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As a Ford pickup truck owner, you will likely need a reliable tonneau cover. But who makes Ford tonneau covers, and are they worth it?

Finding a reliable cover made by a top manufacturer can be difficult, and the wrong product can provide imperfect results. Instead, you can learn about Ford and who makes these tonneau covers to find a durable cover.

Ford does not make tonneau covers. Instead, they work with third-party brands and manufacturers to sell covers to Ford truck owners. Some of these brands include Undercover, Advantage, and Retrax along with other tonneau cover companies under the THI Corp. umbrella.

Many factors impact your purchasing decision when looking at Ford tonneau covers, including who makes them. It is important to know more about the manufacturer to understand whether you are getting the most effective and durable cover. This guide explains more about Ford trucks and who makes Ford tonneau covers.

We have spent time digging deep into the history of Ford vehicle accessories and the accessory website to better understand who makes these tonneau covers. Once we found the brands they worked with, we also researched them individually to understand which are the best options to use.

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Who Makes Ford Tonneau Covers?

Ford is unlike any other brand, and they will tell you exactly who makes the cover they are selling you. When shopping on the Ford accessory website, you can click on each tonneau cover and see who makes it.

And by scrolling through this page for a while, you will see they work closely with some of the most famous names in the industry.

To list a few, they have covers made by UnderCover, Advantage, and Retrax. THI Corp. owns these names, and Ford has a close relationship with this brand.

THI Corp. also owns BAK, Extang, TruXedo, BedRug, IIRC, and  Roll N Lock. This gives Ford access to almost every major player in the tonneau cover industry.

They also make highly versatile trucks, and many brands have covers that will work well on most Ford trucks.

What’s The Best Ford Tonneau Cover?

There are a few primary brands you will see on the Ford tonneau cover accessory website. This includes Undercover, Advantage, and Retrax..


Undercover specializes in two types of tonneau covers. These are the hard folding tonneau and a one-piece hard surface cover, both include extremely durable materials.

We love what Undercover can offer and all covers use a lightweight ABS polymer plastic for extra strength. They also include battery powered LED interior lights for easier use at night.

Many of the one piece Undercover tonneaus also come with a stainless steel lock and a set of quick release struts. This makes it much more secure and reliable to store valuables in the back of your Ford pickup.


Advantage specializes in hard folding tonneau covers for Ford trucks. These covers have excellent locking and safety features that make them one of the most secure covers you can find.

They also have a quick release latching system and synthetic hinges to hold up extremely well in difficult weather. This allows for faster opening and closing too.


Retrax provides a few different tonneau cover types, but the retractable option is the most impressive worth mentioning.

This cover is easy to install with no drilling needed. There is also a pop up handle and a spiral track system that allows for a seamless fit on your truck with a heavy-duty aluminum construction.

Does Ford Make Tonneau Covers?

Ford approaches the entire vehicle accessory market differently than competing manufacturers in the industry. Rather than produce their tonneau covers, they partner with already established brands.

By doing so, they have built a market around their long list of trucks, so some of the best brands make covers specifically for them. But there is no Ford-brand tonneau cover available.

Ford lists all of these covers on their accessory website, so getting them is not an issue either.

This is a different approach because the way competitors do things involves branding the covers to represent that brand. Ford does not bother doing this, allowing for more tonneau cover brands exposure.

What Type Of Tonneau Covers Can You Use For A Ford?

Ford is a popular brand that has been around for a long time. It is one of the most recognized car brands in the world.

Because of this popularity, you will find a wide range of tonneau cover options to match these trucks.

Knowing which type of truck bed you need is important to make an informed decision.  Below we have listed the four types you should consider.

Soft Roll-Up Covers

A soft roll up tonneau cover is a type of truck bed cover that can be rolled up or down on the truck bed. They tend to be cheaper and less durable but provide excellent truck bed access.

Soft roll up tonneau covers are a great way to protect your truck from the elements and dirt you are not using. It is worth noting that they won’t hold up in difficult weather conditions like rain or snow either.

Retractable Covers

A retractable tonneau cover is typically made of canvas and plastic, and it provides a protective barrier between the cargo in the truck bed and the elements outside.

The best ones have a locking mechanism to make sure they stay in place and won't fly up while driving. Because they can open with ease and are extremely durable, you expect to pay a higher price too.

They have superior impact resistance when compared to other tonneau cover types too. This allows you to even put cargo on top of the cover without any damage occurring.

Hard Folding Covers

The hard folding tonneau covers are becoming popular because they provide protection against theft and weather. They also allow for easy loading and unloading of cargo.

This cover folds down from the back of the truck bed. These covers are typically made of steel or aluminum, and are designed to protect against theft and weather.

Hard folding covers can be easily loaded with cargo by pulling them over the top of your vehicle's bed, then lowering them into place when you're ready to load or unload items.

Hard Roll Up Covers

The hard rolling tonneau cover has been around for a long time and can be found on trucks from various manufacturers.

It has been used for many purposes, including carrying cargo and protecting the contents from weather elements. They tend to be a bit more of a hassle to open and close regularly.

A hard rolling tonneau cover is designed to be rolled up like a tarp or canvas, but it is made out of metal or plastic instead.

This cover also includes tie downs and locks to secure items in place during transport.

How Do Ford Tonneau Covers Compare?

Because Ford does not have any branded tonneau covers, you don’t have one specific product to compare to others. But they work with THI Corp., so we can compare these covers to competitors instead.

Rugged Liner

The Rugged Liner tonneau cover is a popular choice for truck owners looking to protect their truck bed from the elements.

They have multiple cover types made of heavy-duty materials and come with a lifetime warranty. It is also easy to install and fits most pickup trucks as well as SUVs.

You can expect to pay significantly less for Rugged Liner covers as well. They do not have the same type of quality or durability as any of the Ford covers.


The Lomax tonneau cover is designed to prevent the cargo area of your truck from getting wet. The cover is made out of polyester and has a black matte finish.

Lomax only has a few covers to choose from. The company also offers a limited lifetime warranty on this product.

We would not consider this a good choice for any Ford drivers. They are excellent quality but you have limited size and design options.

Who Makes Ford Tonneau Covers?

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