Key Takeaways

  • Dealerships use a variety of tire shine products,
  • Tire shine enhances the appearance of tires by giving them a glossy finish.
  • Different tire shine formulas cater to specific preferences.
  • Dealerships consider factors like ease of use, longevity, shine level, and price point.
  • Popular tire shine brands include Meguiar's, Chemical Guys, and Adams Polishes

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As a car enthusiast, I've always admired the glossy, sleek appearance of tires on newly arrived dealership cars. So what tire shine do dealers use?

Dealerships use products like Meguiar's Hyper Dressing or Lane's Super Blue Tire Shine Dressing. These silicone-based tire gels provide a high gloss shine that lasts longer and leaves that "like new" look we all adore.

You might be wondering why you should trust me with this information. Well, as a car enthusiast, I have spent countless hours researching car care and detailing products to keep my own vehicles in top shape. Plus, I have also studied and compared numerous tire shine products and their applications. While I can’t say which is the ultimate tire shine spray, I can recommend some top of the line rubber dressing.

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What is Tire Shine?

Tire shine or tire dressing is a product designed to enhance the appearance of tires, giving them a glossy finish that makes them stand out on the road.

Typically, tire shine comes in the form of a tire shine spray or gel and is applied to clean tires after washing them to remove dirt and grime.

What I love about tire shine is that it doesn't just make my tires look great, it also helps protect them from damage caused by UV rays, harsh chemicals, and other contaminants.

As I learned, the best tire shine spray products often contain a blend of chemicals like silicones, solvents, and protectants, all aimed at delivering a deep, rich color and high gloss appearance to your tires.

One thing to keep in mind is that some tire shines offer car tires a wet look, while others give more of a matte finish, so it's important to choose the right product based on personal preference.

It's also worth noting that there are different types of tire shine formulas in the market, some being water-based while others are solvent-based.

Water-based tire dressing is typically more eco-friendly and less likely to cause harm to the tire's surface, whereas solvent-based ones might offer a longer-lasting shine, but come with a higher environmental impact.

Overall, using tire shine is not just about making my car look fantastic, but also about protecting my tires from harmful elements and extending their lifespan.

And when it comes to the type of tire shine that dealerships use, it's important to remember that they might opt for a professional-grade tire shine product which may not always be available for consumer purchase.

Dealership Tire Shine Preferences

Dealerships use a variety of tire shines, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Some popular choices I've noticed among dealerships are Meguiar's Hyper Dressing and Chemical Guys TVD-107.

These products cater to different aspects that dealerships find important, such as ease of use, longevity, shine level, and price point. Let me dive into these aspects!

Ease of Use

As someone who wants to keep my tires looking fresh, I appreciate products that are easy to use. Chemical Guys TVD-107 is a popular choice due to its simple spray-and-wipe application and is a leader in the tire shine market.

For dealerships, products that require less time and effort while achieving the desired look are always a plus.

Meguiar's Hyper Dressing also stands out, as it can be diluted for multiple uses, including tire shine, interior dressing, and engine bay detailing.

This versatility is a bonus for dealerships, allowing them to use a single product for various tasks. Reddit users have mentioned this feature as particularly beneficial.


Long-lasting tire shines are crucial for keeping the cars looking their best at dealerships.

One such product is Meguiar's Endurance Tire Gel, which has a reputation for offering a longer-lasting shine for your car tire compared to other products on the market.

A Colorado Fans forum user experienced impressive performance from the dealership's tire shine compared to products like Armor All.

Another popular choice, Lane's Super Blue Tire Shine Dressing, is known for its impressive longevity.

Many detailers and dealerships use this product for its deep absorption and longer-lasting shine, contributing to the showroom-ready appearance of their vehicles.

Shine Level

Achieving the right shine level is important for dealerships as it makes the tires stand out and enhances the overall look of the vehicle.

Products like TriNova Tire Shine are known for their high gloss finish, making them a popular choice among dealerships. According to Motor 1, this product ranks among the best for its glossiness.

Chemical Guys Silk Shine also offers a noticeable shine level, earning a spot in Motor 1's best tire shines list.

The shine it provides helps enhance the overall appearance of the car, which is especially important for car dealerships trying to catch the eye of potential buyers.

Price Point

When it comes to tire shines, cost is a crucial factor for dealerships as well. Affordable yet effective products like Turtle Wax T-18 Wheel and Tire Cleaner are appreciated by dealerships.

It has a lower price point while still delivering excellent results, making it an attractive option.

Another budget-friendly option is the versatile Meguiar's Hyper Dressing. Its ability to be diluted for various uses allows dealerships to save money while maintaining the high-quality appearance of the vehicles they're showcasing.

The combination of affordability and effectiveness makes it a go-to product for many dealerships.

Popular Tire Shine Brands Used by Dealerships

When it comes to tire shine products, dealerships often use some of the well-known and trusted brands in the industry.

In this section, I will discuss four popular tire shine brands that are commonly used by dealerships: Meguiar's, Chemical Guys, Adams Polishes, and CarPro.


I've noticed that many dealerships use Meguiar's tire shine products, such as their tire foam, for enhancing the appearance of tires.

Meguiar's Endurance Tire Gel, for example, is highly regarded for its long-lasting effect and ability to give a rich, dark appearance to tires.

Meguiar's Ultimate Insane Shine Tire Coating is another popular choice, providing a high level of shine that can be difficult to compete with.

I have personally used this product and can attest to its exceptional ability to enhance tire appearance.

Chemical Guys

Dealerships also appreciate Chemical Guys' tire shine products. Their TVD-107 is an excellent overall option, with a reputation for delivering a great shine without being too greased.

Chemical Guys also offer different application forms such as tire shine sprays and gels.

Chemical Guys also offer their Silk Shine, known for providing a thick coat and long-lasting effect.

I've used Chemical Guys' products in the past and found them to be a reliable choice for maintaining a clean and shiny appearance on my vehicle's tires.

Adams Polishes

Adams Polishes is another brand that dealerships often turn to for tire shine products.

Their Tire Shine is formulated with just the right amount of silicone, avoiding a greasy feel while also resisting running or sling when properly applied.

As someone who has tried various tire shine products, I can say that Adams Polishes' Tire Shine is undoubtedly a top-performer, providing long-lasting results and an attractive finish for tires.

What Tire Shine Do Dealerships Use?

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