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The Premier LTX is one of Michelin’s best-selling all-season tires. But is it the right choice for you? This Michelin Premier LTX tire review has the answer.

The Michelin Premier LTX is one of the best touring all-season tires. It delivers outstanding performance both in wet and dry conditions. Apart from that, you will also enjoy a comfortable and luxurious ride. And with a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty, you are assured of long-lasting performance.

In this Michelin Premier LTX tire review, we will explore some of its key features and technologies, its performance in different conditions, its ride quality, its warranties and guarantees, its cost as well as its strengths and drawbacks. And by the end of this Michelin Premier LTX tire review, you will be adequately informed, to decide whether this is the right all-season touring tire for your driving needs.

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About the Michelin Premier LTX

Michelin is renowned for its vast selection of high-quality tires. It produces tires for almost all types of vehicles.

It also produces different types of tires, ranging from all-season tires, all-terrain tires, and high-performance tires, among others.

And the Premier LTX is one of its most popular all-season tires. It’s designed for drivers of vans, light-duty trucks, SUVs, and crossovers.

According to Michelin, this tire is engineered to deliver top-notch all-season safety, a refined and comfortable ride, as well as long-lasting performance.

Design Features and Technologies

Michelin equips its all-season tires with several advanced features and technologies, to ensure they can deliver the best performance possible.

And the Michelin Premier LTX follows this tradition. Michelin has equipped it with some of its best tire technologies. These include:

EverGrip Technology

Most tires tend to lose their traction and grip as the tread wears down. But that’s not the case with the Premier LTX.

It has been equipped with Michelin’s exclusive EverGrip technology. This technology features a set of emerging grooves around its shoulders.

And as a result, it will continue supplying adequate traction and grip both in dry and wet conditions, even as its tread wears down.

This technology also features a set of expanding rain grooves, which open up as the tire wears down.

These emerging grooves help to provide a larger surface area for water evacuation, thus helping to prevent hydroplaning.

Advanced Tread Compound

As mentioned earlier, this tire is designed to deliver reliable and safe performance on varying surfaces and conditions.

To this end, Michelin has equipped it with an advanced tread compound, to ensure it delivers on its objectives. This tread compound features 2 key components:

Sunflower Oil

The addition of sunflower oil to this tire’s tread compound helps it to remain flexible, even when you encounter wet or colder conditions.

And as a result, it will continue providing adequate and reliable traction in such conditions, thus guaranteeing a safe ride.

Silica Compound

Michelin has also added a silica compound to this tire’s tread. This compound helps to bond together the different types of rubbers used in the tire.

While sunflower oil helps to boost the tire’s flexibility, the silica compound helps to enhance its sturdiness.

Therefore, these two compounds work together to deliver a balanced tire, which will provide adequate traction in wet surfaces without wearing down too fast.

Performance on Dry Tarmac

As expected from a Michelin all-season tire, the Premier LTX delivers top-notch performance on dry roads.

During my test ride, I was impressed at how responsive this tire is when it comes to steering and road feedback. Also, it’s easy to handle and its high-speed stability is great.

Besides its outstanding responsiveness and handling, its traction on dry tarmac remained adequate, even when I was navigating corners at high speeds.

So, if you are looking for a capable daily-driving tire for your crossover, SUV, pickup or crossover, I will highly recommend this tire without hesitation.

Performance in Wet and Slippery Conditions

The Michelin Premier LTX outshines most of its competitors when it comes to wet performance. Its handling in wet and slippery conditions feels secure and stable.

It also delivers one of the highest cornering speeds I’ve observed in an all-season touring tire, especially when it comes to wet conditions.

And as for braking distances in wet conditions, well, they are among the shortest I’ve recorded.

Its stellar performance in wet and slippery conditions can be attributed to the EverGrip Technology.

As mentioned earlier, this technology features emerging and expanding rain grooves, which help to channel water away from its surface.

And this leads to maximum hydroplaning resistance. So, even if you encounter pools of water during your drive, this tire will take you through safely.

Performance in Snowy Conditions

Can the Michelin Premier LTX handle snowy conditions and ice-covered roads? Well, it will depend on the conditions that you come across.

If you encounter light snow or moderately cold temperatures, then this tire will be more than capable.

The use of sunflower oil helps to keep it flexible, thus ensuring it can supply adequate traction on light-snow roads.

On the other hand, if you come across a road covered with a thick layer of snow, then this tire may not be ideal for such conditions.

So, if you live in an area that experiences heavy snowing or freezing temperatures for several months, then you should just get a proper winter tire.

Off-Roading Performance

The Michelin Premier LTX is not an off-roading tire. It lacks the capabilities and features needed for off-road driving.

While it may provide some amount of unpaved roads and hard-packed surfaces, you may end up damaging its tread or voiding its warranty.

So, if you are an off-roading enthusiast, then you should equip your vehicle with a proper off-roading tire, which can comfortably handle such conditions.

Ride Quality

The Michelin Premier LTX is an all-season touring tire. And touring tires should provide a comfortable and smooth ride.

Based on what I observed during my test ride, this tire doesn’t disappoint when it comes to ride quality.

It’s one of the quietest all-season touring tires that I have tested. Besides its quiet ride, it also absorbs road imperfections with ease, both small and large.

With this tire, you are assured of a comfortable, refined and luxurious driving experience, especially when you go for one of those long road trips.

Michelin Premier LTX Warranties and Guarantees

The Premier LTX is covered by Michelin Promise Plan, featuring a manufacturer’s limited warranty, mileage warranty, and customer satisfaction guarantee.

 Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

All Michelin tires, including the Michelin Premier LTX, are covered by a manufacturer’s limited warranty. It covers tire damage, caused by workmanship and materials defects.

So, if your Michelin Premier LTX tire is removed from service due to damage caused by workmanship or materials defects, Michelin will replace it.

If the tire is removed from service during its first 2/32-inch of the original usable tread or within 12 months from the purchase date, Michelin will replace it free of charge.

The replacement will also include free mounting and balancing while the buyer will cater for applicable taxes and related service charges.

If the tire is worn more than 25% of its original usable tread, then the replacement will be done on a pro-rata basis, where the replacement costs will be shared between Michelin and the buyer.

The amount of money the buyer will pay towards the tire’s replacement will be determined by multiplying the percentage of the original usable tread worn off the tire with the dealer’s price.

The buyer will also be responsible for mounting and balancing charges, as well as applicable taxes and related service charges.

Coverage under this warranty extends for 6 years from the purchase date or until the tire wears down to its tread wear indicators, whichever comes first.

Possible Exclusions

As much as Michelin guarantees the Premier LTX with a materials and workmanship warranty, some tires may not be eligible.

Some of the possible exclusions include tire damage caused by:

  • Road hazards like punctures, bruises, snags and cuts
  • Improper maintenance, misapplication
  • Underinflation or overinflation
  • Chemical corrosion, fire or tire alteration
  • Weather cracking

Treadwear Warranty

As noted above, the Premier LTX is also covered by Michelin’s treadwear warranty, which guarantees the tire for up to 100,000 kilometers or 60,000 miles.

So, if your Michelin Premier LTX tire wears out evenly across its tread without delivering the warranted mileage, then it’s eligible for replacement.

Replacement under this warranty is done on a pro-rata basis, where the buyer and Michelin will share the replacement costs.

The buyer’s replacement cost will be obtained by multiplying the percentage of warranted mileage the tire has delivered with its current selling price.

For instance, your Michelin Premier LTX may wear down uniformly across its tread, down to its maintenance indicators, having only delivered 45,000 miles.

At this point, the tire has only delivered 75% of the warranted mileage. Assuming the tire is going for $200, then the buyer’s replacement charge will be $150.

Besides the replacement charge, the buyer will also be responsible for mounting and balancing costs as well as applicable taxes and miscellaneous charges.

Possible Exclusions

As much as Michelin offers to replace your Premier LTX tire if it’s removed from service due to premature treadwear, some tires may not be eligible for replacement.

For instance, if you fail to rotate your tires as recommended, then they will not be eligible to be replaced under this warranty.

Also, Michelin Premier LTX tires used in commercial applications and as well as those used as original equipment are not eligible to be replaced under this warranty.

60-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Michelin also backs the purchase of the Michelin Premier LTX with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

So, if you are not fully satisfied with your new Michelin Premier LTX set of tires, you are free to return them where you purchased them within 60 days from the purchase date.

And once you return them, the tire dealer will exchange them with a new comparable set of Michelin Premier LTX tires.

Michelin Premier LTX Compatible Vehicles and Fitment

Michelin produces this tire in several sizes, ranging from 16 inches to 22 inches. It’s compatible with a vast selection of vehicles like:

  • Ford F-150, Ranger, Bronco, Edge, Flex, Escape, Mustang, Explorer, and Expedition
  • Chevrolet Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, Blazer and Colorado
  • GMC Canyon, Acadia, Terrain, Sierra and Yukon
  • Isuzu Trooper
  • Lincoln MKC, MKS, MKX, MKT, Corsair, Navigator, Aviator and Town Car
  • Mazda B4000, CX series, and Tribute
  • Jeep Liberty, Grand Cherokee, Renegade, Patriot, Compass and Wrangler
  • Toyota 4Runner, Highlander, FJ Cruiser, Tundra, Land Cruiser, Sequoia and Tacoma
  • Dodge Durango, Challenger, Grand Caravan, Charger, Nitro and Journey
  • Honda CR-V, Passport, Crosstour, Ridgeline, Pilot, Odyssey and Element
  • Nissan Frontier, Xterra, Quest, Pathfinder, Rogue, Murano and Titan
  • Hyundai Santa Fe, Palisade, Genesis, Veracruz and Tucson
  • Mercury Mountaineer, Mariner, and Grand Marquis
  • Land Rover Discovery, Defender 90, Defender 110, Ranger Rover, and Discovery Sport
  • Mitsubishi Montero, Endeavor, Eclipse Cross, Outlander and Outlander Sport

Michelin Premier LTX Price Range

The Michelin Premier LTX is currently going for approximately $150 to $300. The actual price will depend on your vehicle’s wheel size.

Also, the prices may vary slightly from one retailer to the next. For instance, if you shop at Tire Rack, you will spend approximately $153 to $305, depending on the tire size.

The same set of tires is going for approximately $160 to $360 at Priority Tire while Tire Buyer is currently selling the tire for around $157 to $293.

Michelin Premier LTX Pros

  • Outstanding wet and dry traction
  • Superb handling and responsiveness
  • Comfortable and luxurious ride

Michelin Premier LTX Cons

  • High treadwear rate

Should You Buy the Michelin Premier LTX?

The Michelin Premier LTX performs excellently in almost all areas.

It delivers excellent traction and impressive handling on dry and wet roads. You will also enjoy a super comfortable ride, even when you are driving fast.

And while some drivers have complained its tread wears out fast, the tread life will depend on how often you drive, where you drive, as well as how you maintain them.

Overall, if you are looking for a dependable set of all-season touring tires for your crossover, SUV, or light-duty truck, then the Michelin Premier LTX deserves consideration.

Michelin Premier LTX Tire Review

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