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  • The Toyota Supra gas tank size is about 13.7 gallons. This is about normal for a modern sedan
  • Older Supras have larger tanks and lower miles per gallon
  • Improve your Supra gas mileage by taking it slow when you can.
  • We know the Supra has a powerful  engine and you’ll want to use it often!

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The Toyota Supra is a fascinating sports car with some serious power. What is the gas tank size on the Toyota Supra?

The gas tank size for a Toyota Supra is 13.7 gallons. The tank size is both average for a sedan but a bit small for a sports car. You’ll also want to consider that you’ll not want to carry too much fuel as the weight itself can slow you down when accelerating.

We’ve done some research on the Toyota Supra and found some numbers that will help you understand the fuel tank size as well as the Toyota Supra’s strengths.

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A very brief Toyota Supra History

The Toyota Supra is known above all else as a sports car. This rear wheel drive monster is capable of doing burnouts and some street racing. We don’t condone those kinds of races but having a big fuel tank can help you race all night if that’s what you are into.

Toyota Supra Gas Tank Size

Toyota Supra Fuel Tank Capacity Overview

When it comes to the Toyota Supra the fuel tank capacity can vary depending on the model year.  The average fuel tank capacity for all generations of the Supra is 11.4 gallons. The actual capacity can range from 13.7 gallons to 19.8 gallons depending on the specific model year and trim level.

Toyota Supra Fuel Tank Capacity by Year

Here's a breakdown of the fuel tank capacity for some of the most popular Toyota Supra model years:

The most recent years of the Toyota Supra hold 13.7 gallons of gas each. The previous generation which ended production in 1998 held between 19.8 gallons and 18.5 gallons.

It's important to note that fuel tank capacity can vary even within the same model year depending on the specific trim level. The vehicle has a decent fuel tank capacity for a sports car while balancing the need for a lighter load.

What kind of MPGs does the Supra get?

The significant divide between “Old” Supras and new Supras makes differences inMPG rating staggering. The 1994 Toyota Supra could achieve 18 miles per gallon city and 24 highway. This is roughly as efficient as a modern truck motor. In all honesty the Supra is designed for power and not gas mileage.

More recent editions of the Supra can get 25 city and 32 highway mpg. A pretty big improvement over 30 years if you ask me.

What determines gas mileage?

It's important to understand the factors that contribute to fuel consumption. Here are some of the key factors that can affect the fuel efficiency of your Toyota Supra:

Driving Habits

Driving habits can have a significant impact on fuel consumption. Rapid acceleration and going at speeds higher than the limit can decrease fuel efficiency by up to ⅓ on the highway and even more in the city.

Traveling at constant speeds when you can will help improve your fuel economy. Doing this will also save some fuel when you really want to feel how fast the Supra can go.

Most people who drive a Toyota Supra will be doing so somewhat aggressively simply because the vehicle is built to do so. Let’s keep looking at other methods of making your Toyota GR Supra get better miles to the gallon.

Our suggestion here is actually very simple: You don’t need to use the full power of the Toyota Super’s engine every time you take off. Take your foot off the gas once in a while especially if you are headed into traffic anyway. You’ll notice your gas mileage improve immediately if you slow down.

This is especially true in cold weather. Your engine will be cold and need to burn more gas to achieve the same acceleration and speed.

Gas octane

High quality gas helps improve gas mileage and performance. You should also know that your vehicle probably requires a higher octane gasoline like E91 or higher. This is available for a bit more money per gallon than E-87 or E-85. It is absolutely worth it though just to get the most out of your Supra.

Of course we also need to add that using a lower octane gasoline can cause engine problems in the long run. This includes knocking and slow performance.

Vehicle Maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance is essential for optimal fuel efficiency. Replace parts that take in fuel or help the engine burn gas. These include air filters and fuel filters. Get the oil changed at regular intervals too.

Improving Fuel Efficiency

Here are some ways to improve the fuel efficiency of your Supra or any other vehicle really.

Aftermarket Fuel Tank Options

It’s not unheard of to add an extra fuel tank to a Supra. You could also replace your existing fuel tank with a larger one. Putting in a new fuel tank increases the overall capacity and range of your Supra.

You should also know that installing tank and fuel lines should be done by a professional. If you know how to go for it though.

Make the vehicle lighter

The Toyota Supra isn’t exactly heavy. With that said, you can remove some weight by ensuring you aren’t traveling with excessive extra stuff. Also know that race cars are stripped down to increase performance. You could remove non essential elements from your vehicle.

Why does fuel tank size matter?

Fuel tank size in the Toyota GR Supra is more of a reflection of how far you can go on a tank of gas. Some people literally look up the fuel tank size to budget how much gas they have left before they run out.

It wouldn’t surprise us to know you are reading this to know the actual size of your Toyota GR Supra gas tank because the fuel gauge itself broke. While we offered a list of fuel tank sizes earlier, some Supras that are a bit harder to come by are actually older and from the 1990s and have some issues with functioning gauges.

Toyota Supra Gas Tank Size, MPG & Range

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