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You are considering a Lexus ES as your next luxury vehicle, but you want to be sure it has enough interior room. How much space is in a Lexus ES?

You should be comfortable if you pay the money for a luxury ride. What about the back seat area? The kids are growing leaps and bounds, so you want to be confident that they can ride comfortably without having their knees tucked up under their chin. Don’t forget about the golf clubs or the endless suitcases the family packs for vacation? Will the trunk have enough cargo space to handle your Taylor-mades?

The Lexus ES is a premium mid-sized sedan with ample space in the interior cabin and trunk. Lexus models have more interior volume and cargo space than most luxury competitors, a distinction they have had for many years.

The last thing you want is your Lexus to feel like a Mini-Cooper, where everyone has to squeeze into the seats. You need a roomy five-seat mid-size sedan to accommodate your growing family’s needs. The wife has decided against driving an SUV because they’re too big, so you need a sedan.

Many people don’t think about how crucial interior space is in purchasing a vehicle. Too often, a consumer buys a car because of its looks, only to find out it doesn't have enough space for the sports equipment they need to haul. Since the Lexus Elegant Sedan (ES is the acronym) is the most popular luxury mid-sized model sold in the US today, we felt that a few reminders about the interior room they offer could help inform and calm potential buyers.

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What are the Interior Dimensions of the New 2022 Lexus ES?

For the model year 2022, Lexus is offering its ES mid-sized sedan in two basic models, the ES250 and ES350. Both models have a huge 37.5 inches of headroom in the front (38.7 in the rear with a moonroof) and enough room for even the tallest person to stretch their legs (42.4/39.2 front and back). This five-seat sedan provides a quiet, luxurious atmosphere, emphasizing quality materials for seating and stitching.

As far as cargo space goes, both ES models offer 13.9 cubic feet, which is in the mid-range of other competitors. The biggest negative of the trunk is that the rear seats do not fold down, which won’t allow owners to haul oversized loads when needed. Still, the Lexus provides ample room for a set of clubs or the stuff that you need for the wife’s weekend out-of-town getaways.

How Does The Interior Space Compare to Other Models?

The headroom space of the ES at 37.5 inches compares to the Acura TLX, which has just a smidge less (37.4), but less than the Genesis G80 with an abundant 41.5. The following table shows how the competition stacks up for the 2022 model.

The outright winner of the interior passenger volume is the Genesis G80 with over 103.8 (cu.ft.) as compared to the Lexus ES 99.9 (cu.ft.).

Is the 2022 ES as Large as Previous Years?

The Lexus has maintained the same interior passenger volume for several years. The Manufacturer has decreased the cargo capacity on the ES model for the 2022 model year. While other competitors have continued refining and redesigning their interior cabins, Lexus has stayed fairly content with its space.

The table below compares passenger volume and cargo space for the past five years.

Who Makes the Lexus Model and Where is it Made?

Lexus is the luxury brand of Toyota Motor Company, headquartered in Japan. Currently, the ES model is produced at the manufacturing plant in Lexington, Ky., which started production on the model in 2016. The plant also makes Toyota's Camrys, Avalons, and RAV4s, pushing out about 50,000 ES units a year.

The Lexus ES has consistently been the leading mid-sized luxury sedan outselling the Mercedes E Class and the BMW 5 Series. The vehicle enjoys a presence in over 70 countries and has been a best-selling model globally.

For the model year 2022, the Lexus continues the seventh generation of the ES model, which has been around since 2019. Review sites like Kelly Blue Book have awarded the model with its “Best Midsize Luxury Sedan” awards.

What Makes the Lexus ES the Bestselling Mid-sized Sedan?

There are several reasons why Lexus ES is the best-selling model the company makes.

Interior Luxury

Lexus has always committed their vehicles toward enhancing the driver experience. Not only does this mean that the model provides the latest infotainment and technological advances, but an emphasis on comfort and space as well. Lexus has a reputation for quality interiors, using the finest quality in seating surfaces, and having diligence in providing attention to every detail. While the interior of other models can feel “plasticky,” there is not even a tiny hint of mediocrity to a Lexus interior.

High Resale Value

The Lexus ES residual value has consistently been one of the highest in the luxury market. The vehicle will retain about 65% of its value after three years. If you are the type of owner who gets bored and needs to be swapping out vehicles every couple of years, you cannot go wrong with the Lexus ES. And considering the way car prices are going up, there are pretty good chances that your 2024 model will be worth more in three years than the locked-in buyout price you might have agreed to in your lease. The market for used cars is very strong, and the price bubble shows no signs of bursting any time soon.

The Price You Pay/Lease

As great a car as the Lexus ES is, you might expect it to cost more than its competitors, but fortunately, that is not the case. The base price for a Lexus ES begins at around $40,800, compared to the BMW 5 - $54,200. The Genesis G80 is priced at nearly $7500 more, while the Mercedes E is comparable to its German counterpart at BMW.


The standard powertrain warranty for Lexus is 72 mo/72,000 miles, covering most engine components. The drivetrain warranty is complemented with a bumper-to-bumper coverage that is 48 mo/50k miles and handles any part that isn’t a wear and tear item. The comprehensive coverage will include four-wheel alignment for the first year, which is a benefit that some competitors do not offer.

The Warranty for BMW and Mercedes lasts for only 48mo/50k miles, with no powertrain, so if your engine conks out after the odometer reaches that point, you are out of luck. The Genesis warranty is extended (120 mos/100k powertrain and 60mos/60k miles comprehensive).

The Gas You Use

Surprisingly, the Lexus operates on 87 octane regular or 91 octane premium. Many other luxury models require nothing but premium grade. While you might not think that this is significant, with the increased price of gasoline biting into many household budgets, the difference in gas prices can be significant over several years.

How Much Space Is In a Lexus ES?

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