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  • The average salary paid to an employee working at Tesla is $110,192. Tesla pay is based on an employee’s position and department.
  • The product team earns an average salary of $201,032. This is the highest salary figure of any department at Tesla.
  • The lowest earning department at Tesla is admin. It is estimated a receptionist earns $38,015 annually.

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Everybody knows about Tesla, Elon Musk, and their amazing cars. But what about the salaries? How much do they pay their employees?

Tesla Motors salaries range but the average amount they pay each employee is $110,192. Pay varies widely based on position and the highest-paid department at Tesla is the Product team. The lowest-paid employees at Tesla are in Admin positions like the receptionist, who makes $38,015 annually.

Tesla is one of the world's most innovative and ambitious companies, and its employees are just as impressive. Have you ever wondered how much money Tesla pays its employees? In this guide, we’ll take a look at Tesla salaries to get an idea of what kind of compensation they offer.

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Tesla Salaries: How Much Do They Pay?

The average Tesla Motors pay ranges between $33,633 and $164,990. However, a person's pay varies widely based on their position, experience, education level, etc.

As one of the world’s most recognizable and innovative automotive companies, Tesla is a magnet for talented and motivated individuals worldwide. But with such a highly-coveted job comes an equally coveted salary. So how much do Tesla employees earn?

Based on all employee salaries, $110,192 or $52 per hour is the average salary an employee makes at Tesla. The median salary is $114,033 or $54 per hour.

Glassdoor estimates the average per-hour salary to range between $18 to $189 per hour. Higher wages are given to management-level positions like Directors. Tesla also offers health insurance, 401k, and paid time off.

Tesla Salary By Position: Comparison

Rather than looking at each individual position within Tesla, it’s easier to understand their payment structures by focusing on the salary averages by the department. We have listed the core departments at Tesla below and explained the average salary for each.


The average salary in engineering at Tesla is $147,000. Salaries don’t range too widely in this department for software engineers, but as engineers gain experience and move into management roles, they can earn more.

For example, the Director of Engineering at Tesla is estimated to earn $265,000. This is the highest paying job in the department. Meanwhile, the Lead Engineer earns between $147,000 and $240,000. A Principal Engineer earns up to $260,000.

Even a data scientist can earn good money. The reported total compensation for this position is $170,000.


The product department is another well-compensated group at Tesla. According to estimates, the department makes an average annual salary of $201,032. This is the highest figure within the Tesla organization.

Some of the highest-paid positions include the Director of Product ($176,208), Group Product Manager ($217,621), and Senior Product Manager ($150,015).


The sales team also has a high ceiling at Tesla. The highest reported salary for the Director of Sales was $225,480 annually. The average sales rep can expect to earn around $125,000 per year.


Operations is a relatively low-earning department at Tesla. But there are still positions like a business analyst who earns well. It’s estimated they earn $122,846 per year.

The Director of Operations also earns well at $188,174 annually. Meanwhile, the Office Manager earns much less than other Tesla Motors employees at only a $59,935 base salary per year.

Research & Science

As one would expect from such a highly respected innovator in the field, Tesla pays competitively within the research & science sector. Salaries range from $90k-$170k depending on experience.

Employees working in positions related to software engineering may be even higher than that number due to added technical requirements for those positions.

Human Resources

In order for any business to continue running smoothly, day-to-day operations must remain organized. At Tesla, HR managers can expect an average salary of $123.841 per year.

High-level HR directors sometimes make up to $192,661 annually, depending on skill set and experience level. Even recruiters are well-paid at Tesla, earning $109,742 per year.


Keeping all aspects of their organization connected requires complex systems managed by professionals experienced in information technology (IT). With such an integral role within their team structure comes appropriately rewarding compensation packages.

Most IT personnel at Tesla receive an average salary of $114,575 annually based on their knowledge base and years of service with the company. The Director of IT earns $182,844 per year.


We cannot forget the finance department. The average salary is $115,463 per year. The average financial analyst earns $89,223. An account earns $71,138 each year.

Higher positions get a nice pay bump. The Director of Finance is expected to earn $172,533 annually.

Tesla Employee Benefits

Tesla also offers competitive benefits for their staff, including health insurance coverage (medical/dental/vision), stock options, and annual bonuses that can be substantial in some cases.

Health and Family

Full-time employees are granted access to full medical, dental, and vision coverage. They also have wellness programs, parental leave, and infertility benefits.

Pay and Compensation

Competitive pay is an understatement when comparing Tesla's salaries to other companies in the industry. Employees get a 401(k) with matching benefits, financial planning, and the option to receive stock grants.

There are generous paid time off plans for tenured employees with flexible scheduling. Tesla also offers financial assistance for employees dealing with unexpected or sudden hardships.

Unique Perks

Working at a place like Tesla also includes unique perks like discounted driving accessories and free vehicle upgrades. Employees get free shuttles to work and monthly carpool subsidies.

All Tesla employees who own a Tesla also get free EV charging. Other discounts on dining, travel, and fitness are available too.

Factors That Affect Tesla Salaries

With the popularity and work required at Tesla comes significant financial compensation for their employees. Several factors can affect Tesla's salaries, like the job title, location, education of an employee, etc. We will explain each of them below.

Job Title & Years Of Experience

Job titles can significantly impact salaries as different positions require unique skill sets reflected in compensation structures. For example, engineers enjoy higher salaries than other production jobs because their skillset is more specialized and essential for driving technology forward.

Engineers with more tenure or years of experience will get paid more too. This leads to promotions to senior or management-level positions.


Location can also impact how much an individual gets paid. Salaries are based on the local cost of living in many cases. A person working at Tesla in Draper, Utah, can expect a lower salary than someone in New York or San Francisco.


Education can impact how far someone can go at a company. This can result in a difference in salary. But compared to other companies, education matters less at Tesla than at other competing companies. This is something Elon Musk has mentioned in the past.


Finally, performance does influence compensation packages. When an employee does well, they get rewarded with raises and promotions. The same is true for employees working at Tesla.

Tesla Salaries: How Much Do They Pay?

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