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Ford's hotly anticipated F-150 Lightning is going to be popular with customers seeking electric trucks. But when will a Lightning be available for you?

The production and sale of a totally new vehicle can take a while. In the case of the Ford F150, it has been a long, but worthwhile wait with ordering and production.

The Ford F-150 Lightning is currently on sale. The issue might be finding one at your local dealer. Even with production working as expected, the demand is creeping up with higher gas prices. In some cases, delivery has begun as of early summer of 2022. You should look forward to yours soon too.

We'll talk about how you can get your hands on a Ford F-150 Lightning and a bit about the timeline between announcement, production, and when you can get in the front seat. Ford did a good job of building up some excitement for the F-150 Lightning without making wanting customers wait too long for the truck to actually show up.

We've helped order cars before – and know what it feels like to feel like you are waiting forever for a new truck. That might not be the case with the new Ford F-150 Lightning.

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When was the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning announced?

The first official announcement that Ford was building an all electric pickup came during the 2019 Detroit Auto Show in January of 2019. While it wasn't a public concept yet, the Lightning was first publicly revealed in May of 2021, not far in advance of when production actually started.

Did many people pre-order the F-150 Lightning?

200,000 people reserved their Lightning F-150. This doesn't quite mean that they bought one yet – they signed up for the option to customize and receive one first, but didn't have to pay or connect to a dealer during that time frame. The numbers are relatively low because Ford did require a refundable deposit up front.

How many Ford F-150 Lightnings is Ford hoping to produce in 2022?

Ford is hoping to ramp up production to 150,000 F-150 Lightings by the end of 2022, and expects to make significantly more in years following. They want to make 2 million electric vehicles per year starting by 2026. As you can see from the above question, some will want be waiting a little while since the preorders are higher than the first year's production.

How far can the F-150 Lightning go on a charge?

The answer depends on the trim level: The extended range options can travel up to 320 miles, but those are mostly reserved for fleet level models. The XLT and Lariat both have extended range batteries that can run for 320 miles while standard ranges are 230.

Note that these ranges are with optimal conditions and no towing. Towing will reduce the range.

Can I get a Ford F-150 lightning on the lot right now?

While the answer as of July 2022 is probably a no – you should check with a local dealer anyway. Why? While Ford F-150 Lightning production isn't expected to outpace preorders for at least the rest of the year, that doesn't mean that every person who was eagerly anticipating the truck is able to take delivery right away. Some dealers might also have inventory that wasn't assigned to anyone in particular.

We would suggest reaching out to local dealers and checking listing websites to see who has any available. While many are pre-orders, it is worth reaching out in the event that some are not – or that you can find out just how soon that particular dealer can get an F-150 Lightning. The dealer might not know to be honest – but you can at least ask!

How much is a Ford F-150 lightning?

The basic models with standard range batteries start at around $40000. When upgraded to their Lariat or higher models and an extended range battery, you can expect to start paying nearly $80,000. While this is more expensive than a traditional gas powered Ford F-150, it might be worth the price to pay, especially for drivers who don't tow all that much and can always get the greatest range out of their F-150 Lightning. Living in an area with cheaper electricity and charging your F-150 during non-peak hours might also help you save a few dollars.

Is Ford developing other electric vehicles?

As noted a bit earlier, Ford wants to have 2 million electric vehicles produced in a few years – and that means they will surely introduce new electric models, including different sizes of pickup truck like the Maverick and Ranger. The Maverick is already partially powered by an electric motor that assists the 2.5-liter four cylinder engine, so we could expect time and research to push this Maverick to all electric soon too.

How much will it cost to charge an F-150 lightning?

The answer will of course vary based on your region and the time you charge your truck, but the answer according to Inside Evs has so far been about $1,100 per year. Honestly, compared to driving your Ford F-150 to the gas station and paying at least $80 for a fill up, that sounds pretty nice! The backend question off how much pollution and carbon is produced by power plants is worthy of another non priced related discussion.

The F-150 Lightning will also take a bit longer than filling up your tank. With a high speed charger, your Lightning will take 44 minutes to get up to about 80%, noting that you don't need a complete 100% charge every time you hit the road. Charging in intervals when you have time is not only allowed – it should be encouraged to make the most of your grid and own availability.

When Does The F150 Lightning Go On Sale?

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