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Winter driving is made easy when you upgrade your tires to a high-end, premium winter option like the Sumitomo Ice Edge or Bridgestone Blizzak WS80.

The Sumitomo Ice Edge and Blizzak WS80 are similar in the type of winter support they provide to drivers. However, you will notice better-lasting treadwear and short-distance braking from the Blizzak WS80 while the Ice Edge is known to be quieter and more comfortable on the road.

Winter tires are vital to your vehicle when you live in a region that experiences heavy snowfall and extreme temperatures. Both the Ice Edge and Blizzak WS80 are designed in a way to handle with precision while maintaining flexibility in winter conditions. We favor the Blizzak WS80 as the overall better selection for most drivers.

Testing winter tires requires a different approach because the critical factors are much different. These two tires both perform well when exposed to cold temperatures and slippery surfaces thanks to their grooves and siping technology. Our experts provide all of the information you need to determine which tire is best for you.      

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Sumitomo Ice Edge Vs Blizzak WS80 Tires

Blizzak WS80 and Sumitomo Ice Edge tires are both snow and ice tires that provide above-average winter performance compared to the industry average. Both of them have great ratings, but they also have some key differences.

In this guide, we will discuss the key features both tires have to offer and explain how they differ. If you are debating on a new winter tire, these are two excellent options and we will help you determine what the best tire is for you.

Sumitomo Ice Edge

Sumitomo Ice Edge tires are designed to provide winter traction and performance. The tire is developed with a low-profile tread pattern that provides excellent grip on snow and ice.

The Sumitomo Ice Edge is a winter tire with a tread pattern that has been designed to deliver maximum traction on snow, ice, and slush. This tire is designed for drivers who demand the best performance in winter conditions. It offers maximum grip on snow and ice, as well as traction on slush.

This tire provides a smooth, quiet ride and long-lasting grip on dry and wet surfaces. With a tread design that accelerates quickly and has a low rolling resistance, this tire is ideal for drivers who live in areas that experience snow or ice conditions throughout the winter season.

The best place to find the Ice Edge tire is at SimpleTire where you can find a variety of sizes starting as low as $84.96 per tire. You can expect free shipping on every order too.  

3D Serrated Siping

The Sumitomo Ice Edge 3D Serrated Siping for winter driving helps to improve traction in ice and snow conditions by reducing the weight of the tire. The serrated sipe creates a high-performance tire that improves traction and provides drivability in icy conditions.

Sumitomo's latest design helps keep the tires in contact with the road as they reduce road slip. The tire also provides better control, stability, and comfort than traditional tires, making it ideal for drivers who enjoy winter sports or travel by car during inclement weather conditions.

These specific sipes can better target difficult-to-reach areas on the tire that are more susceptible to sliding on ice and losing critical road traction. It has a 3D serrated sipe and unique construction that provides better and more stable traction and reduces the amount of snow and ice build-up.

Triangular Tread Blocks

The Triangular Tread Blocks are designed to ensure safe driving conditions in winter. They are 3-D printed with a unique triangular design to enhance the balance of the vehicle.

They are designed to enhance driving performance in winter, by providing protection against slush, slush ice, and snow. This is achieved by the triangular design that increases braking and steering responsiveness. The blocks also feature a low profile for better clearance during turns and maneuvers while preventing wheel lockup even on snow or ice.

These blocks provide safety and performance so that the driver can concentrate on driving more than getting distracted by concerns about traction. The tread blocks are also positioned well to create a longer-lasting tire construction for better durability.

Durable Construction Technology

Sumitomo Ice tires are made using a patented process that combines polyurethane and silica tread compound with high-precision molding technology. The result of this process is that the tires can maintain their properties for years and even decades under normal driving conditions.

It is designed to provide improved traction on slippery surfaces including snow and ice. The twin steel belts combined with a nylon overlay make the construction of the tire stronger than ever before.

These features make these tires durable and resistant to punctures while maintaining excellent stability at highway speeds.


