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Ironman is renowned for its budget-friendly tires. But are its tires any good? Are its tires worth the money? Our Ironman tires review has the answers.

Ironman tires are a great choice for drivers looking for affordable, high-quality and reliable tires. They deliver great traction, superb handling and responsiveness, as well as a decent ride. Also, Ironman tires deliver a long tread life. With Ironman tires, you will get value for your money.

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When buying a set of replacement tires for your vehicle, you have two main options to consider- premium or basic tires. First, you can go for a set of premium tires. This category has brands like Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Yokohama, Continental and Pirelli.

With a set of premium tires, you will be able to extract the best performance possible from your vehicle. But, as much as these tires may deliver the best performance possible, they don’t come cheap. Therefore, you must be prepared to dig deeper into your pockets. But the cost is justified by the benefits that come with a premium offer.

Second, you have the option of going for a basic tire. A basic tire is ideal for those who simply need a no-frills that will get them from point A to B. And as you may expect, tires from such brands may be much cheaper, compared to those sold by premium tires. And, Ironman tires fall in this category.

However, tires from the latter category have a reputation for being unreliable. And, this has also been my experience. So, is this the case with Ironman tires? Are Ironman tires reliable? Are they any good? This Ironman tires review will answer these questions.

About Ironman Tires

Ironman Tires is a subsidiary of Hercules Tire and Rubber Company, which is owned by American Tire Distributors. Hercules Tire and Rubber Company is currently domiciled in Findlay, Ohio.

Ironman has been manufacturing tires since 1952. As you may expect, its tires may not have the technological advancements and innovations as those from premium brands like Goodyear or Michelin.

But it has developed a reputation for developing highly reliable tires on a budget. And, this makes Ironman one of the go-to brands for drives looking for a dependable but affordable tire. Consequently, the company has one main competitive advantage when compared to the peers- it is able to offer affordable products.

Simply put, the main attraction of this brand is the price point. When you compare Ironman tires with brands like Goodyear, Bridgestone or Michelin, you will notice that its tires will come with a much lower price tag. But, you shouldn’t expect Ironman tires to last as long or outperform those from premium brands.

Most Popular Ironman Tires

Ironman manufactures a wide range of tires and this has been a major commitment by the company. It produces performance touring tires, all-terrain tires, winter tires and all-season tires. Also, it produces tires for SUVs, crossovers, light trucks, and commercial vehicles, among others, making it a versatile product. Here are some of the most popular tires from this brand.

Ironman iMove Gen2 AS

The Ironman iMove Gen2 AS is an ultra-high-performance (UHP) all-season tire. According to Ironman, this tire is built to deliver outstanding levels of grip and sharp handling. It’s also engineered to provide top-notch steering responsiveness as well as a quiet and comfortable ride. With this tire, you will definitely have a smooth ride.

Features and Benefits

The iMove Gen2 AS features an advanced wear-resistant tread compound. This tread compound has been specifically formulated to deliver all-season dependability, combined with uniform tread wear as well as longer tread life.

This all-season UHP tire also sports longitudinal and lateral grooves. These grooves enable the tire to disperse water effectively, thus reducing issues of hydroplaning. And, this allows it to deliver outstanding responsiveness and dependable grip in wet conditions.

The iMove Gen2 AS also features an optimized siping placement and tread-block geometry. This tread pattern is designed to improve the tire’s traction while reducing road noise. It also sports an asymmetric tread pattern, intended to boost the tire’s handling and traction in dry and wet conditions.


According to the reviews that we’ve come across, the iMove Gen2 AS performs well in almost all areas. Its grip on dry and wet surfaces is superb, its handling and steering response are impressive, and the ride is quiet and comfortable. Despite the market perception that cheap products are not any good, this product proves this assumption wrong. Overall, it’s a great choice for drivers who are looking for economically-priced but dependable all-season tires.

Ironman RB SUV

The RB SUV is an all-season tire specifically built for light trucks and SUVs. According to the manufacturer, this tire has been engineered to deliver reliable all-season performance and last longer than others within its price range. It is therefore an ideal tire product when one wants to ride through all seasons.

Features and Benefits

The iMove Gen2 AS comes with a symmetric tread pattern, designed to deliver year-round grip. Its tread pattern also sports a series of siping around the tire’s edges. These sipes are intended to improve its handling in rainy conditions. Also, this siping detail is designed to improve its traction in wet, dry and light snowy conditions.

This tire also sports wide circumferential grooves. These longitudinal grooves are intended to work together with the lateral grooves to ensure efficient and effective water evacuation. Also, the lateral grooves in this tire have a secondary role in improving its braking performance.

The iMove Gen2 AS also features a solid center rib. This feature is designed to promote straight-line tracking and stability. It also comes with an optimized tread pattern, designed to reduce road noise and vibrations for a quieter and comfier ride.

Ironman produces the iMove Gen2 AS in numerous sizes ranging between 15 inches and 20 inches. If you drive a truck, an SUV, or a crossover, there’s a high chance that the iMove Gen2 AS will fit your vehicle.


With its stellar year-round performance, wear-resistant tread compound, superb handling, and comfortable ride, the iMove Gen2 AS ticks almost all the right boxes. Overall, it looks like the perfect choice for SUV, CUV and light truck drivers looking for a budget-friendly all-season touring tire.

Ironman All Country A/T

As its name suggests, the Ironman All Country A/T is an all-season, all-terrain tire. According to the manufacturer, this tire is built to conquer a wide range of challenging terrain and conditions. So, if you frequently drive through rough and rugged roads, then this tire may be what you need. It is a tire which shows a high level of resilience.

