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The dealership says that Avon Tires are the best brand for your Land Rover, but you aren’t sure. Just how good are Avon tires?

There are many makes and kinds of tires to choose from, but now that your luxury vehicle needs them, you are hesitant about the best option. Do you buy the cheapest tire and save money, or spend a bit more for a tire made by a company you've never heard of because the guy behind the counter says it's the best. You know that tires can make a massive difference in handling, and safety, so this decision is critical for the performance of your car, not to mention the welfare of your family.

Luxury vehicle owners consider Avon as a premium quality tire that offers good mileage protection and durability for the money. Most Avon tires have scored very high marks in tests by the NHTSA, which rates tires for treadwear, traction, and temperature tolerances.

Avon isn’t as widely known as Michelin or Goodyear, perhaps, but the company has been making superior tires since 1885 in the UK. They are known for making superior products for many automobile and SUV makers and tires for motorcycles and motorsports racing. While you may spend a bit more on these imported tires, there is a reason why so many automobile and motorcycle manufacturers place Avon tires on the models they produce.

After several years in the automobile service industry, I found that most American luxury owners don’t think about the importance of their tires. Many are not willing to do the research they should. Yet, when you consider the expense of a new set of tires and that lots of service technicians will push any old tire they can on an unsuspecting consumer, (many manufacturers offer bonus incentives (mechanics like getting extra money just like any of us). Instead of trusting a mechanic’s suggestion on the kind of tire you need, perhaps it might be good to familiarize ourselves once again with the tire that comes over the pond.

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What Makes Avon Tires Different?

Quality of Product

Avon has a long reputation for building quality tires. While not cheap, the reinforced sidewall tires are built to increase roadworthiness and prevent puncture. The research that Avon commits to allows the company to produce many tires for different needs and weather conditions; summer, winter, and general touring tires. They have been heavily involved in motorsports and motorcycle tire production.

In their most recent testing of commercial tires, the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) rated most Avon tires with very superior results. The tires have consistently better treadwear than their counterparts and better than adequate traction (which measures a tire’s ability to stop on wet pavement). Almost every tire scored an “A”  on the rating scale.

Limited Warranty

Most tire companies offer warranties on their products, but it is almost impossible to redeem them for a defective tire. These companies often require the client to ship the tire to a facility to be inspected and pray that the manufacturer cares enough to respond. Avon warranties cut through the red tape by working with their retailers to provide a limited road hazard warranty covering punctures. While every warranty has limitations and conditions for different tire models,  Avon is one of the few manufacturers to offer a warranty on motorcycle tires.

Customer Service

Luxury vehicle owners and motorbike enthusiasts consistently praise Avon tires. Customer reviews are reasonable indications of a product’s overall quality and can be very helpful in choosing a particular time to put on your car or bike.

Wide Selection

Many tire companies try to make a general tire that can cover different driving scenarios. The downfall of this kind of tire is that the tires you are riding on may not always match your driving conditions. Avon has taken a different approach by offering different tire and tread patterns for all the various scenarios. Snowy climates where traction is required may benefit from winter tires, while hot and dry conditions will typically require summer tires. Avon makes a run-flat tire that many high-end automakers advertise on their models. The run-flat tire allows the driver to continue to drive on a deflated tire for a short period until they can find a service center.

How Long Has Avon Made Tires?

Until March of this year, Avon tire was a subsidiary of Cooper Tires, but a recent acquisition of Cooper Tire and Rubber Co has been made by Goodyear. Avon has had a history as a leading manufacturer of tires which stretches back over 100 years. Known as the Avon India Rubber Company Ltd until the 1960s, the first tire factory was located in Limpley-Stoke, a small village located in Avon Valley.

Early production centered on the formation of solid wooden and steel tires with rubber attachments, as well as various parts for railroads. Eventually, the rubber industry began to expand into other uses, such as bicycle tires and other products. One of the first pneumatic tires for automotive use came about in 1903, as the company recognized the potential of the young horseless carriage movement.. Over the next few years, Avon quickly developed a reputation for making a higher quality tire, and by 1910 it was the primary tire supplier for most of the British auto industry.

The first tires for motorcycles were manufactured in 1911, and the company has kept pace in design and development, including winning several cycle championships over the years. During recent years, the reputation for Avon tires continues to grow, and now, the manufacturer makes almost every kind of cycle tire, from adventure to off-road to performance tires used in track racing.

In 1957, the Avon tire company was heavily involved in Formula One racing. They continued to provide tires sporadically with the racing organization for the next six seasons. In 2011, a proposal establishing Avon as the official supplier of Formula One was replaced by a formal contract between governing body group and Pirelli Tires.

In the late 70s, the competition for tire design was heating up, and Avon was in the middle of the competitive research and development movement. Though Michelin introduced radial multiply tires first, Avon brought them to the market shortly afterward. These tires were made with reinforced sidewalls. Avon tires continue to be the standard-bearer for Rolls Royce, Bently, and Jaguar lovers.

Currently, Avon has production facilities in Britian, North America and Asia. The motorcycle tires are made exclusively in England, where the automobile tires are made in other plants, and then distributed around the globe. The company has annual sales of almost $210 million worldwide.

Over its hundred-year history, Avon Rubber has diversified into many areas, manufacturing various products, including making diving suits and gas masks for the military and bullet-proof vests for law enforcement.

As of March 2021, Goodyear Tire Co. paid $2.8 billion to acquire Cooper Tires and it’s subsidiary Avon Tires. The merger will expand the market share Goodyear owns significantly, making it the dominant player in tire production. While is is still too soon to tell what the new merger will mean for Avon’s future, we are confident that Avon will continue its tradition of making a quality tire.

Doesn’t Avon Make Motorcycle Tires?

Most of the market that Avon enjoys during the present day comes from selling tires for motorcycles. The top=selling tire for street applications is the Cobra line of tires that many enthusiasts use for their bikes. As the review on indicates, online reviews have rated the Avon 3D Ultra Sport tire with excellent ratings.

What Luxury Brand first Started Using Avon Tires?

Rolls Royce first began to use Avon Tires on their vehicles in 1933 (with Bentley following suit) and other manufacturers. Aston Marton won the 1959 LeMans 24hr Grand Prix with its first use of Avon Tires. Jaguar began using Avon Tires in the 1980s.

How Good Are Avon Tires?

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