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Finding good, inexpensive car parts on the Internet isn’t always easy, so car buyers often wonder if is legit or not.

Even with a well-known name like, car part buyers can still be skeptical that they’ll get the right part, on time, and have the part work properly - and how about customer service over the Internet?

Is legit? Yes, it is. While you’ll be able to find some negative reviews for, you’ll also be able to find some good ones and a company that attempts to reach out to customers who have a problem.

How do we know is legit? We looked at a few websites to see how is rated, and checked whether or not they have good customer service information. We also learned a bit about the products they sell.

We have ordered car parts online and have spent some time in the garage. We also know how to tell if an online company is legit or not - and whether or not they will treat you well. You can consider Better Business Bureau, SiteJabber, and ResellerRatings good places to source customer service info from.

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What is sells a huge variety of auto parts. They have 6 warehouses across the country and they sell over 1 million individual parts. offers a “Guaranteed Fit” program based on their vehicle selector, fast shipping in as little as 2 business days, and a 90-day return policy.

Is legit?

We are first going to say that we measure “legit” in a particular way.

  • Are you going to get the product you requested?
  • Does the site have a safe way to take payments?
  • Does the company offer customer service and refunds?
  • Can you contact the company?
  • Are negative customer reviews handled positively?

The answer for all of the above is yes.

How do we know is legit?

When thinking about whether or not is legit, we looked at a few sites that provider user written reviews about the business.

Better Business Bureau has an A+ rating on the well known Better Business Bureau website. While CarParts has many written complaints, 225 complaints for a website as big as is not that many.

More important, actively responds to every customer complaint in detail. clearly cares about their customers and their issues and responds appropriately with many complaints marked as resolved.

Sometimes companies can’t quite meet customer expectations every single time, but at least they are proactive about fixing.


Again, CarParts has complaints on SiteJabber. Using a little context here, keep in mind that “SiteJabber” is clearly an attempt to gather complaints. CarParts does carry a not terrible 3.3 stars out of 5, and the SiteJabber site says they respond to reviews and complaints within 7 hours - which is pretty quick.

Reseller Ratings

Reseller Ratings has a lot of reviews for Like over 150,000. Their overall rating is pretty good at 4 stars. Many of the ratings speak highly of shipping speed and customer service. ResellerRating is a strong indicator that you’ll get what you expected from most of the time.

How does earn their reputation?

Easy Returns offers both a lifetime replacement guarantee and a quick and easy system online to return parts that you don’t need.

The lifetime replacement guarantee is a nice feature that might help promote reputation. and their customers expert a part to last the lifetime of the vehicle (with the exception of parts that are meant to wear out like brakes, of course) so if a part has a problem, customers can order a new part, remove the old part, and send it back. The only exception discusses is that the guarantee is not transferable. In other words, if you sell your car, that part is no longer under the guarantee for the new owner.

Customers do have 90 days to return an item for any reason, too.

Customer Service offers phone, email, and live chat customer service. This is a good combination. Often sites that do not offer real, or good customer service offer a single email or don’t make customer server info prominent. puts the information right out there to see so you can make contact if needed.

What problems do customers report?

The most common problem recently reported by are shipping delays. Customers often order car parts when they have actual issues with their cars - and in many places cars are an essential part of every day life.

Some described having their vehicle disassembled in the driveway or garage, but were waiting multiple days for the arrival of a shipment. Keeping in mind that is only partially responsible for shipments as they don’t deliver their own parts, this might be a problem of local carriers - and potentially buyer impatience. While does have multiple warehouses across the country, they can’t quite guarantee 100% on time shipping.

Recent auto parts shortages haven’t helped. Supply chain issues can strain any company and make their inventory harder to get - especially with a company with as many parts as The site doesn’t offer any particular communication about issues, but we hope they offer direct communication via email or text when problems come up.

How does fix customer service issues?

While many of the complaints involve shipping issues, customers seem to sometimes just cancel their order when it’s delayed and buy a part locally. In this situation, the most common resolution from is to give a refund. Many of the responses to customer service issues provided by show the amount refunded, and show that the problem was resolved. We could consider this is a good resolution as at least the customer got their money back when their expectations could not be met.

Is Legit?

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