Features and Benefits

The All Country A/T comes with a wear-resistant tread compound, designed to enhance the tire’s tread life. Also, this wear-resistant tread compound is intended to promote improved wet traction.

This tire also comes with large tread blocks, featuring deep grooves. The large tread blocks and the deep grooves play an important role in enhancing its off-road traction and grip.

Also, the tread blocks have a high void ratio. This high void ratio helps to prevent rocks or stones from getting stuck within the tire’s tread, thus preventing the risk of stone drilling. Also, it helps with mud evacuation, further improving the tire’s traction in off-road terrains.

The All Country A/T also comes with circumferential grooves and lateral sipes. These tread elements help to prevent water from building up inside its tread area, thus minimizing the risk of aquaplaning. As a result, the All Country A/T is able to maintain contact with the road surface all through, which translates to enhanced traction and grip in rainy conditions.


Going by the posted reviews that we’ve read, the All Country A/T performs well on dry and wet surfaces. It also offers a comfortable, on-road ride. The only issue we’ve read about this tire is sub-par performance in wintry conditions. And this is expected since it’s not specifically built for severe wintry conditions. Overall, if you need an all-terrain tire that can perform well across multiple fronts, then you should check out the All Country A/T.

Ironman GR 906

The GR 906 is a budget all-season touring tire. According to Ironman, the GR 906 tire has been built for drivers looking for a tire that can deliver stellar year-round performances without costing a fortune.

Features and Benefits

The GR 906 comes with an all-season tread compound. This tread compound is intended to help the GR 906 perform well in dry and wet conditions. According to the manufacturer, the all-season tread compound is also designed to lower the rolling resistance to reduce fuel consumption.

Ironman has also outfitted this tire with an advanced tread pattern. This advanced tread pattern is designed to enable the tire to deliver better traction, steering responsiveness and handling in wet conditions.

Similar to other Ironman all-season touring tires, the GR 906 also comes with an optimized tread design. This tread design helps to reduce road noise for a comfortable and quiet ride.

The GR 906 comes with hundreds of sipes spread across its entire tread. This high-density siping provides extra biting edges for improved traction and grip in light snowy and rainy conditions.


While the GR 906 may be a budget all-season touring tire, its performance levels are almost at par with the majority of its pricier counterparts – going by the reviews posted by current and previous buyers.

Ironman Tires Cost

Ironman tires are a great option for tire shoppers looking for no-frills, budget-friendly tires. According to the extensive research that we’ve conducted, the average tire from this brand costs around $50 to $160 across various outlets.

So, if you were to equip your vehicle with a set of four Ironman tires, you are going to spend between $200 and $640. And according to Tirebuyer, a new set of inexpensive tires will cost you around $50 to $150. With this information, we can conclude that Ironman tires are within an affordable range for most drivers.

I purchased my tires last year, and I sourced them from my favorite market, Amazon. In my case, I wanted a product that would not get a puncture, and the groove design in the ironman all country tires was a big plus for me.

Ironman Tires Warranties and Guarantees

Unlike some of the other budget tire brands out there, Ironman tires don’t come with tread life warranties. However, this brand offers a workmanship and materials warranty as well as a road hazard protection policy.

Workmanship and Materials Warranty

All Ironman tires come with a five-year materials and workmanship warranty. Under this policy, if your set of normally-operated Ironman tires become unserviceable as a result of defects in materials and workmanship, Hercules Tire will replace them for you free of charge during their first 2/32-inch of their original usable tread. However, the tires’ mounting, balancing, applicable taxes and other charges will be your responsibility.

After the first 2/32-inch of the original usable tread, Ironman will replace the tires using a pro-rated basis. Under this arrangement, Hercules Tire will not replace the tires free of charge. Instead, it will cover a particular portion of the replacement costs, depending on the percentage of the original usable tread remaining on the tire at the time they are removed from service.

Again, you will be responsible for the tires’ mounting, balancing, applicable taxes and other related service charges. Coverage under this warranty runs for 60 months or until the tires are completely worn, whichever comes first.

Road Hazard Protection Policy

Almost all Ironman tires are covered by this policy. Under this protection policy, if an eligible Ironman tire is damaged by a covered road hazard, Hercules Tire will replace the tire free of charge. The coverage is offered during the tire’s first 2/32-inch of usable tread depth or within the first 12 months from its purchase date, whichever comes first.

If the tire is damaged after the free replacement window, Hercules will replace it using a pro-rated basis. Your set of Ironman tires will be eligible for a replacement under this warranty for up to 24 months or up to the first 50% of their original usable tread, whichever comes first.

Why Purchase Ironman Tires

Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider buying your set of tires from this brand.

Super-affordable Tires

Whether you decide to buy Ironman all-season tires, all-terrain tires, mud-terrain tires or any other type of tire from this brand, you will notice that its tires are among the cheapest on the market. So, if you are looking to save money on tires, then Ironman sounds like the ideal choice for you.

Top-notch Performances

As much as Ironman tires are super affordable, they don’t disappoint when it comes to performance. The tires from this brand deliver outstanding dry and wet performances, superb handling and stability, decent responsiveness as well as comfortable rides. With Ironman tires, you will get a set of tires that will deliver a decent performance without spending a fortune.

Stylish Tires

Usually, budget tires look plain and cheap, and many will assume that they will not offer high quality. But, this is not the case with Ironman tires. As much as their tires are cheap, the company has done a great job of enhancing their aesthetics. They are among the most stylish tires that you can find within this budget range. In other words, the low cost of the tires does not compromise the benefits they offer.

Ironman Tires Review: Are They Any Good?

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