Key Takeaways

  • Giti Tires makes Dextero Tires at a research and development center in South Carolina.
  • Giti Tires is a global tire manufacturer with headquarters based out of Singapore.
  • Giti Tires North American headquarters are in California.
  • Giti Tires makes many popular brand named tires, some you are probably familiar with.
  • The DTR1 tire is Dextero’s most popular tire.

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Dextero Tires are tires built for heavier vehicles such as light trucks and SUVs. But who makes Dextero Tires?

Giti Tires makes Dextero tires at the research and development center in South Carolina. Giti Tires is a tire manufacturing company based out of Singapore with branches spread all throughout the globe. Dextero tires are only sold at Walmart locations.

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Dextero Tires

Dextero tires are tires made for specific use by Walmart only. Dextero brand is a private label brand made for Walmart. Dextero tires are made for CUVs and SUVs. Dextero also makes all terrain tires built for light trucks and pick up trucks.

Plainly put, Dextero tire prides itself on manufacturing tires built for heavy vehicles such as light trucks, SUVs, and other crossover vehicles. The tires offer a quiet and comfortable ride and sport durability unmatched in the price category compared to any other tire manufacturer.

Dextero makes an all season tire built for trucks as well. Dextero tire company is not actually real. Dextero is just a brand of tire built by another company.

Dextero tires have gained popularity in the last five years since they are durable and affordable. Dextero tires is a brand known for producing high quality tires at an affordable price point.

Dextero tires offer a smooth and comfortable ride while also delivering excellent performance. Dextero tires are also very durable. The tire brand uses high quality materials and advanced manufacturing process that creates tires that can withstand even the toughest of conditions.

Dextero tires also provide superior braking and handling which will help prevent accidents while keeping you safe on the road. Whether you’re driving in wet or dry conditions, Dextero tires are designed to provide maximum safety and reliability.

Who Makes Dextero Tires?

A Singaporian company called Giti, pronounced GEE-TEE, manufactures and makes Dextero tires.

While the headquarter of Giti tires is in Singapore, they have plants all throughout the globe. And the plant that manufactures Dextero tires is based in South Carolina. Giti has been in business for over 65 years and is the biggest tire company you’ve never heard of.

Giti has 8 manufacturing facilities around the world, 5 research and development centers, and 33,000 employees globally. Giti tires operate in over 130 different countries and are in over 70,000 points of sale.

In 2017, Giti tires opened up a US based plant in Chester County, South Carolina. Dextero brand is made in the Chester County location. The whole plan for the South Carolina plant was so Giti can officially say the tires they produce are made and manufactured in the United States.

The South Carolina plant allows Giti Tires to be more responsive to the American market. From the design all the way to the release, Giti tires are now made and manufactured within the United States because of the Chester County plant.

Although Giti tires manufacture tires in the United States, they are still a global tire company. At the United States manufacturing plant lives a research and development center owned by Giti.

Testing facilities on site allow Giti to maintain its position as one of the worlds largest tire companies and allows the company to continue to produce a high quality tire for passenger cars and light trucks.

Giti research and development centers have some of the most advanced automated systems in the world, which allows the company to produce high quality tires that compete with the tire market on a global level.

Giti Tires History

Giti tires was founded in 1951 and originally made bicycle tires. After much research and development the company expanded into the automobile tire market.

In 1993 Giti expanded its operations to China and opened up its first plant in the city of Anhui.

Within a short time frame from the opening of the plant in Anhui, Giti Tires expanded its market share by opening up plants in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the United States.

In 2004, Giti Tire established its North American headquarters in California. Giti Tires North American division offers three different tire brands to the general public. Those three brands are Dextero, GT Radial, and Primewell.

DTR1 Tire

Dextero makes the all season tire called the Dextero touring DTR1.

The DTR1 is designed for passenger and cross over vehicles. The DTR1 delivers all season performance with precise handling and control in wet and dry conditions. DTR1’s come with a 45,000 mile warranty.

I’ve seen DRT1 reviews from customers and all customers seem to love the tire. They offer lots of ride comfort and tread life. Where other tire manufacturers fall short, DRT1’s seem to make up the difference.

The DRT1’s offer off road traction, wet traction, and are all season tires that are touring tires. Touring tires mean they are built for long drives at highway speeds. The DRT1’s are a great addition to any vehicle whether it's a crossover vehicle, SUV, or passenger light truck.

Where Can You Buy Dextero’s?

The only place you can purchase Dextero tires is Walmart.

Dexteros are not available at any other retailers such as Pep Boys or Firestone. This is because Dexteros are only available at Walmart. If you wish to purchase Dextero tires, you must purchase them at Walmart.

Only Walmart sells Dextero tires because of the contract they have with Giti tires, so if you are in the market for Dextero tires, look to Walmart to fulfill your tire needs.

What Other Tires Does Giti Make?

Giti Tires is a global tire manufacturer not only of Dextero but many other tire brands. Giti tire brands stock the shelves of a local tire shop near you.

As stated before in this article, Giti tires is the largest tire manufacturer you’ve never heard of. Well you may be shocked to find out that Giti tires make some of the most popular tire brands in the US market.

For example, Giti tires make Primewell Tires, GT Radial Tires, Runway Tires, and Dextero Tires. At our tire shop, these tires line the walls and Giti isn’t even in the name of any of these popular tires.

Primewell Tires are some of the most affordable and popular tires on the US market today.

Giti tires is a global company with many different tire brands.

Who Makes Dextero Tires?

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