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Laufenn started selling in the United States in 2014, so it's been around for some time now. It offers quality tires at an affordable price.

Tires are one of the most expensive parts of your car, and buying the wrong kind will hurt your wallet and hinder your vehicle's road behavior and performance. Laufenn recognizes this and offers reliable tires that won't cause you to break the bank.

Some of the most popular Laufenn tires include the Laufenn G FIT AS, Laufenn X FIT HT, Laufenn I FIT Ice, Laufenn S FIT AS, and the Laufenn X FIT AT. All these models boast utmost reliability and are backed up by a comprehensive warranty from Laufenn.

Originally, Laufenn's distribution was limited to the United States, but as the brand grew in popularity, it expanded to the rest of the world. Laufenn tires are known for providing dependable construction efficiency and durability at a low cost.

If you are wondering whether Laufenn tires are worth the money, we can help you. Over the years, we have tested the tires offered by the company. We have compiled the results of our analysis to help you decide whether you should invest in Laufenn tires.

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Overall Assessment of Laufenn Tires

Laufenn tires are designed for customers who want a more economical set of tires that deliver performance and flair. Despite their simple designs, Laufenn tires have a high level of dependability. They're incredibly plain in every way, which isn't always a negative thing. All its features are rather well-balanced, resulting in outstanding value for money.

One of the bestselling aspects of Laufenn tires is that it is a company that prioritizes not just performance but also cost-effectiveness; thus, you can expect the great majority of Laufenn tires to be featured at low prices that will appeal to budget-conscious customers. Below, we've provided an overall assessment of Laufenn tires that will help you determine whether they are a good option for you.


Laufenn tires are made to a good standard as a division of one of the world's leading tire manufacturers. They're built to provide a smooth and enjoyable driving experience for both aggressive and non-spirited riders. Laufenn tires are made with the most up-to-date tire technology to offer optimal dependability.


Laufenn offers low-cost tires to meet the needs of drivers who are on a strict budget and cannot purchase premium tires. The perception of low-cost Asian tires is that they miss the quality and functionality that are common in western models.

This simply isn't the case with Laufenn. The company makes tires that have design characteristics in common with more expensive versions from competitors. Although the overall quality will clearly not be comparable to premium tires, the designs are excellent and allow mobility on any terrain.

The majority of Laufenn tires start at around $50 and then go up to $100. These tires are approximately half the price of rival tires in the same category from more well-known brands, making them ideal for drivers who don't want to spend loads of money on tires.


To survive impact damage from debris, the Laufenn produces tires with an interior coating of rubber. Tire sidewall tensile properties are improved to protect the tire from further harm while driving on difficult terrains like gravel.

Laufenn is serious about driving safety and includes thoughtful design components like a 2-step Edged shoulder barrier. These improve the tire's endurance by allowing it to easily withstand damage and cuts caused by diverse terrain. The great endurance that the X FIT HT offers is commendable, and we suggest this tire as a robust design for truck drivers on a bargain.

Fuel Efficiency

The Laufenn G FIT AS is a good example of a fuel-efficient tire that is aimed at minimizing rolling resistance to the absolute minimum. Other regular tires in the brand's lineup offer decent mileage.

Range of Vehicles

Laufenn tires are available for a wide range of cars, including sedans, coupes, small SUVs, and crossovers. S FIT ultra-high-performance tires, X FIT truck tires, I FIT winter tires, and standard performance tires are all available from the company, all of which indicate Laufenn's vast lineup.  


Laufenn aims to improve the handling and grip available to drivers through its tire design at an attractive cost. Although enhanced handling isn't seen to be a feasible option in the price bracket, Laufenn produces tires with exceptional characteristics that deliver results.

The asymmetric tread pattern, along with four wide grooves, improves control and stability for drivers on straight highways. The use of sipes by Laufenn effectively ejects moisture away from the tire's footprint, providing the driver with grip on even slick pavement.

Winter driving conditions are particularly difficult since vehicles lose traction and slide. Biting edges that have become industry standard are designed into Laufenn tires. On snow and ice, the corners, together with snow slits and a larger contact patch size, considerably improve grip and braking ability.


When buying a tire, it's important to think about if the manufacturer offers a warranty. If a tire is backed by a mileage warranty, you can put your worries about the tire's durability to rest.

Laufenn generally offers a 45,000-mile warranty, as well as a 5-year materials and craftsmanship warranty. The guarantee reflects the manufacturer's trust in the final product and the use of high-quality materials and robust design.

Best Laufenn Tires

Laufenn G FIT AS

The Laufenn G FIT AS is a subsidiary of Hankook Tires that was just released in early 2015. This fundamental all-season tire is designed for a wide range of coupes, sedans, minivans, and compact SUVs that require solid wet and dry grip as well as sufficient ride comfort at a low cost.

The G FIT AS has been designed with a special emphasis on convenience and fuel efficiency. Despite being part of an entry-level selection, Laufenn has succeeded in offering the most up-to-date tire technology and features that contribute positively to this tire.

