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Road Hugger Tires is a tire brand that’s made for the discount tire company. This Road Hugger Tires review will tell you all about the brand.

These tires specialize in producing high-quality budget tires all around the world. They are made using innovative manufacturing procedures and the latest machinery to ensure high performance.

Unlike other low-cost tire producers, Road Hugger Tires is highly reliable even during harsh weather conditions. Although there are better options, Road Hugger Tires offers adequate tires at a good price.

The tire brand presently offers only two tire models, both of which are all-season tires. So, if you experience frequent spells of snow in your area, these tires will not serve you well. However, this has nothing to do with the brand: all-season tires aren't designed to handle thick snow or ice.

We've tested the tires made by Road Hugger Tires, and based on our experience, we have put together this detailed review as a useful guide to help you learn everything you need to know about the brand.

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Road Hugger Tires Review

As the brand name says, the tires are created with grip and traction in mind. Road Hugger tires provide you with more turning grip, more acceleration traction, and firmer braking than conventional touring tires. Both models offer good hydroplaning resistance and short braking distances. Therefore, they are quite valuable.

Road Hugger tires are noted for their high-performance all-season tread compound. Road Hugger's products are less expensive than premium competitors, making it a good choice for individuals on a budget.

Road Hugger tires are made by Kumho for Discount Tire, indicating that the brand is backed by a major tire manufacturer. In most cases, this means that the tires are produced and tested in the same way as premium tires are, but with less expensive materials.

Road Hugger, in particular, focuses on an all-season tread compound with high-performance. These tires should have higher cornering traction and grip than conventional all-season touring tires but without the extreme tread wear that summer tires have. Its products are far less expensive than the premium competition, making them appealing for buyers on a budget.

Let's take a look at the Road Hugger brand as a whole and see if they're worth it.

Asian Tire brands are known for producing high-quality tires using modern manufacturing processes and cutting-edge machinery. The company outsources production in order to sell these tires at a lesser cost than the usual UHP alternatives offered by the larger tire companies.

Tires from this manufacturer are made for crossovers, coupes, and sedans. So, do you think this is the best tire for you? Road Hugger Tires gives drivers of pickup trucks and SUVs a low-cost solution that fits any budget, thanks to its dependable traction and greater longevity.

A symmetric tread design and all-season tread compound provide solid dry traction and handling. Road Hugger has incorporated a semi-solid continuous interlocking center rib that serves to improve steering response and cornering stability while driving at highway speeds.

Road Hunter Tires was created to provide good value for budget-conscious truck, SUV, and 4x4 owners. It is designed for light-duty off-road driving as well as consistent highway performance.

Road Hugger Tires have a more durable tread compound designed to resist the demands of off-road operation. Multi-angled and deeper tread edges help the tire navigate easily through any type of terrain, including grass, mud, gravel, sand, or soil. Moreover, stone ejector ribs help to prevent damage and increase durability.

Summer tires are also not available in the company's inventory; however, this may change in the future. Other prominent exceptions include specialty SUVs and crossover tires, which have become increasingly popular.

Best Road Hugger Tires

GTP A/S Road Hugger

The Road Hugger GTP A/S is a passenger vehicle all-season grand-touring tire. It's available in 16 to 20 inches diameters, which makes it a great fit for several types of vehicles. However, it is best suited to somewhat older to mid-size cars like the Chevrolet Malibu, Ford Fusion, Honda Accord, and Toyota Camry. Owners of Civic, Corolla, and Focus models from the 2010s may be interested in these.

The GTP A/S is generally recommended to owners of older vehicles because it will not give you the finest potential performance. Simply said, a set of Michelin or Bridgestone tires will provide greater overall performance, which new car owners will undoubtedly appreciate.

Nonetheless, the Road Hugger GTP A/S is incredibly inexpensive and does not directly compete with those brands. You can save between $150 and $300 on a pair of four tires.

The main question is how well it performs. At least for a touring tire, the GTP A/S is sensitive and communicates well with the driver. It also has high longitudinal traction, which means that stopping distances aren't excessively long. Cornering grip is likewise good, albeit a little below the competition in this category.

