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  • Turnpike trailer tires are highly reliable
  • Turnpike trailer tires can comfortably handle heavy towing
  • Turnpike trailer tires don’t wear out or fail prematurely

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Turnpike is a U.S-based manufacturer of trailer and commercial tires. But are its trailer tires any good? Our Turnpike trailer tires review has the answers.

Turnpike trailer tires are worth the money. They are made using high-quality materials and engineered using the latest technologies, making them durable. In addition, these tires have higher load capacities, making them ideal for hauling heavy loads. Furthermore, they are fuel-efficient.

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You need to ensure you are properly and adequately equipped for the job whenever you are towing. You will need to make sure you have the right towing vehicle, the right trailer as well as the right towing gear. Also, you need to ensure you have the tires on your trailer are the right ones for the job.

Whether you are towing a boat trailer, a fifth wheel, utility trailer, livestock trailer, camper or any other type of trailer, selecting the right set of tires for your trailer will help you to tow safely and effectively. Also, the right set of trailer tires will ease the strain and stress off your towing vehicle.

The problem is that each manufacturer of trailer towers claims that its tires deliver the best towing performance. As a result, choosing the right trailer tires has proven to be quite a challenge for most people.

In light of this, we have been reviewing the different trailer tires out there, to help make the buying process easier for consumers. And today, we will take a closer look at Turnpike trailer tires.

About Turnpike Trailer Tires

Turnpike is a U.S-based manufacturer of trailer tires. It’s a subsidiary of another U.S-based company known as Parrish Tire, which was launched in 1946. Parrish Tire started as a single-location store in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Since its inception, Parrish Tire has grown and expanded considerably. Today, the company has grown to eight retail outlets, seven commercial truck tire service centers, as well as two Bandag retread plants. It has more than 300 employees across its different locations.

Also, its wholesale division operates various distribution centers spread across North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio and Virginia. Thanks to these strategically located distribution centers, Turnpike is able to service the eastern and southeastern regions.

In 2016, Parrish celebrated its 70th birthday. And as much as this company has been in business for more than 70 years, it has stuck by the same principles, which are treating its customers with the utmost respect and its employees as family.

As you can see, Turnpike Trailer tires come from a strong solid brand. Therefore, you can be confident that you are buying your set of trailer tires from a reputable and trustworthy brand.

Top Turnpike Trailer Tires

Turnpike manufactures a wide range of commercial tires and trailer tires. But today, we will focus on its selection of trailer tires. Some of this company’s most popular trailer tire models include:

Turnpike ST215

The Turnpike ST215 is a trailer tire specifically built for heavy towing applications. You can use this tire for towing a wide range of trailers such as boat trailers, livestock trailers, and campers, just to name a few.


The ST215 is a 10-ply-rated trailer tire. Ten ply-rated trailer tires are renowned for their outstanding handling, fuel economy, and robust construction. Also, 10-ply-rated tires deliver better towing and hauling performances, since they can withstand heavier loads. Also, these tires may last longer when used in the above applications. And, you can also expect the ST215 to come with these benefits.

The ST215 also features radial construction. Radial tires deliver better road contact, lower fuel consumption, as well as better resistance to tread-related damage. Also, radial tires generate less heat, even when the vehicle is moving at higher speeds. And, high heat generation is one of the causes of blowouts in trailer tires. So, with the ST215, you can tow with it even at higher speeds without having to worry about belt separation or blowouts.

Unlike some of the other trailer tires out there, the ST215 comes with a tubeless design. With a tubeless tire, you won’t have to worry about things like punctures. Also, tubeless tires are lightweight, compared to their standard counterparts. And this translates to better fuel economy for your towing vehicle.


Trailer tires have a reputation for blowing out when subjected to heavy loads. But, this doesn’t appear to be the case with the ST215, thanks to its robust construction. Also, it’s a tubeless trailer tire, which means you no longer have to worry about punctures. Overall, it comes as a great choice for someone who needs a reliable trailer tire.

Turnpike S900

The S900 is yet another best-selling Turnpike trailer tire. It’s designed for high speed and heavy towing applications. According to Turnpike, this tire is built to deliver outstanding traction and excellent braking performance. You can use this tire either for front or rear wheels, based on your needs.


The S900 is a 16-ply trailer tire. And, 16-ply tires can haul heavier-than-average loads. So, if you frequently tow extremely heavy loads with your trailer and you are looking for a tire that can accommodate your towing needs, then the S900 may be just what you need.

Turnpike has also outfitted this tire with four longitudinal grooves. The longitudinal grooves on this tire are intended to promote faster evacuation of water from the tread to minimize the issue of hydroplaning. So, this tire will help you to maintain safe and effective towing, even in heavy rain conditions.


If you do heavy towing and hauling, then you will need a trailer tire that’s up to the task. And, the S900 looks like it has been specifically built for that. Based on the reviews that I’ve read regarding this tire, it delivers as expected.

