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Pirelli is one of the most popular tire brands. But are its tires ideal for your driving needs? This Pirelli tires review has the answers.

Pirelli produces some of the best high-performance tires. Its tires deliver outstanding traction, a comfortable and refined ride, as well as excellent handling, in both wet and dry conditions. And while its tires may be comparably more expensive, they offer great value for money.

In this Pirelli tires review, we will take a closer look at some of Pirelli’s most popular tires, its warranties and guarantees, the pricing of its tires, as well as its pros and cons. Also, we will briefly explore some of the areas where Pirelli stands out from the competition. And by the end of this Pirelli tires review, you will have all the information that you need to decide whether its tires are ideal for your daily driving needs.

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About Pirelli Tires

Founded in 1872, Pirelli has grown to become one of the most reputable tire brands globally. It’s also one of the leading tire brands when it comes to sales in North America.

Its tires are highly popular among speed enthusiasts and high-end car owners, especially the high-performance models.

And this explains why its tires are used as OE by some of the leading luxury and performance brands like Audi, Porsche, BMW, Lamborghini and Maserati, among others.

It also produces replacement tires, which are available in a wide range of types and sizes.

Most Popular Pirelli Tires

Pirelli is one of the most reputable tire brands on the globe. And this explains why most of the high-end and luxury car brands use its tires as their original equipment (OE).

Apart from OE tires, Pirelli also produces replacement tires, which are used by millions of cars across the country. Some of its most popular tires include:

Scorpion Verde All Season Plus

The Scorpion Verde All Season Plus is Pirelli’s newest addition to its Scorpion Verde tire family.

As its name suggests, this is an all-season tire, designed for small crossovers, light-duty pickups, SUVs, sports coupes and large sports sedans.

It’s engineered to deliver a safe and comfortable ride on a wide range of surfaces and conditions while helping to provide maximum fuel savings.

And with all these stellar attributes, you are getting a well-rounded all-season tire. But does it deliver according to expectations? Let’s find out.

Performance on Dry Roads

All-season tires are renowned for their outstanding traction and grip on dry roads. And the Scorpion Verde All Season Plus is no exception.

It delivers an almost perfect performance when it comes to dry roads. The traction and grip are adequate, braking is solid and adequate and the cornering grip is outstanding.

One of the things that stood out for me with this tire is its superb steering response and stable handling.

When using a set of these tires, they felt as if I was using a set of high-performance tires, especially when my Toyota Highlander was cruising at high speeds.

And this is no mean fete, especially when you consider this not a performance tire but an all-season tire.

Performance on Wet Roads

Driving with a set of these tires on wet roads is also impressive. It supplies adequate traction and grip, even when you come across extremely wet surfaces.

Its stellar traction and grip on wet roads can be attributed to the four wide circumferential grooves, which help to channel water from the tire.

And this is one of the areas the Scorpion Verde All Season Plus outshines most of its competitors.

Performance in Snowy Conditions

As much as the Scorpion Verde All Season Plus is not designed for snowy or icy conditions, it can provide some usable traction and grip in these conditions.

So, if you encounter some light snow at some point during your ride, these tires will get you through safely.

Having said that, this tire is not engineered to handle extreme wintry conditions. So, if you frequently encounter roads covered with thick or heavy layers of snow, then this tire is not ideal for such conditions.

Off-Road Performance

The Scorpion Verde All Season Plus features M+S marking on its sidewall, meaning it can handle some moderate off-roading.

Again this tire is not engineered for serious or extreme off-roading conditions. It lacks the features and technologies that you will find in a dedicated off-road tire.

So, if you normally spend your weekends tackling terrains covered with large rocks, thick layers of mud, or loose gravel, then you should opt for a dedicated off-roading tire.

Ride Quality

The Scorpion Verde All Season Plus is a touring tire. And touring tires should provide high comfort levels and a refined ride.

Fortunately, the Scorpion Verde All Season Plus doesn’t come up short when it comes to ride quality.

Having driven on this tire for thousands of miles, I was particularly impressed by its advanced levels of ride quality and refinement.

It absorbs bumps, humps, potholes and other road imperfections, thus helping to prevent vibrations from being transmitted to the cabin.

