Key Takeaways

  • You can register a vehicle without a driver’s license in Michigan.
  • You need valid insurance to register a vehicle in Michigan.
  • You need a driver’s license to get car insurance in most cases.
  • Michigan has self service registration kiosks.
  • The purpose of vehicle registration is to cut down on crime.

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Registering a vehicle in Michigan can be a pain since there are some hoops. But can you do so without a valid driver’s license?

Yes, you can register a car in Michigan without a valid driver’s license. The state just needs to see that you have some proof of identification. To register a vehicle, you need Michigan no fault insurance. And to get insurance, you may need a valid driver’s license.

I’m an auto mechanic, but I have been registering vehicles that I’ve bought and sold off past customers for years. I have probably registered well into the hundreds of cars. Registering vehicles according to Michigan law is quite easy. All you need is a vehicle identification number and a Michigan vehicle title. But let's get into it.

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Can You Register Car Without License In Michigan?

Registering a car in Michigan doesn’t require you to have a valid driver’s license. What you do need to register a car in Michigan is proof of identification. So items like a credit card bill, state id, expired commercial driver’s license, or documents like this will suffice.

The hangup to not having a valid driver’s license when registering your vehicle is that you do need valid car insurance. To get a license plate number, you need valid vehicle registration. And to get registration, you need valid auto insurance.

And to get auto insurance, in most cases you do need a valid driver’s license. Usually, you won't have auto insurance without auto insurance, and you won’t be able to get auto insurance without a valid driver’s license.

So in a way, you do need a valid driver’s license in order to register a vehicle in Michigan. But if you can get car insurance without a driver’s license, you can register that car legally according to Michigan vehicle code.

Registration In Michigan

Registering a vehicle in Michigan is very easy, since the state has self service kiosks. Just find a self service kiosk through the kiosk locator on the Michigan DMV site. Go to the kiosk and put in your vehicle’s VIN number.

Options will appear and choose which options are correct for you. The next option that will appear is the registration fees option, which you need to pay in order to receive the registration.

Once the registration is printed out you have completed the process for registration and you are finished. The self service kiosks in Michigan make registering vehicles very easy for Michigan residents. All you have to do is go to the Kiosk and follow the prompts.

Once you complete the prompts, you will be registered in the state of Michigan.

Getting A Title In The State Of Michigan

Getting a title in Michigan is almost as easy as getting a Michigan license plate. That’s because the state of Michigan makes it very easy to obtain a title if you have the proper documentation.

Sometimes, getting a title from the previous owner isn’t possible because they lost it. Or sometimes, you may have lost the title yourself. EIther way, whatever your case is, replacing the title is of the utmost importance.

WIthout a title replacement, you are unable to prove ownership of the vehicle. That is because without a title there’s no proof of ownership. So to prove that you have ownership of the vehicle you need to get a replacement title.

To get a title in the state of Michigan you need proper documentation, which includes going to the State Secretary’s office. To get a title, all you need is a driver’s license and your vehicle’s VIN number. Once you are at the office, fill out a title application document and give it to a teller.

Once you have filled out the correct forms and provided the correct documentation you will have to pay $15 dollars. If you want the title the same day, you need to pay $20. If you purchased the $15 dollar title, you will receive your title in the mail within 14 days.

Getting the title of your vehicle is not available through the self service kiosks in MIchigan. The Michigan department wishes you to either visit an office or do the title service online.

Getting Your Driver’s License In Michigan

To get your driver’s license in Michigan you need to visit an in person office. The online service and self service kiosk option is not available. To get your license you need to provide some proof of identification. There is a list of documents that are acceptable which can be found on the link.

If you are getting your driver’s license for the first time you will need to pay $25 dollars. This is the standard fee for receiving your driver’s license. If you are under 18, you will need to complete some training according to Michigian state law.

When you get your driver’s license you will be issued temporary credentials in order to drive while you wait for your driver’s license to arrive. Driver’s license will be mailed to you since they are printed offsite.

What Is The Purpose Of Vehicle Registration

The purpose of vehicle registration is to establish a relationship between the government and your vehicle. Registration is how you prove you have your own car in the eyes of the government.

A completed and signed title also proves that you have ownership of the motor vehicle as well. Vehicle registration is the process of officially recording a vehicle with the government agency. Registration ensures that vehicles are being legally operated on public roads and highways.

Registering a vehicle attaches a unique identifier which is the license plate with a vehicle owner. This unique identifier is then used by law enforcement to identify the vehicle owner. This registration helps prevent thefts and hit and runs.

Can You Register A Car Without A License In Michigan?

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