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Pro Comp is one of the most popular tire brands, with their tires getting rave reviews. Let's take a closer look at them in this Pro Comp Tires review.

Pro Comp continues to build a reputation for itself in the caliber of off-road tires – specially made for adventure enthusiasts. It has made a name for itself in this space and often finds itself on many people's "top 10" lists when it comes to off-road tires.

Pro Comp has made its name in the industry with its high-performance tires that provide excellent road grip and incredible handling. Most Pro Comp tires also come with a 40,000-60,000 miles treadwear warranty, which is an indicator of the company’s trust in their products.

Because the company focuses its efforts on a few items, its quality has improved dramatically, positioning Pro Comp as a major player in the marketplace. However, the decision to choose one tire from the brand may be perplexing, which is why we're come to help.

We have tested all the tires offered by the company to create this detailed review of Pro Comp. We have covered all you need to know about the brand, from cost to quality and performance. We'll look at what makes these tires special and how they might improve your driving dynamics.

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Pro Comp Tires

Pro Comp USA has been producing high-quality, long-lasting equipment for on- and off-road lovers, such as tires, wheels, stabilizers, shocks, and much more, since 1992. Suspension systems were their initial cornerstone, and they remain one of their most significant areas even now, as Pro Comp continues to develop revolutionary new suspensions.

The company began manufacturing tires in 1998, and since then, it has been one of the leading tire manufacturers in the aftermarket business. The introduction of Pro Comp wheels in 2001, which were supposed to be the toughest steel and cast wheels on the marketplace, backed up this claim.

When it comes to off-road tires for your truck or SUV, you can't take any chances and want the very best offering. This is why, over the years, large numbers of off-roaders have resorted to Pro Comp Tires. These tires offer robust performance and provide high-quality results. Regardless of the product, Pro Comp provides a quick and easy buying experience, as the company continues to aim for unsurpassed customer service daily.

Overall Assessment of Pro Comp Tires

Pro Comp has succeeded in removing the gap between on and off-road tires. It provides the most robust tires that can help you drive over all types of difficult terrain, all the while keeping the ride smooth and comfortable.

You receive specialist models designated to provide unrivaled movement and stability on any surface.

Moreover, many tires made by the company arrive with treadwear assurances, which help enhance the bargain and provide further worth to your money spent. Another fact worth noting is that the company provides a user-friendly buying experience to guarantee you receive the perfect version as per your requirements, as well as good post-purchase service.


What better way to demonstrate Pro Comp tires' quality than seeing them at various motorsport events? Companies compete in the backdrop to tell that the products are the highest with regards to quality and durability, much as drivers compete on the racetrack.

Pro Comp's faith in the excellence of its offerings prompted it to take unique steps to differentiate itself from the competitors. Most tires, for instance, arrive with an extensive 60-day warranty period in which you can get a full refund if you're unhappy with the driving dynamics provided.


Pro Comp tires are a little more expensive because they are designed for off-road aficionados. There are options ranging in price from roughly $100 to $500. The numerous innovations built in the tire's structure give an uncompromised experience for a comparatively higher price tag. Although there are less expensive all-terrain options available in the market, they usually prioritize durability over speed and handling, which isn't the criteria with the Pro Comp.

Fuel Savings

When it comes to the tread design, Pro Comp tires feature aggressive, one-of-a-kind patterns created using a computer-aided modeling approach to keep rolling resistance to a minimum. Nonetheless, the Pro Comp options, like all extreme terrain tires, have a higher fuel consumption when contrasted to their passenger class competitors.


Off-road models are available from Pro Comp in a wide range of sizes. There's a version for you, regardless of how hard you intend to expand your tires. For example, if you only want one pair of tires to tackle every driving situation, all-terrain tires are your best bet. Whether you're traveling on dirt, rocks, or pebbles, they've got you covered.

Moreover, Pro Comp provides mud-specific tires, which have a better grip and reduce the chances of becoming stranded in a hole. Lastly, if you're really a fan of off-road riding, the Xtreme line-up of tires by Pro Comp is the way to go. These are the company's best-selling options, where all its high-quality innovations are delegated.


Pro Comp has it all worked out for a smooth ride quality on the toughest terrains, whether it's the nipping shoulders, interconnecting sipping design, or unique anti-slippage polymers used to make the tires. The degree of attention to detail here is remarkable, and it all adds up to excellent handling and turning.


Tires made by Pro Comp stand out in terms of durability and thus will last a long time. The tires have specialized ribs designed to release any small stones that may become trapped and cause damage over time. A simple element like this extends the life of the tires significantly. Furthermore, all tires are constructed with a robust framework that can withstand shocks while your vehicle navigates uneven terrain.

