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  • Towmaster trailer tires are high-quality tires manufactured by Greenball tires
  • Most of the tires are all-purpose and perform well in different road conditions
  • The tire’s features have been well-engineered to make the tire durable and dependable
  • Towmaster trailer tires are accessible worldwide due to online and shipping delivery

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The Towmaster tires are some of the best tires in the tire industry. Is it wise to invest in them? We have the answers you need.

Towmaster is one of the best tires in the American market. Its tires accommodate various carrying applications and demands since they are made from high-quality materials and components. Additionally, the tires reduce the trailers from swaying thereby increasing their stability.

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A tire is an essential component that determines how stable and convenient a vehicle is in terms of control and performance. In towing vehicles, for instance, tires need to provide high stability and traction since most trailers can be unstable. In this era, getting a quality tire can be challenging and complex because of the availability of many tire companies, shops, and stores dealing with the same. One of the best providers of high-quality tires is Greenball.

Over time, Greenball has expanded consistently in terms of the space they need to manufacture, store and sell their tires and the number of sales representatives and other employees. Currently, they have 3 distribution locations across the US and over 100 workers to serve you, and customer support that will guide you in case you have any queries concerning the tires.

About Towmaster Trailer Tires

Towmaster is one of the private brands owned by Greenball, and I have used their products for the past 6 years. For more than 40 years, Greenball tires have built a reputation for producing high-quality, dependable specialty tires you can use in trailers with fifth wheels, campers, travel and adventure trailers, and lawn and garden lawns, among others. The company takes pride in its commitment to providing consumers with tires that satisfy their expanding needs for durability, dependability, and performance.

It also focuses on developing cutting-edge tires for particular consumer needs, such as tire handling in dry and wet performance, snow and ice, off-road capabilities, and the overall quality of the tire's performance, thanks to the ongoing research and development by its experienced team of professionals. With that in mind, you can now consider Towmaster trailer tires as the perfect tires to use.

Design Features and Technology of Towmaster Trailer Tires

The different elements of the Towmaster trailer tires are adaptive and work together to ensure that trailers function effectively in any road terrain. Additionally, through thorough research, the company has chosen high-quality components to increase the service life of the tires to ensure that you regularly save on the cost of maintenance you could have been using in the replacement of worn-out tires or repairing tire punctures. The following are some of the superior features of the trailer tires:

Radial and Bias Steel Belt Construction

As a camper, a fishing enthusiast, and an RV traveler, the use of different kinds of trailers is essential to make your journey safe adventures and more reliable. However, with the non-legitimate tire, you may get defective belts that disintegrate into little fragments to interfere with the tire's contour as you drive through rough terrains. The fractured pieces result in a lumpy ride that makes it uncomfortable.

But with Towmaster trailer tires, the steel Strands are carefully embedded in the tire's rubber compound, effectively preventing tire puncture by providing agility on rough terrains. Additionally, most tires have radial steel construction that helps to increase the tire's resistance and strengthen it when it is under stress and also gives the tire a bigger footprint. If you have a trailer carrying heavy luggage, I recommend a bias Towmaster tire because it will provide you with a narrow footprint, handle heavy weight and provide the vehicle with high stability at incredible speeds.

Asymmetrical and Symmetrical Tread Design

Greenball tires invest in trailer tires with an asymmetrical tread design because their design can enhance the overall traction and provide a blend of wet and dry track performance in the performance scenarios. Additionally, you will never have to worry about uneven tear wear since Greenball ensures that its tires are well-engineered to promote uniform rolling resistance, durability, and service life.

The company also offers trailer tires with symmetrical tread designs that provide traction and improve the riding experience's overall performance. However, I would recommend that you only use tires with symmetrical tread patterns on dry roads and other rough terrains that are not muddy.

Stiff Tire Sidewalls

Typically, driving a trailer at high speeds can be unsafe, especially if the tires have a weak sidewall. Weak sidewalls can increase the trailers' swaying, which may make them overturn easily. Greenball has ensured that you acquire high-quality trailer tires with stiff sidewalls to reduce swaying and increase stability as you tow and drive your trailer.

The Level of Performances in Towmaster Trailer Tires

Typically, we all experience seasons regardless of our location, and the kind of tires on your vehicle will depend on how you perform during those seasons. To answer this question, we decided to install Towmaster STR tires on a fifth-wheel trailer and drive it during the different seasons. The following are the various performances of the tires on road conditions at the occurrence of each season:

Performance on Dry Road Conditions

Even though the Towmaster STR is an all-purpose tire, we found out that the tire performs more effectively in dry road conditions. The fifth camper could go up to speeds of about 81 mph and still maintain a stable drive. However, we noticed that its design could not sustain light trailers' weight and driving characteristics.

The symmetrical features of the tread pattern provided the vehicle with low rolling resistance, good directional stability, and smooth and quiet driving throughout the driving assessment. Therefore, you do not have to worry about Towmaster trailer tire performance; you can drive the vehicle efficiently on dry roads daily.