With outstanding longitudinal traction and hydroplaning resistance, the GTP A/S keeps you secure in wet situations. However, near the limit, it seems a little jittery and exhibits under steer - something you won't get with quality tires. So, it's probably acceptable for everyday driving but not for spirited cornering.

Snowy circumstances, on the other hand, should be avoided. On snow, the Road Hugger GTP A/S just does not provide consistent traction, both longitudinally and in the corners. Traction on the ice is likewise nearly non-existent. Therefore, it's better not to use this tire in bitter cold weather.

Discount Tire offers a 55,000-mile treadwear warranty, which is more than enough for the price but falls short of the class average of 65,000 miles. Although they are more expensive, some grand-touring tires, such as the Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack, come with an 80,000-mile warranty.

GT Ultra Road Hugger

The Road Hugger GT Ultra is a high-performance tire designed for high-powered vehicles. Owners of powerful muscle vehicles and sports cars should search elsewhere because it still has an all-season tread compound. To put it another way, V6 muscle cars and mid-size sedans should operate great with the GT Ultra, but V8 models will not.

The GT Ultra will pleasantly surprise you when it comes to the driving experience. It isn't a Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 4, but it is adequate for the price. The tire is more responsive than a standard grand-touring tire, with a good on-center feel and a fun overall driving experience.

When compared to the GTP A/S, the grip is noticeably better; however, it still falls short of the best-in-class tires. On the other hand, most drivers will appreciate the cornering grip. The longitudinal traction is likewise good, so braking distances aren't excessively long.

Rainy weather isn't a problem with the GT Ultra either. The resistance to hydroplaning is excellent, and longitudinal traction is comparable to that of other budget-friendly tires. Although far from premium tires, cornering grip is noticeably better than the GTP A/S.

Driving quickly with GT Ultras on snow-covered roads is something you definitely don't want to do. Traction is unreliable, resulting in greater stopping distances and unsteady handling.

Fortunately, Road Hugger offers a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty, which is quite impressive for such a low-cost, high-performance all-season tire. So far, there have been no complaints from the owners about how much tires endure.

GT Eco Road Hugger

For drivers of sedans and coupes looking for an inexpensive all-season tire, the Road Hugger GT Eco offers a smooth ride and an environmentally-friendly tread design.

The GT Ultra is a high-performance all-season tire with a focus on traction and handling. It is exceptionally economical for budget-conscious customers and provides excellent amenities.

Road Hugger Tires Review – Handling

Dry Road Conditions

On dry roads, both Road Hugger tires give excellent traction and grip. Sure, you shouldn't anticipate premium-level performance, but for everyday driving, they're quite adequate. The same cannot be said for even the most expensive brands – and we mean that.

Rainy Conditions

Unlike other low-cost tire producers, Road Hugger's products are dependable even during rainy days. Again, you could do a lot better for a lot less money, but they're enough for the price. Both versions have adequate hydroplaning resistance, and the braking distances aren't too long. Durable Tread Compound Road Hugger offers a tread wear warranty on both of its variants.

Winter Conditions

Despite the fact that both the GTP A/S and GT Ultra have an all-season tread compound, they aren't ideal for driving on snow and ice. This is primarily due to insufficient traction, particularly in the corners. In terms of traction and grips, the Road Hugger tires are still a step behind the finest.

Overall Thoughts

Although Road Hugger tires are reasonably priced, there is some doubt that spending a little more money will result in significantly superior performance. The brand promotes excellent driving habits, especially among those who drive below the speed limit. For the price, Road Hugger tires are also highly durable, and the brand offers strong treadwear warranties.

In the UHP all-season category, there are a number of good tires, and Road Hugger Tires has established itself as a popular brand. Drivers should expect excellent dry traction as well as a strong grip on wet roads. Cornering grip is an added benefit, and steering responsiveness and driver feel are greater than one might expect from a low-cost offering. Despite some negative aspects about the tires, the ride is surprisingly smooth and pleasant. Therefore, we recommend Road Hugger to budget-conscious buyers who don't want to risk their safety.


