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If you are in the market for high-performing and durable trailer tires, one of the best brands you should consider for your next purchase is Hartland.

Hartland has an exclusive deal with Discount Tire to sell premium trailer tires. The two best Hartland tires are the Hartland ST Radial and Hartland ST Radial Steel. They are made with a unique internal construction and design built to handle max load capacities and extend tread life.

Hartland Trailer Tires is a company that has made some great innovations in the tire industry. They have been able to make it easier for people to enjoy their favorite activities on their new and improved products. This guide goes into detail about their top trailer tires and other key features they can offer.

Our experts have tested both of the mentioned Hartland tires to accurately provide all of the necessary information for this review. As you continue to read, you will learn more about the history of Hartland and why they are an excellent tire choice for you.

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Hartland Trailer Tires Review

Hartland Tires is a company that partners strictly with Discount Tire to distribute tires to potential customers looking to purchase a high-quality product. These tires are made with durable materials and they are built with performance as a priority.

Despite the availability with a popular retailer in Discount Tire, they are rare to find anywhere else. This makes them a less known brand among consumers but that is not because of a lack of quality.

Hartland Tires are used across the United States, especially the top-rated trailer tires that they provide. The Hartland brand of trailer tires is largely known for its all-terrain capability. They are sturdy and provide excellent traction.

Hartland Tires are designed specifically for trailers to carry heavy loads and remain durable. They offer support for the trailer with their large, thick treads. Hartland also offers replacement tires that can be mounted on the existing rim or hub assembly for easy installation on existing equipment.

With the Hartland Tires, you can ensure that your trailer stays safe on the road, even during rough terrain. They also take care of their customers with excellent customer service and warranty policies on existing products.

Best Hartland Trailer Tires

Hartland Trailer Tires are one of the best brands in the market when it comes to creating trailers. Their quality is unmatched and their customer service is unmatched too.

We have listed two of their best-rated and fastest-selling tires for you to consider if you are in the market and trying to find a reliable trailer tire. They have incredible tread life, traction, and advanced features with an innovative design.

Hartland ST Radial

The Hartland ST Radial has a dual traction compound that can give you maximum traction in wet or dry conditions. It also has wearable durability when compared to other products in its class.

This trailer tire is a heavy-duty design that's specifically made for heavy-duty off-road use. It has an aggressive tread pattern for better traction but still has enough grip to be used on paved surfaces as well.

The sturdy internal construction tire is durable, long-lasting, and comfortable. The tread design gives you excellent traction while the wide profile gives you a comfortable ride.

The sidewalls are also much thicker, so they are better able to withstand the abuse of being towed across the rough terrain. Everything about this tire is designed around carrying heavier maximum loads while maintaining excellent comfort and road traction.

It has a medium compound and long-lasting profile, which assures high performance and low rolling resistance. The wide tread area provides excellent traction for off-road driving. There is also puncture protection for all weather conditions including snow, ice, mud, and sand.

It is only available at Discount Tire for only $59.23 per tire. It is one of the best values when looking for a reliable trailer tire that will last.

Hartland ST Radial Steel

The Hartland ST Radial Steel tire has a durable design and construction with a dual-layer casing and steel belt to carry heavier loads. This composition makes it easy to maneuver through rough terrain too, which is perfect for trailers.

The tire’s radial construction allows it to dissipate heat and redirect the push force generated by rotating tires to reduce rolling resistance. This makes it more stable when driving for long distances.

The tire is also made with a proprietary construction tread compound to provide better performance capabilities. It uses a much firmer contact patch than others, which provides better traction and stopping power in wet weather conditions.

The rib design on this tire is built for better comfort and more stable driving. It can drive at highway speeds while carrying heavy max loads with more balance to remain durable.

This tire is available at Discount Tire for a bit more money due to the steel radial construction. The pricing begins at $194 per tire with free shipping and fast delivery included.

Benefits Of Hartland Trailer Tires

Hartland trailer tires are not only good for the safety of the vehicle but also for their fuel efficiency. These trailer tires have plenty to offer and they make for a great addition to your vehicle to ensure more stability on the road. There are plenty of other benefits to consider too.

Heavy Load Capacity

Hartland Trailer tires can carry large loads of cargo with ease and maintain comfort levels. They can be used in such a way that it is not too taxing on the vehicle and its driver, allowing them to work longer hours without fatigue.

The Hartland name is well known in the off-road industry for making high-quality aftermarket parts and accessories. The tires are made out of high-quality materials that are also eco-friendly to make it possible too.


Hartland trailer tires are made with an aggressive tread pattern that is designed to provide maximum traction on loose surfaces. Their great durability allows users to maintain comfort even when they are hauling more weight than they would typically be able to.

They are designed to provide for extreme durability and load capacity while still maintaining a smooth ride. These tires can also withstand rough terrain for an extended time without wearing out.

Excellent Traction

This tread design also helps in improving traction and making the tire more durable for longer periods of use. The tire’s intelligent rubber compound is one of its key features with an ability to adapt to any road conditions and wear and tear associated with it.

These tires provide traction and safety in any road condition. They also have a unique tread design that is more than enough to handle snow and ice. You can expect to handle wet or slippery roads too without any problem.

Fuel Efficiency

Hartland Trailer tires are the perfect option for people with an active lifestyle. With their excellent fuel efficiency, these tires are the perfect choice for people who want to drive in style while being eco-friendly.

They are also very unique with their design, which is made to minimize heat during driving. It puts a focus on using less fuel on the road by eliminating the rolling resistance and making more even road contact for better comfort and fuel efficiency.

Hartland Warranty

Hartland tires all come well protected under the company warranty policy that ensures customers can get the proper use out of their trailer tires. The warranty policy includes either a mileage or a tire wear policy.

The most popular coverage is the tire wear policy. This means that your tires are protected for the first 3/32” of tire wear. If damages or any problems occur during that period, the tires will be eligible for repair or replacement.

Hartland Trailer Tire Alternatives

There are many types of trailer tires available on the market, and while Hartland is one of the best brands they might not be for everybody. We have included one of the top alternatives that you can consider if you are still trying to find the best trailer tires for your vehicle.

Carlisle Tires

Carlisle trailer tires are one of the best quality trailer tires in the market. They have a wide range of features that make driving and towing heavy loads much easier and more enjoyable.

The Carlisle brand is more than just trailer tires too. They cover a wide range of tires and serve the industry well with high-quality products that can last for a long time.

For trailer tires, Carlisle has about eight different options to choose from. And beyond just tires, they are also responsible for building wheelbases too that fit exceptionally well with their own tires to ensure more stable driving.

Carlisle tires are similar in many ways to Hartland and they have a wider line of products to consider. They use a high tensile belt construction that makes for a more resistant internal structure for heavy load capacities.

The tires are also made of strong carbon-fiber construction, which is meant to be one of the best things about it. This means that the tire is lightweight and very flexible, which allows for a greater range of movement when towing trailers or going off-road.

The tire design also includes advanced rubber compounds that are made to handle wet and dry conditions with precision. These are some of the best trailer tires you can find too.

Hartland Trailer Tires - Complete Guide & Review

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