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Trailfinder produces tires designed for budget shoppers. But do its tires perform according to expectations? This Trailfinder tires review has the answers.

Trailfinder tires are among the best on the market when it comes to budget tires. While its tires may be cheaper compared to the competition, they perform extremely well in a wide range of terrains. Furthermore, they are made of high-quality materials and backed by solid warranties.

In this Trailfinder tires review, we will walk you through a short background about this tire brand. We will also take a closer look at its best-selling tire, its warranties and guarantees, as well as what sets it apart from the other tire brands in its category. We will also explore its strengths and drawbacks. And by the time you finish going through this review, you will have all the answers you are looking for about this tire brand.

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About Trailfinder Tires

Modern trucks, crossovers and SUVs are outfitted for off-road driving conditions from the factory. The problem is, most of them come fitted with touring tires. And as you may probably know, touring tires are mainly built for street driving. Some may also come with highway tires, with a slightly higher load rating.

And while touring tires may handle some light off-roading, they will struggle considerably when it comes to large rocks, deep mud and other challenging off-road terrains. Thus, they are most suitable on an environment with good weather conditions and fair weather. Due to this, you might shy away from taking challenging roads and harsh weather head-on. This could inconvenience you through discouraging you from an adventure or delaying your trip.

Hence, if you want your vehicle to handle off-road terrains well, you will need a set of all-terrain tires. Such tires are going to be reliable on the road and you are going to realize an optimal experience. In addition to that, you are going to have a smooth ride. Most importantly, you are going to be safe on the road.

All-terrain tires are built to deliver a blend of reliable off-road driving, with a smooth, quiet and comfortable on-road performance. Simply put, a set of all-terrain tires will be the ideal choice for someone who frequently shifts between on-road and off-road surfaces. This is very common to people who are adventurous. Again, the opportunity to move from on-road to off-road is a thrilling driving experience.

The problem is, the best all-terrain tires on the market don’t come cheap. On the other hand, the majority of the budget ones are of poor quality. This is a common problem in the market where high quality products are expensive, while the affordable ones come with inferior quality. To bridge this gap, Discount Tire decided to launch its own set of tires, through a private label brand known as Trailfinder.

Discount Tire has built a strong reputation in the market when it comes to the provision of high quality tires. The company has invested in its employees and its processes, and the products they release in the market are a testimony to their strong business ethics.

In the case of TrailFinder, Discount Tire gives the rare combination of high quality tires, yet, at an affordable price. This is not a common thing in the market. From its conception in 1960, the company has grown to be the largest supplier of tires and the wheels all over the world.  

Trailfinder tires offer the best of both worlds. They deliver reliable performance off-road, they are smooth and comfortable on-road and they are affordably priced. They will take you to your destination safely and comfortably while saving you money.        

One of the greatest benefits of the Trailfinder is that it is going to serve drivers who like off-roading. This is a very narrow market segment and is not served well by the tire market, but luckily, the Trailfinder comes in handy for off-roading.

Most likely, your vehicle is not modified for off-roading. In such a case, the best thing that you can do is to choose a high quality tire, and you can never go wrong with the Trail Finder. Thus, if you use trailfinder tores, you can easily maneuver your car, take control of it, and prevent any possible accidents.

At the same time, you could be taking off-roading as a professional sport. This mostly takes place in the dessert, with a common venue being the Mexican dessert. You could still take such a challenge on your own, as a recreation task. In such a case, then, you must invest in the right tires, otherwise you are going to be in a big problem.  

Popular Trailfinder Tires

Trailfinder only has a single tire on sale. And this is the Trailfinder All-Terrain tire. Let’s take a closer look at this tire.

Trailfinder All Terrain

As its name suggests, the Trailfinder All-Terrain is an all-terrain tire, built to provide dependable performances on a wide range of terrains and surfaces. It’s designed to deliver a smooth and comfortable on-road ride, combined with dependable traction and grip in off-road terrains.

Tire Highlights

The manufacturer has outfitted this all-terrain tire with several outstanding features and technologies, to ensure it can perform as expected. Some of the tire’s prominent features include an aggressive tread pattern, interlocking sipes, and super heavy-duty internal construction.

Its rugged and aggressive tread pattern features a combination of lateral grooves and zigzag circumferential grooves. These grooves help to evacuate water from the tire’s tread, thus preventing the risk of hydroplaning. They also provide biting edges for the tire. Hence, regardless of whether you are driving on dry surfaces or in rainy conditions, you are assured of outstanding grip and a safe ride whenever you are using this tire.

