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Every car enthusiast searches for lower-priced, good-quality tires. Let's look at a brand that doesn't fail in both areas. Here is the Nankang Tires Review.

Companies like Nankang have one purpose; to produce cost-effective tires without compromising quality or performance. When it comes to tires, you get what you pay for. Nearly all Nankang tires offer good value for their price.

Nankang Tires are developed after a lot of research and development. They offer good performance in terms of ride quality, braking performance, and steering responsiveness. They are good value for money. However, you cannot compare their performance to top players like Michelin or Bridgestone.

Nankang Tires have been around for decades and have delivered technology, performance, and quality. The tires are designed to meet and exceed the driving demands of the modern era. Whether you use your vehicle as a grocery-getter or like to push it to the limits, Nankang Tires have you covered.

According to many tire experts, Nankang Tires offer great bang for the buck. They are considered as one of the top second-tier tire brands. Although it will not be just to compare Nankang to industry leaders like Bridgestone, Michelin, or Pirelli, some tires from the company can deliver as well as these big shots. Nankang tires offer a lot of safety and quality; they are a wise choice who want more tires for the money they pay.

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Why Purchase Nankang

There is No Compromise on Quality

Engineers at Nankang pay special attention to quality and safety. They ensure that their customers get the best bang for their buck in terms of quality.

The brand has acquired multiple ISO certifications and has received numerous awards for quality assurance to back its claim. The ISO certifications ensure that the products from the brand are manufactured using standardized operating procedures, and thus all products are of the same quality.

Nankang also conducts rigorous testing on its products in two state-of-the-art laboratories in Taiwan. These tests help the company learn and grow.

Niche Product Categories

Although Nankang produces a much wider range of tires, it has narrowed down the list to market only the highest quality products in the US. Only those tires that have high demand are sold in the US. In addition to all-season performance tires, Nankang supplies truck tires and some high-performance tires.

Design Features

Handling is Key

Nankang believes that handling is one of the key features of a tire and should be the priority of every tire. With proper responsiveness, the driver can maneuver the vehicle with confidence and control.

Nankang pays special attention to tread design, ensuring good traction on dry and wet surfaces. The company optimizes the contact patch of every tire to make sure that the tire remains stable and durable even at high speeds.

No Compromise on Durability

The light truck and SUV category tires are designed to brave various rough terrains. Whether loose gravel, rocky surfaces, or deep-water puddles, Nankang tires remain strong and sturdy.

The triple-ply sidewalls and solid shoulder blocks help the tire maintain its shape even in the most challenging situations.

Tire Categories

Nankang offers a variety of tire categories in the US, which are suited well for the local market. Ranging from touring tires, which fit most cars, SUV and light truck tires are also available. The company also offers a few performance tires for the US market.

High-Performance Summer Tires

Nankang Ultra Sport NS-II

The Nankang Ultra Sport NS-II is designed for those looking for a performance tire with a pocket-friendly price tag. This tire comes in various speed ratings and sizes, which makes it suitable for coupes, high-performance sedans, and even crossovers.

The tread design features directional V-shaped grooves, which give the tire an aggressive look. Two circumferential grooves work together with the diagonal grooves to dispel water and resist hydroplaning. Additional sipes at the shoulders provide traction while cornering and at high speeds.

The tread compound and modern tread design work together to mitigate tire noise and offer a comfortable ride. Many car enthusiasts reviewed the tire, and nearly all share that this tire provides a comfortable, smooth, and quiet ride.

The tire comes in sizes ranging from 14 inches to 24 inches, and with speed ratings ranging from H, V, W, and Y. Nankang offers a tread warranty of 30,000 miles or 40,000 miles, depending on the speed rating.

