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If you are experienced with cars and tires, becoming a technician could be the perfect job for you. But first, you’ll want to know how much they make.

Knowing the pay range for a job like a tire technician is important because you want to ensure your job offer aligns with what the market is paying. Factors like where you live, your skill level, experience level, and the company you work for all impact total pay.

Tire technicians average $16.04 to $18.45 per hour in the United States, depending on years of experience and location. The company you work at matters because top brands like Bridgestone Americas pay an average of $28.72 per hour for tire technician positions.

Tire technicians are responsible for ensuring that all vehicle tires are in working order, along with other tasks like repairing tire treads, inspecting tires, etc. It requires extensive knowledge of tires and how they work, so a specialty skillset is critical for success. This guide will explain how much tire technicians make and what the salary numbers look like for this profession.

All salary data included below was compiled from reliable job site sources and pulled from tire company job postings. This is the most accurate guide for tire technician salary numbers.

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How Much Do Tire Technicians Make? (Salary Numbers)

Depending on the company and position, a tire technician may work on commission or as an hourly employee. According to Indeed estimates, the average salary for a tire technician is $16.04 per hour.

But this number ranges depending on location and experience levels. For example, Zippia estimates the average pay for a tire technician to be $18.45 per hour or $38,346 per year.

A new tire technician may earn an average wage of $22,000 annually. In some cases, the wage may be slightly higher, but it’s important to remember that salary figures don’t include benefits like medical insurance, paid vacation, and a 401k retirement plan.

Working your way up from the bottom is not unusual. Some shops pay higher wages to technicians who have specialized training — like in the case of a Certified CTS Technician Program.

We have compiled general averages based on information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other top job websites. With that being said, let’s look at what we know about the career of a tire technician

Tire Technicians' Salary Numbers By State

The average salary provides an idea of what you can expect a tire technician to make. Still, there is an opportunity to advance and make more money as you gain experience.

Tire technicians are in charge of performing various tasks related to the manufacturing, inspection, and maintenance of automobile tires. These tasks include measuring tire pressure, rotating tires, repairing tires, and replacing tires.

They also help with the installation of new wheels and rims. Tire technicians are responsible for inspecting a vehicle's tire wear or damage before it becomes too damaged to be driven.

Your location and work will impact your starting and average salary as a tire technician. Below is a detailed chart with average estimates by state according to ZipRecruiter.

State Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Tennessee $37,018 $17.80
Massachusetts $36,471 $17.53
Hawaii $36,321 $17.46
Minnesota $36,084 $17.35
Nevada $35,857 $17.24
Connecticut $35,832 $17.23
Rhode Island $35,112 $16.88
Washington $35,032 $16.84
New York $34,735 $16.70
Alaska $34,696 $16.68
Wisconsin $34,686 $16.68
Oregon $34,590 $16.63
North Dakota $34,184 $16.43
Ohio $34,178 $16.43
State Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Utah $33,387 $16.05
Iowa $33,252 $15.99
New Mexico $33,118 $15.92
Maryland $32,999 $15.86
New Hampshire $32,735 $15.74
South Dakota $32,501 $15.63
Virginia $32,402 $15.58
California $32,106 $15.44
Vermont $31,827 $15.30
Idaho $31,783 $15.28
New Jersey $31,678 $15.23
Nebraska $31,635 $15.21
Delaware $31,414 $15.10
Colorado $31,399 $15.10
State Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Kansas $31,305 $15.05
South Carolina $30,969 $14.89
Arizona $30,647 $14.73
Arkansas $30,575 $14.70
Mississippi $30,526 $14.68
Wyoming $30,414 $14.62
Maine $30,100 $14.47
Montana $30,013 $14.43
Oklahoma $29,876 $14.36
Indiana $29,714 $14.29
Kentucky $29,680 $14.27
Michigan $29,661 $14.26
West Virginia $29,198 $14.04
Louisiana $28,889 $13.89
State Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Illinois $28,871 $13.88
Pennsylvania $28,662 $13.78
Missouri $28,591 $13.75
Texas $28,156 $13.54
Alabama $27,124 $13.04
Florida $26,289 $12.64
North Carolina $26,103 $12.55
Georgia $24,511 $11.78

What Tire Company Pays The Most For Tire Technicians?

Bridgestone Americas pays $28.72 per hour, which ranks clearly ahead as the best overall salary for tire technicians. The next closet is Royal Tire, with an average pay of $21.25 per hour for technicians.

Other competitors that rank highly for tire technician salary include

  • ASAP Tire - $21.17 per hour
  • Crete Carrier Corporation - $20.79 per hour
  • Southern Tire Mart - $20.63 per hour
  • GCR Tires & Service - $20.28 per hour

When working for a brand like Bridgestone, you also have access to some of the best benefits available in the industry. They are known to prioritize their employees and make the tire technician position a valued one within the organization.

What Do Tire Technicians Do?

Tire technicians are pros at handling everything related to tires. This includes inspecting the treads, assessing their quality, checking the wear patterns, replacing the tires, and retreading them when needed.

These mechanics inspect and service car tires, keeping them in peak condition for any driving conditions. They also may specialize in particular tires like winter or high performance.

Tire technicians are responsible for inspecting and repairing tires. This includes checking tire pressure, repairing punctures, and replacing worn tires.

The job of a tire technician can be dangerous as they need to work with sharp objects such as knives or needles. It is important for them to know how to use these tools to avoid any accidents properly.

Tire technicians must also have some customer service skills too, as they will deal with customers. The general responsibilities are the same, but the exact day-to-day will vary based on the position.

How Much Does An Experienced Tire Technician Earn?

A technician who has been in the business for a while and has developed a specialty may earn a higher wage. A shop owner may pay a technician more if the employee has the experience and knows the business well.

A shop owner may also pay a technician more if the person has special training in a certain type of tire, such as winter tires or racing tires. Remember that a shop owner may also pay technicians at different wage levels depending on the time of year.

More experienced tire technicians would likely earn an average salary of around $40,000 annually. They could also increase their salary by taking on other roles and easily make above $50,000 after a few years.

There are also certification programs to take that only help you quickly increase your pay at many companies. Whether these are focused on tire technicians skills or other skills to supplement your resume, they help you earn more.

How Much Do Tire Technicians Make? (Salary Numbers)

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