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The Maxxis trailer tire is one of the available tires for trailer owners. But is it a dependable tire? This Maxxis trailer tire review has the answers.

Is the Maxxis trailer tire worth the money? Should you buy the Maxxis trailer tire? Is the Maxxis trailer tire the right choice for your trailer?

The Maxxis trailer tire is one of the best trailer tires. It’s durably constructed, meaning you won’t experience failure or premature wear and tear. Also, it can withstand heavy loads over long distances. Furthermore, it will deliver top-notch controllability and decent fuel efficiency.

In this guide, we will take an in-depth look at the Maxxis trailer tire. We will explore its design features and technologies, its performance, available sizes, warranty, price range as well as its pros and cons. We will also take a closer look at some of the areas where this tire sets itself apart from the competition.

We are committed to furnishing our readers with objective, accurate, helpful, and trustworthy information, to help them make informed choices. And we have a highly reliable editorial team, comprising professionals from various areas of expertise. Therefore, you can be more than confident that you are getting your information from a credible and reliable source.

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Whenever you are towing, be it a toy hauler, boat trailer, utility trailer, horse trailer, RV, or any other trailer, you need to ensure you are adequately equipped for the job. And part of being adequately equipped is ensuring that your trailer has the right set of tires.

You need to equip your trailer with a set of tires that will deliver outstanding load carrying capacity, consistent tracking, top-notch fuel efficiency, and smooth performance.

In short, you will need a tire, which will help you to safely and effectively. And that tire is none other than the Maxxis trailer tire. It’s currently one of the best trailer tires on the market.

About the Maxxis Trailer Tire

The Maxxis trailer tire is a specialty trailer tire, which can be used on almost all types of trailers. From boat trailers to RVs, horse trailers to toy haulers, this specialty tire trailer is ideal for almost any trailer that you own.

The Maxxis tire trailer is built to deliver outstanding load-hauling capabilities, combined with a smoother ride. According to the manufacturer, this specialty trailer tire is also built to last longer than most of the other trailer tires you can find out there.

Design Features and Technologies

As earlier mentioned, the Maxxis trailer tire is one of the best trailer tires out there. And this can be evidenced by the number of outstanding features and technologies that you will find in this tire.

Advanced Tread Compound

First, Maxxis has outfitted its trailer tire with an advanced tread compound. This advanced tread compound has been specially formulated, to reduce heat generations, thus preventing blowouts and belt separation – the two most common issues with trailer tires.

The tire’s tread compound also features a softer rubber compound. This rubber compound is designed to absorb shock, resulting in a comfier ride. Also, it plays a secondary role in reducing heat generation, especially during high-load operations.

Furthermore, the tire’s tread compound also comes with high-quality anti-oxidant agents. These agents are designed to give the tire superior weather protection while enhancing its durability.

All-Season Tread Pattern

The Maxxis tire trailer also comes with an all-season tread pattern. This all-season tread pattern helps the tire to maintain optimal traction in wet and dry conditions.

This trailer tire also sports a rib pattern. According to the manufacturer, this rib pattern is designed to maximize aquaplaning resistance while reducing irregular wear.

Additional Internal Liner

Also, Maxxis has added a new inner liner to this tire. This new inner liner is designed to enhance the tire’s air retention. Even when you are hauling heavy loads, this tire won’t lose air and deform.

As a result, you will enjoy precise and timely steering responsiveness, top-notch driving stability and smooth performance. Also, your towing vehicle will have full control over the trailer all through, resulting in safe towing.

Robust Radial Construction

Furthermore, the Maxxis trailer tire features radial construction. This construction helps to deliver a quiet and smoother ride, without sacrificing high-speed durability.

The Maxxis trailer tire also features sturdy sidewall construction. This robust sidewall construction is designed to improve trailer stability while enabling the tire to withstand high load cycles.

Deep Blocky Treads

Maxxis has also outfitted its trailer tire with deep, blocky treads. These deep, blocky treads are designed to ensure that the tire will perform well in almost all weather conditions. Whether you happen to encounter rough roads or muddy roads, you will not experience any noticeable loss in performance.

Low Aspect Ratio

Also, the Maxxis trailer tire features a low aspect ratio. This low aspect ratio is designed to enhance the tire’s control, especially during cornering. Therefore, its overall cornering performance will be much better, even when you are traveling at higher speeds.


As you can see, the Maxxis trailer tire comes packed with numerous standout features and technologies. But, does it perform as advertised? Are these features a gimmick to enhance its appeal to buyers?

Well, we installed a set of this tire on a travel trailer and decided to evaluate its real-life performance. And from our assessment, we can confidently say that the Maxxis trailer tire didn’t disappoint.

After installing a set of this tire on a trailer, we first noted its tire pressure before hitting the road. From there, we continued monitoring its pressure throughout the trip. We also kept monitoring any signs of damage or premature wear and tire.

After logging thousands of miles, we can report that this tire delivered a smoother performance and straighter tracking, compared to the majority of the other trailer tires that we’ve tested so far.

Furthermore, we didn’t observe any premature damage or wear and tire. Also, we didn’t observe any noticeable drops in tire pressure. In addition, we didn’t experience any punctures or other failures, as has been the case with some of the other tire trailers that we’ve put to the test.

