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If you are in the market for a tonneau cover, you have likely heard about Rough Country. But you may also be curious who makes these covers?

Finding a quality tonneau cover is not easy and many of the top brands are not even responsible for manufacturing their own products. The same is true for Rough Country along with many other competitors.

Rugged Liner makes Rough Country tonneau covers, but you should not expect the same quality when comparing the two brands. Rough Country covers are a budget option with less advanced features than the Rugged Liner tonneau covers.

The Rough Country Tonneau cover is a popular option for truck owners who want to protect their cargo from the elements. They also have other options like the tonneau cover, bed rails, and pickup bed covers. Despite the brand name, products like tonneau covers are not always made by that brand and we will explain more about that in this guide.

We have done the research and compared the different products on the market to figure out who makes the Rough Country tonneau covers. They do not advertise this, but with the right research and some industry knowledge it can be determined this is the case.

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Who Makes Rough Country Tonneau Cover?

Rough Country tonneau covers are some of the best in the business regarding protecting your truck bed. They are made of heavy-duty materials, and offer various features to give your truck a custom look.

Rough Country is known for its rugged design, high-quality materials, and excellent customer service. The company also offers a lifetime warranty on all its products.

But you would be interested to know they do not manufacture their tonneau covers. Instead, Rugged Liner is the manufacturer, and Rough Country sells these unique products under their brand.

Rough Country is owned by Heckethorn Products Inc. TSG Consumer Partners also recently acquired a majority stake in the country, so the future of their manufacturing could change.

This is common in the industry, but it makes you wonder more about Rugged Liner and what they offer. How do the products compare?

Who Is Rugged Liner?

Rugged Liner is a popular and successful manufacturer and distributor of OEM truck accessories. They began this journey in 1995 and have grown to a top brand in the industry.

In 2016, they joined the Truck Hero, Inc. portfolio and became a subsidiary of this massive truck and automotive parts brand.

Rugged Liner builds some impressive accessories and they make some of the best tonneau covers too. They even have many tonneau cover options with LEDs installed.

The Rugged Liner tonneau cover is one of the most impressive tonneau covers on the market. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and has been tested to endure almost any type of weather condition.

Types Of Rough Country Tonneau Covers

Rough Country tonneau covers are used by people who want to protect their truck bed from dings and dents while transporting goods in the back.

They can also be used as an extra layer of protection when carrying something heavy or going off-road. There are a few types of tonneau covers they offer to customers.

Hard Folding Cover

The hard folding tonneau cover is the premium option for truck drivers opting for a Rough Country product. They are highly versatile and provide excellent truck bed access.

This is because they fold open easily with multiple panels. You will spend around $700 when buying one from Rough Country.

Soft Folding Cover

Rough Country's features include a patented design that offers a smooth surface that is easy to clean, has a soft touch finish that is resistant to scratching, and includes an integrated locking system.

The soft folding cover is a more affordable option compared to the hard folding option. But you can expect less durability and truck bed security.

Low Profile Cover

A low profile tonneau cover is designed to protect the truck bed from damage and keep the cargo secure.

The covers are typically made of steel or aluminum and have a high-grade finish for durability. Rough Country sells hard low profile covers that provide excellent durability.

The benefits of low profile tonneau covers include increased visibility, increased fuel efficiency, reduced wind noise, and increased safety for the driver and passengers.

Retractable Cover

If you are willing to pay a premium, the retractable tonneau cover by Rough Country is an incredible accessory for your truck.

It comes with high strength and improved durability. It also requires minimal effort to open and close and they are extremely aerodynamic.

The number one thing about this cover is the improved impact resistance too. This means it will hold more weight on the surface and avoid dents or scratches.

Roll-Up Cover

The roll-up cover is typically the cheapest option and it can be quite a hassle to open and close. Anybody who uses their truck bed often should avoid this cover.

You must physically roll open the cover when you need to get into the back of your truck. They have less durability and lower weight capacity too.

Rough Country Vs. Rugged Liner Tonneau Covers

Despite the fact that Rugged Liner makes both covers, they are still two different products.

Rough Country covers are made of heavy duty materials that provide a more rugged look. They also have a more aggressive design.

Rugged Liners are designed to resist scratches, dents, bumps, and other types of damage. The most notable upgrade with a Rugged Liner cover is the included LEDs on the exterior.

They also cost a bit more so if you are shopping on a budget, you will say money buying from Rough Country instead.

Both of these brands sell covers that are designed to protect your truck bed from damage while still providing the ability to easily access your cargo.

Rugged Liner's features include a durable powder-coat finish with an aggressive texture for enhanced traction on any surface. They also offer improved fuel efficiency with its aerodynamic design that reduces wind resistance.

You can feel comfortable with both options, but if you prefer the best quality with more features then Rugged Liner is the superior option.

Who Makes Rough Country Tonneau Cover?

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