Also, it remains quiet all through, whether you are driving at highway speeds or driving through rough surfaces.

Should I Buy the Scorpion Verde All Season Plus?

The Scorpion Verde All Season Plus is undoubtedly one of the best all-season tires for crossovers, SUVs and light-duty trucks.

While it may cost more than most of the other tires in its category, you are getting a top-notch touring tire, which will deliver dependable performance on varying conditions and terrains, a comfortable and refined ride as well as decent fuel efficiency.

Cinturato P7 All Season Plus

The Cinturato P7 All Seasons Plus is one of the brand’s best-selling grand-touring tires.

Designed for sedans and coupes, the Cinturato P7 All Seasons Plus is engineered to provide safe and confident handling, enhanced ride quality and refinement as well as long-term performance.

According to Pirelli, the Cinturato P7 All Seasons Plus is also an environmentally friendly tire, designed to provide maximum fuel savings.

But does it accomplish what it promises to achieve? Let’s take a closer look:

Performance on Dry Tarmac

Pirelli's grand touring tires are renowned for their excellent performance on dry roads. And the Cinturato P7 All Seasons Plus also lives up to those expectations.

According to drivers who have used this tire, it provides superb cornering grip, even when you are driving at high speeds. And this can be attributed to its continuous outboard shoulder.

Besides its superb traction, it also delivers incredible steering response, making the ride even more enjoyable. It’s arguably one of the most responsive grand-touring tires today.

Simply put, it delivers adequate grip and traction, the steering response is excellent and the braking distances are among the shortest on dry roads.

Performance in Wet and Slippery Conditions

Weather conditions change quite fast and you may sometimes have to drive through rainy conditions and slippery roads.

The good news is, you can depend on this tire to get you through such conditions safely.

Its traction and cornering grip in rainy conditions and slippery surfaces is outstanding. Its braking distances in wet and slippery conditions are also short, meaning you are assured of a safe ride.

However, its steering response in wet conditions is not as great as you may expect, considering it’s a premium grand-touring tire.

But overall, its performance in wet and slippery conditions is safe and highly dependable.

Performance in Snowy Conditions

Pirelli has equipped this tire with multiple sipes all-around its tread, which provide additional biting edges.

And this translates to enhanced traction as well as assured handling on roads covered with light snow.

But we should mention that this tire is not engineered for severe winter conditions. So, if you live in an area that snows heavily, you should go for a proper winter tire like the Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3.

Ride Quality

The Cinturato P7 All Seasons Plus is one of the most comfortable grand-touring tires that I’ve ever driven on.

Its ride quality is nothing short of exceptional. Whether you encounter small potholes or large bumps, this tire will absorb and glide over them.

And as a result, the vibrations transmitted to the cabin will be minimal.

When it comes to cruising on the highway, the driving experience is one of the most enjoyable in my experience.

Apart from that, this tire remains surprisingly quiet on rough roads, even when you are driving at high speeds.

Should You Buy the Cinturato P7 All Seasons Plus?

If you are looking for a premium grand touring tire that will deliver a luxurious riding experience, as well as class-leading performance on dry and wet roads, then the Cinturato P7 All Seasons Plus should be on the top of your list.

Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus

The Pirelli Zero All Seasons Plus is an all-season ultra-high performance tire, designed for high-performance sedans, sports coupes, high-performance crossovers and any other driver looking for sporting performance.

According to Pirelli, this tire is built to deliver enhanced braking performance, superior handling and control, as well as maximum traction and grip in various conditions.

But, we’ve all come across tires that promise to tick all the boxes, only to end up being a total disappointment.

So, does this tire live up to its hype? Well, I took this tire for a spin on different road surfaces and this is what I found out:

Performance on Wet and Dry Roads

When driven on dry roads, this tire performs like a proper ultra-high performance tire. I was able to navigate tight corners with ease, even at high-speed driving.

Its traction and grip on dry roads were dependable and outstanding while its traction on wet roads didn’t disappoint.

And as for the braking distances, they are shorter than most of the other premium tires in its category.

With this tire, you are assured of a safe driving experience as well as reliable performance both on dry roads and in wet and slippery conditions.

