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  • Pathfinder AT tires is all-terrain tires suitable for trucks and other SUVs
  • The tires are adaptive to any terrain due to a combination of different features that are strong and of high quality
  • You can acquire the tires from any Discount tire deal shop around us or order them online
  • The Pathfinder AT tires come in different sizes and specs that you should consider checking before placing an order

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Pathfinder AT is an all-terrain tire sold by Discount tire shops across the US. But why should you buy this tire? We have the answers.

The Pathfinder all-terrain tires are built to give you efficient on or off-road performance. The tires are suitable for all pickup trucks and SUVs because of their aggressive tread pattern and extended tread wear. Additionally, the tires are pocket friendly and of high quality.

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Most individuals who like to buy a new or used car are worried about finding a particular make, model, body type, color, and how it performs, among other vehicle characteristics. But, when it comes to other components, such as tires, it is frequently overlooked. Although tires might not be among your first considerations when buying a car, the tires really ought to be. After all, the tires make it possible for your vehicle to travel along the highway and other road terrains.

I have been a victim of overlooking my car's tire for a while, but with time, I realized that I'm spending a lot of money to repair punctures and buy new tires due to early tire worn outs. It became a concern, and after monitoring the kinds of tires I used to buy, I found out that most of them were not legitimate. I had to look for legitimate tire shops with high-quality and cost-friendly tires to reduce the cost of tire maintenance.

After some time, Pathfinder AT tires caught my attention; from that day, it has been the tires of my choice. Typically, Kumho Company created Pathfinder tires to fill in the gap of other tires in the market that are tight on budget and perform as required. With their all-seasoned tires, you can quickly move from on-road to off-road and still maintain excellent vehicle control and handling, for the tires are adaptive in different terrains.

About Pathfinder AT Tires

As its name implies, the Pathfinder AT tire represents an all-terrain tire suitable for different kinds of trucks and SUVs. Therefore, if you have any of those vehicles, Pathfinder AT tires are an option because they come in different sizes and fit. The Pathfinder AT brand name, Pathfinder, is one of the private labels owned by a Korean tire company known as Kumho tires.

The company is highly recognized for providing pocket-friendly tires without affecting their durability and performance. In addition, Kumho Company exports Pathfinder tires to Discount tire shops only in the US. The retailer shop, Discount Tire deals, is one of the biggest tire dealers in the US, having at least 16,000 to 18,000 employees and more than 900 locations throughout the states. Therefore, if you wish to buy a pathfinder tire, we recommend you visit any Discount tire shops near you or go to the Discount tire website, which is their internet store.

Buying Pathfinder AT Tires Smart Guide

How to Order Pathfinder AT Tires

Typically, there are two ideal ways to order pathfinder tires; one, you can buy the product directly by visiting the physical Discount tire shops or order online. Both methods are convenient, but when it comes to online order, you need to make sure you know the proper size or fit of the tire. This will help you to avoid the additional cost of returning the product and transport cost you will need to pay to get a replacement of the correct product.

If you are unsure about the size of the tires and fit, you can seek assistance from customer support on the Discount tires website, who will guide you in making the correct order. Since I was unsure of the right size and fit of my tire, I called customer support at a Discount tires shop. I was presented with a source where I could fill in the information concerning my vehicle's make and model. They could offer me various tire sizes through their database with this information. The procedure was easy to follow and to answer because it only took me ten minutes to get the right tire and order it.

The Payment and Shipping Process

If you are ready to complete your buying order, the shop will require your shipping and billing information. Ensure that you feed the correct data on the same, and when you are through, check it over again to avoid any possible errors. Even if you can choose your retailer, Discount tires usually advise individuals to use certified individuals to prevent product theft. When it comes to payment, you can pay using Visa, American Express, PayPal, and MasterCard.

Pathfinder AT Tire Offers and Discounts

Discount tire shop offers a 5 % discount to active service personnel, veterans, and reserve members as a token of appreciation. It is because, in 1950, Bruce hake, the founder of the Kumho Company, joined the US army and saw service in the Korean War. He had a strong feeling of responsibility and patriotism when he left the military, which he carried to his company.

Therefore, the company is proud to return this favor to all active duty and retired US military members. Therefore, all veterans, active army personnel, and reserve members can utilize ID. Me to prove their status during an online purchase at the Discount tire website. Your order will automatically receive the company’s military discount in your cart.

You can also get a 10% discount if you register and acquire a discount credit card. If you spend $400 or more, the shop saves your token as credit, and when it reaches specific points, you can redeem and buy other products at a Discount tires shop and pay for fuel in the 200,000 fuel services that accept the use of discount cards. If you don't have enough cash to pay for the tires at the moment, the shop offers promotional financing as long as you have a credit card. The shop will pay for the remaining cash in this offer, and the affordable interest will be applied to your account starting when you buy the tires.

Regulations Regarding the Return Policy

Regarding the return policy, Discount tire shops have created reasonable regulations concerning how you can return the tires if they never meet your needs in terms of size. Discount tire shop will give you back your money if you are not happy or satisfied with the tires within 30 days. For them to complete the return process, you will need to carry the receipt and other payment methods information.

