Key Takeaways

  • Pirelli is an Italian tire manufacturer so many of their tires are made in Italy.
  • Pirelli has plants in Italy, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Romania, China, and Mexico.
  • The company was started by Giovanni Pirelli in Milan in 1872.
  • Low profile tires provided improved handling for high performance vehicles.
  • Plant codes will tell you where a Pirelli tire came from.  

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Pirelli tires is a well known tire manufacturer that has been in business for 140 years. But where are Pirelli tires made & manufactured?

Pirelli is an Italian tire manufacturer so many of their tires are made in Italy. They have manufacturing plants in Milan, Turin, and Bollate. They also have manufacturing plants in Mexico, United Kingdom, China, and Romania.

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Pirelli Tires

Among foreign global tire manufacturers, Pirelli produces top of the line tires. Pirelli has a long history that spans 140 years long.

The company was started by Giovanni Pirelli in Milan in 1872. The company got its start producing rubber products for different industries.

In the early 1900’s, Pirelli started to put all of its industrial effort into producing tires. Pirelli is currently among the largest foreign tire companies.

In 1907, Pirelli opened up its first overseas facility in Spain. The following years led to more expansion, leading to Pirelli opening up factories all throughout Europe.

During WWII, Pirelli Italian factories were heavily damaged. The company struggled to keep afloat during the years following WWII due to the damage.

However, the company bounced back in the 1950’s after expanding their production capabilities and developing new tire technologies.

In the 1960’s, Pirelli became the first company to produce and sell radial tires which offered improved fuel handling and increased fuel efficiency.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, Pirelli continued to expand its operations by opening factories in Brazil and the United States. Pirelli also started getting involved in motor sports by supplying formula one teams.

In the following years, Pirelli continued to innovate by creating low profile tires. Low profile tires provided improved handling for high performance vehicles.

Pirelli also created the famous run flat tires, which allowed tires to continue to be driven on, despite a loss of air pressure.

Among tire brands, Pirelli is one of the most expensive brands you can buy.

Especially compared to usa tires, Pirelli is very expensive. But this expense goes to high quality, since Pirelli offers some of the highest quality tires available today.

Pirelli tires, compared to the japanese brand bridgestone or the french manufacturer michelin, are very good tires.

Where Are Pirelli Tires Made Today?

Pirelli tyres today are made all over the globe. Pirelli tires produces tires for a wide range of vehicles including passenger cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles.

Pirelli is an Italian company. Many of their tires are made and manufactured in Italy. Pirelli has a number of tire plants located throughout the country.

Mulin, Toilet, and Burin are where some of those plants are located. These plants produce summer tires, winter tires, all season tires, and tires for high performance vehicles.

In addition to the plants located in Italy, Pirelli has a global reach when it comes to their manufacturing like other brands do, such as Goodyear Tires.

Such brands like Pirelli have a plant located in the United Kingdom where it creates tires for passenger cars and motorcycles.

You can also buy tires from a plant in Turkey, where Pirelli has a plant. The plant in Turkey produces tires for cars and light trucks.

Pirelli has a significant presence in China, where they have many manufacturing plants.

Pirelli has 19 manufacturing sites in China. The Chinese Pirelli factories produce tires for passenger cars, trucks, and off-road vehicles.

Finally, Pirelli has a plant located in Mexico that produces tires for all of North America. This facility produces a wide range of tires such as tires for passenger cars, light trucks, commercial vehicles, and replacement tires.

If you are looking to buy USA tires, look for another company besides Pirelli, since Pirelli does not have any plants in the United States.

Tire Identification Number

To tell where a Pirelli tire came from, you can always tell by looking at the tire identification number.

This number will tell you where your tire was made and manufactured. Three symbol plant codes tell you, you just have to know how to use them.

When you look at the sidewall of your tire, you will see a DOT number.

It may be hard to find, but it’s there. It’s the law that all tires have to be shipped with a DOT number. The DOT number is where you’ll find your plant code.

Take the first two or three digits of the DOT code and write them down.

The first two or three digits are your plant code. Now go back to your computer or phone and Google the digits with the word “plant code” behind them.

Google will be able to tell you where your tire was manufactured. If it’s a Pirelli, and you live in North America, it’s not a member of the genuine american brands, so it’s probably manufactured in Mexico.

Foreign companies often outsource their work to countries that have low labor rates, which is probably why Pirelli chose Mexico. In order to keep profits up, and overhead down.

Pirellis Global Manufacturing

Pirelli is a company with a strong global presence in many different countries.

The company has manufacturing plants in Italy, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Romania, China, and Mexico. Each facility produces tires for a wide range of vehicles.

Pirellis global reach allows them to create tires that meet the needs of customers in different regions of the world. For example, their manufacturing plant in China produces tires that are designed for use on China’s rapidly growing highway system.

Pirelli’s factory in Mexico creates tires for the whole North American market. Their production facilities in Italy and the United Kingdom focus on producing tires for high performance vehicles and luxury cars.

In addition to producing tires for regular vehicles, Pirelli also makes tires for commercial needs, such trucks, buses, and agricultural machinery.

The company’s wide and global reach allows them to produce a wide range of tires that are designed to meet the specific needs of different types of drivers and vehicles.

Pirelli tires are widely recognized as being among the best in the industry, thanks to their superior quality, innovative technologies, and commitment to performance.

Whether you're driving a high-performance sports car or a family sedan, Pirelli tires offer exceptional grip, handling, and durability, making them a great choice for any driver.

Where Are Pirelli Tires Made & Manufactured?

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