The G FIT AS is more focused on comfort rather than fast driving. Its tread pattern includes tie bars that aid in stiffening the shoulder rubber and uses an all-season tread composition and asymmetrical tread pattern. This helps to reduce uneven or inconsistent wear while also improving cornering traction and stability, which this tire excels at.

On wet roads, four huge circumferential grooves easily eliminate water from under the tire, increasing traction. Furthermore, the Laufenn G FIT features a tread kerf pattern that aids in water drainage while also boosting handling in dry circumstances. Finally, the triangular middle block provides an increased braking response.

The G FIT AS's riding and noise tolerance were prioritized throughout construction, and noise-reducing rib plates and beveled edge groove edges ensure a smooth, quiet ride. T, H, or V-speed ratings are available in different sizes varying from 13 to 17 inches.

The G FIT AS is covered by a 5-year or 60,000-mile tread life guarantee from Laufenn. Tire homogeneity is also guaranteed for one year or the first 2/32 inch of depreciation. A 5-year warranty covers the components and workmanship, and the first year or 2/32 inch of wear is covered by a free tire replacement.

Laufenn X FIT HT

The Laufenn X FIT HT tire is designed to deliver excellent all-season grip and control for pickups, SUVs, and buses at a cheaper cost. As a member of the Laufenn line, the X FIT HT incorporates much of the tire innovation seen in higher-priced tires.

The all-season tread composition of the tire has an outer cover of rubber beneath the tread surface to help reduce impact damage from pebbles and other objects. Furthermore, Laufenn has incorporated high-tensile rubber to the sidewalls to provide extra protection when riding on gravel or other kinds of mild terrain.

On drier road surfaces, you may expect reliable grip and handling, as with most all-season tires. It handles nicely, and the central tread block's high rigidity aids in faster steering reaction and increased stability when turning at greater speeds. The tire's border design improves its overall grip and feel on the road.

Wider circumferential grooves, several lateral grooves, and thousands of zigzag sipes surrounding the tread improve wet gripping on the X FIT HT. They strive to give you the kind of traction you desire on a slippery surface. The similar zigzag sipes help with traction in the snow, mud, and ice.

The tread is designed to limit undesired road noise, and it does an excellent job of it when combined with sealed shoulder blocks. A pair of high-strength steel belts are located inside the tire, providing additional stability at faster speeds as well as improved durability for extended usage. The use of a jointless bead wire improves tire uniformity.

In ordinary driving, the Laufenn X FIT HT might surprise you with how effectively it works. You might be inclined to think it's simply another cheap tire because of its low cost, but that's not the truth. Unless there's a lot of snow and ice, this tire performs admirably in town and on the freeway.

The Laufenn X FIT HT copes well with the demands of light trucks and modern SUVs. If you own an SUV and mostly do highway or city driving, then it might be worth investing your money in this tire. While the X FIT HT is made for highway and city use, it can also handle mild off-road terrains.

The ride comfort is excellent, while dry and wet traction is admirable on these tires. Moreover, the multi-snow kerf design of the tire improves handling and braking on dry, wet, and icy roads. The X FIT HT also boasts a two-step edged shoulder block design to prevent stones, debris, and other foreign elements from getting stuck within the treads. This unique design protects the tires from external damage and cuts if you decide to drive on unpaved roads.

The all-season compound offers better braking performance and longer mileage while high tensile strength sidewall helps minimize impact damage. The tire has a T speed rating while its UTQG rating is 620 A B.

The X FIT HT is covered by a 5-year or 60,000-mile tread life guarantee from Laufenn. Tire homogeneity is also guaranteed for one year or the first 2/32 inch of deterioration. The components and craftsmanship are covered by a 5-year warranty, and the first year or 2/32 inch of wear is covered by a free tire replacement.

Laufenn I FIT Ice

The Laufenn I FIT Ice snow tire is intended to not only handle challenging winter road situations but also save you cash over more expensive winter tires. When compared to other premium products, the Laufenn I FIT ICE costs half or two-thirds as much. It features the newest in winter tire technology for reliable operation on ice and snow-filled roads and is aimed at drivers of all sorts of convertibles, sedans, vans, and crossovers.

Laufenn employs a specific high-grip silica winter rubber tread composition that is designed for use in cooler climates and provides improved traction on cold, dry, or wet pavement. 3-D wave sipes and a snow kerf structure around the tire improve grip and brake effectiveness on snow, mud, ice, and wet roads.

The I FIT ICE is made using a high-grip winter treat silica compound that can cope with freezing temperatures without affecting traction on dry surfaces. Built with single strand bead wire, equilibrium carcass line, high-hardness bead filler, and wide steel belts, this tire provides excellent traction on wet roads and good sidewall stiffness for longevity.