  • 3D sipes with bite particles for extra road grip
  • Excellent handling ability on ice
  • Quiet driving
  • Extreme comfort especially on difficult terrain
  • Hydroplaning resistance support
  • Unique tread design for more winter accuracy


  • Tread life is not the best
  • Dry handling is below average
  • Does not maintain the best grip in deep snow


Sumitomo does not offer a very extensive warranty on their winter tire models, including this Ice Edge tire. There is no tread life coverage but they do cover manufacturer issues and road hazards for the first year.

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

The Blizzak WS80 is a winter tire developed with the most advanced technology in the industry and offers an unmatched level of performance in snow and ice conditions. It is also highly efficient and provides excellent traction on pavement surfaces.

This winter tire features a unique tread pattern that helps spread out the contact patch, which helps to provide better grip in both wet and dry conditions. This tire also features a continuous sipe design, which gives it a more supple feel when driving on-road.

This tire also delivers superior performance in colder conditions. Its flexible and durable tread provides traction in wet and dry conditions, while the low rolling resistance makes it easy to maintain speed and agility on the road.

NanoPro-Tech Multicell Compound

Bridgestone's NanoPro-Tech Multicell Compound has been applied in the winter traction system of tires for improved performance. It works well in cold temperatures too and is built for cold temperatures.

This technology provides a better grip on the road and is also more durable than most other materials used for winter tire compounds. It has been proven to provide a stable grip in icy and snowy conditions, making it perfect for drivers living in cold environments where roads are covered with ice and snow.

The full compound contains silica, carbon black, and rubber. These materials all combine to create a versatile tire with long-lasting properties.

The Blizzak WS80 is more widely available and it can be found at both SimpleTire and Discount Tire with many different sizes. Both vendors offer fast delivery and free shipping on all tire orders too.    

3D Zig-Zag Sipes

The 3D Zig-Zag Sipes technology works by biting into the surface before sliding sideways across it, which creates friction and allows for better braking and handling capabilities in wet conditions.

These sipes are not just visually appealing but also present technical benefits. They reduce the surface friction of the tire by creating friction just below the tread, which enhances steering precision while accelerating and braking at high speeds.

The 3D Zig-Zag Sipes improve braking performance as well as bite through snow and ice easier than traditional non-3D sipes.

Optimized Tire Footprint

The Blizzak WS80 is a winter tire that was designed with a specific type of tire footprint designed to enhance traction on wet surfaces under all driving conditions. It has created this new type of road contact through its unique tread pattern to ensure better grip while driving on wet and dry roads, including hard-pack snow.

This optimized design means that the Blizzak WS80 tires have a large contact patch for fewer chances for the contact between the treads as well as wear and tear on the road itself. Because of this upgraded footprint, this tire is one of the longest-lasting winter tires.


  • Top-notch winter traction
  • Excellent stability on the road with plenty of steering responsiveness
  • Best in class winter tread life
  • Solid dry traction and handling
  • Cornering is reliable and sharp


  • Not the quietest tire
  • Road comfort could be improved


Bridgestone is known to provide some of the best tread life coverage on all tires, especially those in the winter category. You can expect a limited tread life warranty along with materials and workmanship coverage for five years.

Sumitomo Ice Edge Vs Blizzak WS80: What’s Better?

The Blizzak WS80 has a significantly higher content density, meaning it offers more insulation against the cold than does Sumitomo Ice Edge.

It also uses less energy to heat up and maintain its temperature, which is beneficial in warmer weather. However, both options can handle dry surfaces well but will struggle in summer temperatures.

The Blizzak WS80 will give you better handling and traction in deeper snow compared to the Ice Edge. Bridgestone is able to ensure a longer tread life with the NanoPro compound that extends the tire footprint for more direct contact on the road.

The Sumitomo Ice Edge is a better tire on pavement providing extra comfort and minimal road noise. It also maintains this comfort better on ice and in the snow compared to the Blizzak WS80.

If you value comfort over performance, the Ice Edge is the better choice for you.

Sumitomo Ice Edge Vs Blizzak WS80 Tires

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