Turnpike S650

The Turnpike S650 is a trailer tire designed for heavy, long hauls. According to Turnpike, the S650 is a lightweight trailer tire built for minimum rolling resistance and maximum fuel efficiency.


The S650 is a 14-ply-rated trailer tire. It has a load index of up to 146, meaning it can handle heavier loads. As you can see, it has been built for heavy towing and hauling applications.

Similar to other trailer tires from this brand, the S650 also has tubeless construction. Thanks to this construction, you can use this trailer tire for off-road trailing and towing. And, you won’t have to worry about getting a puncture even in such rugged terrains and conditions.

The S650 is also EPA SmartWay certified. So, what does EPA SmartWay certification mean? Well, if a tire is EPA SmartWay certified, it means that it has been tested and shown to have low rolling resistance.

And, low rolling resistance translates to better fuel efficiency and lesser emissions. Simply put, you can expect to be spending lesser money on gas when you are using this trailer tire, compared to most of the other trailer tires out there.


With its robust construction, ability to handle heavy loads, and affordable pricing, it’s easy to see why the ST650 is such a popular choice among trailer owners. According to customer reviews, this tire appears to hold much better compared to the majority of the other trailer tires in its price range. Based on our assessment, we can conclude that this tire will meet the needs of the majority of drivers who do heavy hauling and towing.

Turnpike ST235

The ST235 is a radial trailer tire, engineered to handle heavier trailer applications like boat trailers, campers, and livestock trailers.


The ST235 is 10 ply-rated trailer tire, which can handle loads of up to 2830 lbs. So, if you are in the market for a tire that can handle heavy hauling and towing, then you should check out the Turnpike ST235.

Similar to ST215, the ST235 also sports radial construction. And as we earlier mentioned, tires with this type of construction are known to be more durable and reliable. Therefore, you can be confident that this tire will not present issues of failing or wearing out prematurely.

Another standout feature of this tire is its tubeless design. Based on experience, tubeless tires are better in various ways than conventional tires. The main benefit of having such a tire is its significant puncture resistance. Also, tubeless tires tend to offer better traction, meaning the ST235 will allow you to corner better.


Going by its price, the ST235 may appear slightly pricier compared to some of the other trailer tires in its class. But, considering its durable construction, the ability to handle heavier loads, and tubeless design, you can expect to get value for your money if you decide to invest in this tire.

Turnpike Trailer Tires Warranties and Guarantees

Some trailer tire manufacturers don’t offer warranties and guarantees for their tires. Unfortunately, this also happens to be the case with Turnpike trailer tires. Turnpike trailer tires don’t come with tire warranties or guarantees.

But, going by the posted reviews, most of the previous buyers have mentioned that they haven’t experienced any serious issues with Turnpike trailer tires.

Also, the majority of previous buyers have mentioned that they will be willing to buy another set from the same brand, meaning their current set hasn’t disappointed them.

So, as much as the trailer tires from this brand may not come with warranties and guarantees, you can expect to get maximum mileage off them – as long as you observe the maximum load limits.

Turnpike Trailer Tires Price Range

On average, it will cost you around $100 to $200 per tire to replace your trailer tires. And, the majority of Turnpike trailer tires fall within this range. But, the actual cost of the tire will depend on the type you choose as well as the size. As you may expect, the heavier the load the tire can handle, the more expensive you can expect it to be.

Why Buy Turnpike Trailer Tires

There are hundreds of trailer tire manufacturers out there. So, why buy Turnpike trailer tires instead of the other available options? Well, one of the main reasons why you should consider buying trailer tires from this brand is their reliability and quality.

Turnpike trailer tires are made using high-quality materials. Also, they have been engineered using the latest construction technologies. In addition, Turnpike trailer tires are put through rigorous tests.

So, when you buy a set of Turnpike trailer tires, you can be confident that you are getting a high-quality tire, and a highly dependable tire, which will deliver value for your money.

At the same time, you will also be getting a sturdy and solid tire, which will comfortably handle heavy loads. Therefore, if you do heavy towing and hauling regularly, then Turnpike tires will be a great choice for your trailer. They are specifically built to handle some of the heaviest loads.

Where to Buy Turnpike Trailer Tires

At this point, you know almost everything about Turnpike tires. And, you may have decided they are the right choice for your trailer. So, where can you buy Turnpike trailer tires?

Well, you have plenty of options when it comes to buying Turnpike trailer tires. First, you can purchase directly from the Parrish Tire website. Here, you will simply need to select your preferred size and the platform will select you with a list of tire options. From there, you just need to choose your preferred set of trailer tires.

After selecting your preferred set of trailer tires, you will then be required to select a location where you want your tires to be shipped and then book an appointment. And from there, the company will ship the tires to your preferred location and they will be installed.

Apart from the Parrish tire website, you also have the option of purchasing your preferred set of Turnpike trailer tires from third-party sellers. Some of these third-party sellers include Walmart, Simple Tire, Mavis, and Tire Mart, just to name a few. You can also check with your local tire dealer. However, you can expect the prices to vary slightly from one seller to the next.

Turnpike Trailer Tires Review

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