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Does the Maxxis spare tire perform according to expectations? This Maxxis spare tire tire review has the answers.

The Maxxis spare tire is one of the best compact spare tires on the market today. It delivers adequate traction on dry and wet roads as well as adequate handling and controllability. With this spare tire, you are assured of a safe ride to the nearest tire shop, in case you experience a flat tire.

In this Maxxis spare tire tire review, we will discuss its overall performance, its handling and controllability, its price, available sizes, its warranty, as well as its strengths and drawbacks. We will also cover some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this compact spare tire. And by the end of this Maxxis spare tire review, you will have all the answers you are looking for, to decide whether it’s the right compact spare tire for your vehicle.

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If you drive often, there is a high chance you will experience a flat tire at some point.

And this can happen to anyone, regardless of how carefully you drive or how well you maintain your tires.

When this time comes, you can either opt to repair the tire if you have the repair kit in the car.

However, repairing a tire requires expertise. It can also take quite some time to fix the tire. Fortunately, a temporary spare tire can save you from all these troubles.

Also known as compact spare tires, these tires can help you to get to the nearest auto repair shop safely, to have your tire repaired or replaced.

And the Maxxis Spare Tire is one of such tires. It’s one of the most popular temporary spare tires in the market today.

About the Maxxis Spare Tire

The Maxxis Spare Tire is an emergency tire, designed to offer temporary or limited performance on the vehicle it’s mounted on.

It’s engineered to offer a temporary solution, in case one of the tire’s in your vehicle develops a puncture, blowout or any other problem that may render it unsafe to use.

It will help you to drive your vehicle to the nearest tire shop, so that you can either have your flat tire patched up. And in case the tire is unserviceable, then you can simply opt to replace it.

Similar to other temporary spare tires, the Maxxis Spare Tire is thinner or smaller than ordinary tires.

It also features lightweight construction, meaning it cannot handle the vehicle’s weight for extended periods.

Therefore, the Maxxis Spare Tire shouldn’t be driven on for extended periods. Also, you will have to maintain the recommended air pressure to ensure safe driving experience.

Maxxis Spare Tire vs. Ordinary Spare Tires

When it’s time to purchase a spare tire for your vehicle, you will have the option of choosing a full-size spare tire or a compact spare tire such as the Maxxis Spare Tire.

So, why should you opt to buy the Maxxis Spare Tire instead of a full-size spare tire? Well, the Maxxis Spare Tire comes with three distinct advantages.

First, the Maxxis Spare Tire is smaller than a conventional full-size spare tire. Therefore, it will free up a significant amount of cargo space in your car.

So, if you have space limitations in your trunk, then the Maxxis Spare Tire will help you to save some space.

Secondly, it will be cheaper to purchase the Maxxis Spare Tire, compared to buying a full-size spare tire. And this means you will save some money.

Third, this tire is also lighter than a full-size spare tire. In fact, its weight is almost half that of a full-size spare tire.

Therefore, if you are looking to buy a spare tire but you have weight concerns, then the Maxxis spare tire will be an ideal choice for your needs.

Thanks to its lightweight design and construction, it will not add unnecessary weight to your vehicle, meaning you can easily move around with it.

But as much as the Maxxis Spare Tire is smaller and cheaper than a full-size spare tire, it also comes with some drawbacks.

Having used this tire once, I noticed that it has limited braking capabilities and lower levels of traction, compared to a full-size spare tire.

Simply put, its overall performance is poorer than a conventional full-size spare tire. And as noted above, you should only use it as a temporary solution.

Maxxis Spare Tire Performance

The Maxxis Spare Tire is more of an all-season tire, meaning it can provide reliable traction in dry and wet conditions.

It features an all-season tread design, featuring a continuous center rib as well as ideal block placement. These two features work together to enhance its traction in dry conditions.

Maxxis has also equipped this spare tire with four circumferential grooves and several lateral grooves, which help to channel water away from its surface.

The circumferential and lateral grooves work together to prevent hydroplaning while improving the tire’s traction in wet conditions.

However, you shouldn’t use this tire in snowy conditions or on ice-covered roads, since it has not been equipped to handle such conditions.

Maxxis Spare Tire Controllability and Handling

As much as the Maxxis Spare Tire is a temporary-use tire, it should also provide adequate vehicle controllability.

Also, it should deliver precise steering responsiveness and vehicle stability, to ensure you arrive at your nearest tire shop safely.

So, how does this tire perform when it comes to controllability and handling? From my experience with this tire, I was surprised by how well it performed.

Despite its smaller or narrower footprint, the vehicle remained stable throughout the ride and the steering responsiveness was adequate.

Its overall levels of controllability, handling and steering responsiveness will be more than enough since you will only use it for short distances.

It’s important to mention that you shouldn’t use this tire for more than the recommended distance or drive at speeds higher than 50 mph.

If you do so, you will experience poor handling, cornering, loss of braking power as well as diminished handling. And this may lead to a serious crash.