The interlocking sipes provide extra biting edges for the Trailfinder All-Terrain tire. At the same time, driving during winter can be very challenging due to the snow. These tires are able to offer an effective traction in the snow. Hence, in case you encounter light snowy conditions, these sipes will dig into the snow, thus keeping you on the trail or on the road.

As an all-terrain tire, you are definitely going to be using this tire to tackle various off-road conditions and terrains. And as you may probably know, such terrains are filled with abrasive elements, which may puncture a tire. If you get a puncture at a remote place, it might take very long for you to seek assistance.

Fortunately, the Trailfinder All-Terrain tire is specifically built to handle such rugged terrains, thanks to its sturdy construction and a solid design. Whether you encounter sharp rocks, tree stumps or other abrasive surfaces or elements, you don’t have to worry about this tire getting a puncture or any other form of damage. So, if you frequently find yourself driving on backcountry roads, this tire will take you to your destination safely. Compared to other all-terrain tires, the Pathfinder All Terrain performs really well and stands out.

Its tread pattern is aggressive with a zig zag zig zag circumferential. In addition to that, the lateral grooves are suitable for strong traction off the road.

Sizes and Fitment

This tire is available in four sizes, ranging between 16 inches and 18 inches. Therefore, they can fit the majority of light trucks and SUVs. Also, the different sizes weigh between 39 lb. and 59 lb., which means they can handle heavier loads.

And with a load index of approximately 115 to 126 or a carrying capacity of between 2679lbs and 3748lbs, you can comfortably use this tire for hauling and towing. So, if you do plenty of hauling and towing with your truck or SUV and you need a budget-friendly tire that you can use for such applications, then the Trailfinder All-Terrain may be a good choice.

Price Range

This tire is currently going for around $120 to $150, minus installation costs. Therefore, if you go for a set of four tires, you are going to spend around $480 to $600, which is quite a steal in this category. Compared to the value that these tires offer, and the advanced features thereon, these price tag definitely offers value for the money.  

The Trailfinder All Terrain is exclusively sold on Discount Tire. You can either buy the tire from a physical Discount Tire store near you or place an order online via Discount Tire.

Active duty military members, veterans, their family members and spouses will enjoy a 10% discount, offered by Discount Tire.

Like many other products in the market, there are days where one can get offers, and Discount Tire products are also available on offer. Such days include the Black Friday and the Cyber Monday. Therefore, if you want to save a coin or two, these days are worth checking out.

Whereas this is not advisable, some stores are going to sell used Trailfinder tires are available at a very low price. The only problem that comes with this choice is that the quality of the tire will have depreciated a lot leaving you to use them for a shorter time. Again, if you make a habit of buying second hand products, you might be spending a lot on time and cost of maintenance. It is always good to avoid buying a second hand product unless absolutely necessary.  

Customer Service

One of the founding principles of Founding Tire was the desire to give the customers a high quality customer service. This tradition has continued till today, and the company has made a deliberate attempt to achieve this. When you seek the services of Discount Tire, be sure that you are going to get a high customer service and satisfaction guarantee.

Customer service matters a lot more so at the initial stage of the buying process. This is the stage when you are deciding which product to buy for your road needs. At this stage, you must get it right. When you contact the company, they will assist you to evaluate the exact usefulness of Trailfinder and other information about its use.  


The Trailfinder All Terrain excels in almost all areas. It delivers adequate traction and grip on dry surfaces and wet conditions. It also provides sufficient grip when driving in light snowy conditions. It is simply an ideal product for an optimal road experience.  

Furthermore, it’s sturdy enough to handle rugged and abrasive surfaces or elements present in extreme off-road terrains, which may puncture the tire. You will also enjoy a comfortable, quiet and smooth on-road ride. And with all these great features, this tire is not expensive.

And out of more than 500 drivers who have purchased this tire, almost all of them have given it a positive review and rating. Currently, the Trailfinder All-Terrain has an average customer rating of 4.5 out 5, a clear indication that almost everyone who has purchased this tire has been satisfied with its performance.

Clients report that the trailfinder tires have lasted far much long than the mileage which is advertised by the company.  

So, if you are looking to outfit your SUV or light truck with a reliable set of all-terrain tires but your budget is on the lower end, then you should check out this tire.

Trailfinder Tires Warranties and Guarantees

Similar to other tires sold by this brand, the Trailfinder All Terrain is covered by the company’s manufacturer's limited warranty. It also comes with a mileage warranty as well as a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Mileage Warranty

Discount Tire offers a 45000-mile warranty for this tire. So, if it wears out uniformly down to its treadwear maintenance indicators without attaining this warranty, Discount Tire will replace it with a comparable new one.

It’s important to note that the replacement under this warranty will be done on a pro-rated basis, meaning you will share the tire’s replacement costs with Discount Tire. This is a common strategy that is used by Discount Tire, where the company and the client share the cost of replacement.

