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Hartland is one of the newest trailer tire manufacturers on the market. But do its tires offer value for money? This Hartland tires review has the answers.

Hartland tires are renowned for their outstanding capability to handle extremely heavy loads. Also, they are well built, which means you will not experience issues of premature wear and tear. Hartland tires also deliver a smooth and quiet ride, making them ideal for a long trip with a trailer.

In this Hartland Tires review, we will take you through its tires design features and technologies. We will also take a closer look at some of its most popular tires. Also, we will take you through its warranties and guarantees, what sets it apart from other trailer tire brands as well as its strengths and weaknesses. By the time you finish reading this Hartland tires review, you will have all the information you need, to decide whether Hartland is the right tire brand for your trailer. The most important thing is that you should be in a position to make an informed decision for your road needs.  

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About Hartland Tires

Hartland Tires is provided by Discount Tire. Discount Tire has colonized the tires industry and has been innovative in meeting the road needs. Its professional service is without doubt and its products in the market are a testimony to their expertise. The company is known for its investment in research as a tool of product development. Consequently, they are able to release high quality products, yet, at an affordable price.  

Trailers represent adventure, excitement, fun times and freedom. Trailers can help one to test the limit of how well they can manage to drive and to maneuver challenging road conditions. Some people use the trailers for the purpose of recreation. Such endeavours require that one travels in a big and excluded place, and one may need to spend some nights in the wild or in the open fields.

If the trailer is to serve its intended purpose, then one must buy the right tires. For most people, nothing comes close to going on an extended road trip, with a well-provisioned trailer. This design is a design that is specifically aimed at the trailers. As a matter of fact, trailer owners have a narrower pool of tire choices to choose from, and the Hartland comes in handy in giving them an excellent road service.  

But, your camping, fishing, hiking or any other outdoor expedition with your trailer can become a nightmare quite fast, especially if you fail to prepare properly. By planning your trips early, you are going to prevent cases such as a flat tire or an outright accident. Again, when a trailer breaks, it can cost you a lot of money. Part of the long-term planning for your trailer needs should include investing in the right type of tires.    

And, part of that planning is to ensure that your trailer has a reliable set of trailer tires. Without a dependable set of tires, you run the risk of the tires blowing when you are miles away from home. And as you may probably know, getting help when you are stuck in such remote areas is not always easy. Many people have been in danger in remote places and have taken as much as three days in order to get assistance.  

Therefore, you need to make sure that you outfit your trailer with the right set of trailer tires, to avoid such disappointments. The problem is, most tire brands don’t manufacture heavy-duty trailer tires, with only a few showing willingness and consistency in producing these types of tires. Hence, you are only left with a few options. Fortunately, Discount Tire has got you covered. The company recently released a set of trailer tires, through a private label tire brand known as Hartland. Discount Tire made a deal with Hartland in order to effectively serve the needs of the trailers.  

When you are looking for products to use for your road needs, you need to ensure that the products are available. Some products are simply difficult to find, and this can be more challenging when you are looking for a replacement of the wheels. Luckily, Discount Tires is a popular and reliable brand, and the Hartland tires are not difficult to find.  

So, if you are on the market for a high-quality set of trailer tires, Hartland tires come highly recommended. And compared to most of the other tires on the market, they are quite affordable. The prices of this product are justified by the unique features and specifications that they have.

Hartland Tires Design Features and Technologies

Towable vehicles and trailers are heavy duty vehicles. They are vehicles which have to operate in very tough conditions and in remote areas. Moreover, the towable vehicles and the trailers have to carry a very big load. With that, then, it goes without saying that they will require to use heavy duty tires. This is going to help the trailer meet the needs of durability, ability to meet maximum legal speed in order to save time, and efficiency.

Trailers carry heavy cargo, and this cargo can be expensive. Again, trailers are known to carry essential goods. With these factors, then, it is very important that the cargo carried out by the trailers is safe all the time. The right choice of the tires is going to ensure their safety and to ensure that it reaches the intended destination in a timely manner.  

The way a tire wears out plays an important role in determining its durability. The Hartland tires are manufactured in a way that they wear out evenly, and therefore, this increases its lifetime. The cost of maintenance for a trailer can be high due to the heavy duties that they have to do. These tires serve the owner for a longer time thereby saving on the cost of maintenance.

