Key Takeaways

  • LX usually refers to the base trim level of a vehicle’s model.
  • LX is usually the least expensive version of a vehicle.
  • Trim levels refer to the niceties added onto a vehicle like leather seats.
  • Many manufacturer’s use the LX in their trim level naming.
  • Most Asian manufacturers use LX in their trim level naming system.

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Cars come with different editions. Each edition is named differently such as LX or EX. But what does LX stand for on a car?

LX refers to the trim package of a vehicle. The LX trim package usually stands for the “luxury trim package.” LX trim is an entry level trim package that costs the least out of all trim packages. Trim packages refer to the niceties inside a car like leather seats.

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What Does LX Mean On A Car

In the context of cars, the LX stands for the “luxury” trim level of the model. For every car, there are different trim editions for the model. According to Car And Driver, each car has between one and six different trim packages.

For example, the Honda Civic has six different trim packages. The six different trim packages for a 2022 Honda Accord are the EX, LX, Sport, Sport Touring, and Touring. A chart below shows some differences in price per trim package.

Trim Package Price
EX $25,000
EX-L $27,000
LX $22,000
SPORT $23,000
TOURING $29,150

So as you can see according to the chart, the LX or “luxury edition” for Honda is the cheapest option there is. This can be misleading since the word luxury is synonymous with the highest cost. But as far as trim packages go, luxury in this case means the entry level base model of a car.

While all manufacturers offer at least one trim model, most car manufacturers offer at least six different trim packages per car model.

The base trim package of a car model is usually the entry level model with the least amount of interior and exterior features and add ons.

Each trim level that follows the base model has more features and add ons. The highest trim model offers amenities such as heated seats and the best infotainment system the manufacturer offers.

The top level trim of a vehicle is often referred to as “fully loaded”. Different trim levels have changes to both the interior and exterior of the vehicle along with changes to the engine.

Many lower level trim levels use cloth interior while upper trim levels use leather.

All car companies use a different system for naming their trim packages. For example, Honda uses EX, LX, and Sport Touring. While Nissan uses S, SV, SL, SR, and Platinum.

Trim Level Examples

Now that we know what trim levels are and how a “Grand Touring” level trim might be more expensive than a “Luxury Touring” level trim, let's look at some examples. The most popular car sold in 2022 was the Toyota Camry so we’ll use that as an example.

The Toyota Camry has 8 different trim levels. The base model trim level of a Toyota Camry is called the “LE”.

The LE is Toyota’s cheapest option totalling at around $25,000. The LE base option comes with front air conditioning only, a backup camera, fabric trimmed seats, and a 4.2  inch information display.

If you up your price range from $25,000 to $30,000, you can purchase the XLE trim package.

With the XLE package, you can get a 7 inch information touch screen display, heated front seats, smartphone charging, front and back air conditioning, and a better back up camera.

And finally, if you up your price range to $35,000, you can purchase the XLE V6 trim package.

This trim package not only upgrades the interior but also gives you 2 extra cylinders in your engine. The XLEV6 is the top trim level for a Toyota Camry.

With the Toyota Camry XLEV6 trim package, you get a 10 inch infotainment display, a V6 engine instead of the standard V4, and soft material on your upper door.

LE $25,000 4.2 inch infotainment system
Fabric Seats
Front A/C Only
XLE $30,000 7 inch infotainment system.
Heated Leather Seats.
Front and Rear A/C
Smartphone Charging
XLE V6 $35,000 A V6 Engine
A 10 inch infotainment display
Leather seats.

As you can see, the differences between price and trim levels correlate. The higher the trim level, the more you’re going to pay. And trim levels don’t just refer to interior items like infotainment displays and leather seats.

Trim levels can also refer to engine upgrades like offering a V6 option instead of a V4 option.

Trim levels are just a collection of interior and exterior additions and amenities that manufacturers use to jack up the price of the car.

For example, the cost difference between a 4 inch and 10 inch infotainment display on a Toyota Camry is $10,000 dollars.

What Cars Support LX Trim?

There are many different makes and models of cars that support the LX trim package. For example, the Honda Civic LX trim package and the Honda Accord LX trim package.

The LX trim level is the base model trim level for both the Honda Civic and Honda Accord.

Kia also sports a LX trim level naming system. For example, the Kia Sportage LX is a trim level for the Kia Sportage model. The Kia Soul also has a LX trim level as well. The LX package and a Kia Soul includes a lot of safety items that are usually only found in higher trim levels.

The Kia Soul’s highest trim level, the EX, supports more engine power.

But the Kia Soul LX has more safety items and is considered a special edition.

A car manufacturer chooses how it designates its trim level. For example, some car makers will use a “luxury sport” designation to show the car has a turbo or a CVT engine.

LX trims often come with many different safety packages as well. Not only do they come with safety packages, LX trims can come with all wheel drive. Trim designations can be confusing but as a rule of thumb, when you’re buying a new car, always remember LX is usually the entry level trim.

And most Asian car manufacturers use the same letters such as LX and EX to designate their trim packages. But other manufactures use letters like GLE which stand for Grade Level Extra GT.

When you buy a new car your salesman will know all of the differences between trim so be sure to ask them. But if you see LX on the side of a car and wonder what that means, it means it’s the base trim level of a vehicle’s model.

What Does LX Stand For On A Car?

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