Maxxis Spare Tire Warranty

Unlike most of the other tires from this manufacturer, Maxxis has only backed the compact spare tire with a materials and workmanship warranty.

So, what’s covered under this warranty? Let’s take a closer look.

Materials and Workmanship Warranty

Under this warranty, Maxxis offers to replace the compact spare tire with a comparable new one, if it becomes unserviceable during its first 50% of its original usable treadwear.

Considering that, this tire comes with a tread depth of 4/32 of an inch, then it means that it will only be covered during its first 2/32-inch of treadwear.

The buyer will be responsible for mounting, balancing and other labor charges, in addition to applicable taxes and fees.

Complaints related to ride quality such as vibration or out-of-round tires are not eligible to be replaced under this warranty.

Warranty Exclusions

As previously mentioned, Maxxis offers to replace your Maxxis spare tire, if it becomes unserviceable during its first 50% of treadwear.

But that doesn’t mean that it will replace all Maxxis spare tires that become unserviceable.

Tires damaged by road hazards, including impact breaks, bruises, punctures or snags will not be replaced, regardless of when they are removed from service.

Second, using your Maxxis spare tire for racing or competition-related events will also void its warranty.

Maxxis Spare Tire Price

The Maxxis spare tire is currently going for approximately $130 to $190. You can either buy this tire directly from the company’s website or other retailers.

Available Sizes

The Maxxis spare tire is only available in 10 different sizes, ranging from 14 inches to 18 inches.

Maxxis Spare Tire Pros

  • Dependable performance on dry and wet roads
  • Compact and lightweight

Maxxis Spare Tire Cons

  • Poor performance at higher speeds

Maxxis Spare Tire FAQs

You may be probably having some questions about this spare tire, regarding its use and application. Well, we have taken the time to answer some of them.

How Long Can You Drive on the Maxxis Spare Tire?

As we have severally mentioned above, the Maxxis spare tire is a temporary tire. According to the company, this tire should only be driven for up to 50 miles. And that should provide you with adequate mileage to get your vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop.

How Fast Can You Drive on the Maxxis Spare Tire?

The Maxxis spare tire is not a full-size tire. And it's smaller than a conventional tire. Due to its small size, it will be highly advisable to maintain a maximum speed of 50 mph. Driving faster than 50 mph on this tire could lead to differential damage or tire failure.

Is it Safe to Use the Maxxis Spare Tire?

The Maxxis spare tire is a safe tire to use. It has been designed and built to take you safely to the nearest auto repair shop, in case you experience a flat tire when you are on the road. However, you will have to stick to the recommended safety protocols.

Does the Maxxis Spare Tire Affect Handling?

As long as you don’t exceed speeds of 50 mph and you maintain air pressure of 60 psi, you will not experience major handling issues with this tire. But you shouldn’t expect it to match the handling, steering responsiveness or braking performance of a full-size spare, since it’s considerably smaller.

What is the Correct Air Pressure for the Maxxis Spare Tire?

According to Maxxis, you should always maintain a cold tire inflation pressure of 60 psi, whenever you are using this tire. Due to its smaller size, the Maxxis spare tire has a smaller contact surface, compared to a full-size spare. Maintaining higher inflation pressure will increase the tire’s contact surface.  

Does the Maxxis Spare Tire Have a Warranty?

Yes. The Maxxis spare tire is backed by a materials and workmanship warranty. So, if it’s removed from service due to damage caused by workmanship or materials defects, then Maxxis will replace it with a comparable new one. However, Maxxis will only replace it during its first 50% of treadwear.

Can the Maxxis Spare Tire Fit all Vehicles?

It will be highly advisable to replace your Maxxis spare tire after 10 years. The materials used to make the tire deteriorate over time. As much as it may appear fine, its structural integrity after 10 years may be compromised. And this renders it unsafe for use after that duration.

Can the Maxxis Spare Tire Be Repaired?

No. It’s not advisable to repair the Maxxis spare tire. These tires are designed for temporary or emergency use only. The rubber used is inferior and the tread is not as deep as that found on conventional tires. While you may manage to patch the hole, its structural integrity will be compromised.

Can You Use the Maxxis Spare Tire with Any Vehicle?

No. The Maxxis spare tire is only available in 10 sizes. Therefore, you cannot use it safely on any type of vehicle. So, before buying this tire, you should first ensure it’s compatible with your vehicle. Mounting it on an incompatible vehicle may lead to handling, performance, and safety issues.

Our Take

While the Maxxis compact spare tire may not attain the performance levels of a full-size spare tire, it will safely take you to the nearest tire shop, in case you develop a puncture or a flat tire. Furthermore, it’s lightweight and compact, meaning it will not consume too much space in your trunk or add unnecessary weight to your vehicle. So, if you are shopping for a replacement spare tire for your vehicle, then the Maxxis spare tire will be a solid choice.

Maxxis Spare Tire Review

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