The return process is simple because when you take the tire, the shop will inquire about the name used to acquire the item and if the tires were the precise one that they sold. If the tire is in the perfect condition it was when purchased, and the documentation is legitimate, the shop will refund you immediately or replace the tires, depending on your request.

The Prices of the Pathfinder AT Tires

The price of the Pathfinder AT ranges from $107 to $ 400, depending on the tire's size and advanced features. I bought my Pathfinder tires for $144 since they had all the components, sizes, and fit I needed on my truck. I have been using it for the past 6 months, and it has proven worth its price.

Design Features of the Pathfinder AT tires

Tri Polymer Tire Construction

It can be frustrating to get tire punctures now and then if the material construction of your tire is not robust. But with the Pathfinder's tire, Kumho ensured that their Pathfinder tires are solid and long-lasting. Using tread compounds made of try polymers, the Pathfinder AT tires are resistant to tears, cuts, and punctures even while driving off-road.

The building style also guarantees the presence of tapered loops and ridges that help to eject rocks and other debris that might be present on the pathway. As a result, no matter how rough the road surface you are driving on, this tire is going to give you optimal service.

The Tires Wide Grooves

An all-terrain tire must provide a solution for each occasion for them to be a true multi-purpose tire. Since pathfinder tires are suitable for SUVs and other light trucks, they are frequently used regularly, especially on wet roads and terrains, which might make the vehicle slippery and unstable.

The tire company ensured the use of wide grooves which run along the tire's tread because they add more room for liquids to flow through the groove without compromising traction. Additionally, the tire tracks have a deep construction to increase the tire's service life when it comes to hydroplaning. Therefore, every driver needs to avoid aquaplaning as much as possible by considering the adaptive wide grooves of Pathfinder AT tires.

Multiple Tire Sipes

According to the US road weather program, 75 % of weather-related vehicle crashes and 47% of those accidents occur on wet road surfaces. Undoubtedly, a percentage of accidents result from vehicle sliding due to inadequate tire grip and traction. Kumho Company thought it wise to place multiple sipes to increase the traction rate, reducing the vehicle's ability to slip on wet road surfaces.

Performance Assessment of Pathfinder AT Tires

The tires have a combination of components that ensures it is stable and can adapt to various terrains. For instance, its thick tread pattern enables dry road conditions to improve grip and traction while driving and provide adequate braking. When it comes to wet road conditions, the tires consist of deep circumferential grooves that help decrease the surface area of tire contact with water, thereby creating room for stability. Regarding off-road conditions, the tire performs effectively due to its solid and flexible side wall built to resist bruises and cuts from any off-road obstacle. Typically, Pathfinder AT tire was designed to balance any terrain's conditions and offer an exceptional drive experience.

Pathfinder AT tire warranties

Treadwear Warranty

The tires have a lengthy tread lifespan because of their durable tread compound and strategically placed tread blocks. It translates to the long-lasting all-terrain performance that will let you drive home from the job site or campground numerous times without having to replace them. Your new Pathfinder AT tires p -metric filaments is protected by a warranty that can go up to 55,000 miles before the Treadway starts getting worn out. Consider installing the ties with substantial protection if you want protection beyond mileage considerations. The tires you buy will be covered by the Discount tire’s unique certificates down to 3/32” wear.

The Size and Specs of Pathfinder AT tires

Pathfinder AT tires have five sizes ranging from 15" to 20". Therefore, you will be required to choose the precise one because buying the wrong size may be bigger or smaller than the vehicle's hub. The following is a guide to the different sizes and fits of the tires:

  • For a 20-inch tire, we have ASWLT305/55R20 121S and  BSW 275/55R20 117T
  • A 19-inch tire has 265/70R18 166T BSW AND 255/70R 18 113T BSW
  • The 17- inch tire is available as 245/70R17 110T BSW, AOWL LT265/70R17 121S, 120S E BSW LT235/ 80R17 AND 265/ 70 R17 115 T OWL
  • The 16-inch tire is available as 245/75R16 111T OWL, 245/ 70R16 107T BSW, AND E OWL, LT265/75R16
  • The 15-inch tire is only available as 109S C OWL 31/10 50R15

Vehicles Compatible with Pathfinder AT Tires

As I had stated earlier, Pathfinder AT tires is all-terrain tires suitable for different kinds of trucks and other SUVs. The different types of trucks and SUVs that are compatible with the tires are; Nissan Frontier, titan, X -terra, hummer HT3, Toyota high lander, and FJ Cruiser. Other vehicles are Wrangler, Jeep Commander, Dodge Durango, Grand Cherokee, GMC sierra 1500, and Ford explorer. Additionally, Discount tires have a platform where you can enter the name of other vehicle brands apart from the ones mentioned above. Customer support will guide you on whether they are compatible.

Why Pathfinder AT Tires is Ideal for your Vehicle

You will get what you are going to pay for, and we are familiar with this statement, and most of us have come to accept that a quality product must also be expensive. However, today's tire manufacturing procedures are much more exact and sophisticated than in the past. Because of this, we claim that the tires are worthwhile and ideal for your vehicle because they are affordable yet perform better than expected. Therefore, you should consider Pathfinder AT if you want a tire that works well and is adaptive to any terrain.

Pathfinder AT Tire Review

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