and ultimately, tire failure.

There are a few key steps you can take to ensure you get the longest possible tread life from your trailer tires while also remaining safer on the road.

1. Maintain Proper Inflation Level

If you take care of your trailer tires, for example by keeping them inflated and clean, they will last longer. This is because the rubber in each tire expands slightly when it gets hot, which can make it easier for your tire to slide on the road.

When you maintain proper PSI and inflation levels, your trailer tires will last longer. If not properly maintained, tire pressure could become too low and eventually lead to underinflation.

Driving on underinflated tires puts more pressure on your wheels to do the work and wears down the rubber compounds in the tire. Eventually, it will cost the tire to blow out and put you at risk.

2. Never Overload Your Tires

If you keep your trailer tires under the maximum load capacity, they will last longer. This means that you will not waste time and money on replacing them as often.

If you are unsure of how much weight is on your trailer, it is best to contact a professional to do the calculations for you. However, some general guidelines can help you figure out if your load capacity is over or under the maximum.

Trailer tires can easily be overloaded and that will lead to premature tire wear and possible damage to the sidewalls. The load capacity of a trailer tire is usually specified by stamped on its sidewalls and this load capacity must be adhered to.

3. Check Tires Regularly

You must know how long your trailer tires will last because there are many things you can do to prolong their lifespan. This includes regular checks to see how the tires are doing along with repairs, rotations, and rebalancing the tires if needed.

The most important thing is to check tread depth with a good gauge before every trip so you know what your tire can handle and avoid hitting bumps or getting stuck in snow or mud.

Many people underestimate the importance of checking their trailer tires frequently. But this is a necessary step because tire wear can cause different problems such as buckling, vibration, and uneven tread.

Verdict: What’s The Best Trailer Tire?

The Maxxis M8008 radial trailer tire is the best overall trailer tire since it was introduced to the market. It has a strong sidewall, which provides better traction and a smoother ride for extreme road comfort.

It ranks ahead of all competitors in many key categories, including tread life making it a no-brainer choice for anybody looking to upgrade to a new trailer tire. It also has a multi-rib, radial construction that offers superior traction in all conditions.

The M8008 is known for being durable and long-lasting. This tire can handle high-pressure situations as well as just about anything out there including rain, snow, mud, or sand conditions.

However, the other tires listed in this guide are also excellent choices. They will provide plenty of performance and safety on the road and keep you driving for many miles without any issues to report.


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