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You are considering purchasing a 350z for your son’s 16th birthday, but you are worried about the car’s weight. How much does a Nissan 350z weigh?

The first thing you want is for your son to be safe, so you've debated about buying a sports car in the first place. You know that this particular sports car tends to be heavier, which is a good thing for sixteen-year-old drivers. But you want to be sure because his mother is against the idea of a sports car. (She prefers a car with the strength of a tank but looks like a 350z). And there are lots of other questions. What are the overall safety ratings? What will it cost for maintenance and upkeep on the car? Even how much is the insurance likely to be?. And to complicate matters, your son has always loved the look of a 350z, and you know he will be disappointed with anything less, so what is a father to do?

A Nissan 350z weighs between 3,239 and 3,602 pounds based on the model year, trim level, and optional equipment. The Coupe model tends to weigh less than the Roadster versions through all model years (2003 -2009), but all models have a heavier 3.5 V6 engine than other sports cars.

You know that speed and weight are two primary contributors to the damage caused by an accident. If the car that hits your son is heavier than his, they will fare better in the accident, and if excessive speed is involved, that can mean the difference between life and death. In addition, the bigger engine in the 350z will guzzle more gas, go faster than many sports cars, and be more expensive to drive than other more standard sedans.

To help navigate the weight issues on the 350z and whether the Nissan is the right used car to purchase, we have the world wide web for some answers. Let’s explore the weights between the different model years to know which 350z is the better choice.

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What is the Weight of the Nissan 350z by Model Year and Trim?

The Nissan 350z is a two-seater sports car built by Nissan Motor company from 2003 to 2009. Manufactured in Japan, Nissan brought the car into production due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the 240z concept car unveiled at the New York Auto Show in 1999. The vehicle has a 3.5 L V6 and rear-wheel drive, set back from the front axle to provide more even weight displacement. 2003 Weight of Nissan 350z

The 2003 350z can be a delight for car enthusiasts. The 3.5L V6 provided excellent power and performance. The rear-wheel-drive provided adequate thrust, and the steering was sharp. The exterior was a definite homage to early Datsun Z models, with a low clearance and sweeping athletic lines. Nissan seemed to have hit this new car out of the park.

There are significant weight variances between the model years, as the following tables clearly show.

2003 Nissan 350z Models and Weights

The weight levels vary depending on the trim level. Based on the specs from, the weight levels vary slightly.

  • Coupe                         (3,188 lbs / 1,449 kg),
  • Enthusiast Coupe         (3,197 lbs /1,453),
  • Performance Coupe         (3,217 lbs / 1,462 kg),
  • Track Coupe                 (3,225 lbs / 1,465 kg),
  • Touring Coupe         (3,239 lbs / 1,472 kg)

2004 Nissan 350z Models and Weights

The weight distribution varies from the base (3,188 lbs) to the Touring Roadster (4,462 lbs).

  • Base Coupe                 (3,188 lbs / 1,449 kg).
  • Enthusiast Coupe         (3,197 lbs / 1,462 kg)
  • Enthusiast Roadster         (3,428 lbs / 1,558 kg)
  • Performance Coupe        (3,217 lbs / 1,462 kg)
  • Touring Coupe                (3,239 lbs / 1,472 kg)
  • Touring Roadster        (4,462 lbs / 1,553 kg)
  • Track Coupe                (3,225 lbs / 1,465 kg)

2005 Nissan 350z Models and Weights

Check below to find your trim level and gross weight figure.