Pros of Nankang Ultra Sport NS-II
  • Handling, traction, and road grip are very good on both wet and dry surfaces
  • The tire is responsive to driver input and offers a pleasurable drive
  • The tire handles high-speed corners well. You will get through tight bends without having any considerable tire squeal
  • Excellent bang for the buck
Cons of Nankang Ultra Sport NS-II
  • The tread life of the tire is shorter than many other tires in the class
  • The warranty of a maximum of 40,000 miles is adequate but lower than the competition
Driving Experience

The Nankang Ultra Sport NS-II has never failed to impress when it comes to performance and handling. The tire is exceptionally quiet and offers a smooth ride even at high speeds. The cornering grip is adequate, and the tire does not squeal for mercy even when pushed to the limits.

It will not be justified to compare it to a Michelin or a Bridgestone when it comes to performance, but the tire delivers decently and does not fail to impress, especially considering its price tag.

All-Season Grand Touring Tires

Nankang CX-668

The Nankang CX-668 is designed to offer a comfortable and quiet ride without compromising traction and handling. This tire flaunts modern technologies like an advanced tread design and a complex tread compound. The tire is suited for coupes and sedans.

The tread design on this tire features a center rib and curved shoulder blocks. The tread offers significant stability and traction even at high speeds. The symmetric design comprises multiple circumferential grooves, providing balance and inhibiting uneven treadwear.

The four circumferential grooves also serve to dispel water efficiently when driving on wet surfaces or rainy weather. They help the tire resist hydroplaning and offer the driver control and confidence behind the wheel.

The tire is designed using artificial intelligence to provide comfort and reduce road noise.

Pros of Nankang CX-668
  • The tire offers great traction on both wet and dry pavements thanks to its well-engineered tread design
  • The ride is quiet, smooth, and comfortable
  • The tread life of this tire is very good
Cons of Nankang CX-668
  • Given that it is labeled an all-season tire, it does not perform too well in wintry conditions like snow and slush. The tire loses traction as the mercury takes a dive
Driving Experience

The tire provides good performance on dry and wet pavement and maintains stability and handling at highway speeds. It is responsive and offers considerably good braking performance on wet and dry pavements. There is minimal noise from the tire, even at high speeds.

The tire does not fare too well against snow and ice. It tends to lose significant traction after little use in snow or ice. Trying to accelerate on ice-covered roads can be challenging as the tire enters into a wheelspin. However, it is important to note that this is not a winter tire and is best suited for warmer climates.

NankangTourSport NS N605

If you are looking for a tire that provides traction and grip all year round, along with a comfortable and quiet ride, look no further than the NankangTourSport NS N605. The tire is engineered to provide a longer tread life and comes in sizes suitable for sedans, coupes, and minivans

The tread features an asymmetrical design with a center rib and broad shoulder blocks. This design offers improved handling on dry surfaces and gives the tire excellent cornering abilities.

The tire has four deep and wide circumferential grooves, which work together with lateral grooves to dispel water efficiently. The tire resists hydroplaning well and provides very good traction on wet and slippery surfaces. There are additional sipes that act as biting edges when running on snow and ice.

The tire has a tread sequence that cancels out a lot of the road noise. The modern tread makes highway cruising quiet and offers more driving pleasure thanks to the added responsiveness.

The tire's contact patch has been optimized to ensure good handling and a short braking distance. The tire design aids even tire wear, leading to a longer-lasting tread life

Pros of NankangTourSport NS N605
  • The tire offers excellent traction on both wet and dry pavements
  • The braking distance is short, and the tire is responsive to driver inputs
  • The tire offers a quiet, smooth, and comfortable ride even at highway speeds
  • With a long-lasting tread life and great overall performance, the tire offers very good value for your hard-earned money
Cons of NankangTourSport NS N605
  • Winter handling is good, but the tire is not suited for prolonged winter use. In deep snow and ice, you will need to replace this tire with winter tires
Driving Experience

The tire exceeds expectations when it comes to dry and wet traction. The tire is responsive and offers the driver added confidence. The cornering ability and stability of the tire are also remarkable.

Like many other all-season tires, the tire's performance gets compromised on hard-packed snow and ice. The tire faces braking and acceleration issues due to less traction and grip. However, there are no issues in light snow, and the tire performs reasonably well.

The ride quality is comfortable, and the tread life is also adequate. This tire has received a rating of 520 by UTQG, which translates to a tread life between 50,000 and 60,000 miles.