Whether you're planning a trip to the mountains, the beaches, or the desert sands, or simply slogging through some mud, Pro Comp's Xtreme All Terrain Tires will get you alone without a hitch. This top-tier firm's all-terrain tires are built to tackle any environment on your checklist, including mild snow in most circumstances. This dependability is heightened by the fact that they perform equally well on and off the road, ensuring exceptional grip no matter where the road takes you.

Review of Tires Made by Pro Comp

A/T Sport Tire

Pro Comp's newest A/T Sport tires are worth considering whether you're looking to find that perfect kayaking site or simply wanting to get away from society. This tire can handle any topography while remaining quiet on the road, and it comes with a 60-day test drive and a 60,000-mile guarantee.

It features a more rigid tread composition designed to deliver more balanced driving dynamics on and off-road. Pro Comp understands that most driving occurs on city roads and highways. However, they also need a compound that could withstand the rigors of extensive off-road usage.

It appears like they got the mixture just about right on this tire. The sweeping tread channels and staggered shape of an asymmetrical tread pattern interact to provide traction on dry, rainy, or snow-covered surfaces. In addition, the grooves are easily cleanable, so you can easily get rid of dirt, gravel, and other particles.

Outer shoulder lugs are designed to provide traction in mild mud, sand, stones, and snow while also resisting chips, scratches, and perforations to the sidewall. Pro Comp also incorporated a multi-pitch variability in the tire's design, rotating the tread blocks to minimize tread pattern sound, which is common with many all-terrain tires. There are a variety of 15–20-inch diameters available in P-metric and LT fittings, as well as a weight range E rating.

It's a delight to travel on the highway, where most users invest their weekends. On the highway, noise is negligible, and the tires are one of the best in their class. In comparison to other AT tires, ride comfort is satisfactory. We found that this tire doesn't perform particularly well in deeper muck. The tread is clearly not meant for mud swamping, even though the tire cleans itself effectively.

Pro Comp offers a variety of all-terrain and mud-terrain tires, but the new A/T Sport is possibly the greatest of them all. At first appearance, the tread design resembles that of the Toyo AT2, but closer inspection reveals significant variances. To sum it up, we're impressed with this tire's efficiency. It can handle pretty much whatever you throw at its path.

Check out Discount Tire if you want to get your hands on the A/T Sport tire. It is currently available at a price of $195.00.  

Xtreme MT2

The Xtreme MT2 is among the firm's premium tire models to give wonderful off-road driving dynamics. It's designed mainly for ATVs and 4x4 rides. The tires have a Tri-Ply structure that increases sidewall puncture protection and ensures that they can withstand even the most difficult terrain. They also have two stainless steel belts and a spiral-wound nylon overwrap, which allows them to carry bigger loads while also providing another layer of safety.

The full-length circular siping considerably improves the tire's traction on slick pavement, making it an effective winter tire substitute. Furthermore, the tire's distinctive silica-treated rubber compositions and projecting pattern design virtually remove dirt and snow, resulting in a self-cleaning feature that increases the tire's performance greatly.

The side ribs aid in removing rocks lodged in the tread channels. In addition, the 2-step tread block structure increases tire stability and provides for consistent treadwear, extending tire life. Not to add that it reduces stopping distance, keeping you safe.

One of the Xtreme MT2's key qualities, as with other off-road tires, is the tread pattern. Pro Comp chose a computer-optimized pattern designed to perform well in off-road situations. The tire's wide tread pattern should help it stay clean and give optimal traction at all moments.

Another of the Xtreme MT2's best features is its warranty. It has a 40,000-mile tread guarantee, a 2/32" tire homogeneity warranty, and a 6-year components and craftsmanship warranty. After a year or before another 2/32" of treadwear, you could get a free upgrade.

While they do have some street noise, which is usual for muddy and off-road tires, it is significantly less than most competitor tires, and they more than compensate for it in almost every other area. Great build quality, dependable and responsive handling, and durability make the Xtreme MT2 a great option.

Even though they are not built for winter use, their technology allows them to be operated in light snow. Ultimately, if you regularly go off-road yet require a tire that can manage typical road terrain with ease, the Xtreme MT2 Radials are among the top options.

Another place where the Xtreme M/T 2 falls short is handling. The response is acceptable, and the feedback isn't very strong — both characteristics you'd anticipate from an off-road tire. Despite its strong internal construction, the tire's sidewall flexing will be noticed only when driven to its limits.

To acquire the Xtreme MT2 tire, check out Discount Tire. It is currently available at a price starting from $246.99.

Buying Guide: What to Look for When Purchasing Pro Comp Tires

Purchasing new tires can be a difficult task. It's easy to become perplexed when faced with a bewildering selection of sizes and tire kinds from Pro Comp to pick from. But don't worry; this guide should provide you with all the information you need to choose the greatest tire option for your car.

Tire Size

Most customers opt to repair their worn tires with something similar in size and capabilities. This fits well, your car was meant to work well with the type and size of tires it arrived with, so replacing them with the same or similar pair would retain the quality and reliability your automobile was built to provide.

