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If you are looking for a new truck bed cover, you can consider Lomax but first, you should know who makes Lomax tonneau covers before buying.

The worst thing you could do is equip an unreliable tonneau cover to your truck bed. This could lead to leaks, damages, or poor support that results in equipment in your truck or your actual truck bed getting ruined.

Lomax tonneau covers are highly reliable because they are made by a big brand like Agri-Cover, Inc. This is a company with decades of product experience in the industry building high-quality products in North Dakota. They use the best technologies in these cover designs to satisfy customers too.

Lomax tonneau covers have made it possible for truck enthusiasts to customize their trucks with new designs and colors. It allows them to show off their creativity while keeping them safe from the elements. This guide explains more about who makes Lomax tonneau covers and why this is important.

Testing these products requires a strong understanding of the brands and what you need to look for when doing so. We have worked closely with Agri-Cover, Inc. to learn more about their history and the science behind the products they design.

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Who Makes Lomax Tonneau Covers?

Lomax is one of the leading tonneau covers in the industry with two products that compete at the highest level. They are known for the high-quality material used to make their products and the sleek exterior finish they provide to your truck bed.

Agri-Cover, Inc. is the designer and manufacturer behind the genius of Lomax tonneau covers. They develop them with premium materials right here in the United States using state-of-the-art technology to serve customers.

Lomax and Agri-Cover have been able to maintain this success due to their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Lomax covers are all hardcover options with folding designs and dark matte finishes.

Agri-Cover was founded in 1981 with a dedication to building more reliable products for your trucks. It wasn't until 2016 that they invented Lomax and the relevant covers that are branded this way.

Where Are Lomax Tonneau Covers Made?

Lomax tonneau covers are made in North Dakota where Agri-Cover has its headquarters. It is known that products made in the USA tend to be of higher quality and this theory holds when discussing Lomax and the tonneau cover industry.

Agri-Cover, Inc. also has other brands like Access, Adarac, Snowsport, and Rockstar. They make all types of covers and truck bed accessories for these brands including Lomax at the Jamestown, North Dakota factory.

The benefit of combining these brands into one factory is the ability to merge technologies to build better products. You can count on Lomax and Agri-Cover to deliver a high-quality product to improve the look and performance of your truck.

Lomax Tonneau Cover Features

Lomax covers specializes in providing high-quality truck bed cover products for pickup trucks. They are made from durable materials like steel or aluminum that can resist rusting and fading overtime during extended use.

These covers are so highly rated because of a few distinct features included in their design. With their industry experience, Agri-Cover understands what it takes to make the most reliable tonneau covers.

Automatic Dual Locking System

Lomax tonneau covers provide a simple and convenient way to secure your load. It also can keep children or animals from opening the cover, which is important for keeping them safe.

The system is designed with the utmost convenience in mind. It is highly reliable and easy to use. The dual locking system prevents unwanted entry while ensuring that your load remains safe and secure.

Weather-tight Seal

The weather-tight seal of this cover is extremely essential for keeping your truck bed safe and secure from rain. The Lomax brand only makes hardcovers that provide much better water-repelling and weather resistance capabilities.

This design includes an overlap capability with the bed rails, so water can never get through or leak into the truck bed and ruin your cargo.

Lightweight Design

Lomax tonneau covers are made from high-quality aluminum that is corrosion resistant and will not crack over time. They are also designed to resist scratches, dents, and dings from all off-road conditions for maximum durability.

This design is extremely long-lasting while remaining lightweight. This makes it easier to install the covers or remove them and put them into storage when they are not in use.

Types Of Lomax Tonneau Covers

Lomax covers come in three different types that are all highly effective in keeping your truck bed secured well. With a variety of styles and sizes, you can consider getting the Folding hardcover, Professional Series cover, and the Stance hardcover.

Folding Hard Cover

The Lomax Folding Hard Cover is a preferred choice for larger trucks because the tri-fold design gives you easier truck bed access. It also comes with 2 finishes to ensure better durability and the pull latches allow you to lock and unlock the bed quickly.

It also has an excellent weight capacity of over 400 pounds to accommodate any hauling needs you might have. This also includes a low-profile design to better fit your truck the way you like.

Professional Series Cover

The Professional Series Cover is a folding cover with a durable matter and diamond plate exterior finish. This allows for better durability from the truck bed cover to keep cargo safe and secure while riding from weather and debris.

Stance Hard Cover

The Lomax Stance Hard Cover is a well-designed, high-quality product that is perfect for any truck. It has been made with the needs of the modern truck in mind and it can be used on any type of vehicle.

The design of this tonneau cover allows it to be used on all types of vehicles and it has been made with the needs of the modern truck in mind. The aluminum panels and waterproof seal helps with repelling water from leaking into your truck bed too.

Are Lomax Tonneau Covers Worth It?

Lomax is one of the most popular truck bed and tonneau cover brands in the market. They are designed to protect your truck bed from dirt, debris, and water. However, they are not cheap with some premium pricing of over $1,000 for each cover type.

Whether this is in your budget or not, Lomax is certainly worth the investment because of how long the covers will last for you. They can fit on most truck types and handle extreme weather or off-road driving well too.

Who Makes Lomax Tonneau Covers?

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