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Wheel rotation service costs vary in different auto Care Companies. So, how much does firestone charge for a tire rotation? We have the answers.

How much will it cost you to have a wheel rotation at firestone? How often should you schedule a wheel rotation? Is it worth having a wheel rotation? This article will guide you on this.

At firestone auto Care Company, a wheel rotation service is free to those who have firestone wheels. For those who have tires manufactured by other companies, you will pay $20 for a wheel rotation. Additionally, your vehicle will have a wheel alignment and changing of the oil services at a discount.

This article will take a closer look at the amount you need to pay to have a wheel rotation service at firestone. It will also cover how often you should schedule a wheel rotation and whether it is worth it for you to take your vehicle for a wheel rotation. So, if you plan to take your car to Firestone Company for a wheel rotation but are unsure of how much they charge, this article will guide you with comprehensive answers.

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Wheel rotation is the process of interchanging wheels on a vehicle to avoid uneven wear and tear. Depending on the number of wheels your car has, rotating your wheels will take about 30 minutes to 1 hour. The process involves taking off the wheel, checking any damages on the rims and wheel, and interchanging the wheels correctly.

In most cars, wheels tend to get worn out unevenly. The reason behind this is that the front and rear wheels carry different weights. The front wheels get worn out faster than the rear wheels, and therefore, your vehicle should have a wheel rotation to improve vehicle handling. Vehicles will mostly interchange the front wheels with the rear wheels to balance grip and traction. Regular wheel rotation will help to extend your wheel service life and provide uniform wheel wear and tear.

How much does firestone charge for a wheel rotation?

Wheel rotation is a necessary process when it comes to the service of a vehicle. It ensures that you are safe when driving by balancing the grip and traction of your vehicle. Wheel rotation costs will vary with the place you are having the service taken, which will cost you about $50 or less on average.

In Firestone auto Care Company, wheel rotation is free if you have a firestone wheel. If you have wheels from other companies, you will have to pay $20 for wheel rotation. In addition, you will get other services such as wheel alignment and changing of oil at a discount. You need to check different signs to decide if your vehicle will undergo a wheel rotation. They include;

Wear and tear

The first thing to inspect should be the condition of your wheels. You should check and compare the grips of the wheels to ensure they provide an equal grip and traction when you drive. Typically, the front wheels get worn out faster than the rear wheels. If you find these, then you should have a wheel rotation.


Vibrations are a sign that your vehicle needs wheel rotation. A car should not vibrate while driving, especially at 40mph or less. When this happens, your vehicle has uneven wheel wear and tear, so you need to consider having a wheel rotation.

Tire pressure

If the wheel had a puncture that you overlooked, it could lose air pressure. Using wheels without the correct air pressure can lead to uneven wear and tear. If the wear is moderate, you should consider rotating the wheels to correct it. But, before you have the wheel rotation, ensure that the mechanic will fix the wheel puncture.

Poor wheel alignment

The leading cause of having a wheel misalignment is hitting bumps and knocks. Poor wheel alignment can affect the wheels and the whole steering system. If you notice a poor wheel alignment, do not hesitate to schedule wheel alignment and rotation services to avoid further problems from occurring.

Is it worth taking a tire rotation?

Wheel rotation ensures that you save the money you could use to buy new wheels for replacement. If you compare the amount you will be using for regular wheel rotation with the amount you will use for wheel replacement, regular wheel rotation is the cheapest. Therefore, wheel rotation is worth more than buying new tires for replacements.

The front wheels end up getting worn out faster than the rear wheels in most vehicles. The front wheels play a more significant role in braking and traction. Additionally, the engine and front axle sit at the front wheels, increasing the pressure on the front wheels. Therefore, performing wheel rotation once In a while will ensure that your tires are in good condition.

Typically, you should perform a wheel rotation after every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, depending on your vehicle type. If you have an all-wheel-drive, you will want to get a wheel rotation after every 3000 to 5000 miles. You should perform a wheel rotation every 5000 to 8000 miles for those with a front-wheel or a back-wheel drive. You need to consider the low end if you are driving through rough terrain and other challenging conditions.

Wheel rotation offers many benefits to the use and maintenance of a vehicle. They include;

Maintenance cost

On average, you will have to pay around $600 to replace worn-out wheels with a set of new ones. However, if you decide to take your vehicle for a regular wheel rotation, you will save more money. Additionally, getting a wheel rotation will help you identify other issues present in the car earlier, especially on brakes and rims. The earlier you identify these problems, the less it will cost you.

Fuel economy

You will spend more fuel on vehicles with uneven wheel wear and tear than those that are even. The engine will need to produce and generate an equal amount of power to supplement the bleeding power through the wheels. For instance, on a poor weather pattern like heavy rains, a vehicle with uneven wheels will have a poor grip on a dirt road, making it use more power to move. It will consume more fuel than a vehicle with a good grip.


Many manufacturing companies require you to do a regular wheel rotation to keep your warranty valid. Maintaining your security under a good contract will save you money if you ever experience a blowout or similar incident.

Better driving experience and safety

Regular wheel rotation will ensure that your vehicle has a better grip on the road. A better grip improves the response and handling experience when you are driving. Additionally, better grips will also keep you safe from roads that have rough conditions or when experiencing poor weather.

Wrapping it Up

Regular wheel rotation is an important process that cuts down future costs like purchasing new wheels for replacement and the early identification of issues relating to the wheels, brakes, and rims of the vehicle. It will impact the overall ability to maintain the wheels in good condition. Knowing how much it costs for a tire rotation lets you weigh the benefits of wheel rotation and how it provides a cheaper way than buying new tires every time you have uneven wear and tear.

How Much Does Firestone Charge For A Tire Rotation?

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