Performance on Wet Road Conditions

The tires also deliver exceptional performance in wet road conditions and make driving enjoyable. We noticed that its radial nature slightly limits the tires to maintain a high grip at high speeds. But at low speed, it was easier to move the vehicle quickly on the wet road surface. Furthermore, the directional tire patterns offer significant handling on damp roads through high levels of protection against aquaplaning. However, the braking is not as powerful as it should be, so we recommend driving at reasonable speeds. Purchasing these trailer tires is also efficient when it comes to price since they are affordable.

Performance on Snow and Icy Road Conditions

After taking the driving test on snowy and icy road conditions, we found that the tires perform well on roads covered with thin snow and ice due to their thick symmetrical tread. However, when it comes to thick snow and ice conditions on the road made the movement challenging since we had to break often to avoid losing control.

The braking system is majorly affected when using Towmaster STR because the vehicle would not stop instantly when the driver applied the brake. Overall, the tires perform efficiently on roads having thin snow or ice. Still, when it comes to roads with thick snow and ice, we recommend other Towmaster trailer tires, especially those with a bias ply pattern.

Performance in Off-road Conditions

Regarding driving in off-road conditions, we noticed that Towmaster trailer tires are the best to use because of the radial tire patterns and rigid sidewalls. It is because the radial nature of the tire ensures a low rolling resistance, saving you money and reducing fuel consumption. With less resistance, radial tires roll over the road surface easily.

Also, steel belts that wrap along the tires provide them with better puncture resistance. When it comes to the sidewall of the tire, they are designed to endure punctured rocks and any rough debris found on off-road surfaces while still providing the grip and traction needed. Therefore, Towmaster STR is truly an ideal tire to purchase since it will serve you every season throughout the year.

Driving Quality

After analyzing the driving experience test for the entire season, Towmaster STR is a flexible and adaptive tire you should buy. Its ability to move swiftly on dry roads, its hydroplaning capabilities on wet roads, and its strong sidewall that is puncture resistant in off-road conditions are some of the features that make it more efficient and effective as an all-purpose tire. Therefore, even though the Towmaster STR is not the best tire example we used during the test driving, it has proceeded how its adaptable features will provide you with abilities to use in any weather conditions on the driving surface.

The Warranties Greenball tires Offer on Towmaster Trailer Tires

Defective Material and Workmanship Warranty

Like other reputable tire companies in the market, Greenball offers tire's warranty. You will qualify for a tire warranty if you are the legitimate buyer of the Towmaster trailer tires with the Department of Transportation that is mandated to assess tires identification numbers.

For four years starting from the tire manufacturing date or two years starting from the day you purchased the tire, the Greenball company assures your tire against failure due to the manufacturer's defective materials and workmanship; this is proven by an original or duplicate of the invoice.

Free Tire Replacement Policy

Regarding the free replacement policy, tread damage rational replacement tires that are not eligible for free replacement will be replaced with a comparable new tire. Depending on the tire's remaining value, the percentage of tread worn out is multiplied by the company’s estimated price.

Customer Obligations

When it comes to warranty, Greenball also expects you as their customer to obligate to the following regulations:

  • Tires returns that are not adjustable will be accepted, with freight charges paid in advance.
  • Any additional services you seek from the tire dealer that is not related to the warranty must be paid for by you.
  • Before buying Towmaster trailer tires, among other tires, you must ensure that the tire has the proper size and weight capacity needed according to the kind of trailer you have.
  • You should give up possession of the tire after the tire company adjusts it

Keep in mind that some of the Greenball locations in the US do not permit limitations of consequential or incidental damages or the limitation of the duration of an implied warranty.

Why Choose Greenball for Towmaster Trailer Tires

Greenball should be at the top of your tire buying list because it does not focus on manufacturing a specific tire belonging to a given trailer. Instead, it manufactures a wide range of Towmaster tires with different sizes and will fit numerous trailers available. Additionally, it also guides on its site outlining the information you will need to know about the tire size, specs, the maximum carrying capacity in terms of weight, and the suitable trailer to use the tire for, among others.

Additionally, you can enjoy discounts when you buy high-quality Towmaster tires from various online platforms such as priority tires and Walmart. They will ensure that delivery is done on time and at your doorstep. In case you are not living around the US, the tire company has partnered with various delivery services to ship the products to you, which will be delivered depending on your location. Therefore, nothing limits you from getting the best tires manufactured at Greenball.

The Towmaster Trailer Tire Prices

The price range of Towmaster trailer tires is around $80 to $ 400, which is influenced by the size, the quality, and the amount of weight the tire can handle, among other parameters. Additionally, the price may also depend on another additional cost, such as when you order the product online. In addition to that, you may pay extra costs to facilitate transport or shipping costs.

Towmaster Trailer Tires Review

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