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  • Milestar is a reputable tire brand
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Milestar offers budget-friendly tires for a wide range of vehicles. But is it a reliable tire brand? Our Milestar tires review and brand guide has the answers.

Milestar is a dependable and reputable tire brand. As much as its replacement tires are among the cheapest on the market, they deliver great performances. Furthermore, its tires are high-quality and durable. Also, Milestar tires come with impressive warranties and guarantees.

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When it comes to buying tires, you will have three categories to choose from depending on your budget. You can opt for premium tires, mid-range tires and budget tires. And, Milestar falls within the budget category.

The problem is that most of the budget tires that I’ve used have ended up disappointing me. Some have performed extremely poorly while others have failed or worn down prematurely. Also, I’ve come across a particular type of tire that disappointed me both in terms of performance and durability.

So, is this the case with Milestar tires? Are its tires dependable? Do its tires last long? Will you get value for your money when you purchase Milestar tires? This honest Milestar tires review has the answers.

About Milestar Tires

Milestar is a fairly new tire manufacturer, which is owned by Tireco, Inc. Tireco Inc. is a US-based tire brand marketer and distributor, which was established in 1972. Its tires are manufactured by Nankang Rubber Tire Corp, which is based in Taiwan.

Nankang Rubber Tire Corp has been manufacturing tires for several decades. Also, it’s a leader in the tire industry when it comes to quality, research and development as well as reputation.

Therefore, as much as the majority of its tires are not manufactured in the U.S, a renowned manufacturer with a solid reputation produces them. So, you can be confident that you are getting a high-quality and reliable tire.

According to Milestar, its tires are designed for the budget tire shopper looking for a quality tire. So, if you are in the market for a set of affordable tires, then Milestar may be the right brand for you.

Top Milestar Tires

Milestar has a vast collection of tires. Its collection includes passenger car and crossover tires, light truck tires, SUV tires, and UTV tires. Milestar also produces tires for different conditions and surfaces such as all-season tires and ultra-high-performance tires.

So, whether you are in the market for a set of tires for your passenger car, SUV, minivan, light truck, off-road track or crossover, all-season tires or winter tires, winter tires or off-road tires, there’s a high chance you will find a Milestar tire compatible with your vehicle. Some of this company’s best-selling tires include:

Milestar Patagonia A/T Pro


As its name suggests, the Patagonia A/T Pro is an all-terrain tire. It’s one of Milestar’s most popular tires. According to Milestar, this tire is built for drivers looking for a tire that can conquer all weather conditions and terrains, including heavy snow.

It features a wider contact patch than your standard all-terrain tire. This wider contact patch is specifically designed to improve its off-road traction and grip, without compromising on-road comfort.

Milestar has also outfitted the Patagonia A/T Pro with rigid and rugged tread blocks. These tread blocks are designed to enhance its grip, resulting in dependable traction in tricky terrains and conditions.

The Patagonia A/T Pro also features angled tread notches. According to Milestar, these angled tread notches have been incorporated into this tire to deliver enhanced void surface area, thus boosting its traction in snow and mud.

Milestar has also equipped the Patagonia A/T Pro with staggered, step-down grooves. This feature is designed to provide tread rigidity, resulting in enhanced handling and stability. Also, it’s designed to protect the tire’s grooves against stone drilling.

The Patagonia A/T Pro also comes with Milestar’s exclusive Miletech advanced sidewall compound technology. This technology has been incorporated into the tire to boost its strength and impact resistance. Also, the tire features a robust upper sidewall, which helps to protect it against sharp elements while delivering extra side-biting for off-roading.


Without a doubt, the Patagonia A/T Pro will be a great choice for someone looking for an all-terrain tire. Its performance across different terrains is exceptional, the construction is solid and the pricing is affordable.

Milestar MS932 Sport

The MS932 Sport is a high-performance all-season tire, built for drivers of crossovers, minivans, sedans, SUVs and sports coupes. According to Milestar, this tire has been engineered to deliver reliable all-season traction, decent cornering grip, enhanced handling as well as a comfortable ride.


This tire features an optimized tread design, featuring rounded shoulders and larger tread blocks. This tread pattern is designed to deliver enhanced dry traction and top-notch cornering performance. Based on the reviews I’ve read about this tire, it performs extremely well on dry pavement, thanks to its optimized tread design.

The MS932 Sport also comes with four deep and wide circumferential grooves as well as thousands of lateral sipes. The four circumferential grooves and the siping through the tire help to get rid of water from beneath it, thus lowering the risk of aquaplaning considerably.


Overall, this is a great tire according to the reviews I’ve read. It delivers great dry and wet traction, decent cornering performance, quick steering response and outstanding handling even in heavy rain. Also, its ride is quiet and comfortable based on available reviews.

Milestar MS70

The MS70 is a standard all-season tire, built to deliver dependable traction and handling all-year-around. It’s built for people who drive sedans, coupes and minivans. According to the manufacturer, this tire is engineered to deliver all-season traction in a wide range of road and weather conditions.


Similar to other Milestar all-season tires, the MS70 features an all-season tread compound, which has been shaped into a symmetric tread pattern. These two features work in harmony to deliver enhanced traction on dry pavement. Also, the tread pattern is designed to promote longer treadwear, since you can rotate this tire in numerous ways.

The MS90 also sports wide and deep circumferential grooves. According to Milestar, these grooves are designed to promote efficient and faster water evacuation. And this translates to enhanced hydroplaning resistance and solid grip in rainy conditions.