Nankang XR611

Whether you own a coupe, a sedan, or a minivan, the Nankang XR611 has got you covered by offering good quality at low costs. This tire is designed to perform all year round and comes with features found on higher-priced tires.

The tread comprises angular tread blocks, which are divided between four circumferential grooves. This tread design helps provide ample traction on dry pavements and offers good performance in wet conditions. The tread dispels water efficiently and keeps hydroplaning to a minimum.

Additional sipes in the tread serve as biting edges when running over snow or slippery surfaces. They also improve the overall braking distance on all surfaces.

The tread is designed using artificial intelligence and comes with variable pitches. This technology eliminates tire noise and offers a comfortable and smooth ride.

The asymmetric tread pattern and complex tread compound also provide good grip and cornering stability on both dry and wet pavements. The tire also offers low rolling and air resistance for improved fuel economy.

Pros of Nankang XR611
  • The tire offers amazing handling performance and traction on dry pavement
  • The ride is comfortable and smooth
  • The tire offers good treadlife
Cons of Nankang XR611
  • The wet traction is less than most competing tires
  • The tire remains noisy at highway speeds
Driving Experience

For drivers looking for an everyday commuting tire with adequate traction and handling, the XR611 can prove to be a good choice. Similarly, if you are on a tight budget or want to sell your car in the near future, you can install a set of XR611 without breaking your bank account.

The tire does not perform well at high speeds or on wet pavements. While it is not terrible, it is also not the best choice for these situations.

However, the tire offers good ride comfort and a good tread life with a rating of 520 by UTQG. This means that the tire will last for around 50,000 miles, covered by a warranty.

All-Season High-Performance Tires

Nankang AS-1

The Nankang AS-1 is an all-season high-performance tire that comes in various sizes. This tire can be used on crossovers, sedans, and coupes.

The tread is designed asymmetrically and comprises angular blocks and broad shoulder blocks. The shoulders are curved to provide extra grip when cornering at high speeds. Overall, this tread design provides excellent stability at low and high speeds.

The tread design offers great wet and dry traction, impressive steering response, and a comfortable ride combined with the advanced tread compound.

Like many other Nankang tires, this tire is also equipped with variable pitch technology, which reduces road noise. The tire comes with Y, W, V, H, and T speed ratings.

Pros of Nankang AS-1
  • Traction and grip are amazing on dry surfaces
  • The tire can handle high-speed cornering without over or understeering
  • The ride is smooth and comfortable
Pros of Nankang AS-1
  • Although labeled as an all-season tire, it lacks luster in wintry conditions
  • The braking performance is a bit compromised on wet surfaces
  • Tread life is short
Driving Experience

The tire offers a very good cornering grip, uniform acceleration, and steering response. The handling and traction are also quite impressive. Noise is not particularly too much of an issue, and the ride quality is also above par.

But if you try to push this tire too much on snow and ice, you will feel the tire lacks performance in terms of braking distance and even handling acceleration power. Similarly, braking performance on wet surfaces is also slightly compromised compared to other tires of the class. The tire's Tread life is adequate, and the tire comes with a treadwear warranty of 40,000 miles.

Overall, the tire is a decent choice for those looking to get good value for their hard-earned money.

NankangNoble Sport NS-20

The Nankang NS-20 is a tire designed for high performance and can be used in all seasons. It is available in sizes that suit many sedans and coupes.

The tread compound offers improved handling and traction all year round. The tread design features a center rib with broad shoulder blocks. It offers impressive stability at high speeds and is very responsive to steering input.

For wet traction, the tire has four circumferential grooves that work together with additional sipes to dispel water efficiently and resist hydroplaning. The tire's performance on wet surfaces gives the driver control and confidence.

Pros of Nankang NS-20
  • The tire offers good wet and dry traction
  • The ride is smooth and comfortable
  • The steering response and handling are quite impressive
  • The price is pocket-friendly
Cons of Nankang NS-20
  • The ability of the tire to handle high-speed corners seems less than other tires of the class
  • Tread life is adequate but can be improved
Driving Experience

The tire feels predictable and responsive. It offers a great steering response and does not lose traction on wet or dry pavement.