Performance on Snowy Roads

Its performance on snowy roads is better than I expected, considering it’s engineered for mild weather conditions.

It provided some reliable grip on roads and pavements covered with light snow.

However, it lost its grip almost completely, when I tested it on roads covered with heavy layers of snow.

So, while it may deliver some traction on light snow, it will not be adequate to guarantee a safe driving experience, if you encounter thick layers of snow.

Therefore, if you frequently drive on roads covered with thick layers of snow or slushy conditions, then you are better off using dedicated winter tires.

Ride Quality

Does the Pirelli Zero All Seasons Plus deliver a refined and comfortable ride?

Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect this level of ride refinement from an ultra-high performance tire.

It absorbed bumps, potholes and humps easily, resulting in a comfortable ride. Driving on the highway is bliss. It feels as if the vehicle is floating.

And as much as this tire is not equipped with Pirelli’s PNCS noise-canceling technology, the road roar was minimal.

With this tire, you are assured of a quiet, comfortable and smooth ride, regardless of whether you are driving around the city, cruising on the highway or driving on rough roads.

Should You Buy the Pirelli Zero All Season Plus?

The Pirelli Zero All Seasons Plus is a great choice for sports cars, sporty sedans, sporty crossovers and other speed enthusiasts.

Its relentless grip and excellent traction, combined with a comfortable and refined ride in varying terrains and conditions make it worth the cost.

Pirelli P4 FourSeasons Plus

The P4 Seasons Plus is a premium all-season touring tire, designed for sedans, minivans, coupes, and crossovers.

It’s built to deliver excellent grip and traction, reduced road noise, maximum fuel efficiency and long-term performance.

Performance on Dry Roads

The P4 Seasons Plus may not deliver premium performance, especially if you are driving a vehicle with high horsepower.

But with that said, its overall performance on dry roads is reliable and capable. Even when you accelerate, it will not lose its grip on the pavement.

Its braking performance is also excellent. I also liked its steering response and straight-line tracking.

In short, this tire may not provide you with a sporty driving experience, if that is what you are looking for.

But if you simply need an all-season premium tire that will provide you with a safe and reliable ride on dry roads, then the P4 Seasons Plus will be an ideal choice.

Performance on Wet Roads

Whenever you are driving in the rain, you will need a set of tires that can grip the road and provide adequate grip.

And the P4 Seasons Plus will be a perfect match for such conditions.

Its two wide circumferential grooves work together with the hundreds of longitudinal grooves on its tread, for efficient and effective water evacuation.

And this helps to improve the tire’s hydroplaning resistance, resulting in a safe ride in wet and slippery conditions.

At the same time, its optimized tread design helps to improve its stopping power on wet and slippery roads, thus helping to prevent crashes and collisions.

Performance in Snowy Conditions

According to Pirelli, this tire can handle almost all weather conditions. But does it mean you can also use it on snowy roads?

I decided to test it on snowy roads to determine whether its performance is dependable in such conditions.

And as I had expected, its traction in snowy conditions was not adequate to guarantee a safe ride, which is usually the case with most all-season tires.

Ride Quality

The Pirelli P4 Seasons Plus is a touring tire. And touring tires are renowned for their exceptional ride quality.

So, does the P4 Seasons Plus live up to these expectations? Without a doubt, its ride quality is up there with some of the best touring tires.

It absorbs small imperfections with ease, thus making sure your vehicle’s suspension doesn’t overwork.

Also, road noise will never be an issue when rolling on a set of these tires, even at high-speed driving.

Should You Buy the Pirelli P4 FourSeasons Plus?

The Pirelli P4 Seasons Plus performs as expected. It offers adequate wet and dry traction, a refined and comfortable ride as well as great fuel economy.

While it may not be as responsive as ultra-high performance tires, its overall level of performance will be more than adequate for daily driving.

Pirelli Tires Warranties and Guarantees

Like most of the other tire brands, Pirelli backs its tires with several warranties and guarantees.

These warranties and guarantees are designed to protect the buyer from loss, in case the tires don’t perform satisfactorily. These warranties and guarantees include:

Standard Limited Warranty

This warranty is designed to protect the buyer against loss if their Pirelli tires are removed from service due to workmanship or materials defects.