Overall, we can say that the Maxxis trailer tire is one of the best tire trailers that we’ve tested so far. From its quality construction to its dependable performance, we are yet to find any other tire that comes close to the Maxxis trailer tire. The only slight issue that we noticed with this tire is that it’s slightly heavier than some of the others. But, this can be attributed to its robust construction.

Whether you are looking to replace the OEM trailer tires on your trailer or you want to replace the damaged or worn-out tires on your trailer, you can never go wrong with the Maxxis trailer tire.

Sizes and Fitment

There are approximately 17 different sizes available for the Maxxis trailer tire, ranging between 13 inches and 16 inches. The load ranges for the tire are between C and E. Therefore, this tire will be compatible with the majority of the trailers on the market. Also, it can comfortably handle the towing needs of most trailer owners, with its higher load range.

Price Range

If you would like to purchase the Maxxis trailer tire for your trailer, you can expect to spend between $110 and $235 per tire. The actual cost will depend on the size you choose as well as how many times your trailer has.

For instance, most boat trailers and horse trailers come with four tires. So, if you were to buy a set of the Maxxis trailer tire for any of these trailers, you can expect to spend approximately $440 to $940.

Warranties and Guarantees

Maxxis believes in the quality and performance of its tires. To this end, it stands behind its tires with great warranties and guarantees. And this is also the case with the Maxxis trailer tire. It comes with materials and workmanship warranty, which covers the tire for six years from its manufacturer date.

Warranty Provisions

According to this warranty, Maxxis offers to replace the trailer tire if it fails due to workmanship or materials defects. If the tire fails during its first 25% of treadwear or 12 months from its purchase date, Maxxis will replace the trailer tire with a comparable new tire, free of charge.

In case the tire fails due to defects in workmanship and materials outside the first 25% of treadwear, Maxxis will still replace it. But in this case, Maxxis will do it on a pro-rated basis, where you will get a discount when it’s time to purchase a new set of Maxxis trailer tires.

The discount you will get when purchasing the set of new Maxxis trailer tires will depend on the percentage of the original tread remaining on the tire at the time of its removal from service.

For instance, if 50% of the tire’s original tread remains when it’s removed from service due to workmanship and materials defects, then you will be entitled to a 50% discount on the new set of tires.

Assuming that you had purchased the 13-inch tire that goes for around $110, then you will get a 50% discount. Hence you will only pay $55 for each tire or $220 for a set of four, as opposed to $880.

Warranty Exclusions

While Maxxis commits to replace your tire if it’s removed from service due to workmanship and materials defects, some tires may not be eligible for this replacement. Some of the situations where Maxxis may opt against replacing the trailer tire include:

Damage, premature treadwear, irregular treadwear, or failure caused by accident, fire, chemical corrosion, vandalism, and malicious mischief.

Damage is caused by road hazards such as glass, curbs, and rocks, as well as manmade obstacles and obstructions like construction, excavations, chuckholes, and potholes.

Damage, irregular wear, premature wear, and failure caused by, arising out, or resulting from improper maintenance or operation such as neglect, misapplication, misuse, overloading, running flat, over-inflation, under-inflation, improper installation, excessive speed, improper mounting or dismounting, improper wheel alignment, and any alteration on the tire.

If your Maxxis trailer tire is removed from service due to damage caused by any of the above elements or it becomes unserviceable under any of the above situations, then Maxxis will not replace it, regardless of when it’s removed from service or the percentage of the original tread remaining on the tire.

Why Buy the Maxxis Trailer Tire

When it comes to buying a set of tires for your trailer, you have plenty of options on the market to consider. So, why buy the Maxxis trailer tire instead of the other available options? Well, here are a couple of reasons why you should go for it instead of the competition.

High Load Capacity

The Maxxis trailer tire has a load capacity of up to 3,420 pounds, which is one of the highest in the industry. With this tire, you can haul almost everything, be it furniture, a boat, a travel trailer, or other utilities.

Besides its high load capacity, this tire can also haul heavy loads over long distances. As earlier mentioned, it comes with an advanced tread compound, designed to prevent overheating. So, regardless of how many miles you clock, as long as you remain within the allowable load capacity, you won’t experience blowouts or failures.

Decent Fuel Efficiency

Another reason why you should consider buying this tire is its outstanding fuel efficiency. It comes with an optimized tread structure and configuration, which minimizes rolling resistance. And reducing rolling resistance means your towing vehicle won’t be forced to overwork, resulting in better fuel efficiency. If you do long-distance towing or hauling, then the Maxxis trailer tire can save you money on fuel costs.

Great Shock Absorption

Maxxis has outfitted its trailer tire with double steel belting. Also, its rubber comes with a softer compound. These two features work together to absorb shock, resulting in a smoother ride.

Minimal Air Loss

Another great feature that sets this tire apart from the competition is its minimal air loss. As mentioned earlier, the air loss was minimal throughout the entirety of our test ride. The minimal air loss can be attributed to the added inner liner.

Maxxis Trailer Tire Pros

  • Durable radial construction
  • Fuel efficient performance
  • Smoother and comfier ride
  • Top-notch controllability

Maxxis Trailer Tire Cons

Available sizes are only for smaller trailers


When it comes to buying a trailer tire, you need a tire that comes with high load capacity, consistent tracking, decent fuel efficiency, and long tread life. And the Maxxis tire trailer ticks all these boxes. So, if you are in the market for a trailer tire that won’t disappoint you, then you should check out this one.

Maxxis Trailer Tire Review

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