These tires have a number of outstanding qualities that speak volumes about the brand's overall standing in the tire market. These tires are not only of excellent quality, but they also function admirably on both wet and dry roads. Regardless of the model purchased, the Road Huggers are known for their high quality.


The Road Hugger GT tires have a starting price of $75. This tire can be eligible for rebates, discounts, coupons, and other special offers from time to time. Road Hugger tires are not available as original equipment. They are, nevertheless, capable replacement tires for drivers on a tight budget looking for a high-quality product. The Road Hugger GT Ultra costs $88, and a complete set of tires costs less than $500, which is exceptionally affordable when compared to rival rates.


Road Hugger Tires are available in a variety of sizes, from GT Ultra to the GT Eco., for drivers of different types of sedans and coupes looking for a budget-friendly all-season tire. Moreover, the Road Hugger GT Eco delivers great agility and dependable traction, as well as a smooth ride and an eco-friendly tread design.

The Road Hugger GT Ultras, on the other hand, are high-performance all-season tires with excellent traction and handling that are best suited to crossovers, sports coupes, and sedans.

Fuel Efficiency

Road Hugger Tires use cutting-edge technology and don't cut corners when it comes to tire fuel efficiency. Rolling resistance is reduced because of the unique tread patterns and high-quality designs, resulting in lower fuel consumption for drivers. This is ideal for budget-conscious drivers who want to save money on tires and petrol.


A limited tread warranty is included with these tires. The Road Hugger tires are exceptionally durable and enable hassle-free long-distance driving on roads thanks to superior technology and unique design.

Handling Road Huggers have a variety of design features that improve the grip and traction of whatever vehicle they are installed on. The tires are made using an asymmetric tread pattern and an all-season tread compound. As a result, drivers will have constant grip and traction in both wet and dry conditions. Furthermore, the robust center rib performs admirably and provides excellent stability throughout the driving experience. Drivers can go at high speeds without worrying about braking or cornering ability.

Road Hugger Tires Review – A Quick Overview

Road Hugger tires are extremely long-lasting and have excellent treadwear warranties. The brand promotes appropriate road etiquette, particularly among drivers who exceed the speed limit.

Road Hugger is an excellent choice if you're on a budget and need a complete set of new tires. Road Hugger is a brand that is still at an initial stage of development and growth. Discount Tire and America's Tire, the parent firms, will probably continue to manufacture new models in the future. The need for crossover and SUV tires is only going to grow, and Road Huggers will be ready to deliver.

Which Road Hugger tire is the best?

Tires with ribs and shoulder blocks have been devised to help drivers navigate curves while driving quickly. The GT Ultra provided outstanding traction on both wet and dry roads, as well as excellent cornering capability, during Road Hugger testing.

Road Hugger offers a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty. This is an excellent choice for a high-performance, budget-friendly, all-season tire. Drivers are pleased with these tires not only because they are reasonably priced but also because they are incredibly durable.

Is it possible to use Road Hugger all-season tires in the snow?

Both tires are not suitable for use in hard winter conditions or in places with extreme weather, and this has nothing to do with the brand. Deep snow and ice are not recommended for all-season tire performance despite the brand.

Why Should You Purchase Road Hugger Tires?

Road Hugger tires are distinguished for their exceptional quality and performance, thanks to cutting-edge machinery and manufacturing techniques. What sets them apart is their ability to provide consumers with ultra-high performance (UHP) tires at a low cost.

Discount Tire Company has also assured that these tires are widely available across the United States, owing to its broad regional distribution facilities and online availability.

Their production is purposely outsourced to Asian behemoths to cut costs, which is why these high-quality tires are less expensive than other UHP tires now on the market.


Road Hugger is an excellent alternative if you're on a tight budget but still want a high-quality tire or a complete set. While you'd expect to pay around $1,000 for a set of UHP tires, the Road Hugger is far less expensive. With the Road Hugger Ultra GT starting at $75, you can have a complete set for less than $500, including a spare! This is less than half the cost of UHP tires of equivalent quality!