The I FIT Ice also incorporates microscopic absorbing pores in the tread blocks, which soak up and slush for added grip in winter situations. This is a significant benefit of this tire. If you reside in a region with exceptionally harsh winter conditions, this tire is also fixed for mounting studs.

While sophisticated stud pin design is not common on winter tires, Laufenn has used it on this tire. The studs are organized into 16 separate lines, with several stud lines on the central tread blocks. On slippery roads, this dramatically improves cornering traction and stability.

Two large steel belts, a jointless full covering, and a higher strength bead filler are all used inside the tire to ensure extended tread life and improved handling at greater speeds. The Laufenn I FIT Ice comes in a multitude of sizes ranging from 14 to 18 inches, with all sizes having a T-speed classification. There's also a fixed tread warranty.

Laufenn S FIT AS

The Laufenn S FIT AS ultra-high-speed all-season tire was introduced in 2015 and is marketed as an ultra-high performance tire that lasts longer. It is a member of the company's entry-level tire range, which has grown incredibly popular among budget-conscious drivers. It's designed for fast sports cars and sedans.

These tires significantly reduce road noise while improving ride comfort. The S FIT AS boasts an asymmetric tread design, and an all-season compound is included to offer excellent grip even on slippery and wet roads. The tire thus performs quite well in dry and wet weather, provided you don't push extra hard.

Attacking fast and attempting to go around corners at fast speed will break the limits of the tire's grip, but it is unfair to assess the S FIT AS in these types of situations because the tire is not intended for racing on tracks. To optimize the contact patch, multi-tread radius technology is incorporated that uses four wide straight grooves with streamlined notches. This technology promotes even tread wear while preventing hydroplaning on wet surfaces.

The Laufenn S FIT AS blends a high-performance tire composition with an asymmetrical tread design to provide more reactive handling, improved traction, and extended tread life. When traveling on wet roads, the tread design of four straight and broad circular grooves assist in drainage channels. In addition to 3D sipes all around the tread, Laufenn uses 3D hydroplaning simulation techniques to enhance grip and braking effectiveness on rainy or snow-covered roads.

The semi-rib structure of the outer shoulder adds to the tire's security and stability, steering, driving, and performance by increasing block stiffness. The rib block sections along the tire's edges help to reduce undesired vibration and noise, resulting in a smoother ride.

Two large steel belts with a jointless complete nylon cover provide extra strength and high-speed handling capabilities to the tire's internal construction. Tie bars are included in the tread, which helps to reinforce the shoulder tread. The tie bars link the shoulder blocks together for advanced steering and gripping, as well as preventing uneven wear over time. The Laufenn S FIT AS is available in a variety of 17–18-inch widths and offers a 45,000-mile tread guarantee.

The S FIT AS fulfills a gap in the market for entry-level ultra-high performance tires. It's a good-looking, low-cost substitute to more costly big-name versions. You'll find that this tire performs admirably in a variety of situations. On dry or wet roads, traction and handling are excellent.  One of the model's most serious flaws is its winter performance, which is to be expected. It performs admirably in light ice and snow, but its performance deteriorates in heavier snow, tough terrain, and ice.

Laufenn X FIT AT

Several new models were released in 2015, including the Laufenn X FIT AT. The Laufenn brand, which is a division of Hankook Tire, is meant for drivers searching for dependable everyday reliability at a fraction of the expense of larger name brand tires, which is exactly where the X FIT AT fulfills a need.

When going off-road, a harder all-season tread composition has a solid sidewall tread block that helps prevent puncture and other types of damage to the tire. To save the wheels from elements that could damage them, Laufenn included staggered groove lugs and rim protection.

Full-depth sipes surrounding the tread improve traction on slick pavement and provide better grip on ice and snow. The deeper tread grooves on the tire are designed to eliminate mud, water, small rocks, as well as other debris, giving you more grip when you are in need.

When traveling at highway speeds, a split center rib gives the Laufenn AT some extra stability and on-center sensation. In addition, it improves braking strength in all weather patterns. Laufenn offers a variety of 15–18 inch sizes in both P-metric and LT formats. On non-LT or flotation sizes, a 45,000-mile tread guarantee has been included.

The Laufenn X FIT AT is a great option for drivers wishing to save cash on all-terrain tires. While the efficiency isn't as good as tires as the Michelin LTX A/T or the Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure, to mention a few, it'll suffice for weekend travels to your preferred camping or fishing spot.

You might experience some road noise with the X FIT AT on the highway while ride comfort will be modest despite the tire's aggressive tread partners. However, it has great traction on both dry and wet terrain, and it also has good braking.

We'd prefer to hear a little less noise on the highway, but this is an AT tire, and the price is reasonable, so there isn't much to complain about. Tread life appears to be currently enough, and the 45,000-mile guarantee is impressive for such a low-cost tire. Overall, if cost is a major consideration for you and you simply want a tire for modest off-road use, the Laufenn X FIT AT is worth considering.

Laufenn Tires Review - Brand Guide

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