This tire also features sophisticated siping patterns, resulting in more biting edges. Also, its sophisticated siping pattern is designed to allow increased and better heat ventilation, for better grip and longer tread life.


The MS90 may not have the bells and whistles present in premium tires. However, its low price and outstanding performance make it a great choice for drivers looking for a reliable, everyday commuting tire.

Milestar Patagonia MT

If you spend the majority of your time driving through off-road terrains, you will need a tire that can deliver dependable performance in such conditions. And that tire is none other than the Patagonia MT. Launched in late 2015, the Patagonia MT is built to deliver superior traction in rugged and harsh terrains.


The Patagonia MT comes with a cut-resistant and chip-resistant tread compound, built for toughness and durability. This tread compound has further been shaped into a rugged tread pattern, featuring high void areas.

Also, the high-void areas are designed to boost the tire’s self-cleaning capabilities. According to the manufacturer, this tread design should provide you with better traction and grip on slippery surfaces like rocky and muddy terrains.

The Patagonia MT also sports staggered off-center tread blocks. These tread blocks are designed to provide enhanced off-road traction combined with improved on-road stability and handling.

Furthermore, the center blocks have been set at a particular angle, to increase the tire’s biting edges. The manufacturer has also incorporated a series of sipes inside the tread blocks. Therefore, you can expect this tire to provide solid traction on wet and slippery surfaces.

The Patagonia MT features three-ply sidewall construction. This construction is to provide extra protection against impact damage. It also comes with a couple of stone ejectors meant to prevent stone drilling.


While the Patagonia MT may not be a familiar name to every off-road driver out there, its performance speaks for itself. According to the available customer reviews, it’s a decent off-road tire. It also delivers a somehow quiet and smooth on-road ride, despite its aggressive and rugged tread pattern. Overall, if you are in the market for an affordably-priced, decent-value mud terrain tire, then the Patagonia MT is worth consideration.

Milestar Tires Warranties and Guarantees

Some manufacturers of budget tires don’t offer warranties and guarantees. However, this is not the case with Milestar. Tireco stands behind Milestar tires with strong warranties and guarantees. Some of its tire warranties include:

Standard Limited Warranty

According to Milestar, if you purchase any of its tires and the tire develops defects related to workmanship and defects, you are eligible for a replacement. The replacement of the tire will be done on a pro-rata basis.

Essentially, this means the company will offer you some sort of discount when you are buying a new set to replace the defective or damaged one. The discount you will get when purchasing the new set will depend on the percentage of the remaining tread depth on the tire.

Standard Mileage Warranty

Some Milestar tires also come with a mileage warranty. The mileage offered under this warranty ranges between 40,000 miles and 80,000 miles. Under this warranty, if your Milestar tire wears consistently across its tread down to its tread wear indicators before it delivers the promised number of miles, you are eligible for a replacement.

Again, Tireco will replace the tire on a pro-rata basis, meaning you will get some sort of discount for the replacement set. The discount you will get when replacing the worn-out tires will depend on the percentage of the promised mileage the tire has failed to deliver. Coverage under this warranty runs for five years from the installation date.

Road Hazard Program

A select number of Milestar tires also come with a road hazard warranty. Some of the eligible tires for this warranty include the Weatherguard AS710 Sport, MS932XP+, Patagonia A/T Pro, Weatherguard AW365, Patagonia A/T R, MS932 Sport and Patagonia H/T.

According to this warranty, if your eligible Milestar tire is removed from service due to damage arising from punctures, bruises, cuts, impact breaks, snags and tears, the manufacturer will replace it free of charge with a similar tire. However, the tire must be within its first 12 months from the purchase date or within 2/32-inch of its original tread depth to be eligible.

Ride Guarantee Program

Some Milestar tires also come with a customer satisfaction guarantee, known as the 30-day ride guarantee. Under this guarantee, if you purchase a set of four or more new Milestar tires but you are not satisfied with them for any reason, you are free to return them where you purchased them and select a new comparable set. Some of the tires that qualify for the ride guarantee program include the Weatherguard AS710 Sport, Patagonia A/T R, MS932XP+, Patagonia H/T and MS932 Sport.

Should You Buy Milestar Tires?

There’s no shortage of budget tire brands out there. So, why should you opt for Milestar tires instead of those offered by the other brands in this category? Well, there are several convincing reasons why you should buy Milestar tires.

Affordable Tires

One of the main reasons why you should opt for Milestar tires is that they are cheaper than most of the others in this category. They are probably the cheapest tires in the U.S today.

High Quality and Durable Tires

Going by their price points, most people would expect Milestar tires to be of poor quality. However, this is not the case. Based on the reviews that I’ve read, Milestar tires are of outstanding quality. Unlike other budget tires, they don’t wear out or fail prematurely. Simply put, with Milestar tires, you will be getting a good-value, lower-priced tire.

Dependable Performances

As we earlier mentioned, budget tires have a reputation for being poor performers. And this is something you can expect based on their cheap prices. But, Milestar tires tend to be an exception. As much as these tires are cheap, their performance is outstanding.

Whether you buy a set of standard all-season tires, high-performance all-season tires, mud terrain tires, all-terrain tires, highway terrain tires or any other type of tire from this brand, you can be confident that its performance won’t disappoint you.

Impressive Warranties and Guarantees

As much as Milestar tires are extremely cheap, the company still goes a step further and provides various warranties and guarantees. While its warranties may not be the best out there, they are sufficient to give you peace of mind.

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