Hartland tires are built with two key objectives in mind – to deliver reliable performances in varying conditions and terrains and to deliver a comfortable, smooth, and quiet ride. To deliver on these objectives, the manufacturer has outfitted them with two key features. They include:

Advanced Rib Design

Each tire from this brand comes with an advanced rib design, and this is one of the most appealing features of the tires. This rib pattern helps the tire to deliver a quiet, smooth and comfortable ride, regardless of the surface that you encounter. It takes a very low weight to balance and it maintains stable contact on the road.  

Compared to other heavy-duty trailer tires on the market, Hartland tires are among the quietest and they stand out among the peers in this. So, if you are going on a long road trip with your trailer and you need a set of tires that will take you to your destination comfortably, then Hartland tires are the ideal choice.

N-Speed Rating

Hartland tires are N-speed rated. So, what exactly does this mean? Well, with an N-speed rating, it means that this tire can travel up to approximately 87 mph, without blowing. With the tires that are available in the market, this is a speed which is very rare to achieve.

Therefore, as long as you’ve outfitted your trailer with tires from this brand, you can safely hit speeds of up to 87 mph, with an overloaded trailer, and you will not experience any issues on the road.

Popular Hartland Tires

Hartland Tires is currently selling two types of trailer tires. These are the Hartland ST Radial and the Hartland ST Radial All Steel. Let’s take a closer look at each of these two tires from this brand.

Hartland ST Radial

The Hartland ST Radial is specifically built for heavy-duty trailers, which haul heavy loads. It’s built to withstand heavy loads while delivering a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride. Its strong features helps it to carry out heavy duty functions.

This tire comes in several sizes, ranging between 13 inches and 16 inches. As for load ranges, you can get it in C, D, E and G. Hence, it can be compatible with the majority of heavy-duty trailers out there.

Features and Performance

As mentioned above, this tire is built to withstand heavy loads while delivering a smooth and comfortable ride. It comes with several great performance features, which help to set it apart from the completion. One of the most appealing characteristics of this tire is durability. Again, one of the appealing characteristics of these tires is the ability to offer a quiet ride thereby making the ride comfortable.  

First, it sports an advanced rib design. This advanced rib design not only helps the tire to withstand heavy loads but also helps to deliver a quiet, smooth and comfortable ride. If you are a modern-day trailer owner, you will definitely love to use a tire that will deliver a smooth ride. This is more so when you are dealing with very long distances.

Second, the ST Radial features an N-speed rating, which is quite rare in this category. What this means is that you can travel at high speeds with this tire, and you don’t have to worry about the tire blowing.

Third, the manufacturer has built this tire in a way that it will wear out uniformly. Therefore, you can expect this tire to deliver a long treadlife, even if you are using it regularly on rugged terrains.

Lastly, a big challenge that faces long-distance trailer raiders is over-heating. The good thing with these tires is that the tires do not over-heat thereby giving you the convenience that you desire in a long ride. The manufacturers have designed them in a way that they do dissipate heat.

And when you combine these four factors, you end up with a high-quality and highly dependable trailer tire, which can handle even the most challenging terrains and conditions.

Hartland ST Radial Price Range

With such a great combination of design features, you may be probably thinking that this tire will cost you an arm and a leg. On the contrary, the Hartland ST Radial is affordably priced.

It’s currently retailing for approximately $70 to $140 per tire. Hence, if you were to buy a set of four tires for your trailer, you are going to spend around $280 to $560 for a set, which is within the affordable range.  

The St Radial is exclusively sold on Discount Tire. Therefore, it’s highly likely you will not find it in your local automotive shop. However, Discount Tire has outlets in almost all the cities in the country. Furthermore, you can purchase online via Discount Direct, in case there’s no Discount Tire outlet in your neighborhood.

Like other tires sold by this company, the Hartland ST Radial comes with a 10% military discount. So, if you are an active-duty serviceman woman, a veteran or a family member to someone in the military, you will enjoy a 10% discount.

Discount Tire is very transparent in its quotes and does not tolerate hidden fees. Therefore, when you seek its products, you are going to get a transparent quote and an open calculation of the total cost of the tires.

Should You Buy the Hartland ST Radial?

When it comes to purchasing a set of tires for your trailer, you have several options to consider. But, if you are looking for a high-quality yet affordably-priced trailer tire, you can never go wrong with the Hartland ST Radial. This is one of the best tire products in the market and it offers value for a long time.

According to drivers who have used the Hartland ST Radial, it’s one of the most reliable trailer tires on the market today. They are well built and sturdy while providing a smooth ride.

Hartland ST Radial All Steel

As a modern-day trailer owner, you need a set of trailer tires that are of high quality, and durable, to accommodate the heavy hauling that you will be doing with your trailer. And that tire is none other than the Hartland ST Radial All Steel.