You'll have to know your car's tire size and speed rating to analyze a situation, and you'll also want to think about how many miles you'll get from any new tires you're contemplating. Much of that data may be found on the sidewalls of the tires that are currently mounted on your vehicle. It's also found in most owners' handbooks, on the internet, and at tire shops. Pro Comp has great customer service whereby all their workers constantly guide you in each step to make sure that you have the correct tire size with respect to your vehicle.

Speed Rating

Tires also have a speed rating, which reflects how quickly they can go securely for an extended amount of time and how good they are generally. Tires designed for high-performance vehicles have a greater speed rating than any of those designed for daily family cars and SUVs.

The speed rating of the initial tires on your automobile was designed to suit the car's top speed—plus a large safety buffer. This speed rating is represented by a symbol in the alpha-numeric code following the tire size. Top speed varies from 75 mph to even more than 186 mph, and letters vary from L to Y.


The treadwear rating and the tire mileage guarantee are two primary components of information that can help you predict however many miles you can anticipate from a set of wheels. The treadwear grade is indicated on the tire sidewall by a number following the term "treadwear."

The greater this value is, the better the tire is anticipated to last. Most Pro Comp tires offer a 40,000-60,000 miles treadwear warranty, indicating how well these models will perform in all terrains.

Warranty Details for Pro Comp Tires

Having a warranty on the product will keep a customer’s mind at ease, and Pro Comp has made sure to take care of this as well. A Limited Warranty covers any new Pro Comp tire acquired from a Pro Comp distributor by a customer. Under ordinary and authorized use, Pro Comp tires are covered by a limited guarantee that covers manufactured faults in material and craftsmanship. On qualifying Pro Comp Tires, the following guarantees are offered.

Standard Coverage

If your Pro Comp tire becomes inoperable in the first 10% of its tread life due to a qualified adjustable problem, it will be changed with an equal replacement Pro Comp tire at no cost. If the tread is beaten down to 10% or over, a replacement fee will be imposed in order to receive a new tire. The replacement cost will be calculated by multiplying the present market price by the percent of the tire's initial tread depth deterioration. Mounting, leveling, and any other fees, such as taxes and shipping, must be paid, as well as the approval of a higher-priced substitute tire. Standard Coverage applies to all Pro Comp tires.

Ride Insurance for 60 Days

All Pro Comp A/T Sport & Xtreme MT2 tires sold after January 1, 2016 are covered by the 60-day ride guarantee. The 60 Day Ride Guarantee gives the customer a total 100 percent warrantee, which means they can return the product at any time during 60 days of buying. This warranty acts as the consumer's final recourse in the event of a returned product for any cause. The reimbursement can be used to purchase a new tire.

Permanent Warranty

Under ordinary and authorized use, the Forever Warranty provides a non-prorated substitution for any manufacture faults in material and craftsmanship.  All A/T Sport and Xtreme MT2 tires are covered by the Forever Warranty. If there is a production flaw in materials or execution, the tire will be changed at no cost to the customer, or on a non-prorated premise.



Any tire, regardless of how well built it is, can fail in operation or become inoperable owing to circumstances beyond the company's control. Nothing in this guarantee is intended to suggest that Pro Comp guarantees that tire failure will not happen.

To the degree authorized by law, Pro Comp Tire excludes any responsibility for consequential or incidental losses. This restriction or limitation may not be applicable to you because some jurisdictions do not permit the elimination of consequential or incidental losses. Tires that become inoperable attributed to the situations mentioned below will not be adjusted:

  • Impact damages, scrapes, snags, and punctures.
  • Incorrect load rating caused by improper fitting, wheel imbalance, or tire or rim assembly instability.
  • Consumer-caused problems include incorrect tire and car maintenance, overuse, abuse, and fatalities.
  • Complaints about the performance after the first 10% of tread degradation
  • Using the tire in any commercial, sporting, or off-road activity.
  • Tires that are over four years old from the time of manufacture or tires that are deteriorated irregularly and exhibit a variation of 2/32′′ among the grooves are subject to ozone or climate checking. Alternatively, it can be placed on any car that hasn't had it before.
  • Tires supplied or adjusted beyond the United States, as well as Branded Non-adjustable tires, are included.
  • Tires with the words MALWEAR, blemish, or non-uniform on them are not protected by the Pro Comp Tread Wear Guarantee.

Pro Comp understands that you have a lot of options when it comes to customizing your automobile. You should expect nothing less than the top quality and be certain that the tires you choose from the company are the best in the game. Pro Comp Suspension systems are supported by the industry's guarantee, dubbed as the Pro Comp Promise!

All suspension items, particularly shocks and steering stabilizers, are covered by the Pro Comp Promise. You can easily obtain any tire from the Pro Comp Range listed above and have complete confidence in it for the long-term.

Pro Comp Tires Review - Brand Guide

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