Despite this significant price reduction, the Road Hugger series can compete with comparable UHP tires in terms of durability and performance. The production of the Road Hugger GT Ultra Tires has been outsourced to world-class Asian manufacturers who are capable of producing these tires at a competitive price.


UHP tires are purchased by drivers who require tires that demonstrate their vehicle's highest performance potential. It's unlikely that you'll discover good-quality UHP tires at a reasonable price.

The handling and cornering capabilities of Road Hugger tires are comparable to the performance boost offered by premium UHP tires. The fact that the tires provide performance improvements at such a low cost is a compelling reason to install them on your car.

Design Features

Road Hugger tires are designed with different design characteristics that dramatically boost traction and grip on any vehicle they are installed on.

Tires from the company are made with an all-season tread compound and an asymmetric tread pattern. Drivers can expect a steady grip in both dry and wet conditions because of the tread pattern. Its tires include a solid center rib for added stability, allowing drivers to travel at higher speeds while also boosting braking and acceleration.

By creating tires with shoulder blocks and ribs, the brand dramatically improves turning stability, allowing drivers to handle the curves while driving fast. The GT Ultra was reviewed by Road Hugger Tires and has excellent traction on both dry and wet roads, as well as excellent cornering capability.

Increased Stability

When it comes to road steadiness, the name says it all: they're meant to hug the road. The GT Ultra tires are able to do this, thanks to their intermediate ribs and larger-than-normal shoulder blocks, which considerably improve the vehicle's performance. The broader outer shoulder detail also supports cornering ability due to the extra biting edges that provide better grip.

Improved Traction and Braking

The three-dimensional sipes and four circumferential grooves enable these tires to handle a wide range of driving conditions. It also has a continuous center rib that increases steering response and contributes significantly to better acceleration and braking. This feature, upon closer inspection, appears to take an ultra-sporty approach to the UHP tires.

Longer Tread Life

Tread life should always be taken into account when selecting tires for your car. Fortunately, the tread life of this low-cost tire is quite impressive. This is partly due to the usage of silica-infused rubber, which is known to have a long lifespan. Even the groove edges are narrowed to extend tread life by lowering the stone-holding capability of the tires.

Quiet Ride

High-performance tires aren't recognized for providing a quiet ride because their primary focus is on increasing handling. These tires, on the other hand, are unique as they provide a quiet and noise-free ride.

Better Performance and Handling

The GT Ultra series, in particular, is praised for its superior handling and cornering in all vehicle types. The Road Hugger GT Eco, on the other hand, offers a smooth ride to its passengers. It has an environmentally-friendly tread design and is a cost-effective solution for sedans and coupés.

Even the design components of Road Huggers are well-considered and practical. All-season tire compounds and asymmetrical tread patterns work together to help tackle different driving conditions.

The robust center rib of these tires, in particular, provides good handling at high speeds as well as exceptional acceleration and braking capabilities.

In addition, the fuel efficiency of Road Hugger tires is also well-known. The tire's rolling resistance is substantially reduced because of the distinctive tread patterns and high-quality design. In the long run, this helps to cut the cost of fuel.

Size and Speed Classification

The Road Hugger series comes in a variety of diameters ranging from 16 to 20 inches, all of which have a W speed rating.

Road Hugger Tires - Pros and Cons

These are high-performance and traction tires that the producers have built expressly to provide good handling. The GT Ultra is well-suited for almost all car models, so whether you have a sports car, crossover, sedan, truck, or any other vehicle, you can conveniently have your tires replaced. We expect low-cost tires to have a short lifespan and subpar grip in a variety of driving conditions. However, when it comes to the GT Ultra, the tire is remarkably sturdy, adaptable, and highly durable. The asymmetric tread patterns, in particular, enable you to tackle various road conditions. So you can drive with confidence in rainy or dry circumstances. Here are some of the pros and cons of the tire brand:


  • Good steering feel and responsiveness
  • Secure traction and grip on dry roads
  • Good longitudinal traction on wet roads
  • High durability for its price


  • Poor cornering ability during rain
  • Snow traction is poor, while ice traction is non-existent
Road Hugger Tires Review - Brand Guide

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