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Choosing between two of the most efficient Michelin tires is not a bad problem to have. Both the MXM4 and MXV4 provide excellent traction and handling features.

Both of these tires are extremely similar in design and performance but they do have some key differences. The MXV4 provides more road comfort and a longer tread life thanks to the Comfort Control technology. The MXM4 is the better choice for wet traction and winter handling with more advanced sipes.

Michelin is a premier tire manufacturer and provider so when you are deciding between two of their products, the decision can be difficult. Both the MXM4 and MXV4 are premium touring all-season tires with high technology features and durable designs. They both will provide you with above-average durability, traction, and all-around driving performance on the road.

Finding differences in these tires was not easy. They are constructed similarly but Michelin makes it clear with a few key features what each of these tires is intended to provide for drivers. Continue reading this guide to learn more about MXM4 and MXV4 tires.  

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MXM4 Vs MXV4 Tires

The Michelin Primacy MXM4 and the Michelin Primacy MXV4 tires are high-performance tires. Both are made with similar technologies for comfortable riding, road traction, and all-around driving performance.

The Primacy MXM4 is a very good tire for those who want to drive in wet weather conditions. It also has a lot of traction and safe handling on dry and wet roads. They offer a moderate level of performance and a smooth ride on wet surfaces. To be specific, the tread pattern is designed for smooth handling on dry roads.

The Michelin Primacy MXV4 provides excellent grip and handling on dry and wet surfaces and it also has a long wear life which can reduce costs for consumers by reducing the need for frequent replacement. They offer a good balance between performance and ride comfort to the driver.

Both tires come with amazing warranty policies too. Michelin makes it a primary focus to always be one of the best in nearly every tire category for warranty coverage. We will discuss the key differences between these tires below.

MXM4 Tire

The Michelin MXM4 features an asymmetric tread pattern and employs self-cleaning tread grooves. This means that it’s not easily clogged by mud or dirt, which would be an issue if you were driving in winter conditions.

These tires are designed with high-quality rubber compounds that will not only provide you with long-lasting performance but also help maintain your car's performance. The Michelin MXM4 tire is one of the most comfortable tires available on the market today.

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Michelin's MXM4 range of tires is engineered with a unique range of new technologies to improve your car's handling and performance. They have specially designed tread compounds, elite groove patterns for wet handling, and eco-friendly features to make this one of the most balanced all-round tire choices.

Comfort Control Technology

Michelin MXM4 uses the Comfort Control Technology in tires to improve the overall riding experience. These tires are designed with innovative features such as a lighter and stronger material for the tread, a new tread pattern, and improved acceleration and handling.

Not only does this feature improve comfort, but it also targets road noise and vibrations from potholes and bumps. By isolating these noises, it can keep the inside of the vehicle quiet without disrupting any driver or passengers.

The Comfort Control Technology was designed with the help of feedback from drivers who want more power and confidence behind the wheel while minimizing noise levels for a more enjoyable drive.

Green X technology

Michelin has developed the MXM4 tire equipped with Green X Technology. This is a technology that enables Michelin to put its design-led innovation into the world's most challenging conditions.

Green X Technology allows the tire to provide an amazing ride on wet or dry roads and still protect against hydroplaning. The technology also means that the tires are more durable, eco-friendly, and offer enhanced fuel efficiency.

Compared with conventional tires, MXM4 tires have much lower rolling resistance and more traction and grip on wet and dry surfaces. They also help reduce air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions.

Helio Compound

The sunflower oil Helio compound is an environmentally friendly design by Michelin that uses more natural ingredients in the rubber design. It increases fuel efficiency, road traction, braking, and handling on pavement.

Michelin also states that this compound allows more direct rubber-to-road contact. It will improve braking distance by up to 19 feet compared to any other leading competitor’s tire choices.

MXV4 Tire

The Michelin MXV4 tire has an asymmetric tread pattern that has been designed to provide more traction on wet surfaces while having less rolling resistance. The tire also has a shorter profile which makes it easier to maintain control while cornering.

This is a touring all-season tire made to last longer while providing year-round driving support in changing weather conditions. The tread pattern is optimized for snow and ice traction, but still capable of handling everyday driving conditions.

It also uses a lack of sidewall reinforcement for additional grip and stability on wet roads. This added strength gives the tire more durability for high-speed driving too.

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The Michelin MXV4 tire utilizes Michelin’s latest digital innovations which come with the tire. This tire has a very high level of grip, a long life span, and even smoother ride quality than most traditional tires.

Active 2-D Sipes

Michelin created the MXV4 Tire Active 2-D Sipes feature in order to maximize traction, control, and ride comfort. This new design offers more grip on wet surfaces but also offers better driving stability.

These sipes are also made with the aim of improving the driving experience for drivers in winter conditions. The rubber treads on the tire come with a new design to reduce the risk of hydroplaning in snowy or wet conditions.

MaxTouch Construction

This tire has a new MaxTouch Construction feature that is designed to provide stability when driving fast. It ensures the construction of the tread compound remains durable and long-lasting despite handling harsh conditions.

The MXV4 tire provides stability because it has an enhanced rubber on the contact patch for better traction. The tires also have an improved tread design that helps the tire maintain contact with the road surface for enhanced durability.

BAZ Technology

The BAZ Technology is a feature that uses a spirally-wrapped polyamide within the internal construction. This polyamide is banded at Zero degrees to create stronger reinforcement with the twin steel belts.

By creating this structure, the tire can drive faster without shaking, losing control, or sacrificing tire durability in the long term. You will notice how much smoother the tire drives because of this critical feature.

What Is The Michelin Warranty Policy?

Michelin is notoriously known for providing the best warranty coverage on the tire market. They insure tires for longer and cover a wide range of issues that can make your life easier as a driver if you experience trouble with your tire.


The MXM4 tire comes with two different mileage warranties that vary based on your tire speed ratings. There is a 6-year or 55,000-mile warranty for H and V speed-rated tires.

Coverage drops for W, Y, and Z-speed rated tires down to a 6-year or 45,000-mile warranty. Both of these policies are excellent and rank above average compared to many tires in this range and category.

Every tire purchase also comes with a tire uniformity warranty, materials and workmanship warranty and tire wear replacement for either six years or 2.32” in tread depth.


The MXV4 tire comes with a standard 6-year or 60,000-mile limited tread life warranty policy. This covers all speed rating types that are offered for this tire.

However, if you only purchase rear tires this warranty policy only covers each tire for half this mileage amount. We recommend using these tires in the same size on all four axles.

You also are granted a uniformity policy, materials and workmanship policy, and free tire replacement during the first three years.

Which Tire Is Best?

Choosing between these tires ultimately depends on what you value most in a tire. The design and features included in these tires are similar but they excel in different areas.

The MXV4 tire is built with a sleek look, more versatile treads, and added strength construction for a comfortable tire. It also provides a longer tread life compared to the MXM4 by using the MaxTouch Construction internally to ensure driving stability.

However, if you prefer to find a tire that handles with more precision and confidence during wet and slippery conditions like snow or rain then the MXM4 is the superior tire choice. It uses a Helio compound that makes driving on different surfaces much easier.

Both of these tires do provide above-average performance across the board though. They each use construction technology, an advanced tread compound, and high-tech sipes to create a balanced driving tire for all types of vehicles.

MXM4 Vs MXV4 Tires

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