Given that it is labeled a high-performance tire, the cornering stability is good for everyday driving. But press down on the gas, and you will notice considerable understeer from this tire when taking corners.

The tread life of the tire requires some improvements as well. Although it will not give you too much trouble for your everyday driving, but if you plan to use the tire for racing or high-speed driving, you will notice that the tread wears off rather quickly.

SUV, Light Truck and Crossover Tires


The Nankang SP-7 is suited for owners of crossovers and SUVs. It also works well with powerful engines like V6 and turbocharged.

The advanced tread compounds on this tire offer dependability and performance for CUVs, SUVs, and sport trucks. The tread design features a center rib separated from the curved shoulder blocks by two circumferential grooves.

The tire offers impressive traction on wet and dry surfaces. Its unique tread design offers amazing steering response and braking performance. The traction is also very good, and the tire handles powerful acceleration quite well.

On wet pavements, the tire also performs reasonably well. The dual circumferential grooves work together with lateral grooves to dispel water efficiently and resist hydroplaning.

Pros of Nankang SP-7
  • Impressive braking performance and cornering grip
  • Steering responsiveness is excellent
  • Stability and handling at high speeds is very good
Cons of Nankang SP-7
  • Not suited well for snowy or wintry conditions
  • Somewhat noisy at high speeds
Driving Experience

The tire performs well when it comes to handling, steering response, and braking distance. It takes high-speed corners without squealing, under, or oversteering. It maintains performance on both wet and dry surfaces.

However, the tire does not fare well against snow or ice. If you drive around areas that receive lots of snow, you should look for other options. The treadwear warranty is adequate but can be increased to meet competition.

What is Good About Nankang Tires?

The Tires are Engineered by Nankang

One cost-cutting method when producing low-priced tires is to copy a tire mold, manufacture the tire, and sell it under your brand name. However, tires like these usually end up with very poor performance and do not offer much tread life.

However, at Nankang, a team of researchers and developers design and engineer their own models. These tires undergo rigorous testing before the design is finalized and beforethey hit the market. These tests mean that the tire is durable, safe, and offers the intended performance.

Pocket-Friendly Prices

Nankang tires come at almost half the price compared to other premium brand tires. The tires offer good features for the price they come at. Some brands sell tires at even lower prices, but they also compromise quality and performance.

Good Value for the Money

You will not want to take these tires head-to-head with premium brands like Yokohama, Michelin, Goodyear, or Bridgestone, but they offer more than what you pay for. Nankang tires focus more on safety than anything else. You will have a sense of confidence when driving with a set of Nankang.

The tires perform well on dry pavement and maintain traction and grip on wet surfaces. Some all-season tires even deliver in light snow and slush.

Tires offer Good Longevity

Nankang tires are not the longest-lasting. However, considering the price you pay for them, you get a reasonably good tire life. The company does not use cheap recycled rubber like many cheap brands; instead, it uses advanced compounds that are engineered to be cost-effective and long-lasting

Areas of Improvement for Nankang

Performance Cannot Be Compared to Premium Brands

All budget-oriented companies need to cut some corners to make ends meet. With these cutting measures, the tires compromise in one area or another. Nankang tires offer a lot of safety but do not offer the same handling, ride comfort, or braking performance as premium brands.

The premium brands come at higher prices and often excel in more than one area. However, Nankang tires focus more on one area and compromise a little in another.

Treadwear Warranties are Short

The treadwear warranty on most Nankang tires is adequate, but if you compare it to premium brands, you find them to be a little short. Nankang's touring all-season tires come with a warranty of 50,000 miles, which is average.

However, take proper care of the tire, which means rotating them every 6000 miles, regularly checking and maintaining the air pressure, and keeping alignment and balancing in check. You will not have to worry about the warranty, and Nankang tires will last longer than the warranty period.

Nankang Tires Review - Brand Guide

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