  • Base Coupe                (3,213 lbs / 1,460 kg)
  • Anniversary Coupe         (3,229 lbs / 1,467 kg)
  • Enthusiast Coupe        (3,221 lbs / 1,464 kg)
  • Performance Coupe        (3,241 lbs / 1,473 kg)
  • Touring                (3,257 lbs / 1,480 kg)
  • Track                        (3,251 lbs / 1,477 kg)
  • Enthusiast Roadster        (3,480 lbs / 1,581 kg)
  • GT Roadster                (3,536 lbs / 1,607 kg)
  • Touring Roadster        (3,496 lbs / 1,589 kg)

2006 Nissan 350z Models and Weights

  • Base Coupe                (3,339 lbs / 1,517 kg)
  • Entusaist Coupe        (3,344 lbs / 1,519 kg)
  • GT Coupe                (3,404 lbs / 1,547 kg)
  • Nismo         Coupe                (3,352 lbs / 1,523 kg)
  • Touring Coupe                (3,352 lbs / 1,531 kg)
  • Track Coupe                (3,400 lbs / 1,545 kg)
  • Roadster Enthusiast        (3,580 lbs / 1,627 kg)
  • Roadster GT                (3,602 lbs / 1,637 kg)
  • Roadster Touring        (3,600 lbs / 1,636 kg)

2007 Nissan Models and Weights

  • Base Coupe                (3,339 lbs / 1,517 kg)
  • Entusaist Coupe        (3,346 lbs / 1,520 kg)
  • GT Coupe                (3,404 lbs / 1,547 kg)
  • Touring Coupe                (3,400 lbs / 1,545 kg)
  • Roadster Enthusiast        (3,580 lbs / 1,627 kg)
  • Roadster GT                (3,602 lbs / 1,637 kg)
  • Roadster Touring        (3,600 lbs / 1,636 kg)

2008 Nissan Models and Weights

  • Base Coupe                (3,320 lbs / 1,509 kg)
  • Entusaist Coupe        (3,327 lbs / 1,512 kg)
  • GT Coupe                (3,381 lbs / 1,536 kg)
  • Touring Coupe                (3,400 lbs / 1,545 kg)
  • Roadster Enthusiast        (3,575 lbs / 1,627 kg)
  • Roadster GT                (3,602 lbs / 1,637 kg)
  • Roadster Touring        (3,600 lbs / 1,636 kg)

2009 Nissan Models and Weights

  • Roadster Enthusiast        (3,575 lbs / 1,627 kg)
  • Roadster GT                (3,602 lbs / 1,637 kg)
  • Roadster Touring        (3,600 lbs / 1,636 kg)

What is the Average Maintenance Cost for Nissan 350z?

According to our friends at, the average maintenance cost for a Nissan 350z is $452 compared to a ten-year-old car. You should always take any used vehicle you are interested in purchasing to a trusted mechanic. If the mechanic finds evidence that the previous owner irresponsibly drove the car, you might want to move on.

The primary annoyance that the Nissan 350z is known to have when reaching 100,000 miles is oil consumption. The 3.5 V6 has a reputation for being a durable engine, but at times it can use a bit of oil. While Nissan never issued a recall for this issue, there is no fix for the reason that the car uses oil between changes. Careful inspection should be made of the valve cover gasket, (a faulty gasket can create an additional oil leak, which is a different situation, but could signal internal damage to the engine). Any car engine that clunks, rattles or makes funny noises while running should be avoided.

What are the Safety Ratings for the 350z?

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) rates the Nissan 350z with pretty high ratings for the front driver and passenger safety, but don’t let the number of stars fool you. The IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) has rated the Nissan 350z as the deadliest vehicle today, resulting in a death rate of 143 per one million. This figure was ahead of the Nissan Titan pickup (126 per million).

This statistic alone means higher insurance premiums for you. The average insurance costs for the vehicle will be through the roof, not just because the 350z is rated as a sports car but as the deadliest sports car on the road today.

Is the 350z a Good Car for a Young Driver?

The Nissan 350z is a good used car for the most part if the driver operates it responsibly. The car does tend to go fast (thanks to the V6 engine), handle well, and have relatively good mpg. However, if you have any doubts about whether your teen can keep from showing off while driving it, you might want to consider a nice sedan and save the 350z for another day.

How Much Does a Nissan 350z Weigh?

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