Under this warranty, Pirelli promises to replace your tire with a comparable new one, if it’s removed from service, during its first 2/32-inch of the original usable tread or within 12 months from the purchase date, whichever comes first.  

Pirelli will also take care of balancing and mounting charges while the buyer will be responsible for applicable taxes and miscellaneous fees.

If the tire is removed from service outside the free replacement window, Pirelli will replace it on a pro-rata basis.

Under the pro-rata method, the replacement costs will be shared between Pirelli and the buyer.

Limited Treadwear Mileage Warranty

Some Pirelli tires also come with a limited treadwear mileage warranty.

Under this warranty, Pirelli promises to replace some tires, if they wear down uniformly to their treadwear indicators before attaining the warranted mileage.

The warranted mileage for the eligible tires ranges from 35,000 miles to 90,000 miles, depending on the tire.

If the vehicle has different tire sizes for the front and rear, then the warranted mileage for the rear tires will be half of the mileage coverage.

For instance, the Pirelli Scorpion ATR comes with a treadwear mileage warranty of 50,000 miles.

If your vehicle has different front and rear wheel sizes, then the warranted mileage for the rear tires will be 25,000 miles.

Road Hazard Coverage

Pirelli also backs some of its tires with a road hazard warranty. Only the run-flat tires and tires equipped with its Noise Cancelling System are eligible for this warranty.

Under this warranty, if an eligible tire is removed from service due to road hazard damage, Pirelli offers to replace it with a comparable new one, free of charge.

Coverage extends during the tires’ first 2/32-inch of the original usable tread or within 12 months from the purchase date, whichever comes first.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Pirelli also offers a customer satisfaction guarantee, whereby you are free to return the tires if they don’t perform according to expectations.

So, if you buy a set of Pirelli tires and you are not 100% satisfied with them, you are free to return them to the place where you purchased them within 30 days.

And once you return them, the dealer should exchange the tires for you with another set of original eligible tires.

Why Buy Pirelli Tires

When it’s time to replace the worn-out tires on your vehicle, you will have a wealth of options to choose from, ranging from budget to premium brands.

So, why should you opt for Pirelli tires instead of the others? Here are some of the reasons why you may consider buying Pirelli tires:

Focus on Safety and Durability

One of the areas where Pirelli sets itself apart from the competition is its focus on safety and durability.

While its tires may cost you more, you can expect maximum stability whenever you are using them, in almost all weather conditions and terrains.

Also, its tires are built to deliver a long-lasting performance. Therefore, issues of premature wear and tear are minimal.

Refined and Comfortable Ride

Most Pirelli tires are equipped with its proprietary Noise Cancelling System, popularly known as Pirelli NCS.

This technology helps to reduce road noise and vibrations considerably, resulting in a quiet, smooth, and comfortable ride.

Outstanding Traction and Handling

Pirelli utilizes advanced technologies and special rubber compounds, including higher silica content as well as lower levels of carbon black rubber.

This combination helps the tire to deliver maximum all-season traction, whether you are driving on dry roads or wet, slippery surfaces.

Cost of Pirelli Tires

Most of the tires from this brand cost approximately $150 and above.

While you can get some under $150, most of the tires in this range are those for the smaller wheel sizes, usually around 13 inches.

And as you may probably know, most vehicles these days come with a 15-inch wheel size and above.

So, if your vehicle has a 15-inch wheel size or bigger, you should be ready to pay around $150 going upwards for a Pirelli tire.

Pirelli Tires Pros

  • Outstanding high-performance tires
  • Extended treadwear warranties
  • Solid industry reputation

Pirelli Tires Cons

  • Its tires are quite expensive

Our Take

Overall, Pirelli is a great tire brand when it comes to performance tires.

Its tires are renowned for their excellent all-season performance, stable handling at high speeds and extended treadwear warranties.

However, its tires are slightly more expensive compared to those sold by the majority of the other tire brands.

If you are looking for premium high-performance tires, then Pirelli may be an ideal choice.

On the other hand, if you are a budget tire shopper or you need a set of replacement tires for your daily commute, then Pirelli may not be the best option.

Pirelli Tires Review - Brand Guide

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