As its name suggests, this tire features an all-steel carcass construction, meaning it can handle some of the heaviest loads. And despite its sturdy carcass construction, this tire doesn’t sacrifice ride quality.

Performance Features

As mentioned above, the Hartland ST Radial All Steel features an all-steel carcass, featuring one ply of steel on its sidewall and four plies on its thread. Considering that each tire can accommodate approximately 4080 pounds, you are getting a tire that can handle almost all types of hauling thereby giving you the much-needed flexibility.

Similar to the ST Radial, the ST Radial All Steel also comes with an advanced rib design, which helps to deliver a stable, smooth and quiet ride.

With the Hartland ST Radial All Steel, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your cargo, thanks to its sturdy construction. Furthermore, it will take you to your destination comfortably and safely.

Available Sizes

The ST Radial All Steel is available in a single size, which is 16 inches. And with a G-load range, this tire can haul extremely heavy loads, without experiencing premature wear and tear.

It has a maximum pressure of approximately 110 PSI and an M-Speed rating, meaning it can comfortably hit speeds of up to 81 mph.

Price Range

Discount Tire is currently selling the Hartland ST Radial All Steel for around $210, minus installation costs. Therefore, a set will cost you around $840, if you purchase four tires.

And just like the ST Radial, the ST Radial All Steel also comes with a 10% military discount, applicable to members of the military, veterans, their family and spouses.

With the advanced features in these tires, this is a reasonable price, and offers the value for the money.

Should You Buy the Hartland ST Radial All Steel?

If you frequently haul extremely heavy loads with your trailer, then the Hartland ST Radial All Steel will be your ideal choice. They are sturdier than most of the other trailer tires on the market, meaning they can haul the heaviest lauds without blowing or failing. And going by the customer reviews left behind by drivers who have used this tire, most of them are overwhelmingly positive, meaning this tire will not disappoint you.

Hartland Tires Warranties and Guarantees

The Hartland ST Radial is the only one that comes with a warranty. Under this warranty, Discount Tire offers to repair this tire up to the last 3/32 of its original tread. But in case the tire is removed from service due to workmanship or materials defects, Discount Tire will replace it with a comparable new one, free of charge.

However, it’s worth mentioning that you must purchase the company’s certificates for repair, refund or replacement, for your tire to be covered under this warranty.

Unlike other tire certificates, Discount Tire certificates are not prorated. Furthermore, they are redeemable in all its outlets. So, if you buy an eligible Hartland tire and back it with these certificates, your set of tires will be adequately protected against workmanship or materials defects.

Hartland Tires Vs. Other Trailer Tire Brands

While Hartland may be a relatively new brand in the tire industry, an increasing number of customers are opting for this brand when it comes to trailer tires. So, what separates Hartland from other brands that manufacture Trailer tires?

First, Hartland tires are renowned for their ability to handle heavy loads. Whether you opt for the Hartland ST Radial or the ST Radial All Steel, you will end up with a tire that can handle heavier loads than the majority of trailer tires on the market.

Second, when you’ve outfitted your trailer with Hartland tires, it will follow the vehicle well, whether you encounter bumpy roads or you are moving at high speeds.

Third, Hartland tires deliver a quiet, smooth and comfortable ride. Therefore, if you are going on a long road trip, you will not encounter vibrations, noise or any forms of discomfort coming from this tire.

Hartland Tires Pros

  • Durable tires
  • Tires deliver a smooth and quiet ride
  • Affordably-priced tires
  • Safety during the ride
  • Comfort during the ride

Hartland Tires Cons

  • A limited selection of tires

Shipping and Support for Local Businesses

Most of the vendors dealing with Hartland tires are going to offer free shipping every time that you make a purchase, thereby saving you on the cost of shipping.

Discount Tires and Hartland are keen to support the local businesses. The companies support buying from local distributors. In addition to that, installation is done at the local level in order to support the local businesses.

Some vendors are going to accept a return within 30 days as far as the tires are not mounted. With 30 days, you have enough time to assess if the tires are going to serve your purpose.  

Our Take

Since it was launched a couple of years ago, Hartland has established itself as the go-to brand when it comes to trailer tires. Drivers opt for these tires because they can haul heavier loads without blowing, which is not the case with other trailer tires. Also, Hartland tires deliver a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride, which is something that modern-day trailer owners want. And despite all these great features, Hartland tires are affordably priced. Overall, if you are looking to replace your trailer tires and you need a set that can handle heavy loads, then you should check out Hartland tires.

Hartland Tires Review - Brand Guide

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