The amount of money you will contribute will depend on the mileage the tire has delivered by the time it wears out completely.  

An authorized Discount Tire technician will determine the amount of money you will pay by multiplying the percentage of the mileage the tire has delivered by its current selling price.

For example, your Trailfinder All-Terrain tire may wear out uniformly to its treadwear indicators after only attaining 27,000 miles, which is 60% of the warranted mileage. Assuming the tire is currently retailing at around $200, the amount you will contribute at the time of its replacement is $120 while Discount Tire will cover the rest.

An ideal mileage warranty gives the user a peace of mind when using the tires. This is more so for the long-term planning of your trips.  

Manufacturer’s Warranty

This tire also comes with a standard workmanship and materials warranty. So, if it becomes unserviceable due to materials and workmanship defects, Discount Tire will replace it with a comparable new one.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

The Trailfinder All Terrain is also eligible for Discount Tire’s customer satisfaction guarantee. If you purchase this tire and you are not satisfied with it, you are free to return it to Discount Tire within 14 days, and the company will exchange the tire or give you a refund, depending on what you prefer.

The reviews available for the Discount Tire are a testimony to the good work that is done by the company in releasing high quality road products.

Trailfinder Tires Vs. Other Brands

If you are in the market for a set of budget-friendly tires for your truck or SUV, you have plenty of brands to choose from. So, why should you opt for Trailfinder tires instead of the other budget-friendly brands that offer all-terrain tires? Well, here are some of the areas where the all-terrain tire from this brand stands out.

First, the Trailfinder all-terrain tire comes with advanced, off-road capabilities and features that will effectively help you to meet your toad needs. And this can be attributed to its rugged tread pattern, featuring deep grooves. Unlike some of the other all-terrain tires sold by other brands, the Trailfinder all-terrain tire features extra biting edges, resulting in enhanced grip and traction in wet and slippery conditions. Compared to the other brands in the market, the trailfinder tires have better rubber.

Second, the Trailfinder all-terrain tire works exceptionally well when it comes to hard-packed surfaces like gravel and dirt. Therefore, if you live in one of the rural towns, this tire will provide you with a more responsive and safer ride, compared to the majority of the others sold by other brands. As mentioned above, it comes with an aggressive tread pattern, which helps it to deliver reliable traction mud and large rocks.

Third, the all-terrain tire sold by this brand features a tough tread compound. And thanks to this sturdy tread compound, the tire is almost puncture-resistant. Hence, this tire will not suffer any form of damage, even when you are driving on hard-packed surfaces or other challenging terrains. With this tire, you don’t run the risk of damaging it on challenging terrains, since Trailfinder has adequately equipped it to handle such conditions.

Fourth, this tire will give you a comfortable ride. When it comes to on-road driving, most all-terrain tires tend to deliver a noisy road while others are outright uncomfortable. Such a noise can be a major distraction to your ride. But, this is not the case with the all-terrain tire sold by this brand. As much as it may have a deep and aggressive tread pattern, it’s smooth and comfortable on the highway. And while it may produce some noise, it’s not excessive to disrupt your ride in any way. So, if you are going on a road trip with this tire, you will not only enjoy its outstanding traction on different surfaces but the ride will also be smooth and comfortable.

Fifth, the Trailfinder all-terrain tire is solidly built. Most of the budget all-terrain tires on the market today are made of low-quality materials, in an attempt to reduce production costs. Consequently, they tend to wear out fast or fail within a very short period. But this is not the case with the Pathfinder all-terrain tires. Furthermore, they are backed by solid warranties and guarantees. So, you don’t have to worry about losing your money when you purchase this tire from Discount Tire. Simply put, you are assured of getting value for your money, which is rarely the case with budget all-terrain tires.

Trailfinder Tires Pros

  • High-quality tires
  • Durable and long-lasting tires
  • Tires deliver top-notch performances in various terrains

Trailfinder Tires Cons

  • Only a single tire is available


The Trailfinder tire is not difficult to find. Major cities have a Discount Tire store. Alternatively, you can make an online order for your Trailfinder tires will find you from where you are. The process of shipping is fast, convenient, and is free. Shipping for the trailfinder tires takes an average of two to five dates.  

Our Take

As much as Trailfinder may be a relatively new tire brand, its tires perform almost at the same level as the established brands. It is an ideal tire solution for the rough roads. Also, you will not spend too much of your money if you buy Trailfinder tires. As earlier mentioned, a set will only set you back around $500, which is well within the affordable range for most people. When it comes to performance, reliability and value for money, Trailfinder tires tick all the boxes.

Trailfinder Tires Review - Brand Guide

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